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Promise, A new journey begins

Vynin was resting on the grass just outside a cave in a small valley just south of Warfang. This was her home, the place she had decided to settle after she left her parents cave in the Valley of Avalar.

As she lay on the grass she was watching Gravi who was sleeping near a nearby tree.

Though he had grown in the years that had passed, the change was less extreme than with her two brothers. Still Gravi´s body was starting to show some of the traits Vynin had noticed with Demetrius, most notably his spear like tail blade, but Gravi´s horns seemed to become more like his mother's.

But one trait which was entirely Gravi´s own was his laziness. Whenever he was awake Gravi would dart around like a projectile, but it would not only last a few hours before he lay down to sleep again. And he slept heavily.

As Vynin lay there however, she suddenly heard the sound of wings beating and looked up. Just as she did that a familiar voice shouted to her.

"Hey down there."

At first Vynin could not see who it was due to the glare of the sun, but then she saw a light blue dragon descending towards her.

"Hey Vynin" said Sceranu with a smile as he landed near her.

"Hey, Sceranu" answered Vynin with a smile though she was also surprised to see them. "What brings you out here?"

Before Sceranu could answer a cry of joy sounded behind him. "Vynin!" yelled a dragonfly as she flew straight at Vynin and landed on her head.

"Jacira!" said Vynin surprised. "What brings you here?" asked Vynin curiously. Jacira was not exactly fond of Sceranu so seeing her follow him out here was quite surprising.

Jacira yawned and lay down on Vynin´s head before answering. "Well someone has to watch over Kyowin and I don't trust him to do it properly."

"You have been watching me?" asked Sceranu sounding surprised as well as slightly offended.

"Well you never know when you might try to kill someone again" said Jacira.

"Why you little…" started Sceranu with a growl, but Jacira did not react.

Sceranu also quicly turned his focus elsewhere as a small voice sounded from his back. "Can I get down now, addy?" asked a small Serpent Dragonling from his back.

Sceranu smiled and lay down on the grass so that the young Serpent Dragonling could slowly float down from his back where she had been lying.

The scales of the dragonlings body were a simple grey color and its belly was a muddy brown. As it descended towards the ground, not properly flying, it still did so with a grace and beauty which surprised Vynin no matter how many times she saw it. The movement was so simple and subtle it almost seemed like it was moving with the wind and not by itself.

"How have you been, Kyowin?" asked Vynin with a smile as the small dragoness landed in the grass and immediately started snaking her way towards Vynin and Gravi.

She looked up at them with a broad smile. "Been fine, Ynin" she said with a small voice and Vynin chuckled. It was not the first time Kyowin had not been able to say her name properly, but Vynin did not mind.

Vynin then turned her attention back to Sceranu. "You never told me what brings you here" she said.

"I just thought I'd drop by and say hello" said Sceranu. "I hope that's okay."
"It is fine" said Vynin with a smile. "Thank you."

Vynin then looked over at Kyowin who had reached the still sleeping Gravi. Gently she licked his cheek until Gravi sleepily opened one eye to find out what was going on.

Kyowin noticed this and immediately smiled. "Gavi" she said happily and then added. "Gavi, lazy."

"Hello to you too, Kyowin" said Gravi slowly and then yawned loudly. He then looked towards Vynin and saw Sceranu.

"Good morning, Gravi" said Sceranu with a smile.

"Hello" answered Gravi and then yawned again as he got to his feet.

"Lazy" said Kyowin immediately and Gravi looked at her.

"You should not tease those bigger than yourself" he said menacingly, but also with a smile. "Maybe I should teach you a lesson?"

"Lazy Gavi" smiled Kyowin and then speed of through the grass as Gravi ran after her. Though he was quite a bit faster than her, he stayed just behind her for the sake of the fun.

"Don't they look adorable like that" said Vynin as she watched them tumble through the grass.

"They do" said Sceranu with a smile.

"They remind me of you and your brother´s" said Jacira with a smile. "It was usually them chasing us though."

"Indeed" said Vynin and looked at Jacira. She had pulled out a small book and was writing in it with a small wooden stick and ink.

"Still trying to finish your brother's work?" asked Vynin slowly.

Jacira nodded. "He always did love history and wanted to make some of the history of this world more easily available for us dragonflies…the least I can do now is finish what he started" said Jacira with a heavy note of sadness in her voice. It faded a little for a small smile as she continued however. "But you should know the work this is, he never properly finished anything. Don't worry though, even if I have to stay in Warfang to finish this, I will visit whenever possible."

"I know you will or else I will visit you" said Vynin with a smile. "We will never be too far apart."

"You can count on that" said Jacira now also smiling deeply.

Jacira kept writing as Sceranu and Vynin lay down on the ground and watched Kyowin and Gravi tumble around. It was all so peaceful, so quiet and Vynin relaxed. But she could not help noticing that Sceranu did not seem quite relaxed. He would gaze towards her and when she returned the gaze he would look away. He seemed very nervous.

"Is there something you wish to say?" asked Vynin finally to make him snap out of it.

Sceranu seemed to be caught a little off guard by this and looked away for a moment, but then finally he looked back at her and met her gaze.

"I was just wondering something…" said Sceranu slowly as if not quite sure how to put it. "You are a beautiful dragoness and I have known you for some time. You have helped me in many ways even if I did not deserve it…" Sceranu took a deep breath. "I was just wondering if you would accompany me at the Blue Comet Festival?"

Vynin felt her heart beat a bit faster and she looked over at Jacira. Jacira was looking back at her and Sceranu with a smirk, but as she saw Vynin looking went back to her writing.

Vynin was not sure how to answer. It was obvious Sceranu liked her, but she was not sure about herself or rather she was not sure if she could allow herself to get any closer to him. She was not like most other dragonesses after all; she could never have children of her own. If she fell in love, that would cause nothing but pain for her and for him…Sceranu deserved better than that.

But Vynin could not deny that she at least felt close to Sceranu. He was a friend and what if he genuinely loved her? Perhaps it was better to watch and wait instead of just turning away immediately…she did not want to hurt him without reason…

"Vynin?" asked Sceranu when she did not answer for a while.

Vynin rose to her feet and turned towards him. Sceranu also rose to his feet in surprise as she came towards him.

And then suddenly she kissed his cheek. "Sure, let's go together" she said with a smile as she looked him in the eyes.  

Sceranu also smiled, but said nothing, he was simply to happy to think of anything. Instead he went back to watching Kyowin and Gravi as they tumbled through the grass.

Spyro and Cynder stood silently among the four Obelisks, their gaze fixed upon the red obelisk. Next to them stood Gairu and Tehanu who they had found already there when they arrived. Together they stood there for several minutes in silent respect for Blazirin.

Then slowly they turned and walked out of the square of Obelisks. Spyro walked last and the moment he exited the circle, a cold voice spoke.

"So we meet again at last, legendary Purple Dragon" said the almost mocking voice and Spyro knew immediately who it was, even before he turned around.

Leaning against the fire pillar stood the Observer carrying his blue crystal staff and wearing his long cloak as always. He smiled at Spyro, though his eyes remained hidden in the hood.

"What do you want?" asked Spyro coldly even as Cynder walked up beside him. Gairu and Tehanu also watched the Observer closely.

The Observer seemed to ignore Spyro´s question as he walked towards Spyro and leaning on his staff said "It is always such a pain to lose a friend, is it not?"

His voice was not cold or mocking like before, but genuinely heartfelt.

He stopped before Spyro. "I have lost many friends in my long, long life…and I know many who lost worse than that" said the Observer turning his head towards Gairu and Tehanu. "I don't want to see any more of my friends wither away…I need your help."
The Observer looked tired as he stood there before Spyro and the blue crystal only shined with a weak light.

"What are you…talking about?" asked Cynder slowly. "What do you need our help for?"

"Not your help, Black Dragoness" said the Observer the cold tone returning for just a moment. "Just Spyro and he has promised to do so."

Spyro remembered the promise he had given the Observer many years ago, but did not trust the Observer at all, there was just something wrong about him.  he was not about to just help him without knowing what would happen.

"What do you need my help for?" asked Spyro.

"I need your help to be set free from the chains that bind me to this world…" said the Observer cryptically. "I know how to do so, but I can't do it without you. But I must also say that it won't be without danger, I cannot guarantee you will return."

"And Spyro is just supposed to help you because he promised when he might not return? He has a family you know!" said Gairu in a fierce tone as he stepped forward, looking down upon the Observer. "His duties lie elsewhere."

"You speak of duty like it is a thing which lets people break promises and live without honor, Gairu" said the Observer coldly and slowly raised his head towards Gairu.

Gairu was just about to retort when he saw the Observer´s eyes beneath the line of the hood. At first the pupils were of a simple yellow color, but then suddenly they seemed to darken until Gairu seemed to be sucked into a black pit, so deep he could not escape. Falling, Falling, falling…

Gairu recoiled suddenly and with a almost strangled cry.

"Gairu!" exclaimed Tehanu as she jumped forward towards him. He was still standing, but he was shaking all over. She gently laid her wing cross his back and he seemed to relax a bit.

Tehanu looked towards the Observer. "What are you!" she said with a mixture of anger and curiosity.

"What I am is not important" said the Observer coldly as he lowered his head again and his eyes were hidden. He turned back towards Spyro who was watching him carefully now along with Cynder. "Now with that little distraction out of the way shall we continue?"

Without even waiting for an answer  the Observer began talking. "I know that what I am asking is much compared to what I did. But I know things you could be interested in knowing and if you help me I will tell you these things."

"What things would that be?" asked Spyro skeptically.

The Observer smiled a cold smile. "I know things which could help your poor daughter´s" said the Observer and then shifted his gaze to Cynder "as well as your son´s condition." He looked back to Spyro and his smile got broader.  "But more importantly I know where you can find your mother as well as why she is hiding from you."

Spyro´s eyes widened. Ever since he had been released from his imprisonment five years ago, what his father and Ignitus had said had been on his mind. Though he had known it would be fruitless to try and search for his mother, it had not stopped him from wondering why Ignitus had been so secretive.

And a chance to help Vynin…that was something he would do anything for.
But this was not a choice he could make himself.

He looked at Cynder and saw that she was watching him with her beautiful green eyes. "It is your choice, Spyro" she said gently.

Spyro nodded and looked back to the Observer. "We have an agreement and you better honor it."

"I can say the same to you" said the Observer coldly.

"And there is a minor adjustment" interrupted Cynder before the Observer could say anything else. "I will be going with you too. I am not leaving his side again, ever!"

The Observer chuckled a bit and then smiled. "I expected nothing less of you, Black Dragoness."

"Are you sure about this, Spyro and Cynder?" asked Gairu who had recovered. "There is something about that…thing…he is not normal."

"I know" said Spyro calmly. "But I did promise him and if I can also help my daughter, then that is what I will do."

"Off course you will" said the Observer. "But we will have to leave soon, if we are to reach the place we are going on time. I will tell you more once we are on our way."

"You will tell our children about this, right?" asked Cynder looking at Gairu and Tehanu.

"Off course, we will" said Tehanu. "But be careful."

"We will" said Spyro. "And until we meet again, take care."

Gairu nodded. "Good luck, my friends."

The Observer jumped on to Spyro´s back with remarkable agility and a moment later Spyro and Cynder spread their wings setting off into the air.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

Well we met Kyowin, Erthra´s child and we got little glimpse at some of the thinsg Vynin is strugling with.

And then there is the Observer...

But just so i say it, i will soon reveal who Spyro´s mother is. I cant wait :)

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Spyro and characters from Legend of Spyro (C) Sierra

All other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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Krruegemer3 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
Finally! U get going w the VxS! I've been waiting for like, 50 chapters for u to start!
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Cool chapter :)
I kind of didn't understand what the Observer did to Gairu o_o ,but it sounded creepy.
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
It is a little something he has done before in my stories. I havent explained it yet, but that will happen in this story.
sarasarinski Featured By Owner May 2, 2011
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i cant w8 to see how the Observer will sort out Larshyr wing problem and show spyro his mother and tell him why she's been hiding from him am not bothered if the observer cant help Vynin i hope he does help her but am not really bothered about Vynin Larshyr.s missing wing and spyro mother am more bothered about
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
There is quite a story asociated with her and I will soon spell it all out in detail. Just a few more chapters.
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Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Oh and btw the Observer was auctally refering to Gravi, not Larshyr, that is why he looked at Cynder specifically when he said "son." In hindsight it was quite vague, but it is how it is (wont deny Larshyr´s condition can be involved if I find a suitable way to do it though)
darbo93 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
OK i thought the Observer meant Larshyr when he said son
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Oh i missed a spot...

I did not come up with the name until after i started writing the chapter, so i used ... as a placeholder. I often do this when i am still unsure about the name, but guess i missed a spot this time when plugging it in.
TimberlineWolf Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Student General Artist
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Thanks for calling me out on it :)
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Wont be long, 2-3 chapters is my guess.

And belive me i cant wait to fianlly reveal it. I have basicly had the entire story ready in my head since Light in the Dark ch 2. Will be great to finally reval it :)
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