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Until We Meet Again

Evening was falling on the valley where Vynin lived when everyone gathered just below her cave. Most were curious as to why she had brought them together, except Zera, Larshyr, Ghronur and Carx who stood silently simply looking around.

But Spyro and Cynder walked out of Vynin´s cave and slowly descended to the ground below, you could have heard a leaf fall if you stood among the people gathered there.

For a long time the silence lasted, Spyro and Cynder simply watching each of them in turn with a happy smile. Gairu and Tehanu standing next to Hunter and Kali whom they had flown there and then Coldalar and Fliera next to them. Carx and Larshyr standing on either side of Zera with Ghronur standing behind them like a guardian angel. All were here, together again at last.

"Is that the Legendary Purple Dragon?" a small awed voice suddenly asked breaking the silence and Spyro and Cynder immediately looked towards the source, a young male green dragonling standing halfway behind Gairu´s right front leg, watching them.

Gairu looked down at the dragonling with a smile. "Yes that is Spyro, the Purple dragon and the Black Dragoness is Cynder both of whom I have told you about, Croust." Gairu then looked at Spyro and Cynder again with a deep happy smile. "And now they are finally back among us, after a long time. Welcome home."

This broke the silence and Carx and Larshyr immediately hurried forward with Ghronur coming behind them at a more leisurely pace though it was obvious from his expression that he was surprised, happy and relived all in one at seeing Cynder.

Spyro and Cynder embraced their sons as they came over to them and stood for a while like that.

"I…I thought I might never see you again" Carx slowly said while  on the verge of tears. "We thought you would only be gone a few months at most."

"I am sorry if we had you worried" Spyro whispered comfortingly. "We would have been back faster, but there was…complications. But we are back now, we are okay."

Carx nodded slowly and closed his eyes for a moment taking a deep breath and trying to get rid of his tears before they showed. He did not want to show them in front of everyone.
He managed it and as they broke the embrace he and Larshyr were both smiling in deep happiness.  

"All the times me and Carx were out looking for you two and then you show up here" Ghronur said with a smile as he stepped up next to Larshyr and Carx.  But the smile only lasted a moment before he embraced Cynder. It was only a short embrace before he broke it again, but it was long enough for him to say "I was so afraid I had lost you…again."

A deep sigh was heard right above them almost immediately. "Really was I the only one who was never worried about them?" Jacira asked loudly. "With all the things they have been through, I knew it was just a matter of time. Even if this was an unusually long amount of time."

"It was a long time, Jacira and it is no wonder those close to them was plagued by dark thoughts of what might have happened, I had my own share of those" Hunter said with a smile. "But I always had the feeling you were all still alive" he continued as he stood before Spyro and Cynder.

"It is good to see you again and you as well Kali" said Cynder also looking at the female Cheetah standing besides Hunter. "Though I don't see you son, Hawk, anywhere?"

"In the time that has passed he has grown up and now he is back at the village taking care of everything in our absence" said Kali. "But it also good to see you again, Cynder" continued Kali with small bow and a deep smile.

Though the ten years that had passed could be seen on her, they were not quite as obvious as on Hunter who outright surprised Spyro and Cynder.

Inspecting Hunter at  close range Cynder was surprised at how much time seemed to have marked the Cheetah. His fur was mostly grey or even white in places and it looked ragged from where she was standing. But his gaze were as strong as ever and he still carried his bow slung over the back.

Neither Spyro or Cynder had time to dwell on this however before Coldalar, Fliera and Zera came towards them.

"Welcome back" said Fliera and Coldalar together with a broad smile. "It has been far too long."

"It has" Cynder said with a smile. "But I trust everything has been okay in our absence?"

"It has. In fact it has been incredibly quiet with the most dramatic thing to happen being a single small Ape raid on outlying cheetah villages, though from what I heard Carx and a few other dragons quickly put an end to that" told Coldalar.

"Yeah with not much work on treating wounded dragons, stonar, moles or cheetah we have been able to focus most of our time on the shop" said Fliera with a smile and then looked at Coldalar with a mischievous glance. "That is when he is not freezing half the place down."

Coldalar looked at her irritated. "I told you had a nightmare and lost control for a moment, it was not my fault!" exclaimed Coldalar in explanation, but Fliera only laughed.

While Fliera laughed at that and Coldalar´s repeated attempts at explaining, Spyro and Cynder turned to Zera.

"What about you Zera, have things been going well?" asked Spyro not quite as joyous as normal and Zera immediately picked up on what he meant.

"Things have been going fine, but it is hard without Blazirin and…" Zera said, but then was silent for a moment and Spyro wondered if it was not because she had meet Ravina.

For a moment he considered telling her about it there, but decided not to. It would all come when they told the entire story to them all.

"We have made some progress though" Zera said snapping out of it and continuing, her face brightening a little. "We have found a cure, but there is the problem that would most likely kill whoever ingests it and we are trying to work out that problem. But we are on the right track."

"We are glad to hear that" said Cynder with a gentle smile. "And it is good to see you again."

"Likewise" said Zera and then tilted her head a little to look past them. Spyro and Cynder followed her gaze and saw Gairu and Tehanu coming towards them.  

"Say hello to them Croust" said Gairu pushing the small dragonling forward with a smile.

The dragonling however looked down into the ground and then quickly retreated behind Tehanu´s forelegs.

Tehanu chuckled at and then looked at Spyro and Cynder. "He is a bit shy around those he does not know, but he should get over it with a  little time" Tehanu said with  smile and then glanced towards Gairu. "I wonder who he inherited that from."

Gairu simply smiled and looked at Spyro and Cynder. "I am sure he will quickly get over it now that you are back."

Spyro and Cynder looked at each other for a moment, their smiles waning for a moment.

Tehanu noticed this and immediately reacted. "Is something the matter?" she asked.

"We are not going to stay for long" Spyro said slowly keeping his voice down so no one else would hear it. No need to take them out of the happiness yet. "We only really wanted to make you all know we were alive before we moved on again."

Gairu looked at them surprised and half expected them to be joking, but seeing their serious faces he realized they were not.

"But why, you have only just returned" said Gairu also in a whisper guessing why Spyro had not spoken out loud.

"Is it because something is brewing, something we know nothing about?" asked Tehanu also.

"No it is…" started Spyro when a tiny voice beneath them drew their attention.

"Why are you all whispering, is it something I am not supposed to know?" Croust asked out loud.

Cynder smiled at him and then looked at Gairu and Tehanu. "It is probably better we give you and everyone else the entire story of what happened to us in these last ten years" Cynder said quickly.

Gairu and Tehanu quickly nodded just as Spyro spread his wings and leapt on to a large rocky outcrop on the cliff face leading up Vynin´s cave. Cynder soon joined him and together they raised their voices out across everyone gathered, not that it was really needed as everyone was watching them already.

"Everyone, we cannot describe how happy we are too see you all again and in good health" started Spyro even as everyone watched him and despite his best attempt to keep his mood high, he could not help but feel a sneaking sadness.

"Over the last many years we have been through a lot together and though fate has been cruel to us at times we have held on by standing together in spite of whatever hardships we faced" Cynder said.

"It has not always been easy and we have long wished for a time of peace and now it seems it is closer than ever" said Spyro. "It is what me and Cynder have always wished for as well."

"But what happened to us the last ten years is something which weighs heavily on our minds and to us it does not seem like the ten years it has been. But it is something which taught us a valuable if harsh lesson" said Cynder her voice grim.

"Though Malefor is gone his legacy lingers on along with the legacy of the rest of my kind.
It is not a pretty legacy and I am sure many of you have noticed that many events of the last few years could be tied directly to Malefor and his actions" told Spyro his expression sad, but determined.

"Now we will explain everything of what happened in the last ten years and we bid you listen to this and the decision we have reached for the good of all" said Spyro and Cynder together their voices strong.

Immediately Vynin also raised her voice and spoke before Spyro and Cynder continued.

"Gravi could you please take the young ones out of hearing range and keep an eye on them" Vynin said firmly as she looked at Gravi who had been lying on the ground, resting.

"Do I have too?" asked Gravi irritated as he rose to his feet, but seeing Vynin´s expression he simply did as asked without anymore fuss.

As Gravi led the young dragons away Spyro and Cynder started their story of what had happened. They went through it a bit faster and less detailed than with Vynin, knowing that they did not have all night, but what had to be said was said.

Afterwards everyone was silent contemplating what had been said. But slowly everyone started to recover and Ghronur was the first to speak as he looked at Spyro.

"So Malefor is still alive?" he asked slowly as if wanting to be absolutely sure.

Spyro and Cynder both leapt of the rocky outcrop and landed among their friends and family once again.

"He is, but is trapped at the moment and we see no way he could get out until someone actually enter that place again. But he has surprised us before and we will keep an eye out for him, though I doubt any of us will be in doubt if he returns" said Spyro grimly.

"And Shar…Ravina. She is your mother?" asked Larshyr slowly with Zera and Carx both standing behind him both watching Spyro looking for an answer.

Spyro nodded. "She is and she saved our life as well as fought besides us against Malefor. I trust her, though that does not mean you have to trust her" said Spyro slowly.

"But…are you truly going to leave?" asked Carx his face showing that he was in turmoil. "Do you really have to?" he asked again as he looked at them.

Spyro and Cynder both felt sting of sorrow as they saw him, but they also knew they had to do this and Cynder stepped forward embracing Carx. "It is for the best, Carx. If the world think we are dead then perhaps it can also be in peace from those seeking to target us."

"But we have overcome those trials before! We can do so again together!" exclaimed Gairu.

"You don't have to leave, we can defeat those who would hurt you!" added Coldalar in agreement to Gairu. "We don't even know if anyone will try to hurt you anymore."

"No, but it is not a risk me or Cynder wish to take on your behalf" Spyro said and then his face livened up a little as he continued. "Besides we will still be here, watching over all of you from a distance and if we are needed we will return immediately."

"I know you will" said Hunter as he walked forward until he stood in front of Spyro. "And I understand you decision. I can only say one thing to both of you" Hunter said as he bowed slightly before them. "Good luck and farewell."

Spyro chuckled. "We aren't leaving just yet, Hunter" said Spyro as he looked at everyone around him. "We won't be leaving until evening tomorrow so the goodbyes can wait for now."

"But please don't try to talk us out of this" said Cynder. "We have made up our mind on the matter and just want to spend this evening and tomorrow with all of you before we leave. Trying to talk us out of it only makes it harder."

Gairu and Coldalar looked like they were about to say something when Tehanu and Fliera glared at them and they stopped.

Tehanu then smiled at Spyro and Cynder. "I understand completely and how about we don't dwell on this anymore than necessary and instead get some dinner now?"  asked Tehanu.

Spyro and Cynder smiled and then nodded. "That seems like a good idea."

The evening and the day after passed a little too fast for many, but Spyro and Cynder knew they could not wait or they would never find the will to leave.

So just as the sun set upon the third day after they had reached Vynin´s home, Spyro and Cynder set of again heading west. Cynder´s father had suggested they could use his old cave as it was sufficiently out of the way for no one to come looking.

Behind them everyone had said their goodbye´s, some with greater trouble than others. None of them knew when they might see Spyro and Cynder again and the same was the case for Spyro and Cynder.

But at least they now knew they were alive.
Hello All

With this i finish Heart of Power, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed writing it.

It is not the end of my Legend of Spyro fan fics, not even by a long shot, but i dont know when I will start again or even how I will start. There is alot of factors now, but more on that in a journal ill post later also detailing my next project.

But for now i think Spyro and Cynder deserves some peace :)

Spyro and Legend of Spyro related characters (C) Sierra/Activision

Other Characters (C) me

See ya all later
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He is alive and plotting :)
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