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A Mother´s Farewell

Spyro was standing upon the ridge of the valley watching the horizon. A red glow was already spreading heralding the rise of the sun and above him the stars were going out one after the other. As he stood there lost in his own thoughts he did not notice Sceranu until he landed behind him.

"Spyro? What are you doing up this early?" asked Sceranu surprised.

"I am having a hard time sleeping with everything that has happened. In particular I keep thinking of Malefor and the last words he spoke after the fight" said Spyro without even turning around and Sceranu could hear and edge of fear in his voice. "He is still alive and though we defeated him he is going to do whatever it takes to return once again."

Sceranu walked up besides Spyro and looked out across the landscape. "From what I understand you and Cynder have defeated Malefor three times already, if he does return I am certain you can defeat him again" said Sceranu trying to sound optimistic. But he could not deny a shiver of unease at the prospect that Malefor could still be alive. Though he had not witnessed the horror Malefor had inflicted, he could see the results.

Spyro was silent for a moment, then looked at Sceranu. "What are you doing up at this time?" he asked.

"Thought I would get going as early as possible so that we could get everyone together as fast as possible" said Sceranu and smiled. "It has been more than ten years after all, why wait any longer?"

Spyro smiled and nodded. "Yeah, why wait…but would it not be proper to say goodbye to Kyowin and tell her where you are going?" asked Spyro.

Sceranu´s smile widened into a grin. "Already did. She always wake early and usually wakes me in the process, something I have learned to deal with. She is probably practicing down in the valley even as we speak."

"I see" said Spyro. "I guess it is good that someone can be as carefree as she is."

"it is" said Sceranu as he glanced into the valley as if hoping to catch a glimpse of her.
"And hopefully we can make sure it stays that way for a long time."

"That is what we are going to try and achieve" said Spyro in agreement.

Spyro then looked at Sceranu. "I don't want to keep you, but yesterday you mentioned that a new Fire Guardian had also been chosen, could you tell me a little about who it is?"

"If I can?!" exclaimed Sceranu with a grin. "Her name is Burnia, the current High Counselor in the Council of Elements and the one who trained me in combat when  I was younger" told Sceranu.

"The current High Councilor?" asked Spyro surprised "but was that not you?"

"Not anymore, I gave up that position around the same time she was made a Guardian, but damn was that quite the mess as well" said Sceranu.

"What happened?" asked Spyro curiously.  

"Nothing really happened and that was the problem, the Guardians Cyril and Volteer simply could not find a suitable replacement, just as it took a long time to find a new Earth Guardian" told Sceranu. "Though there was plenty of candidates for the post. Your son, Carx, was actually rumored to be under consideration for a time."

"What, really?" asked Spyro surprised.

"Rumored and the Guardians as well as Carx flat out dismissed it when someone confronted them with it on the basis that he simply did not have the experience or strength needed. Still I could tell he was at least proud that the rumor was even going around, he has been training hard to protect Warfang and everyone in your absence after all" said Sceranu.

Spyro smiled as he tried to imagine Carx as the Fire Guardian. He could see why he would not make a good one now, but perhaps in time…

His thoughts were interrupted as Sceranu continued.

"But about Burnia, she was eventually chosen mostly because of her ties to the Council in order to strengthen the allegiance between Warfang and us" told Sceranu "and in that I also saw a chance to give up my own position. I never was fit to lead like my father was, at least not yet. It is better I find my own path and take care of Kyowin for now."

"But though she has only been Guardian for a few years, I am certain Burnia will do a good job. She always was respected among the Council and would have gotten a place in the inner circle had her mother not already been there…" told Sceranu and then lowered his gaze a bit. "To bad her mother died fighting Demetrius, she would have made a great Fire Guardian. Not saying Burnia is not, off course."

"Many great persons have lost their life both during Malefor's reign and after" said Spyro thinking of Ignitus and Sparx. "But we must make sure their sacrifices were not in vain for us and especially for our children."

"Agreed" said Sceranu and then took a few steps forward. "It was nice to chat, Spyro, but now I better get going, see you soon."

"You as well" said Spyro just as Sceranu set of from the ground quickly disappearing into the horizon.

"There he goes and then I guess it time for me to leave as well" said a voice shortly after Sceranu left and Spyro saw Ravina step out from behind a nearby cliff formation.

"Mother? What are you doing here at this time?" asked Spyro surprised.

"I have come to say goodbye for now, my son" said Ravina with a smile which held as much sadness as love.

"What? Were you not going to leave along with me and Cynder once we had had our reunion with everyone?" asked Spyro, but he already a had a feeling he knew why she was leaving.

"Exactly, that is your reunion not mine. To almost everyone I am a traitor and a deceiver, someone to be avoided, captured or killed" said Ravina. "My presence would only cause grief and pain no matter what my connection to you is or how much you trust me, Vynin´s reaction showed me that all too clearly. You should get your time of happiness before you leave."

"But what about Zera and Larshyr, did you not have to meet them? To coordinate the work on a cure?" asked Spyro.

"I will meet them, just not here. If things have not changed then Larshyr should still be lacking a wing and as such his trip here will be quite a bit longer than for the others.
Knowing Zera she will accompany him though and it will be simple matter for me to find them out in the wilderness and talk to them there" said Ravina with a smile.

"Then should I not go with you?" asked Spyro quickly. "To convince them that they can trust you?"

"Even if they don't trust me I will deliver my message and you can tell them about me later. But until then I wish to do this alone" said Ravina in a firm voice which told Spyro there was no more discussing this.

Instead Spyro walked forward towards her and embraced her with his wings. "I am glad I finally found you, mother" said Spyro slowly with a smile.

"And I am glad I finally got to meet you, my child" said Ravina happily a single tear running down her cheek.

Slowly Ravina broke away. "We will meet again, I promise, but until then take care" said Ravina slowly. "Farewell, my child."

"Farewell mother" answered Spyro and watched as she set of just as Sceranu had done not long before.

Ravina immediately flew towards Warfang. She constantly kept an eye out for any dragons or other creatures which might recognize and quickly hid at the sight of any such persons.
Finally she set down upon a hill about halfway between Vynin´s cave and Warfang and half hidden by a large rock she started scouting for Larshyr and Zera.

It was not until past midday that she saw them however as a black dragon walking across the grasslands below came into view. Next to him she as expected saw a blue dragon, but she was a little surprised when she also saw a green and red dragon walking along with them.

Still it was quite obvious who this had to be and not something she was too bothered by.

Setting off from the mountain she slowly descended towards the base of the hill and waited on top of a small cliff.

"Long time no see, Larshyr and Zera" said Ravina stepping forward to the edge of the cliff as they passed beneath. "And hello to you Ghronur and Carx as well."

All as one the four dragons looked at her and the reaction was almost instantaneous as a look of surprise spread across all their faces.

"Shar?" exclaimed both Larshyr and Zera in disbelief, but the reaction from Ghronur was much more active as he leapt in front of all three of the young dragons and looked up at her with a snarl "Vecna!"

A reaction soon followed from Carx who immediately leapt forward and opening his mouth launched a fireball at Ravina.

But Ravina simply stepped aside letting the fireball pass by her harmlessly.
"Please there is no need for such things Carx and Ghronur, I am just here to speak with Larshyr and Zera" said Ravina calmly.

Immediately Larshyr stepped forward. "Just here to speak to us?!" he exclaimed. "After what you did, what you have done, you suddenly show up and `just want to speak with us´? You betrayed us and Blazirin and…"

"I am sorry" said Ravina firmly interrupting Larshyr.

"What?" asked Zera as she looked at Shar surprised. Larshyr also fell silent watching her.

"I am sorry for what I did, but I do not regret it" said Ravina. "It was a necessary evil in order to free Spyro even if things did not go exactly as I had planned."

"What interest do you have in my father?!" asked Carx immediately. "Are you responsible for his disappearance."

"I am not entirely without guilt on that part" said Ravina watching them. "But all of that is really for him to explain and not I."

Carx and Larshyr both looked at each other quickly. "What do you mean by that? Our father is missing and has been missing for ten years!"

"Really?" said Ravina with a amused smile. "Why do you think your sister has called you together on such short notice?"

"You mean they have returned?!" exclaimed Ghronur realizing what Ravina meant. "Both of them?"

"It is not in my place to talk about has happened, as I said" said Ravina.  "Why I am here however is too offer my aid to Larshyr and Carx in curing Vynin and Gravi of their condition."

"How could they trust any help from you!" snarled Carx immediately. "Ghronur has told me of what you did and seeing what you have done, how can anyone trust you?"

"You trust your mother despite what she did, do you not Carx?" asked Ravina coldly.

Carx, Larshyr and Ghronur looked like someone had hit them across their face. "Why you! How dare you compare yourself to my mother!" roared Carx and was about to leap at Ravina when, Larshyr stepped in front of him.

"Calm down brother, I want to hear what she has to say" said Larshyr quickly.
"But...!" snarled Carx and looked at Ravina with anger in his gaze. But then he looked at his brother and with a nod took a few steps back.

"Are you saying you have changed over the years?" asked Ghronur in the meantime. "that were controlled like my daughter."

"In a way, yes, but not during the incident fifteen years back. At that time I acted completely of my own will" said Ravina. "But I tire of this discussion."

Ravina looked at Larshyr and Zera. "You know what I can do and I am not asking for anything in return, not even that I am allowed back in Warfang. I will handle things my own way and deliver what I find out to Spyro and Cynder´s old cave where you can pick it up" said Ravina. "Then you can pick it up if you want too and do whatever you want with it. You won't even have to see me."

Ravina turned around to start to leave, when Zera spoke. "Wait, Shar."

Ravina turned back around.

"You said that you did what you had to do back when you betrayed us, but did you want to betray us?" asked Zera slowly. "I remember how you came to us in the middle of the battle to say goodbye. It was because you  knew it would probably be the last time we saw each other was it not?"

Ravina slowly looked at Larshyr and Zera and slowly a smile spread across her face, but her eyes also got a look of sorrow about them. "I have never wished harm on either of you and working alongside you, training you, is probably the only the second time in my life I created something instead of destroying. Now I wish to help you reverse some of the mistakes of the past."

"Was it also a part of your plan when you convinced me to apprentice under Blazirin?" asked Larshyr firmly.

"No, I only wanted to help you then, help you find a path in life. Though I knew I would have to hurt you later I still think it was the right thing to do" said Ravina firmly.
"And once you have helped them cure Vynin and Gravi, what will you do then, Vecna?" asked Ghronur firmly.

"Then I will protect my son and his family, that is all I have left" said Ravina calmly and looked at Larshyr and Zera.  "If you wish my help then you know where to find it."
Ravina turned around.

"We will not meet again unless you desire it and I wish only the best for all of you" said Ravina glancing backwards towards them. Spreading her wings she paused for only a moment. "Oh and one more thing. My true name is Ravina, not Shar. Farewell."

"Stop!" exclaimed Ghronur immediately spreading his wings and setting of towards her.

Ravina quickly jumped into the air and continued up the hill even as Ghronur pursued her.

"If I stop what will you do?" asked Ravina looking back with a smile. "Are you going to fight me, perhaps even capture or kill me? I guess that is what you should do, but really now that I am doing something good you want to stop me? I can't say I blame you, but perhaps you should meet with Vynin first, things should be more clear after that. You can't catch me anyway."

It was true as Ghronur quickly realized. She was getting away from him slowly but surely and he soon realized he could not keep up and landed.

Further down the hill Carx, Larshyr and Zera silently watched her, surprised and confused at the same time. All that was heard was Zera mumbling. "Goodbye."
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

Sorry about the delay on this, but as i mentioned in a journal i just had 2 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and was not really in any shape to write or upload.

But anyway next chapter is the last in the story as Spyro and Cynder has both their reunion and goodbye.

Spyro and Legend of Spyro related characters (C) Sierra/Activision

Other Characters (C) me

See ya next time
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Tho sad to have to do that evil for good and know that it will most likely never let you be trusted again
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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