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Final Fantasy IX: Rain of Remembrance: Ch 2
Freya and Fratley’s journey to Lindblum was uneventful and they soon found themselves at the gate to the grand city, heading up the last flight of stairs and into the bustling Business district. Looking upwards towards the grand castle, Freya could see the many airship hangars lining its walls and one particularly distinctive shape stood out to her.
“The Red Rose is here,” she said pointing up towards the front of the airship visible in one of the hangars.
“The airship of the royal family of Alexandria, right?” asked Fratley.
“Indeed, which means Zidane and Garnet are likely here as well,” answered Freya with a slight smile, looking forward to meeting them again. She then looked out over the bustling crowd in front of them, “But we don’t need to head to the castle just yet, let us see the city first. Been a while since I have been here.”
Lindblum’s streets were bustling with activity and Freya and Fratle
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Final Fantasy IX: Rain of Remembrance: Ch 1
Memory and Hope
The rain was falling all around her, splattering against the hard stone beneath her feet and she could feel it running of the heavy red coat she was wearing. The open plaza was silent save for the rain sound of the raindrops against the cracked and broken stone. Around the edge of the plaza stood several young burmecians, holding either a spear or sword and watching her every move silently.
She shifted her focus away from these onlookers as she clasped the mythril spear firmly in her left hand, the tip pointed towards the sky. Her only focus was on her opponent ahead of her.
He was wearing a dark brown vest and a wide brimmed hat covered most of his face, a long glaive resting against one shoulder.
His eyes steeled on her, he gripped his glaive confidently and Freya returned the gaze as she lowered her spear and grasped it with both hands, widening her stance.
He also lowered his glaive, though held it in one outstretched hand, the ease of which he did speaking t
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LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Final Ch
Yesterdays Doubts, Tomorrows Dreams.
Ravina and the others got the Valley in sight as the sun started to set in the distance. It had been a very long day and as they descended towards the plateau Ravina could feel a certain degree of fatigue set in and her wings were starting to ache.
Nonetheless, she was smiling as Spyro and Cynder stood by to welcome them back and as Gravi and Kyowin landed, Rea and Acuan rushed towards them.
“Welcome back,” said Spyro with a smile as Ravina landed, though she noticed him eyeing the Observer, “I trust there were no problems?”
“None, Demetrius proved quite passive, though also too much on guard to really make a move on him,” told Ravina.
“A pity,” snarled Cynder quickly, but it soon vanished in a smile, “but it is as it is. Why did he summon you?”
“He had information regarding Malefor’s last words. Nothing conclusive, but enough to give us a new lead to go on,” told R
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LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 5
A Tale of Dark Siblings
It was not long before Ravina left the ruins of the observatory, the sun still high in the sky as she spread her wings, heading back towards the valley of Avalar.
She had not gotten far before she noticed movement below her and turning her head, she saw Gravi heading up towards her from a small meadow, soon catching up.
“Gravi, I thought you headed back to the valley,” said Ravina surprised as he flew up alongside her.
“I considered it, but there was something on my mind that bothered me,” said Gravi.
“What is it?” asked Ravina with curiosity, unsure what Gravi was thinking of.
“What was it you needed to talk to Demetrius about?” he asked firmly as he watched her.
“Just needed to be sure he was actually staying at the Observatory so that I know where to find him,” told Ravina quickly.
Gravi looked at her unconvinced and let out a skeptical, “right.”
Ravina chuckled a bit at his reacti
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LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 4
Looking Beyond
The sun was just passing its zenith when the three dragons got the observatory in their sights on the horizon. It lay upon a plateau in the landscape, though as they approached it Gravi could see that half the plateau seemed to have collapsed, laying as a pile of stone and dirt on the western side of the plateau.
Gravi could see what seemed to be a few pillars and walls sticking out at the edge of the rubble. As they got closer, he could see that it was weathered and clearly quite old, but it was unmistakably ruins.
“The ruins…there was a city here?” asked Gravi slowly as he looked towards Cyril, well aware what likely had happened.
“Yes, there was,” said Cyril in a solemn tone, his eyes falling upon the rubble far below.
“Malefor?” asked Gravi.
“Malefor,” confirmed Ravina in a grim voice.
Gravi simply nodded in response as he looked down upon the ruins. It was one things to have read and been told about Malefo
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LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 3
Facing the Past
It was early in the morning when Ravina stirred in the shadowy cave. She slowly rose to her feet, taking great care as to not wake Ghronur who lay in the opposite side of the room, the two having shared the room due to a lack of space.
Slipping quietly out of the room the entered the main hallway of the cave, a dim red light falling in through the cave opening. She started moving toward it, but stopped briefly, glancing back down the hallway towards the main bedchamber. She considered sticking around just for a few hours, say properly goodbye and…
She shook her head gently. She had something to do, something important, better to get it over with. She could return afterwards if needed…that might even be nice. To, for once, have a place to return to at the end of the day.
She smiled and moved forward, exiting the cave and was about to spread her wings when she noticed movement out of the corner of her eyes and her reflexes made her spin around, ready to
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LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 2
A Family Gathering
The group of dragons met up with Acuan without additional incidents and returned to the valley as the sun passed its zenith. There Larshyr who had arrived in their absence greeted them and with everyone gathered, Spyro and Cynder soon took the word.
“Welcome everyone, I am happy to see you all could make it today,” started Spyro with a deep smile as everyone’s attention turned to him. “It has been way too long since Cynder and I could look upon you all in front of our home.”
“Indeed, Spyro and I were gone for a long time as you all know and our homecoming was not the most joyous event,” continued Cynder, her tone and expression more somber and a long moment of silence was held, Cynder’s eyes in particular dwelling on Larshyr who stood with his head bowed, his expression marred by sadness.
“But,” started Cynder again, her expression brightening, “we are all here now, together as a family, and no
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LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 1
Gathering the Family
Gravi and Kyowin were flying side by side as they passed over the cliffs surrounding the Valley of Avalar, both turning to the left as they flew along the cliff face, their destination not far ahead.
Their spirits were high as high as the sun in the sky above, Kyowin often playfully flying circles around Gravi even as they continued, Gravi playfully lashing out against her grey scaled serpentine body with his head when she flew particularly close, trying to poke or pester him.
“Close one!” yelled Kyowin with a grin as she dashed just out of reach of Gravi as he lazily swiped his tail at her.
Gravi smiled and rolled in the air, trying to surprise her and get close, but she was too fast, easily staying out of his reach.
“Still not fast enough, might need to slim down just a bit more, brother,” teased Kyowin him as she flew over his back.
“If I slim down anymore I’ll be nothing but skin and bone and I am already missing too m
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Metroid: Rogue: Final Chapter
The first thing I felt was a splitting headache which jacked me awake. I tried opening my eyes, but the world only slowly started to return to me, I could see the inside of my helmet and a bright light shining through the visor. Voices tethered at the edge of my hearing, slowly becoming clearer.
“Doctor, I think she is waking up,” said a man’s voice somewhere to my left.
“Unlock the restraints, dampen the light,” answered a woman’s voice somewhere in front of me, getting louder even as a figure leaned in over me, a shadow against the bright light behind her which was slowly dimming, “Samus Aran, can you hear me?”
I felt something slide of my wrist and I slowly raised a hand displaying a thumbs up even as I spoke, “yeah, I can hear you.”
“Good, easy now, take it slow. You have been out for a bit and while no lasting injuries are apparent we cannot be certain,” said the same woman in a gentle voice
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Metroid: Rogue: Ch 22
Going Down with the Ship
I headed right out of the xeno-research lab, passing through the port observation deck. It had been covered almost completely in sheets of Jovian steel, allowing me no view of what was going on outside.
I headed onwards to a connecting junction, the Aurora access corridor right ahead. Beyond that was where I assumed I would find the AI as the ships systems all converged there.
I met no resistance as I headed through the junction, entering the access corridor and coming face to face with a heavy security bulkhead. It seemed to be a repaired defense and a quick scan of the nearby console told me it had been disconnected from the network.
But I also knew that there were more ways one could get around it, just as long as there was still power running towards the console.
I quickly switched on my heat visor and watched the glowing line of energy running towards the console, but being cut of just before it.
Kneeling down on the floor where the energy line ende
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Metroid: Rogue: Ch 21
Back on the Valhalla
“Adam, I am aboard, you can retreat now. I assume the Anhur ships are Thrusk and Merak, in which case get them with you too. I will take it from here,” I said even as Anthony and I moved to the hatch of the ship, getting ready for a fight.
“Understood Samus, I will head to the core worlds and try to get the first fleet’s attention. Got a few ideas on how to circumvent the conspiracy’s attempts to block me. If nothing else works I will try morse code with your ship lights…or something even more drastic,” answered Adam in a way which made me a bit fearful.
“Don’t do anything stupid, I can handle this,” I said confidently.
“No objections to that lady, but better safe than sorry,” he answered in a confident tone as the line closed.
“Relax, he would never do something he has not thought through,” remarked Anthony reassuringly having listened in.
“I guess so I,” I answe
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Metroid: Rogue: Ch 20
In Pursuit
“Stand down!” the words cut clearly through the air and I stopped, a breath of relief crossing my mind. But that part was faint, distant, pushed to the back as I kept my eyes fixed on the two marines in front of me who still held had their guns pointing at me.
They had not fired yet, but I was already anticipating, predicting and planning exactly how to move if they attacked. However, the faint sigh of relief in my mind steadily grew in power as I watched the marines throw down their weapons.
With a deep breath I felt battle ready muscles relaxing and turned towards Anthony who still stood with his gun aimed at Milona Saenz. Leaping down to the lower level I made my way through the fragmented metal and glass towards Milona, keenly aware of the unmoving or barely moving bodies around her.
I walked straight up to Milona Saenz, looking straight into the face of the battle hardened woman in front of me. What I saw above all was fear, Milona was afraid and yet
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Metroid: Rogue: Ch 19
The Hunter
As Milona Saenz lowered the helmet onto her head, the telltale sound of the hermetic seal fastening the helmet, followed by the metallic supports clasps on the inside closing shut and connecting the helmet to the suit’s power supply. Ammo counters, status notifications, a map and shield data all popped up at the edge of her vision. Taking a single step forward she felt once again the strange lightness that followed the strength enhancement from the suit, allowing her to move with even greater agility than normal despite encased in protective armor. Despite its limited power source, it was a marvel of engineering.
She turned to look at her fellow marines. Four of them were in suits like her own, five others held heavy plasma riffles, riled up and ready. The other ten had top of the line federation riffles, but their other equipment was divided as well, five of them each having two salvaged “Jolly Roger” drones following them and the other coming equip
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Metroid: Rogue: Ch 18
Into the Belly of the Beast
My ship flew through the endless reaches of space, passing through system after system as we approached and eventually passed the outer edges of the Federation controlled sector.
I cared not about stealth or subtlety as any Federation ship that might take up pursuit would turn around at the edge of Space Pirate territory and any conspiracy forces would already know I was coming from the signal we had been following.
As for the signal, it had not remained active long, the Rezbit drone no doubt meeting its destruction shortly after the signal activation, but it had been enough. The signal had reached the Federation comm beacon network and through it reached me and I now had an exact lock on what we presumed to be the conspirator’s primary base.
My hands clutched my controls tightly even as I steeled my gaze ahead out through the window of my ship. Memories of the ill-fated mission at the BOTTLE ship, the experiments conducted above SR388 flowed th
:icontriforce-dragon:Triforce-Dragon 1 1
Metroid: Rogue Ch: 17
Securing the Backline
I am sorry, the words on the screen flickered for a moment before vanishing, raising countless questions in my mind, but I had to push them all aside.
I watched as the red dots of movement on my motion tracker closed upon this room. Far too much to make an accurate count of the enemies we were facing and no idea what enemy either.
The rest of the room was in movement as well, Merak and Thrusk directing the six other marines into position as best they could in the open room, covering the three hatches without exposing themselves too much. However, the room was all too open and without cover. If the enemy just rushed in it would be a chaotic blood bath.
I quickly turned to the Rezbit drone. Though its remote control was being jammed, it had switched to its basic AI functionality instead and I quickly instructed it to head to one of the hatches, using its shield to create some manner of cover for the marines there.
I then personally headed over to another of
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Metroid: Rogue Ch: 16
My ship slowed down in a remote system not far from Aether, giving us a stunning view of a large primarily azure blue nebula, the remnants of an old supernova.
“Hope we did not mess things up too bad for the Luminoth and U-Mos,” said Anthony slowly from behind me as he placed one hand on my chair.
“The Federation has no solid information relating to their involvement with Samus and even if they did the Luminoth are not part of the Federation, thus they don’t adhere to Federation law. Above it all the Federation probably still want to play nice,” said Adam confidently, though a hint of worry crept in as he continued, “and besides if the conspirators are allowed to continue unobstructed I have a terrible feeling the Federation will soon have something far worse to worry about than relations with the Luminoth.”
I did not say anything, simply rising from my chair and unboxing the drive I had recovered from Dresden’s ship,
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Random Favourites

Silverwing by LucasGraciano Silverwing :iconlucasgraciano:LucasGraciano 5,687 229
Love Between Agents
Alternate Universe, Spyro and Cynder: Love Between Agents
[Time: 9:15 p.m.]
[Spyro walked down the hallway until he turned to his right, thus facing a door with a room number labeled A517.  He then held up a paper that gave him the directions.]
[Earlier, as Spyro and Cynder were exiting one of the CIA's numerous buildings.]
SPYRO: Hey, Cynder, you got any for plans tonight?
CYNDER: Well, I was thinking if we could go to my place tonight and share some quality time together.  What do you think?
SPYRO: You bet!  I'll be there tonight, Cyn!
CYNDER: (giggles) Alright. (reaches her hand into her purse, taking out a piece of paper.  Hands it over to Spyro)
SPYRO: What's this?
CYNDER: They're directions from your residence to mine, with a map included.
SPYRO: (smiles) You certainly do know how plan ahead, Cyn.
CYNDER: (giggles) I do .  Well, I see you tonight, sweetie!
[They share a brief, yet intimately passi
:iconholycross9:HolyCross9 21 37
2011 New years Dragon by Aerindarkwater 2011 New years Dragon :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 40 17 Frosty Dawn by Art-by-Ling Frosty Dawn :iconart-by-ling:Art-by-Ling 240 71 ....Our love will grow by 1234LERT7Nan2 ....Our love will grow :icon1234lert7nan2:1234LERT7Nan2 83 15 Village Guardian -V2- by Chromamancer Village Guardian -V2- :iconchromamancer:Chromamancer 906 248
Dreamers and imagination
There are always secrets hidden in small tiny places that no one but certain people can see. There is that tiny amount of myth on the wind and the breath of magic on the air. That feeling of standing on the brink of creation and looking over your own kingdom full of words or colour or even the subtle flow of pencil upon paper as a creation comes to life before your very eyes and dazzles you with its existence. Its words form in your head just beyond the eye of your mind as a simple enough gesture can turn a blank canvas or a tiny page of paper into a masterpiece of the utmost beauty  or write the most awe inspiring world of fantasy and illusions that can take place anywhere and any when.
You can travel to a world of wonder where the trees talk to you in a language that you taught them as seedlings and watched them grow and blossom into magnificent trees of spectacular splendour. These trees you gave life to as a simple thought and which continued to grow through your life int
:iconsearingdestiny:searingdestiny 29 14
Comet Dash_Update by Tsitra360 Comet Dash_Update :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 631 141 Resting by LhuneArt Resting :iconlhuneart:LhuneArt 1,388 389 They're in God's Hands by iamniquey They're in God's Hands :iconiamniquey:iamniquey 328 207 Iskierka by Fantasybond Iskierka :iconfantasybond:Fantasybond 49 22 On the sushi bar by Art-by-Ling On the sushi bar :iconart-by-ling:Art-by-Ling 420 195 jellyfish by ikoe jellyfish :iconikoe:ikoe 1,373 68 Am I guilty?...... by Shadow-Kento Am I guilty?...... :iconshadow-kento:Shadow-Kento 243 191 Dragon Valoo - Zelda by Oracle-of-Moon Dragon Valoo - Zelda :iconoracle-of-moon:Oracle-of-Moon 175 59

So, last journal I said that a Final Fantasy IX fan fiction Rain of Remembrance would be my next project...well not quite as it turns out.

While starting my ressearch before writing the Final Fantasy IX fan fiction I began to plan out the details of my Legend of Spyro and Cynder story and came to the conclusion that a small tie together story was needed to setup the coming events and with a burst of inspiration I set about writing the first chapter of this short story.

So...maybe at the same time as my Final Fantasy story or before it, I will be writing Legend of Spyro: Heirs of Shadow, a short story between the events of my last major Legend of Spyro story and the one I will be finishing off with.

Hope you enjoy and see ya later.



Freya and Fratley’s journey to Lindblum was uneventful and they soon found themselves at the gate to the grand city, heading up the last flight of stairs and into the bustling Business district. Looking upwards towards the grand castle, Freya could see the many airship hangars lining its walls and one particularly distinctive shape stood out to her.

“The Red Rose is here,” she said pointing up towards the front of the airship visible in one of the hangars.

“The airship of the royal family of Alexandria, right?” asked Fratley.

“Indeed, which means Zidane and Garnet are likely here as well,” answered Freya with a slight smile, looking forward to meeting them again. She then looked out over the bustling crowd in front of them, “But we don’t need to head to the castle just yet, let us see the city first. Been a while since I have been here.”

Lindblum’s streets were bustling with activity and Freya and Fratley could only slowly make headway through the crowds and leapt to the roofs instead to get around more easily.

Getting rooms was no problem as Freya had managed to reserve rooms ahead of time at an inn in the business district.

They quickly got settled in, leaving their supplies at the room, before settling down for a brief break.

Fratley moved to the window, looking out over the bustling street. “So many people,” he said sounding slightly awed.

“It is rather extreme, even for the Festival,” agreed Freya as she walked up next to him, looking out the window. “I am glad we won’t have to make our way through that crowd,” she added in relief.

“So am I,” said Fratley in agreement and then, after a brief silence, “though I think it would be better if we split up now.”

“What do you mean?” asked Freya a bit confused, having expected to be wandering with Fratley.

Fratley smiled again. “I know you would stay by my side if I asked you to, but there is really no reason. You know the city; you know the things you wish to see here, while I am just going to try to get a sense of its layout ahead of the Festival. You don’t need to tag along with me for that,” he said his gazing dropping as he continued; “in fact I think it would be good for me to explore this on my own.”

“How come?” asked Freya a little nervously.

Much to her surprised, Fratley drew her into an embrace and held her for a moment. “Because, if you are near I would have a hard time focusing on the city,” he said with a smile as he looked her in the eyes.

Freya smiled, her heart beating faster as Fratley let go of the embrace. “If you think that is for the best,” she said slowly. “Just remember how to find your way back here.
Look for the main gate if nothing else, if I get worried I will find you there.”

“Understood, but it won’t be a problem, I promise,” said Fratley confidently.

They parted ways shortly after that, leaping effortlessly to the roofs of the houses around the street and avoiding the crowds.

To Freya the first stop was the industrial district, which had almost completely been destroyed in the attack. Now it stood rebuilt and even if the layout was very different from the district Freya remembered, the smoking chimneys and the working sounds from all around them told them that the district still stayed true to its name.

The mass of people were less there as well, making it easier to get around. It also allowed Freya to catch sight of a sign she recognized quite well. “The Doom Pub,” read the big letters over the entrance to a familiar looking building.

She headed towards the building, wondering only briefly whether the building had survived the destruction of the district or if it had just been rebuilt. Ultimately, she concluded it did not really matter. Instead she wondered if perhaps she was not the only one who had noticed the pub had been rebuilt…

She headed into the pub, the long bar desk stretching from near the entrance door and towards the back, just as she remembered it. However, what caught her attention was a young man in a bright blue vest and blue jeans sitting at the bar, a monkey tail trailing behind him.

As she watched, he ordered another drink from the barmaid, simply placing his order and going back to looking at something behind the bar. This interaction amused her in how different it was to how he had acted when she meet him here last time.

She walked up to the seat next to him, sitting down and before he could really react she spoke, “not going to flirt with the barmaid this time, monkey-tail?” she asked teasingly.

He looked at her with surprised and then with a broad smile, “are you insinuating I hit on every pretty girl, rat-face?” he replied in faked outrage.

Freya simply smiled and he did the same, before he spoke again. “Good to see you again, Freya,” he said.

“Likewise, Zidane,” answered Freya with a smile, “I hoped you would be here for the hunt.”

“Would not miss it, got a title I need to take after all,” said Zidane confidently even as he signaled the bartender. “Besides, can’t just let you win by virtue of being the only one of us to show up.”

Freya ordered a beer, before continuing the conversation. “So, no one else from our journey who will be joining the hunts?” she asked a bit disappointed, “Steiner? Beatrix maybe?”
“Sadly no, both are keeping an eye on Alexandria while Garnet and I are here,” told Zidane, before looking thoughtful for a moment, “though I did see Amarant earlier at the castle. Did not get a chance to talk to him, said he had business to attend to, but maybe he will be joining?”

“Would make things more interesting, certainly,” said Freya confidently taking a large sip of her drink. “Long time since I have seen Amarant as well. Eiko and Garnet as well, looking forward to seeing them again as well.”

“It has been a while since so many from our party has been in the same place, has it not?” said Zidane with a pondering expression, “I think the last time we all saw each other was in Alexandria when I returned.” His voice dropped a bit as he glanced down, “well, most of us anyway.”

“Yeah,” said Freya slowly before raising her mug. “To Vivi.”

“To Vivi,” replied Zidane as he raised his mug as well and they sat in silence for a moment before Zidane broke the silence.

“What about Fratley, will he be joining us?” asked Zidane and with a slight note of concern continued, “and has there been any developments?”

Freya was silent for a second before she answered. “We are still together after I found him again some two years ago, and he is here in Lindblum to join the hunt as well. He remembers…more, but not much and I have noticed he has problems with his memory regarding new stuff at times as well,” told Freya in a somber voice.

“I see,” said Zidane, before giving her a confident smile, “well I am sure you can figure something out. You have helped one broken case before after all,” he added with a slight chuckle as he quickly pointed to himself.

Freya simply smiled and took another sip, before switching topics. “What brings you to the pub here, thought you could just find some better food or drink up at the castle?”

“Castle food is not really my style, but I must admit Quina has made some amazing meals while at Alexandria castle,” told Zidane, “but you know s/he, always searching for new food and rarely stays at the castle for any length of time, so I have just had to live through it. No idea where s/he is right now, but I am sure s/he is fine.”

“As for why I am here, I have been visiting the old gang over in the Theater district and decided to see how the Industrial district was coming along,” he added as he took a sip.

“And how are you and Garnet?” asked Freya.

Zidane’s face was practically beaming as he looked blissfully into the air for a moment, his tail standing almost straight up behind him.

He soon looked down again with some embarrassment through and quickly took a big sip of drink.  “It has been a little difficult to adjust to the life at the castle,” said Zidane slowly, though still smiling, “quite a few things to learn that I have had no real experience with and some of the clothing is beyond impractical.”

“But I can always slip into town, visit Ruby’s theater or similar when it gets too much for me and Garnet does not mind, even coming along at times when she needs a break as well,” he told, “not that we have had too much time for a break, what with the reconstruction effort across the continent. And we likely won’t have a break just yet afterwards either.”

“How so?” asked Freya curiously.

Zidane looked up for a moment, the same smile from before on his face, before turning to Freya. “We are getting married.” Zidane got a mischievous grin on his face, “I guess we technically already are, but I don’t think she ever considered that proper.”

The grin vanished as he spoke more seriously, “but we long wanted to have a proper ceremony, make it official, but we did not want to do it while the scars of what happened still lingered on the three nations. And now, as repairs are finishing, we can start planning it.”

“Congratulations then, Zidane,” said Freya as she lifted her mug to him.

“Though speaking of Garnet, where is she right now?” asked Freya, Zidane’s obvious happiness also making her joyful and she hoped that Fratley and her would find similar happiness soon.  

“Probably somewhere in town with Eiko, she dragged Garnet off with her shortly after we arrived, energetic as ever,” said Zidane with a smile, “you will probably be able to meet her once it is time to sign up for the hunt.”

“And the feast afterwards,” added Freya.

“Indeed,” said Zidane and then continued, “though, regarding the hunt, any thoughts as to the prize you will ask for?”

“Not really, not anything that is really needed,” admitted Freya, “just here for the challenge.”

“Much my own thought, but I think I will end up asking for a card,” said Zidane, “mostly for symbolic reasons.”

“It was what Vivi asked for, was it not?” asked Freya, remembering that hunt those years ago, “that actually sounds like a great idea for a prize.”

“Garnet thought so as well,” said Zidane with a smile and raised his mug, Freya meeting it.

Elsewhere Fratley was walking along the roof of a building, moving carefully as his eyes took in the city around him.

He look around himself. The houses rose upwards behind him, up towards the main castle and turning to his right he could see the grand gate of the city in the distance, airships coming and going through it. It was awe inspiring to look at, a completely different scale to city of Burmecia and far more people as well.

Yet he knew it could have been the first time he was here, at least it was highly unlikely. A city as big as this, the biggest city on the mist continent, there was no way he had not visited it during his journey in the past, or heard about it, at least that is what Freya had told him.

However, as he looked around at the grand walls, the airships gliding through the air and the grand castle behind him, he remembered nothing.

Right beneath him was a large open square, a market of some kind ongoing down there and people crowded around the stalls, weaving among each other to try to get a look at the goods at display.

It made Fratley happy that he could watch it from the rooftops instead of being down there among the crowd as there mere thought of trying to navigate it made him shiver…he had enough problems navigating the city from up here.

He sighed as he slumped down against slanted tiles of the roof. He has insisted on going alone and he did not regret it, Freya needed her time alone and he needed to get out of her comfort zone, at least he felt he needed it.

He looked at his hands, opening and closing them a few times even as a small smile crossed his lips. It was not a smile of happiness, but one of mild amusement as he ruminated on the strange nature of his life as it had been recently.

He remembered the people of Burmecia, at least as he had come to know them now, the praise they heaped upon him filled him with pride, his strength and skill obviously impressive to them. Yet, most of the time all he saw was the back of Freya.

Her strength was far beyond his and even if she insisted it had not always been that way it was still all he remembered. Moreover, she was the one who guided him in trying to recover a life he had lost. She was guiding him and he had no doubt she would like nothing more than to do so for the rest of her life if she had to…

Nevertheless, he had seen the sadness in her eyes as well, those moments when she clearly remembered what they had before…it pained him. He did not want to see her like that and while he did not know if he could ever recover his memory, he could at least try to move on from being guided by her, let her know that he would be okay even without his memory.

However, he was getting nowhere regarding that if he kept letting her guide him around the world and the first step to that would be to seek to learn on his own.

He stood up with renewed determination, looked around…and was immediately unsure which direction he had come from before he arrived there. The houses looked the same on both side and the market beneath him…which way had he arrived at the market from?

He quickly took a deep breath and looked around for the two landmarks he knew he could usually see, the castle and the main gate. The castle towered up behind him and to his right was the gate, as he had done before, and he knew they had their room in an inn near the main gate, so that had to be where he had come from.

He calmed somewhat as he leapt to the next house over on his left even as he silently cursed his own memory. Learning to navigate Burmecia had been hard enough…remembering Freya, even if that came easily enough to him now, had also come slowly…whatever had cost him his memory had left a lasting mark.

He moved a bit randomly through town, leaping from house to house until he spotted a larger open area up ahead. He headed towards, but found not a plaza, but a small park. A large reinforced wagon stood parked at the edge of the grass, a number of guards around it, keeping a small group of people at bay of the wagon.

Fratley leapt to the ground and approached the wagon, slightly curious as to what it was. He had seen similar wagons around town, but none had been as big as this one and as he watched it shook slightly, a loud roar rising from it.

The roar triggered something in him as he instinctively reached for his glaive, not realizing at first that it was not with him and slowing down as he approached the wagon.
As he got closer, he could see large bars near the front of the wagon and through them he could see a massive four legged hulking monster. Thick orange hide covered its body with a bright blue line of fur running across its back. Its head was long, dominated by two massive tusks set on either side of its toothy mouth even as two yellow eyes gazed out at him.

For a moment, his gaze locked with those beastly eyes and he once again found himself instinctively reaching for his glaive, his entire body tensing up, ready to leap out of the way when it charged.

Charged? How did he know it would charge…he was confused, not really sure where he was for a moment.

“Please step back, Burmecian,” said a powerful voice and he was snapped back to find himself standing in front of the guards around the wagon, “for your own safety, please stand back.”

“Sorry,” he said briefly and stepped back, still watching the monster as it roared again, rattling the wagon.

He turned around and headed back through the small gathering of people, before an elder near the back stopped him.

The elder man stood hunched over and wrapped in a green blanket, but his voice was strong. “It is an impressive specimen, is it not?” he asked and Fratley looked at him confused, still a bit rattled by his reaction from before.

“Excuse me?” mumbled Fratley finally.

“The Zaghnol,” said the elder man gesturing to the cage, “one of the finest I have managed to bring home if I do say so myself,” said the old man.

“You caught that?” asked Fratley skeptically.

“Not alone, but I know where to look, how to trap them!” said the old man firmly, “and if I was 20 years younger I would be fighting it as well.” The old man then looked up at Fratley, watching him through his spectacles, “but you have faced one before, have you not? I saw how you reacted to its roar, like a tightened spring ready jump.”

“I…would not know,” said Fratley as he glanced back at the cage, “my memory is not as it has been.”

The old man regard him for a moment more and then smiled. “Lucky you.”
“What?” asked Fratley confused.

“To be able to experience such a fight as if it was the first time all over again, what I would not give for such a chance,” said the old man with obvious regret.

“Losing one’s memory is not really such a blessing,” said Fratley dejected.

“Maybe not, but focus on the positives. You get to experience everything all over again, the same wonder we all had at one point, you can experience again. Few have that blessing,” said the old man firmly.

Fratley did not answer, but simply looked at the Zaghnol again and sighed.

“Hey, if it bothers you so much, participate in the festival and fight the thing. If you fought a Zaghnol before like your reaction implied, you might still remember it on some level. And if that part of you experiences it again, maybe you will remember,” said the old man with a slight smile, “watching people test their might against the monsters I capture is always a joy.”

The old man started walking past Fratley as he pondered this, but he did not have to think for long.

“Then keep an eye out for me during the hunt old man, the names Fratley, ‘Iron-tail’ Fratley,” he said confidently.

“No need to tell me your name young one, ill be able to remember you quite well,” answered the man with a dismissive wave of his hand, though he soon turned around and smiled, “but good luck in the hunt, you will need it.”
Final Fantasy IX: Rain of Remembrance: Ch 2

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Memory and Hope

The rain was falling all around her, splattering against the hard stone beneath her feet and she could feel it running of the heavy red coat she was wearing. The open plaza was silent save for the rain sound of the raindrops against the cracked and broken stone. Around the edge of the plaza stood several young burmecians, holding either a spear or sword and watching her every move silently.

She shifted her focus away from these onlookers as she clasped the mythril spear firmly in her left hand, the tip pointed towards the sky. Her only focus was on her opponent ahead of her.

He was wearing a dark brown vest and a wide brimmed hat covered most of his face, a long glaive resting against one shoulder.

His eyes steeled on her, he gripped his glaive confidently and Freya returned the gaze as she lowered her spear and grasped it with both hands, widening her stance.

He also lowered his glaive, though held it in one outstretched hand, the ease of which he did speaking to the strength he wielded.

“Whenever you are ready, Fratley,” she said confidently.

“Then here I come, Freya,” he answered with similar confidence.

He crossed the distance between them in a single bound, the glaive singing as it cut through the air in a fast beautiful arc aimed at her left side.

She was ready and shifting her spear slightly she met the glaive with the shaft of her spear, blocking it without moving an inch as he landed in front of her.

He made a short hop backwards, before striking forward again, the glaive coming from above this time with a speed she had long ago admired.

However, it was long ago. She had faced giants of iron and various dragons in her long travels since she first had left Burmecia and she had become far stronger than she had even thought possible five years ago.  

She sidestepped the glaive easily, shifting the grip on her spear backwards as she thrust it at him without losing any momentum in her movement.

He rolled sideways to avoid her spear, lashing out in a wide sweep as he rose to his feet and she leapt far into the air to avoid it, only to come crashing down moments later, aiming for where he was now standing.

However, he quickly leapt backwards, creating distance even as her spear cracked the stone where she landed.

Before he could react, she took the initiative, dashing forward with her spear first and stabbing at his chest.

His reflexes were as fast as always, faster even, as he bashed the spear out of the way with the shaft of the glaive, gripping it in two hands as he transitioned into a sweeping counter attack.

She met the blow with the shaft of her own spear and they stood locked in a struggle of strength for a moment, their eyes locking as the rain continued to splash all around. His focus was clear from his expression; but his eyes burned with passion. It made her feel joyous, as they stood locked together.

At the same time, she felt his strength coursing through the glaive. The same strength that so easily wielded the glaive was present in every movement he made. However, it was far from enough.

Pushing back against the glaive, she forced him backwards and immediately spun right, slamming her spear towards his left side.

He reacted quickly, shifting his glaive to meet her blow, but his feet could not quite brace him against the strength of the blow as the force pushed him sideways, his feet scrambling for grip against the ground.

She followed him as he scrambled across the ground, charging at him with her spear beneath her shoulder, lowered and ready to thrust it forward.

He jumped backwards in reflex, but she continued her dash until she was underneath him, swinging the shaft of her spear upwards and knocking him to the ground.

He rolled sideways across the ground, trying to create enough distance to regain his footing, but she did not let him out of reach. As soon as he came to a stop and tried to get up, she placed a firm foot on his chest, pointing her spear at his face as she looked down on him.

He was smiling though and she returned the smile as she swung the spear out of the way, reaching down with her right hand. He reached up to grab her hand, his hair flowing freely around his shoulders and dripping with water, his hat rolling across the stones.

Helping him to his feet, she then went and grabbed his hat, placing it back on his head with a deep smile, which he returned. It was in moments like this that the time they had spent apart and his loss of memory did not matter. Because in that smile she saw the Fratley, she loved so dearly.

“I still had no chance,” Fratley said as he bowed his head gently in defeat.

“Which is exactly what I told myself so many times, those years ago,” answered Freya gently, “and you are even stronger than you were back then.”

He nodded, shouldering his glaive and they both took their places again, though this time their sparring match was focused on teaching the next generation of burmecian soldiers gathered around them.

The rain had turned into just a light drizzle as Freya and Fratley left the courtyard, the soldiers behind them still training with each other or against dummies. A few rays of sun were even starting to shine through the cloud cover.

Together they walked through the streets of Burmecia, their path taking them upwards towards the hill upon which the castle lay, not that there was much castle about it at the moment, two airships docked at either side of the once grand building.

They reached a small house not far from the gate leading all the way to the castle, entering it. Relieving themselves of their rain soaked coats, Freya headed up to the second floor of the house and out on to the balcony, overlooking Burmecia.

It had been two years since she had returned following her journeys with Zidane and the others, an impressive journey that had spanned the breath of the world and even gone beyond it. Looking back it seemed almost surreal, but she could feel the strength she had gained from the journey causing through her body.

Still, there had been no rest for her following the end of their journey. Her home had lain in ruins, the surviving Burmecians scattered to all corners of the mist continent.

Yet, as she looked out over the city, the sound of activity easily reached her. The market nearby was open, farmers peddling their wares in loud voices, the laughter of children coming from a courtyard a few houses over and the sounds of stone carving were ever present as the rebuilding of the city continued.

It was not the hustle and bustle of Lindblum, but it was a city in repair.

However, it had been a long road there. Returning to Burmecia two years ago, she had been happy to find more survivors than she had initially expected, residents of the small farming villages around the basin who had hidden in the mountains and a group of survivors from Cleyra who had found themselves a way down the tree with Fratley’s help, Fratley staying to protect them and others.

Other Burmecians had reached Lindblum and they too had returned along with aid from Regent Cid. Workers from Lindblum, fresh of repairing their own city had flocked to Burmecia to help their neighbors and had been warmly welcomed.

Aid from Alexandria has been more coldly received, the memories still fresh in many survivors mind, but a visit from Queen Garnet herself as well as Freya’s own reassurances had helped warm the general perception.

The greatest loss had been that of their king, presumed dead at Cleyra even if they never found the body. The crown technically fell to the young prince Puck, but he remained absent. In this absence of royalty, a city council had formed to oversee the rebuilding of their city.

One of the first actions had been to convert the ruins of the great castle into an air ship dock to allow easy aid from Lindblum. Plans were also in place to make the air ship docks more permanent, the idea being to allow Burmecia to catch up in the booming airship industry. It was not much yet, but it was a look towards a new future.

As she stood there in her own thoughts, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her and a gentle hand reached her shoulder as Fratley stepped out on to the balcony as well.

“You were holding back again,” he said as he looked out over the city, “I know you can move faster than you did.”

“I am sorry, by no one benefits if I just end the sparring match in a single blow,” said Freya her head bowed slightly in apology, as she did not mean to make light of his skill by holding back.

“No need to apologize, you are correct that no one would benefit from that,” said Fratley in agreement, not a hint of disappointment in his voice. “Though it seems almost unreal. So many have told me that I am even stronger than when I left. People I do not remember ever meeting, yet all are in awe of my power.”

He looked at her with a discerning gaze, “yet your strength is on an entirely different level. And from what you told me I left to get stronger, yet now I am trying to catch up to you.”

“I could only wish I had had the strength I have now when we met again, so much might have been different,” said Freya, sadness flowing through her as she looked out across Burmecia, remembering the devastation. “You were far stronger than me by then…and yet…”

“Yet you went on to become greater than that,” he said reassuringly, before slowly continuing, “and yet it also frustrates me…”

Freya looked at him surprised and she could see his head bowed slightly, his long hair drooping forward and hiding his expression as he looked down at his right hand, slowly opening and closing it.

“Frustrates?” asked Freya with some concern.

“When I returned two years ago, all I remembered was the fact that I was a Dragon Knight and some part of me drove me to come to Burmecia’s aid. I leapt into battle without even really knowing why, my body remembering training I no longer even know where I got,” he said slowly, though his voice, breaking a bit.

He looked at her, his eyes filled with regret. “You have since tried telling me of who I was, but that only means I know, not that I remember, and that frustrates me. I know I have a connection to this place, I should feel horrified and sad about the things that happened here and happy at the progress that has been made. I should be happy at the results of my training and frustrated it was not enough…but I do not feel the connection. And my training is all I can say I truly remember…”

Freya took his right hand with both of her own, holding it gently as she looked him in the eyes. It pained her to see him like that, but she understood as well. “As I have promised you, I will do anything in my power to help you regain your memory. We will figure out what happened to you, my love.”

“I know we will. As long as you are beside me, I believe this can work,” said Fratley with a smile.

They turned away from the balcony and headed inside; together walking over to a large desk.

A map of the mist continent lay spread out across the desk, markers placed across it, most prominently Lindblum and Alexandria. A few flashes of memory had returned to Fratley over the years and the marked areas were all the places he knew he had been.

However, as she looked at the map it was not much to go by. He had visited Lindblum and Alexandria. That much he knew, but that was also hardly surprising. Puck was the one who had found Fratley, but Puck himself remained missing.  

As Freya watched, Fratley leaned over the desk, his tail hanging limply as he traced one finger across the map, from Burmecia to Lindblum and onwards to Alexandria. “I feel so close…like there is a path I walked in my mind, but it was all in fog.”

Freya walked up next to him placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “we will find the path, even if it takes time,” she said, trying to sound confident, but she herself not entirely certain.  

Though Fratley had certainly made progress over the past two years, it had not been much. Whatever had happened to him had affected him deeply and just her presence or they being in Burmecia had not been enough, as she had silently hoped at times.

It was not physical either, at least not anymore. The cause might have been physical trauma, but if so, it had not healed with the wounds. Only Puck was the one who could potentially tell them that as Fratley himself only remembered as far back as being in the company of Puck, not remembering how he got there.

His movement shook her from her thoughts, her hand sliding of his shoulder as he turned to her. “There you go looking all melancholic again,” he said gently as he drew her in close, “you have no reason to be sad anymore, I am still here.”

She closed her eyes as she just enjoyed standing there for a moment, knowing that he was right. Compared to the long years searching, the long years of not knowing, this was bliss. And as for Fratley’s memories, all they could do was try, try to find that spark that would help him remember again, that was after all what they had planned this journey for.

For a moment, they simply stood there, before Fratley let go and stepped back. “Are you ready to go?” he asked gently.

“I thought I would be the one asking that,” said Freya with a smile, before quickly turning towards a drawer standing near the room’s bed. “But, not quite, I have two things I need to grab.”

“Okay, I will grab our traveling supplies and meet you downstairs,” said Fratley and Freya could hear him descending the stairs as she walked to the drawer.

Her hands went to a small casket at the top. Opening it, she found a single coral earring. Picking it up, she admired it for a moment. Though pretty, it was nothing a half decent synthesis shop could not make with the right materials, but this one held special importance as a trophy. They would be arriving in Lindblum just in time for the festival and she was expecting to see him there again.  

She then turned to the stairs, stopping briefly to roll up the map on the desk and place it in a waterproof holder, before descending to the main hall. There she found Fratley packing up the last few things in backpack and she walked over to him. “You forgot this,” she said briefly as she handed him the map.

“Right, that I did,” he said as he briefly looked at it before placing it in the backpack.

Meanwhile Freya walked towards the fireplace, her eyes focused on a long spear hanging above it. It had a tip of dark blue continuing all the way down the shaft of the spear.

Only the wrapping around the shaft broke the line of blue and a crown of jagged orange metal rose from just beneath the tip, unfurling almost like wings just above the shaft.

Freya reached up and grabbed the spear from its mantle above the fireplace. It was light in her hand, but even just by touching it, she could feel the power radiating beneath the surface. Dragons Hair was its name, supposedly forged from a part of the Dragon King himself. Freya knew not if this was true or not, but this weapon was no doubt the greatest of the weapons she had ever wielded and for this journey she would wield it once again.

“Now I am ready,” she said as she turned to Fratley, who stood watching her with the two closed backpacks beside him.

Fratley picked up his own backpack as Freya put on her large red coat once again and then he handed her backpack to her.

Fratley held the door for her and she simply smiled as they stepped out on to the streets.

The rain was back in full force as they made their way down towards the main gates, many a person stopping to greet them as they passed.

Reaching the gate, Freya stopped on the threshold, looking back up at Burmecia. In her mind, she remembered how she had said goodbye to Fratley here years back and then later she herself had left the city, only to return to find it in ruins.

Now she left it with hope, hope for the future of the city and hope for Fratley. “Shall we?” she asked with a joyous smile as she turned to Fratley, who nodded confidently and the two of them set out across the rain soaked plains towards Gizamaluke’s grotto and Lindblum beyond.
Final Fantasy IX: Rain of Remembrance: Ch 1
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A new project,, this beeing a Final Fantasy IX fan fiction I have long wanted to do. Details of my thoughts going into it can be found here:…

However to lay out the ground work for this. As indicated by this first chapter it takes place 2 years after the events of the game and focuses on Freya Crescent and Fratley as they search for the cause of Fratley's missing memory in the hopes of finding a way to restore it. This is a journey that will take them across most the mist continent and bring us into continent with plenty of people from the original cast.

Of importance to note and something only hinted at in this chapter, is that I write the main cast of characters as if they were max level with their best weapon at the end of the game itself. In short, they are all very, very powerful within context of this story, as will be important at times, mostly for Freya.

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Yesterdays Doubts, Tomorrows Dreams.

Ravina and the others got the Valley in sight as the sun started to set in the distance. It had been a very long day and as they descended towards the plateau Ravina could feel a certain degree of fatigue set in and her wings were starting to ache.

Nonetheless, she was smiling as Spyro and Cynder stood by to welcome them back and as Gravi and Kyowin landed, Rea and Acuan rushed towards them.

“Welcome back,” said Spyro with a smile as Ravina landed, though she noticed him eyeing the Observer, “I trust there were no problems?”

“None, Demetrius proved quite passive, though also too much on guard to really make a move on him,” told Ravina.

“A pity,” snarled Cynder quickly, but it soon vanished in a smile, “but it is as it is. Why did he summon you?”

“He had information regarding Malefor’s last words. Nothing conclusive, but enough to give us a new lead to go on,” told Ravina.

“You can tell us all over the dinner, you must be starving,” said Spyro as he turned towards the cave.

“Yeah, quite so,” agreed Ravina.

“As for you,” said Spyro firmly as his attention turned to the Observer, who leapt of off Ravina’s back as he spoke.

“Don’t mind me, I can wait. Have your dinner and then we can talk,” said the Observer with a cold smile as moved to the cliff face and leaning against it, sat down.

Meanwhile Gravi had weathered the initial onslaught by Acuan and Rea. He was now looking around a bit confused. “Have Vynin and Sceranu left?” he asked.

“They have, just before Kyowin headed out to meet you,” said Acuan. “Wanted to get the two young ones back to cave in good time.”

“I see,” said Gravi slightly disappointed.

“Larshyr also left early, needed to get back to Warfang, Ghronur following him on the way,” added Rea also seeming a bit sad by it, though she soon cheered up as she walked up alongside Gravi. “But now, tell me what happened.”

Gravi smiled and told them about their encounter even as they all headed inside.

They ate a warm meal, enjoying each other’s company and any thoughts of Demetrius or Malefor were pushed aside for a time as they ate.

Afterwards Spyro withdrew to his own chamber, Ravina soon following.

Spyro was looking at an unfinished crystal mural embedded in the wall, small shards of crystal laying in bowls organized by color around it. He had started work on it long ago and his powers as they were work had slowed to a crawl.

“Spyro, I need to talk to you,” said Ravina slowly as she approached him, looking behind her to make sure Cynder was not nearby.

Spyro turned towards her, smiling gently, though his words did not quite match the smile. “Is it regarding Demetrius?”

“Yes,” answered Ravina slowly, but before she could continue Spyro asked another question.

“And it is something Cynder should not know?” he asked, still smiling, but there was an edge of seriousness to his voice.

“Yes,” answered Ravina again, not quite sure where Spyro was going with all this, the contrasting tone of his smile and voice putting her off.

Spyro simply smiled again and turned back to the mural. “Then I don’t want to hear it,” he stated simply.

Ravina was surprised by the matter of fact way Spyro had said it and unsure how to understand his refusal to hear it, resulting in a simple question from her. “Why?”

Spyro looked back at her, his smile from before now a slightly embarrassed grin. “Because I would not be able to keep it a secret to Cynder.”

This statement dumbfounded Ravina. “What exactly do you mean?” she asked quickly.

“Pretty much what I said. If I try to keep something secret that has an important connection to Cynder, there is a good chance she will notice me hiding something eventually. It is really as simple as that,” explained Spyro, “so if you tell me anything regarding Demetrius, chances are that Cynder will know soon enough.”

“I see, I did not realize,” said Ravina as she bowed her head in apology.

“It is fine, mother,” said Spyro smiling deeply now as he fully turned towards her, “I honestly prefer not thinking about Demetrius in the first place. He has long since proven that trying to track him down would be nigh impossible, so worrying about him feels pointless at the moment.”

“Well I will try to keep him out of your horns then,” answered Ravina with a smile.
“That would be nice,” answered Spyro with a smile.

His smile soon vanished as he looked past Ravina and Ravina looked behind herself to see the Observer enter the room, his head bowed, the hood hiding his face in shadow and leaning on his staff.

“So you return,” said Spyro as he watched the Observer closely.

“Well you did ask me to report any findings to you,” said the Observer with a cold smile.

“I asked you to report the findings, not necessarily to me,” snarled Spyro in annoyance. “You are not welcome here.”

“I see, oh well,” said the Observer, “but as I am here I might as well tell you what I found and deliver a message from Hazeri.”

Spyro’s expression lit up a bit as he heard that name. “What is it?” he asked.

“He hopes you are all well and reassures you that things are fine across the sea. He is settling into his new role as chronicler quite well, though it has been a bit of a tough going due to his young age as not everyone is taking him seriously, though there are those who back him up and help him stay focused,” told the Observer in a formal tone. He then grinned a bit and changed into the colder tone Spyro more often remembered from him, “and I might have helped the young guy a bit as well.”

“Good,” said Spyro simply.

“Anyway, he is keeping his eyes open for anything unusual, just as I am,” said the Observer.

“And?” asked Spyro.

“I have found nothing. No signs of unusual seismic activity or other strange phenomenon anywhere. Whatever Malefor has set into motion it is well hidden or beyond my sight,” said the Observer, “like something from beyond our world, as Demetrius suggested to Ravina and Gravi.”

“I see,” said Spyro as he turned back to the mural. “Thank you,” he added half-heartedly.

“Don’t thank me, we both know you don’t really mean it,” snarled the Observer, but his voice softened a bit as he continued, “and you have every reason not to mean it.”

He then turned around, starting to leave. “I will return if I find anything, until then I will be watching over you, your family and friends…and your enemies.”

“But that won’t exactly bring him back, now will it,” snarled Spyro simply, but there was no answer as the Observer was already gone.

Ravina had watched the entire conversation feeling a bit torn. She considered the Observer a good friend or had at least, but she saw where Spyro’s dislike was coming from. She too had felt the loss, knowing that the Observer had had no small part in it.

However, she did not hate him. She knew he had not intended what had happened, that it had been beyond his control even if he made it possible…and in the end, he had helped them find victory as well.

However, as she looked at Spyro again, it all seemed a bit hollow as he stood with his head bowed before the mural, the half-completed image of a young red dragon right in front of him.

She was about to approach him when she noticed movement to her right and turning hear head she saw Cynder walk into the room, nodding briefly to Ravina who took the hint and withdrew from the room.

Cynder approached Spyro even as Ravina vanished out of the room, walking up next to him.
She could see that he was crying ever so gently and she too felt a sting of sorrow as she looked at the half-finished mural.

Finally though she spoke. “Spyro,” she said gently.

Spyro looked up, seeming surprised and smiled gently even as he blinked a few times to wipe away the tears. “Cynder…how long…” he started.

“I just got here silly, see how you were doing,” answered Cynder with gentle smile as she placed one wing across his back.

“I am fine,” answered Spyro quickly, “these last two days have just brought things to mind that were troubling…” he looked at the mural again, “and…” he started, but did not finish.

“Not to say it has not been nice,” he added after a moment, “it has been amazing to see everyone again, but…”

“But it brings back memories, good and bad,” finished Cynder his sentence in agreement, as she too watched the mural.

Spyro nodded as he turned away, Cynder following him as he turned to face her.
“How much did you hear?” he asked quickly.

“A bit of the Observer’s conversation. Something about that we may have to look beyond our world for Malefor’s threat?” asked Cynder.

“Yeah,” said Spyro with a slight sigh.

“Any idea what it could mean?” asked Cynder.

“Nope, but whatever it is it is bad news for us,” said Spyro sounding mildly annoyed, “and I am not ready.”

“It is not yet Spyro,” said Cynder reassuringly.

“But we don’t know when,” answered Spyro exasperated. “And my powers…even with the progress I have made I don’t think I have ever been as weak as now…if I could just gain some control of the crystals again I could repair the tower…that would help us.”

Cynder walked up to Spyro catching his eyes with her own gaze and keeping him focused on her. “We will be ready, we always have been. We will not let Malefor take anyone else from us!” she said firmly.

Spyro took a deep breath and relaxed a bit as he smiled. Before he could really react, Cynder drew in closer, gently licking him across the face before drawing him into a passionate embrace.

“It has been an amazing two days and they are not done yet,” said Cynder in a gentle tone, “come, we still have guests…my purple dragon.”

She let go of him and he immediately leaned in and gently kissed her cheek, “of course, my black dragoness.”

They headed out towards the plateau, everything being unusually quiet.

There they saw Ravina laying near the edge, the Observer sitting next to her. As they approached, the Observer got up, bowed towards them and then leapt of the plateau. By the time Spyro and Cynder reached the edge and looked down there was no sign of him.

“What did he want?” asked Spyro as he lay down at the edge.

“Just wanted to talk, ask what I had been up to, discuss what was happening in general,” said Ravina.

“I thought he already knew that,” said Cynder as she too lay down next to Spyro.

“In a sense, yes,” said Ravina, “but even he enjoys a bit of discussion on how he think’s things will go.”

“And what does he think will happen?” asked Spyro with a bit of concern.

“Well he thinks that a strong winter might be coming so plenty of stock will need to be set aside,” said Ravina with a small smile and seeing Spyro’s confused expression added, “not everything is about the end of the world for him.”

“Well he has not exactly made that clear in the past,” said Spyro with a sigh, “but I guess if he really had any information of importance he would tell us.”

“I would certainly hope so,” added Cynder.

None of them said more at first, simply watching the horizon where the sun was still illuminating the tip of the other side of the valley, even as the plateau they were on lay in shadow. Far below them in the valley they spotted Rea, Gravi, Kyowin and Acuan playing around near the river running through the valley.

“I am glad they find time to play like that,” said Ravina gently as she watched them.

“Us as well,” answered Cynder with a smile.

Spyro also smiled and then looked at his mother. “What are your plans now, mother?” he asked gently.

“For now I will relax, here if I may stay for a bit,” said Ravina with a smile.

“Of course you may,” answered Cynder immediately and Spyro.

Ravina smiled and bowed her head in thanks, before speaking again, her expression more serious, “but after that I think I will have to keep an eye on Demetrius, make sure he does not try anything.”

“Of course,” said Cynder simply as she looked off into the distance, her teeth barred for just a second.

“Do be careful,” said Spyro more worried.

“Don’t worry about me, I know how deal with him,” said Ravina confidently.

Spyro nodded and focused his gaze towards the horizon again. Cynder drew closer as they lay there, draping a wing across Spyro’s back as she leaned her head against his.

Ravina watched them out of the corner of her eyes, smiling, before deciding to give them some peace. Getting to her feet, she smiled towards them and headed towards the cave.
LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Final Ch

Final chapter for now. Despite everything that has happened and has yet to happen for now there is peace and hope. It may not last, but for now there is peace.

Demetrius (C) :iconreichenator:

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Hope you enjoyed this chapter and see ya next time
A Tale of Dark Siblings

It was not long before Ravina left the ruins of the observatory, the sun still high in the sky as she spread her wings, heading back towards the valley of Avalar.

She had not gotten far before she noticed movement below her and turning her head, she saw Gravi heading up towards her from a small meadow, soon catching up.

“Gravi, I thought you headed back to the valley,” said Ravina surprised as he flew up alongside her.

“I considered it, but there was something on my mind that bothered me,” said Gravi.
“What is it?” asked Ravina with curiosity, unsure what Gravi was thinking of.

“What was it you needed to talk to Demetrius about?” he asked firmly as he watched her.

“Just needed to be sure he was actually staying at the Observatory so that I know where to find him,” told Ravina quickly.

Gravi looked at her unconvinced and let out a skeptical, “right.”

Ravina chuckled a bit at his reaction. “As sharp as your father, I see.”

Ravina pondered for a moment whether to tell Gravi, but quickly brushed any doubts aside. She did not have to keep it a secret, especially not when he was asking, though perhaps…

Ravina’s expression hardened, her voice firm as she spoke, “promise me you won’t tell Cynder what I am about to tell you…let me tell her if anyone should do so.”
Gravi nodded firmly.

Ravina sighed a bit and then started, “I…I am trying to convince Demetrius to turn away from any plans of conquest, turn away from the darkness and just live the rest of his life peacefully…”

Gravi seemed about to exclaim something, his mouth open when he suddenly caught himself in it, shutting his mouth and looking thoughtful for a moment. Then he slowly spoke just two words.“Like yourself?”

Ravina smiled, happy that he understood where she was coming from. “And like Cynder,” she added, “though Demetrius and I were a slightly different case.”

“You actually think it can be done?” asked Gravi skeptically.

“I have experienced it happen,” said Ravina in a hopeful tone.

“But, everything he has done…” started Gravi.

“I have done as well,” interrupted Ravina him and then sighed.

“By all rights I should not be able to get anywhere close to Warfang without everyone trying to kill me. I should be a fugitive on the run, not just an exile,” said Ravina slowly, “I should be treated no different than Demetrius, but two things have set us apart in that area.”

“My actions are buried under the atrocities Malefor committed, unlike Demetrius whose newer actions stand fresh in memory,” explained Ravina and then smiled deeply, “and my child is vouching for me, a child who has a lot to say in the world even if he just wants peace.”

“And Demetrius actions are far more well-known because a lot of it came after Malefor…and I am not exactly about to vouch for him,” said Gravi in understanding.

Gravi then looked at Ravina in confusion, “but, why are you trying to help him? With all he has done, to Spyro, to those near him…near to you…why would you want to aid him?”

“Because, for all he has done, I also remember when I called him brother…when he was my anchor in the world,” explained Ravina.

“Can you tell me?” asked Gravi.

Ravina looked at him surprised. “You want to know about me and Demetrius time under Malefor?”

“Well, yes,” started Gravi, “I wish to understand what it is you see in him…see in my father…that makes you hope to change him.”

Ravina nodded. “Then I will tell you, though do note it is not a nice story. While I may have some fond memories of Demetrius from that time, we were doing horrible things…I was not a nice person back then…”

“I think I can handle it,” answered Gravi with a confident smile.

Ravina smiled a bit as well, but it quickly vanished as she started delving into her memories. “Then get ready, because this is a long story.”

“I will start at the experiments,” started Ravina in a somber tone. “Malefor captured us, us being young dragons, barely adults, some of us younger than that. How many of us that were I do not remember and it did not really matter, because most of us did not live long.”

“Malefor put us through grueling tests and challenges, physical and mental. Anyone who fell behind, failed or died went to the experiments,” told Ravina.

“And what were the experiments?” asked Gravi though he was not sure he would like the answer.

Ravina looked at him and spoke in quiet voice. “Your powers, my powers, Acuan’s powers, Kyowin’s powers. The dark elements. Malefor grafted them into the body of unwilling or dead subjects and everyone one of us not on the table had to look on and dispose of the bodies afterwards.”

“I will spare you the details, but let us just say that the bodies were rarely recognizable of those where these new elements were not yet perfected…they were not stable…”said Ravina with a lowered head, “and we were supposed to clean up after that mess, knowing that the next person could be us. For some this was nearly impossible; they rarely lasted long…for others, like myself, we grew desensitized to it…and Demetrius…even then he stuck out as he watched, memorized and analyzed everything Malefor did.”

“Demetrius and I were among the last on the table and by that time the process was stable. However, by then we were just eight dragons left, eight dragons who now had to understand an entirely new element even as what they once had was forgotten.”

“What element did you have before?” asked Gravi with a look curiosity.

“I do not remember, everything from before the experiments is gone…” told Ravina.  

“How so?” asked Gravi.

“The experiments is when I gained the fear element, when the darkness became a part of me. Past that I was well and truly Ravina and anything before that slowly faded, a relic I felt I needed not dwell upon any longer…” said Ravina slowly and sighed.

“So, your childhood, your parents…?” asked Gravi slowly.

“Hazy images at best, places I might have been or seen…nothing that has ever made sense to me,” said Ravina with a sigh, “but to continue.”

“We were given time to come to understand our element with the only thing expected of us being that we trained. And so we did, for days, weeks and eventually months…though it was hard to tell the time as we sometimes were forced to stay underground for days at a time. Always Malefor’s minions were watching, insuring we did not escape…” told Ravina.

“However, escape was far from any of our minds as we soon discovered our new powers to be quite…intoxicating. I know now that it was the lure of the darkness, but at the time we happily threw ourselves into understanding and learning what we had been given. Gifts; that was really how we came to view our powers in spite of how many had died before us…” continued Ravina with a slight sigh as her head lowered.

“As time went on alliances and friendships started to spring up between those of us left. Most of us still realized that we might have to fight each other for Malefor’s favor, but most had concluded that he would need more than one servant…” Ravina’s voice was barely a whisper at this point, “serving him; that was really the conclusion we had reached, our past well and truly gone at this point.”

“It was then that Demetrius approached me, offering an alliance. I was surprised at the time. We knew not what he was, his heritage, but he was still different, like with the experiments…but so was I. I tried to blend in, make nice with the others, but increasingly I realized I did not care for them, that they were nothing more than pawns, their talk of power increasingly boring me…and Demetrius saw right through all that.”

“He told me about his heritage and my initial reaction was to use it, seeing it as an advantage to myself...but as time went on, as we spared I realized he had made the same conclusion about himself and that he had realized he still needed a partner. As he himself said it, I was just the most interesting dragon among those left.”

Ravina smiled just a bit as she looked at Gravi again. “I cant deny that I was flattered at the time, even if I think right then it was just words. However it was clear that it became more than words as time went on…”

“Eventually Malefor appeared before us. He did not need all of us, or rather, he would not be able to effectively keep an eye on all of us, as I realize his motivation no doubt was. It was up to us to figure out who would remain in his service…”

Three dragons attacked Malefor, no doubt hoping to show their strength and thereby prove their usefulness. Malefor struck them down in moments for their idiocy.”

“It was then that Demetrius and I struck at the three remaining dragons. The first fell quickly, surprised by our attack and unable to defend against us both, but the two others were harder to bring down. And Malefor watched the fight with a smile of amusement, a smile I remember clearly.”

“We managed to bring down one dragon, Demetrius slipping away from his own opponent and slitting the neck of the one I was fighting. This left me open to the last dragon though and I took a nasty wound to my side.”

“I pulled back, watching as the last dragon and Demetrius eyed each other. Both smiled as they watched me and at the moment I thought that Demetrius had thrown me away, given me up for an easy victory…but as soon as the other dragon turned its attention towards me again, Demetrius struck, injuring it and I found the strength to finish it off with a blast of fear.”

“We then both looked to Malefor who was smiling, a proud smile which I at the time did not realize was meant for himself not for us. He was proud of the tools he had created, not of what we had done.”

Ravina took a deep breath as she slowly continued. “Even so he did one thing I remember clearly, he asked us our names…and I did not remember mine…”

“You did not remember your name?” asked Gravi in surprise, “so Ravina is…”

“My name, but not one given by my parents. Ravina was the fake name I had taken when I first met the dragon who would become my beloved mate…and it is the name we used ever since.”

“I see…” said Gravi slowly, “and after you were chosen by Malefor, Demetrius and you continued to work together?”

“Yes, but it was a bit more than that. He had saved my life, I recognized that and even though we have long since gotten even I am still unsure of why he did it. At the time, it was a proof to me that he really had seen something in me…and perhaps he really had.”

“Whatever the case we were taught directly by Malefor now, not just combat but also the skills we needed to fulfill the tasks he intended for us. I were to bring the fight to the resistance standing against him, infiltrating their ranks and destroying them while Demetrius managed his bases and his research when he was away.”

“More often than not I would report back to Demetrius, not Malefor and he would always welcome me back with a smile and we would share stories about what had happened since last we saw…who we had killed, who we had tricked, what we had learned. I would help with his experiments when needed and he would help me practice my cover stories, spotting flaws and gaps that others might pick up on.”

Ravina sighed deeply, but also smiled as if remembering something pleasant.

“We saw each other as equals, then as friends and finally something more. It was never love like what I felt for Electoru, but it is why I once called Demetrius my brother without even blinking…two dark spirits who only knew the twisted world that Malefor wanted to create.”

“Electoru showed me a different world and managed to make me question everything I had known, now…now I hope to help Demetrius in the same way,” finished Ravina.

Gravi was silent for a moment, pondering what Ravina had told him. Then he looked at her, smiling a bit, “do you need any help?” he asked gently.

“What?” exclaimed Ravina taken aback by the question.

“I can’t say I like Demetrius, but he is my father...and if he could be dealt with by talking, if I could aid you in that…” said Gravi slowly, “well, I was just thinking I might make it easier…he does seem interested in me, right?”

“He does,” acknowledged Ravina, but her expression turned grave as she continued, “but I would not want to expose you to undue danger. Demetrius is above all else a dangerous person and my view of him is no doubt tainted by the history we share.”

“I know, but I can handle it,” said Gravi confidently.

Ravina was about to object again when they heard a yell from above.

“Hey down there, what are you doing in a place like this?” sounded Kyowin’s voice as she came flying down towards them, a robed cheetah on her back, his crystal tipped staff instantly revealing to Ravina who it was as they landed.

“We will discuss it later,” whispered Gravi quickly as he turned to Kyowin with a smile even as the Observer got off her back.

“I take it you led her to us?” asked Ravina with a smile as she walked towards the Observer.

“She was getting worried about her friend, so it was the least I could do,” answered the Observer with a small smile, his eyes hidden beneath the hood.

“So, have you found anything?” asked Ravina and the Observer frowned.

Meanwhile Kyowin was floating around Gravi.

“So, did you find Demetrius? How did it go? What slowed you down?” she asked quickly and then as her eyes ran over him, she asked more gently “you are not hurt, are you?”

Gravi smiled reassuringly, “slow down a bit,” he said as she finally came to rest in front of him, her long slender body finally completely touching down on the ground. “I am fine.”

“Yeah, I see that now, but what happened?” asked Kyowin.

Gravi was about to speak when Ravina stepped up next to him, “we can tell you all once we are on the way again. Gravi and I just needed a short rest after the meeting with Demetrius and now we would like to be on the way again,” she said gently.

“Yeah,” nodded Gravi.

Kyowin looked a bit disappointed, but moments later she was in the air again, smiling down upon them and motioning for them to come.

Ravina felt something leap on to her back and looked back to see the Observer. “I got business with Spyro and Cynder, I hope you don’t mind if I tag along?”

“Just like old times,” answered Ravina simply with a small smile as she spread her wings, Gravi leaping into the air next to her.

Together they joined up with Kyowin and set the course home.
LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 5
Next Ch:…


Been a bit busy, but here is the next chapter and this time Ravina has a lot to talk about.

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