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End of a Tale, Start of a Journey

Spyro slowly backed away from Ravina his face showing confusion and perhaps a bit of fear.

Ravina did not react, but simply watched Spyro with a gentle and peaceful expression.
"Spyro?" asked Cynder concerned rising to her feet.

Spyro stopped and looked down. For a moment he stood without saying anything. Then slowly he took a deep breath and looked at the Observer. "Is this true?" he asked his voice wavering a bit.

"As true as it gets" said the Observer with a calm expression. "Ravina is your mother, nothing will change that."

Spyro looked away and glanced towards Cynder who was watching him concerned. He then looked past her towards Ravina who was watching him quietly. "I…I need a moment to myself" he said and slowly walked to the other side of the cave where he lay down with his back turned to them.

Cynder watched him quietly. She could only guess what his thoughts were at the moment after that revelation and though she wanted to go to him, she also felt it best to leave him alone for a moment.

Instead she turned to Ravina who was watching Spyro.

"Something has been bothering me" said Cynder plainly drawing Ravina's attention.
"You use one of the dark elements and was under the sway of darkness, yet it seems you turned away far easier than I. Something is out of place here and I want to know!"

Ravina smiled gently. "I understand you, no one felt the effects of darkness more than you. But you must understand that me and my brother are different from you in the way the darkness corrupted us. While you were utterly under its control, practically a different person from what the Observer has told me, me and Demetrius are different."

"We grew up with the darkness, but it never controlled us like with you, only manipulated us, pushed us in a certain direction, but it was still mostly our own mind. Therefore when I meet Electoru for the first time, it was my own thoughts and my own actions. It was not quite so easy to break away in the end, but I will spare you the details as I am sure you know how it feels to have to stand on the edge of your own mind, looking into that black pit. I hope I will never experience it again…" said Ravina suddenly looking very tired.

Cynder said nothing. She understood what Ravina meant, that terrible feeling of losing all control, becoming a willing puppet in your own body. The mere thought made her shiver with dread.

Cynder looked at Ravina again and saw that she looking towards Spyro.

Cynder also followed her gaze and she saw him lying on the ground with his back turned. Slowly Cynder rose to her feet and walked towards him.

Ravina also watched silently as Cynder walked over to Spyro.

"Spyro, love, how are you?" asked Cynder gently as she lay down next to him and put one wing across his back in a caring gesture.

Spyro slowly looked at her and Cynder could see he was in turmoil. "I don't know what to think…ever since Ignitus allowed me to meet my father, I have wondered who my mother was and why she did not reveal herself. I knew it had to be something important, that is what always told myself at the very least, that she had a good reason to not show herself…but this…?" said Spyro and looked down at his forepaws.
Slowly he opened and closed his claws before he continued.

"I don't know what to say Cynder…I don't blame her for what she has done, that would be like blaming you for your actions as your dark self. It is what she has done later, what she did to Gravi I can't understand" said Spyro confused. "And now I fear my power´s more than ever…"

"What do you mean?" asked Cynder concerned.

"You saw what Malefor did, you saw what I did in the Valley of Avalar. If I ever lose control of these powers the entire world is in danger…you are in danger" said Spyro slowly and he snarled in irritation and anger as he continued. "And now I know that the accursed darkness runs in my veins as…"

Spyro stopped as he realized what he had just said. He looked at Cynder who was staring into the ground. "Cynder I…" started Spyro.

"No" said Cynder quietly. "The darkness is horrifying no matter if it is from where I draw my powers or not. I don't know exactly what it is, but every moment it could overtake me if I let down my guard. I can only hope you and our children never have to experience that horror."

"If that ever happens I will be there to save you, you know that" said Spyro gently and Cynder lifted her head and looked him in the eyes.

"I know, just as I will always be there to help you" said Cynder with a gentle smile. "Whatever happens we will always be there to support each other."
"Always" said Spyro with a smile.

They watched each other with a loving expression for a moment, before Cynder leaned forward and gently kissed Spyro.

"Let us hear the rest of what Ravina has to say" said Cynder as she broke the kiss.
"Off  course, there are still things I want to know…" said Spyro slowly as he rose to his feet.

They walked back to Ravina side by side and they noticed she was smiling as they once more lay down before her. They were both quiet for a while, but then Spyro slowly spoke.

"What happened at the Temple afterwards? I was told that it was attacked by the apes, but what happened to Electoru…my father…how did he die?"

Ravina´s face turned grim and she looked down for a moment, before she spoke.
"Needless to say that when I had laid the egg, your egg Spyro, the Dragon Temple practically buzzed with activity. Suddenly a lot of dragons could hope again, you were there hope."

"But I was in turmoil. I had never even in m wildest dreams imagined that I could become the mother of the next Purple Dragon. I knew from that very moment that I and Electoru would never be able to raise you like any other child, too much of the future would hinge upon you. But then again, neither of us ever got to see your egg hatch and it was my entire fault…" said Ravina her face sorrow stricken.

"As the days where your egg was to hatch drew close the Dragon Temple came under attack. Though the Pool of Visions had given us a warning, the enemy force was far too big to be stopped and they attacked the Temple like they knew exactly what they were looking for. And they did."

"Electoru and I had been sleeping when the attack came and we immediately headed for the chamber with the eggs to save you. But we were cut off as the Apes surged into the Temple and for just a short terrifying moment I saw my brother standing behind all the Apes, looking at me with a smile before he vanished into a dark cloud. At that moment I realized how the Apes had found the temple…Demetrius had felt my Aura and followed it here…"

"It was as the Apes came at us that Electoru died. He threw himself at the apes heedless of his own safety while yelling for me to get to your egg and get out of there…and I did as he said…if I had stayed we would both be dead, no doubt about that."

Ravina was silent for a moment after that and her face was filled with sorrow with a  single tear running down her right cheek.

Spyro watched her silently also affected by her sorrow. He could only imagine how his father had fought the apes in the hope that she would escape, but it was enough to make him heavy hearted as well.

Ravina slowly looked up and looked at Spyro. A gentle smile came over her face and she continued.

"I tore through the few apes which stood in my way as I hurried towards the chamber with the Pool of Visions. But another group of Apes had been faster and cut me off, forcing me to take a different direction which led out of the temple. From there I immediately took to the air and circled around to use another entrance."

"It was while doing this I saw the Fire Guardian, Ignitus in the distance. He was flying away from the Temple at high speed and he was carrying something with him. It was not hard to guess that it was you he was carrying and I followed as fast as I could."

"I watched from hiding as he sent your egg down the river and for just a moment I considered picking you up. But I did not do so. I knew I could never protect us both. What Ignitus did was the best we could."

"I waited in hiding as Ignitus headed back to the temple, likely to try and rescue others, but when I saw him return empty handed I knew it had been impossible."

"I then followed Ignitus and confronted him shortly after. At that moment I quickly told him everything of who I was and I asked him to keep you safe and to never tell you who I was until I did so. To say he was surprised is an understatement, but he realized it was no time to fight and in the end he swore to never reveal who I was to you. I then left quickly to avoid Demetrius finding me or Ignitus."

"I traveled without goal or purpose for days after that. I was alone again and all I felt was the pain of losing Electoru and you. It was then that I meet the Observer again" said Ravina and looked over at the Observer.

"Indeed" said the Observer with a smile. "And we struck a deal."

"He helped keep me safe during those years by warning me of Apes and other dangers which came close to me. He also kept me updated on how you were doing" said Ravina with a smile looking at Spyro.

"And in exchange you agreed to help me now" said the Observer.

Ravina nodded. "What happened after that you mostly already know. Around the time that Malefor reappeared I decided it was too dangerous to stay in the wilds and travelled to Warfang. I broke of my own horns and inflicted several injuries upon myself and because of that no one questioned me In Warfang. I was simply taken in and Blazirin nursed me back to health."

"But I had another reason for inflicting the injuries upon myself. The Guardians knew me or rather they knew who I had pretended to be at the Dragon Temple. If they learned I was alive they would almost certainly tell you and I did not want that to happen. The injuries helped me hide who I was even as I took on the identity of Shar. Even so I spent a good deal of time avoiding the Guardian´s when possible as I did not want to take any chances."

"The rest you know yourself" said Ravina slowly.

Spyro and Cynder were silent for a moment as it all sank in.

To Spyro he was still unsure of how to react with the revelation before him. In some ways he wanted to embrace her as the mother he never had…but at the same time he was well aware of the fact that she was directly responsible for what had happened to Gravi…and she had betrayed Larshyr as well…how could he trust her?

Cynder was more suspicious than unsure. It sounded all well and good when Ravina told them the story, but how much was really as she said it? Cynder was pretty sure she was not lying about Spyro, but the rest? And then there was the event with Gravi as well.

Cynder looked at Ravina. "No matter what you say, you betrayed Blazirin´s trust and potentially ruined the life of a young dragon…that is not something I am about to forget" said Cynder firmly.

"I don't expect you to forget it" said Ravina with bowed head. "But I did what was needed, but I can assure you that once all of this is over I will do my best to find a cure. I promise that."

"I will see it before I believe it" said Cynder coldly. "But for now I will let it rest as I believe there were other things we needed to do here."

"Indeed" said the Observer with a smile. "But the doorway only opens tonight when the Blue Comet blazes across the sky. So I would suggest you get some rest now while you can. I will wake you when it is time."

Ravina nodded and looked at Spyro. "Do you have anything you wish to ask me, Spyro?" she asked gently.

Spyro was silent for a moment and then shook his head. He always thought he would have a hundred questions when he meet his mother, but now he could not think of even one…

Ravina nodded and then curled up on the ground and closed her eyes.

Spyro and Cynder walked a bit away before lying down on the floor of the cave. Lying next to each other they closed their eyes and tried to get some rest. For Spyro this was particularly hard because Ravina´s story constantly raced through his head, but he drifted at last into a peaceful sleep.

When the Observer woke them, the cave was darker than it had been before. Even as Spyro rose to his feet with a yawn he felt something different though. It was like the air around him was charged with electricity and he shivered from the experience.

They all gathered the Observer who stood a little from the center of the room. He stood leaning against his staff, but Cynder noticed he was shaking a little, perhaps from anticipation.

"Get ready" said the Observer with a smile.

Suddenly the cave filled with a powerful blue light coming from the entrance and it seemed to resonate with the crystals around the room as they too glowed with blinding intensity.

When Spyro, Cynder and Ravina could see again a swirling glowing white hole had appeared in the floor in the middle of the cave.

"Come on!" shouted the Observer with surprising enthusiasm as he jumped on to Ravina's back. "We can't waste any time!"

Ravina immediately jumped into the hole. Spyro and Cynder looked at each other and nodded. They then jumped into the hole together. They were once again blinded as the light enveloped them…
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All and my 200th Deviation

And there you have it, the entire story of Ravina, Spyro´s mother.

Now we can just wait and see what happens now as they enter a very peculiar place. What they encounter in there I wont tell though :)

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Spyro and other Legend of Spyro characters (C) Sierra/Activision

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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I fear it will take some time before Cynder will be able to gain Ravina's trust. And as for her involvement with Gravi, despite how terrible that seems, it still demonstrates how much Ravina loves her son and how far was willing to see him again. That should also be something her son and Cynder should also be joyous and thankful for (something they don't realize yet).
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It is not a simple situation and it will indeed take time to work out everything. We can only wait and see what happens.
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She was probably ready for that. Her story and actions do not lend itself easily to trust and she knows that. She is probably just happy that she finally got to meet Spyro face to face and tell him everything.
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If Spyro only knew how much she still loves him.
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