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May 4, 2011
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The Tale of Ravina

"We'll meet Spyro and Cynder" said Ravina calmly even as Spyro and Cynder circled her ready for battle. "And please use my real name, Ravina. I do not want to keep any secrets from you."

"Real name, yeah right" snorted Cynder. "But if you don't want to keep any secrets then you can start explaining yourself immediately. Why did you betray Blazirin? Why did you aid Tironar? What did you hope to accomplish!?"

"She accomplished what we planned all along" said the Observer and Spyro and Cynder looked at him. "We released the Purple Dragon from his prison so our own plans could continue."

"You wanted to release me?! I would rather have remained imprisoned than having someone scarred for life because of me!" said Spyro defiantly.

"That was not an option for us." said the Observer coldly.

"We waited as long as we dared for you to find another solution, but in the end I feared my brother would do something unexpected, which he still did, but…"

Ravina did not get any further before an outburst from both Spyro and Cynder stopped her.

"Brother!?" exclaimed Spyro in disbelief.

"Demetrius was your brother?!" roared Cynder and without warning unleashed a series of fear projectiles at Ravina.

Ravina opened her mouth and a powerful shriek erupted from her mouth engulfing the projectiles in fear energy and dispersing them.

Before Spyro, Cynder or Ravina for that matter, could react a powerful flash of blue light blinded them all.

"That is quite enough!" sounded the Observer´s icy cold voice through the light. "What we did is irrelevant right now, more important matters are at hand!"

The light disappeared and Spyro and Cynder blinked a few times before looking at Ravina again. She looked back at them with a gentle almost sorrowful expression. "We have some time before night falls and the Blue Comet reaches us" said Ravina. "In that time I will tell you my story, then you can judge for yourself whether I am an ally or enemy."

"Why should we trust a word of what you say?" growled Cynder. "You have fooled others in your time."

"Ah yes your father told you about me" said Ravina with a sigh.

"She won't lie, I can assure you that" said the Observer. "Because I know her story too and I will make sure she won't lie."

"And we can trust you?" asked Cynder skeptically.

"That is for you to decide" said the Observer with a small smile. "But also remember that Ravina was the assistant of Blazirin for many years, she could help Vynin and Gravi. So why don't you just listen to what she has to say and judge later?"

Spyro and Cynder looked at each shortly and then at Ravina. The thought of helping Vynin and Gravi still weighed heavily on their mind and they were not about to give up on a way to help them, at least not after coming this far.

"Then let us hear your story" said Spyro. "It is not like we have anything better to do."

"But if you try anything" said Cynder and showed her teeth for just a moment.

Ravina smiled and led the way to a relatively flat area of the cave near a small spring. She lay down on the ground and Spyro and Cynder lay down next to each other watching Ravina.

"I must ask you to refrain from interrupting me until I finish. You can ask all the questions you want afterwards" said Ravina.

Spyro and Cynder both nodded.

Ravina´s gaze lingered upon Spyro for just a moment before she took a deep breath and began.

"Yes I am Demetrius sister,  but we are not actually blood related. In fact I am only Malefor's adopted daughter and not his biological daughter. But I was still infused with a dark element just as my brother. Our childhood was harsh as Malefor only saw us as object or assets to help him, never as the children we were" started Ravina. "We were trained brutally and without mercy, we had to get stronger or we would die."

"But we survived and as we grew we started to show signs of the traits which would determine our future. Demetrius started to show signs of his strength and intelligence and he quickly became responsible for planning strategies and other logistics. But he never led an army, Malefor trusted no one but himself with that."

"I was not left out in the cold though. Malefor had noticed the color my scales had taken and saw possibilities in it. So while my brother learned command and management, I learned to lie and deceive. With the color of my scales I could easily go for a red dragon and as such it was not hard for me to infiltrate the cities which still held against Malefor´s forces as a refugee. From there I could eliminate the guards and open the gates at a pre planned time and the city would be overwhelmed. I was always careful to leave no witnesses to my deeds" said Ravina and sighed deeply as if it was not something she liked to think about.

"Eventually Malefor fell prey to an ambush and was captured in the Well of Souls, but me and Demetrius continued with the same efficiency and dedication as before.

City after city fell and many dragons fled to every corner of the world, joining forces in small roaming bands to harass supply routes and the like. But my job remained the same. I infiltrated and I destroyed. Never once did I question what I did, never once did I feel regret. It was how I had been raised and I enjoyed it…until I met him" said Ravina her voice filling with sorrow at the end.

"It was a day many, many years back and I was roaming as I usually did when looking for enemies. I spotted a small group of cheetahs and two dragons stumbling slowly across the plains and prepared to put on my usual act to get close to them. But that did not go as planned this time."  

"They attacked me without warning and I realized they were nothing more than a roaming band of brigands, who trusted no one. I was surprised and before I could properly react they were on me, knocking me over. It took all my strength to not get pinned by the two dragons. I managed to pull away from them, but my wing was damaged in the process. And that was when he arrived…"

"A loud roar drew the dragons and the cheetah's attention away from me and towards a yellow dragon who dived towards them. The battle was short as I also jumped into the fray, though I was careful to not use my element. Soon we had driven them off."

"It turned out he had seen I was in trouble and had come to my rescue. He then offered to help me treat the wound to my wing and I accepted, having already decided to follow him in case he could lead me to a group of enemies. The wound was pretty serious however and I was forced to keep the wing still while it healed. He stayed with me during that time, promising to protect me…"

Ravina fell silent and her expression seemed to waver between a smile and sad face as if she remembered both good and bad things. Slowly she continued.

"I traveled with him for several days, always lying about who I really was and he seemed to believe it like all other´s before him. The days were mostly spent on the move to avoid Demetrius forces and during the evening when we found shelter we would talk a bit before going to sleep. It was a rather simple life and at first I loathed it, but I quickly began enjoying it as I felt free in many ways. I was not being ordered around whether it was by my brother or by the resistance group I had infiltrated."

"But then again perhaps it was just him…he was so different from other dragons I had meet. My brother you already know how was and the groups I infiltrated were always dedicated to routing out Malefor´s forces once and for all, seldom having any deeper thoughts than that."

"But he had no such ideas, he simply wanted to live, to survive and if that meant staying away from the fighting then so be it. He did not want to fight…"

"I listened to him quietly whenever he spoke. There was something about him that simply made me listen and I began to feel drawn towards the life he described even though every rational sense told me he was nothing more than a coward and needed to die. But I did not do anything."

"As the days turned into weeks he opened up more and more to me and I realized slowly that he was very lonely. He had avoided most other dragons for years because he did not want to get drawn into the fighting…I began feeling sorry for him…"

"But I also realized it was a waste of time and the moment my wing had healed I waited for the night and as he slept I crept over to him intend on cutting his throat. But as I watched him sleeping peacefully, everything he had said echoed in my head and I stopped…In the end I could not kill him for reasons I did not understand at that time and I fled the cave, heading back to my brother."

"Years passed after that and I continued my spree of death and destruction, but always the meeting with that yellow dragon rested in the back of my mind…and then one day as I was inspecting group of apes returning with prisoners, I saw him again, standing among the prisoners."

"He also saw me and as our eyes meet I could see confusion in them. But they turned to sadness as he realized the truth. And that sadness also struck me…"

"I went to his cell shortly after that and I remember he simply stared at me for a long time without saying a word, but with sadness in his gaze. Then he slowly spoke, telling me that he had been looking for me ever since the day I disappeared."

"I left quickly, but his face haunted my every waking hour, I could not forget him. I needed him gone quickly or I did not know what would happen. But I did not want to kill him…Instead I started bringing him extra food whenever possible, allowing him to gain strength so that he could flee. Whenever I came to his cell he would look at me hopefully, but without saying much if anything."

"It did not take long before an opportunity to get him out of there arose. I opened his cell and led him to an exit...he stood for a long time looking towards the sky and then suddenly he turned around towards me and spoke. He said he did not care who or what I was and then he asked if I wanted to come with him, if I wanted to leave this place…"

"My mind was in turmoil. My entire life had been spent deceiving and killing others, never having anyone close to me. It had been the only life I knew until I met him…but he had woken something in me, a longing for something else, a different life…"

"I did not know what to do, until he walked over to me and gently kissed me. At first I was surprised, but then slowly my confusion vanished and I knew that I wanted to go with him, to try and start a different life. Looking back today I think it was more him that saved me than the other way around…" told Ravina with a smile.

"I told him everything about who I truly was and what I had done. This time he listened and though I could see that he was troubled by what I told him, he never once mentioned it. He simply said it was all in the past now and swore upon his ancestors that he would never reveal my past without my permission. It would be like it never happened."

"But we were not safe; I knew Demetrius could track me down by following the aura of my dark element and so the next few years we ran. We never stayed in the same place for more than a day. Apes and other minions caught up to us every once in a while, but we fought them of every time and as the years passed they seemed to give up as we experienced fewer and fewer attacks."

"During this time we also got ever closer to each other and it was only a matter of time before he openly declared his love to me. It was one of my happiest moments ever, that night after he finally revealed how he felt" said Ravina with a longing and sad sigh.  "Two years passed peacefully after that until one day I discovered I was pregnant."

"Now even though we had not been attacked for months at that time we did not dare settle down, but we could not raise a child while on the run. We needed somewhere safe, but where should we go? We had no idea of how the war was going or which places could be considered safe…"

"The answer came to us in the end though. As we were resting in a forest, the Observer appeared before us. He showed us the way to the Dragon Temple though he offered no explanation as to why he did so at the time and he disappeared before we could thank him" said Ravina and glanced towards the Observer who was sitting silently on a rock. "But today I understand what he wanted to protect" continued Ravina and smiled.

"We were taken in by the Four Guardians who were the reason the temple remained secure as one of the last Strongholds against my father´s forces. The Pool of Visions warned them of enemy patrols approaching the temple and they then either distracted or destroyed these patrols allowing the temple to remain secure."

"I lied about who I was. Though I did not like to do so, telling them the truth did not seem like a good idea, something Electoru could only agree on" said Ravina.

Spyro and Cynder´s eyes widened as they heard the name and Spyro in particular jumped to his feet.

"Electoru was your mate?!" he exclaimed in disbelief.

Ravina had also gotten to her feet. "Yes he was, he is the only one I have ever loved besides my child" she said with a gentle voice. "And if you know who Electoru is, then you also know who my child is."

Spyro did not say anything, he simply stared at Ravina in disbelief unable to fathom what he was hearing.

"Yes Spyro I am your mother" said Ravina gently.
Next Ch: [link]

(Insert Darth Vader breathing here)

Well what else is there really to say? I have had that entire story (plus a few parts revealed next chapter) ready in my head ever since A Light In the Dark Ch 2, probably longer.

But this is...well i leave it to you to say what you want to say about this :)

Only thing left to say is...the story is not over yet.

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Spyro and other characters from Legend of Spyro (C) Sierra

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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