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A journey towards Death

Spyro and Cynder had barely taken to the air before the Observer directed them eastwards, towards the sea.

But they had not flown for long before Cynder turned her head towards the Observer. "Now that we are on our way, I would like to know where exactly we are going and what you aim to do" she said firmly.

The Observer smiled before answering. "I understand you curiosity or perhaps fear is a better term to use, it is only natural. But I will tell you what I can, after all it is also in my interest you succeed."

The Observer lowered his head and the shadows around his face deepened before he spoke. "We are headed beyond the eastern sea to another land on the other side of it, it is there the place I seek is."

"The other side of the sea?!" exclaimed Spyro. "That is impossible, no dragon can cross the sea without rest."

The Observer chuckled. "It is not impossible, you can cross over the ice up north. But that is not the only way and it would take far more time than we have. Instead I will show you a island you can rest on" told the Observer.

"But what are you looking for over there? And why the haste, what why is we need to reach this place so fast?" asked Spyro.

"I am looking for my death" said the Observer with a voice which was cold as ice.
Spyro and Cynder looked at each other not quite sure they had just heard that.
"You…want to die?" asked Cynder in disbelief.

"Yes that is exactly what I want to. To finally close my eyes and know that I will never again awaken and that I will simply be in peace, that is what I want" said the Observer almost whispering though still in his usual cold tone.

"Why?" was all Spyro could ask, not understanding why anyone would want to die.
"Have you really already forgotten what I told you years ago?" asked the Observer coldly. "I have walked across this world since the dawn of the Purple Dragons so long ago that even I no longer know how long it has been. I only know that I have seen world change before my eyes…"

Spyro listened intently to the Observer. He remembered that the Observer had said something similar to him on the night that Larshyr and Carx were born. At that time he had been confused of what the Observer had said and he still was, but the Observer´s words nonetheless seemed to make more sense now and he listened interested.

"I have seen valleys form from the grasslands they were before and lakes have become deserts in the time I have lived. In that time I have had many friends, but even the longest living dragon is nothing but a moment in my life, but even so the pain of losing a friend was still so very real…" continued the Observer with a sad note overcoming the coldness of his voice.

Cynder could not avoid feeling a bit of pity for the Observer as he spoke. Though the amount of time he had existed seemed impossible to fathom, his pain was easier to grasp and Cynder understood why he wanted to die even before he said it himself.
"To live for so long, to lose so many people you know, it wears you down in the end.

I don't have anything left in this world, even my original purpose has long since lost its meaning. Now I just want to rest while I can still achieve it" said the Observer longingly with a deep sigh.

Spyro and Cynder were silent. Though none of them were any wiser as to what exactly he was, they had both heard the longing, sadness and pain in his voice. They realized that perhaps they had been a little too quick to judge him based upon their earlier meetings with him…

"What is it that prevents you from dying? What will we need to do?" asked Cynder genuinely wanting to know it.

"I am bound to the Purple Dragon´s, as long as a new Purple Dragon keeps appearing I will not die" said the Observer with a less cold smile.

"I realize you probably don't want to eradicate your kind, Purple Dragon" added the Observer quickly as Spyro was about to say something. "So hear me out. The place we are going is where the Purple Dragons arose in ages past, the place your kind was created. There it should be possible to sever my connection to your kind."
"That doesn't sound to hard" said Spyro confidently.

"It is quite simple once we get there I believe, but that is the hard part" said the Observer with a chuckle, his voice now as cold as before. "You see where your kind was created is also a place you can be destroyed forever. That is why the Purple Dragons of the past have built a intricate complex of traps and tests to make sure none who means to destroy your legacy reaches the heart. On top of that the entrance only appears when the Blue Comet blazes across the sky."

"So that is why we have to hurry" said Cynder, but then looked at the Observer suspiciously. "But tell me why haven't you tried this before, why wait till now?"
"I have tried it before, not many times but a few, but none of the Purple Dragons who helped me could reach the heart" said the Observer.

Spyro stopped in the air abruptly. "And you first say that now!" he said menacingly. "You are telling me that even other Purple Dragons have not returned from that place and you expect me to go in there?!"

Cynder had also stopped and was watching the Observer.

"Hear me out before you judge me" said the Observer with a note of irritation. "The other Purple Dragons failed, yes, but they gave me and idea of what is in that complex and I have taken my precautions this time. Most notably is you, Black Dragoness."

"Me?" asked Cynder surprised.

"Yes. The complex was built to keep out the four standard elements even when wielded by a Purple Dragon, but it was not built to stop your dark elements as they did not exist before now. That alone gives you and the Purple Dragon an edge, an edge I am confident will make sure we can do this."

"So you always assumed I would come along" said Cynder.

"I did and I was not wrong was I? asked the Observer.

"True, but you are still quite literally leading us into a death trap" said Spyro menacingly.

"I told you, you might not return from this, but as I also said I am confident you can do it. And it won't be just you either. I have a friend who will be meeting us at the place we are going. She will help you too" said the Observer. "Now can we get moving?"

Spyro and Cynder looked at each other. Though it was not a pleasant thought that they were going somewhere even other Purple Dragons had not returned from, they had been in some tough spots over the years and come out on top. And the thought of helping Vynin and Gravi was enough to spur them forward.

Still they were more cautious of the Observer as they continued.

"Who is this friend of yours who is going to help us?" asked Cynder as they continued their flight.

"You have meet her, Black Dragoness, even if you don't know who she truly is. In many ways she is not unlike you, but in other ways you are very different" said the Observer cryptically. "It really is best she explains it herself though, I only ask that you do not attack her when you meet her. That is all I will say."

Cynder snarled in irritation, but did not ask anymore. Instead she pondered who it could possibly be the Observer referred to. She soon had an idea of who it could be and she hoped she was right. Because if it was her then Cynder would need some answers!

They settled down for the night on one of the easternmost islands, not far from Satenryu. Spyro and Cynder managed to catch a few fish for a dinner, but even though offered the Observer ate nothing, simply staring eastwards from a rock.

The next day they set of out across the sea in accordance to the Observer´s directions. They flew for most of the day losing sight of land and seeing nothing but ocean for hours on end. They were blessed with good weather, but both Spyro and Cynder could still feel weariness in their bodies when a small rock island finally appeared on the horizon.

It was here on this small island, barely a speck in the endless sea around them that they rested for the night.

The next day they continued, but dark clouds gathered above and  powerful wind soon rose, battering Spyro and Cynder as they fought their way forward. Soon they were caught in a powerful storm and lightning gleamed all around them. Though Cynder quickly tamed the wind with her powers, directing it away from them and Spyro kept them safe from the lightning, it was quickly draining their strength.

Only the Observer seemed confident as he directed them from Spyro´s back.

And finally as day turned into night they reached shore and both landed heavily on the ground, falling asleep almost immediately.

"What is this…?" asked Spyro in disbelief as he woke up and looked at the earth.

The ground beneath them was brown and desolate, filled with cracks and holes, a barren wasteland which stretched for as far as the eyes could see. The only thing which broke up the brown was scattered clumps of yellowish grass which only barely seemed alive.

"What happened here?" asked Cynder slowly as she also woke up.
"This land was laid barren by the rampage and battles of dragons over several generations and has never since recovered" said the Observer who was sitting on a rock nearby.

"Battles? Against who?" asked Spyro.

"Against your kind, Purple Dragon, against your kind" said the Observer with a chuckle. "But let's get moving I will tell you all as we fly."

They set of again flying across, the from what they could see, lifeless wasteland. It was a terrible sight which filled Spyro and Cynder with dread and sadness at the same time.

"Following the creation of the first Purple Dragon and the moment it became clear what power you possessed, there were those who began to fear you. They feared your kind might try to rule the world and…they were right" said the Observer his cold voice one of the few sounds there.

"The first Purple Dragon and the nine who followed all ruled this land with their power. Countless dragons tried to throw you down, but all were defeated and the results of those struggles you see here" told the Observer as he gestured out across the vast stretch of brown land. "Even though so long has passed that even the legends and myth of this have disappeared from the world, this place has never recovered from the elemental wrath which raged here in ages long forgotten."

Spyro looked down at the wasteland. He could have done whatever had happened here, he had almost done it once in the Valley of Avalar when he had lost control of his powers…the valley had recovered, but this place, it never would…and then there was Malefor who had nearly destroyed the world with his power…the same power he wielded…
A yell from Cynder tore Spyro out of his thoughts. "Something is moving down there!"

Spyro looked down and there was something moving. A line was being drawn through the ground as if something was burrowing just beneath the surface. Both Spyro and Cynder watched the line until suddenly a large brownish worm burst out of the ground. It was about the size of a Mole judging from their altitude, but it was hard to tell as it quickly disappeared underground again.

"Yeah there is still life here, even in this barren place" said the Observer who had been watching the worm. "And not just simple life, like that worm, but even intelligent life still thrive here. Like the Stonar who originally originated under these harsh conditions."

"But most likely we will see any of those as they tend to stay underground. But the worms you will see and you better get used to it, because it is probably the only thing edible to you which you will be able to find" said the Observer with a smile.

Spyro and Cynder looked at each other with a less than happy look. The worm had not seemed very eatable to them and the mere thought of at least a week on that did not help.

As they settled down on the ground for the night, Spyro managed to catch a few of the worms by detecting them and forcing them to the surface with his earth element.

Up close Spyro and Cynder could see that the worms had a large triangular mouth as wide as their body set with rows of small teeth and their skin almost seemed leathery making them less than appetizing.

But once Spyro had roasted them with his flames and the first bite had been forced down, Spyro and Cynder realized the meat actually tasted surprisingly well even though it was a bit tough to chew.

They continued onwards through the desolate land for just over a week, always heading east. The only thing which changed the landscape was the occasional hill or valley and some small ponds of muddy water which Spyro and Cynder nonetheless drank happily from.

It was not until two days before the Blue Comet that they sighted a mountain range in the distance and the same day as the Blue Comet the Observer guided them down into a small valley nestled in the mountains.

Once on the bottom of the valley the Observer jumped of Spyro´s back and led the way into a nearby cave. The cave was dark at first, illuminated only by the Observer´s glowing blue crystal staff, but they could soon see another light up ahead.

They entered a large natural cavern illuminated by dozens of crystals in all possible color´s, glinting and shining from the floor and ceiling.  

"Welcome, I had almost given up waiting for you" echoed a voice in the cavern.

From behind one of the many crystals in the room stepped a dragoness with red scales which were covered in scars. Her horns were also broken with only the base remaining like she had experienced something terrible.

But both Spyro and Cynder knew better than that. They immediately readied themselves for battle as they watched the dragoness walk towards them.

"Shar" said Spyro knowing who it was from before his imprisonment and from what Cynder had told him.

"Vecna!" snarled Cynder remembering the dragon who had given Tironar the potion which had made Gravi sterile.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

I guess you could call this chapter the setup really. I have divulged alot of info on what this story will be about here and whatever happens will build upon that.

And Shar has some explaining to do if she wants to stay unharmed :)

Spyro and other characters from Legend of Spyro (C) Sierra

Any other characters (C) me

See ya next time.
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