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July 18, 2011
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With the Last Ounce of Strength

The sphere of elements was changing and altering in a rapid chaotic pace which saw the area of each element changing every second. Large gouts of flame and large thunderbolts every moment just and a cold wind blew through the area within the sphere. Frequent shakings could also be felt by anyone standing on the circular crystal disc in the center of the sphere.

But none of the four dragons even noticed any of that, so focused were they on the fight before them.

Spyro, Cynder, Ravina were all watching Malefor as they slowly walked towards him. They were only dimly aware the pain coming from the wounds each of them had received, but all could feel the fatigue which was creeping into their body and making every move increasingly hard to make.

But even as they walked forward they were also discussing in a whisper what to do, but without taking their eyes of Malefor for even a moment."

"We have to shatter him in one blow" whispered Spyro. "And I think I might know how as well. If I can get above him I can use the same thing I used against the Lightning Bird."

"That won't work, he won't…take his eyes of you for long…enough to do that" whispered Ravina slowly, still trying to completely regain her breath. "He will just avoid it easily."

"Not if we can distract him and keep him place" whispered Cynder. "I might have an idea for that, but I will need your help Spyro as well as you Ravina. You must make sure he does get away from me."

"Off course" whispered Ravina and readied herself as they got closer to Malefor.

But Malefor was not quite fresh either. Though this crystal body was not his own, the strength he drew upon very much was and he knew he did not have much left. The most clear signs of this was his missing wing which he could not regenerate and even the cracks in his body had been harder to heal than he liked.

Spyro, Cynder and Ravina stopped a few meters from Malefor. He still sported the same confident devilish smile he had had the entire time. But they would wipe that of his face soon enough thought Cynder and smiled.

"What is so funny?" asked Malefor with a chuckle. "You actually think you can beat me with whatever plan you have come up with in your little chit chat?"

"You just wait and see" said Cynder confidently though her heart was beating faster with every moment. They only had one shot at this, if they failed it was over.

"I will see and you will see that anything you have done to me, what you will to me, is nothing but small setbacks. I will realize my destiny and cleanse this world, so that it can be reborn in my image" said Malefor with a devilish smile.

"And I will try my best to not kill you in this fight Cynder. Though you failed me utterly in the past, you are still the most suitable brood mother for my children who will be the denizens of the new world" said Malefor his gaze resting upon her.

"Never!" snarled Cynder and then she leapt forward to attack.

She landed in front of Malefor and before he could attack she expelled a large amount of completely black mist from her scales and mouth, enveloping her and Malefor.

"Not so easy to fight what you can't see, is it?!" hissed Cynder´s voice from within the black mist.

Immediately a great flame erupted from the black mist and swept in an arch out of the mist like Malefor was trying to hit her inside. A moment later Spyro saw Malefor emerging from the mist where the flames had erupted before, but as he emerged hands of shadow grabbed him, holding him back.

Spyro knew they would not hold Malefor for long and quickly focused upon the crystal beneath Malefor, heaving it upwards and knocking him back into the mist.

Immediately Spyro felt the drain on his strength, but he also knew he could not rest yet. Quickly focusing upon the black mist, Spyro created a wall of rock around it to stop any further attempt of Malefor getting away.

He then quickly jumped into the air and flew high up above the black mist.

Inside it Cynder was battling Malefor with everything she had. Though she could sense his presence within the mist, she could not directly see him and as such had to rely almost as much upon luck as Malefor had too.

Nonetheless she lounged at the area where she could feel him and he claws collided with his crystal body. Quickly she raked him with her claws and felt chunks coming of, before retreating a few steps.

But she had apparently not retreated far enough as she suddenly felt something hit her in the side with a whip like smack which made her flinch in sudden pain. Immediately she also felt Malefor moving towards her and knew he had pin pointed her when he hit her.

She jumped to the side, but nonetheless felt as his body hit hers and she tumbled over.

Lying on the ground she heard his claws rip at the crystal floor near her and immediately lashed out with her tail as she got up.

She only strafed him however and she only shortly felt him react to her attack, turning towards her.

Immediately she felt him as he jumped at her and having apparently thought she was further away than she was, they collided knocking them both over.

In the complete chaos that followed Cynder, felt something sharp dig into her side even as she clawed away at what she guessed was his side or stomach. But then suddenly she froze as something sharp pricked against her cheeks.

Throwing her head downwards she only just escaped as Malefor´s mouth closed where her head had just been. But she did not escape entirely as Malefor still managed to grab one the top left of the horns on the back of her head with his mouth. Moments later the pressure exerted by Malefor´s jaws broke the horn, crushing it almost at the base.

Cynder screamed at the sudden pain and immediately pulled away from Malefor with all her strength. Managing to get away she quickly put distance to him, coming back to back with the rock wall Spyro had made.

The pain in the remainder of the horn was excruciating and she could feel the hot blood running down the back of her head and down her neck. But despite that she knew she had to be ready for when Spyro attacked and pushed the pain away.

Outside the mist Ravina was circling the ring of stone, watching it. She had heard Cynder´s scream and feared the worst, but there was nothing she could do but be ready in case Malefor tried to get out.

Suddenly a part of the rock wall just below her exploded and she immediately knew what it was. Swinging around towards it she unleashed four fear projectiles upon Malefor as he appeared from the black mist.

But Malefor was ready this time and quickly ripping himself free of the dark hands trying to hold him back he raised his remaining wing in defense against the projectiles. Feeling them strike his wing without causing harm he immediately turned his gaze towards Ravina and launched several ice spikes back at her.

Ravina saw the rock spikes coming and tried to swing away, but she was too close and the spikes pierced her left wing and sent her into a free fall.

Landing roughly on the ground she saw Malefor coming at her, ready for the killing blow. Pulling through the pain in her wing, Ravina opened her mouth and unleashed a devastating scream towards Malefor.

Malefor immediately raised his wing in defense and meet the powerful sound waves head on without losing ground.

Ravina kept up the scream for as long as she could, but her throat was already sore from the last long use of it she had done and her vision was already getting blurry. As such it only lasted a moment before she was forced to stop, her breath completely gone and a small trickle of blood running from her mouth. But even so she still stood up ready to face Malefor directly if necessary.

But Malefor simply smiled and slowly opened his mouth a yellow light building at the back of his throat.

"Get away from her!" sounded Spyro´s voice from high above them and Malefor closed his mouth in surprise and quickly turned his attention upwards along with Ravina.

Spyro was diving at them at high speed and even as they watched ice formed around his body turning him into a massive projectile with the tip pointed directly at Malefor.

Malefor laughed at the sight of Spyro. "Is that the best you could come up with?!" he yelled and then got ready to jump aside and easily avoid Spyro.

But before he could move, thick strands of darkness curled around his feet and remaining wing, holding him in place.

He immediately glanced sideways seeing Cynder standing near the ring of rock Spyro had created and the dark mist behind her becoming the strands that enveloped him.

Malefor immediately launched a lightning bolt at Cynder even as he tried to get loose, but she raised her wings in defense, deflecting it.

He then felt a wind rising around him and looking upwards he saw the projectile that was Spyro starting to spin around and accelerate as a tornado like wind formed around it, a wind he knew where came from.

But by now it was far too late to get away and instead Malefor raised a half sphere of rock around himself in defense and focused  all his strength on it.

Spyro smashed into the rock surrounding Malefor, drilling into it with great force and rock chunks flying everywhere. Slowly but surely he felt it giving away and then suddenly it broke beneath him and he smashed into Malefor´s crystal body, shattering it.

The rock sphere around Malefor disappeared even as chunks of his body rolled across the floor. For a moment Cynder and Ravina watched them with their breath held, fearing they might reform. But finally they lay still and each of them sighed in relief.

Spyro also slowly dispersed the ice around him and stood for a moment gasping for breath and trying to regain his focus as the world still seemed to spin around him. But slowly he regained it and looked at the smashed chunks of Malefor beneath him.

Suddenly two yellow eyes appeared in one of the largest chunk of crystal right in front of Spyro. Slowly a thick dark purple mist seeped out of this shard with the two yellow eyes glowing evilly in the mist and watching Spyro.

For a moment the mist seemed to hover in front of Spyro, but then it started drifting upwards the eyes constantly watching Spyro.

Spyro also watched the mist and slowly he spoke. "Stay in our memories, where you belong!"

The eyes seemed to gleam for a moment and the Malefor´s voice sounded from the mist. "I will never just be a memory. I am eternal!"

And then the mist dispersed, the eyes disappearing.

Spyro sighed deeply, relief finally washing over him. He then looked at Cynder with a tired smile for a moment, but that quickly disappeared as he saw the blood leaking from the base of her lost horn.

"Cynder are you all right?!" he asked quickly.

"Been worse, but not much" said Cynder slowly. "Though I think Ravina needs your help more."
Spyro quickly looked at Ravina and seeing her mutilated wing he moved towards her as fast as his legs could carry him.

Ravina smiled at him as he came closer, but could not say a word. Her throat was hurting from the prolonged use of her fear elements scream and she could still taste blood in her mouth.

Spyro reached her and looked at her left wing quickly. Though the ice spikes had disappeared with Malefor, there were still large gaping holes in the wing membrane and it would be impossible for her to fly if they were not closed.

"Be still for a moment, mother, this will only take a moment" said Spyro even as he took a deep breath.

Ravina´s eyes widened in surprise and she did not even feel the gentle sting as the holes in her wing were closed by a thin membrane of red crystals matching her own color. Her entire focus lay on the one word Spyro had used…mother…

In the time they had spent in this place, which despite being only hours felt more like days, not once had he called her mother. But now, hearing him say it was a great joy for her and as he finished mending her wing, she immediately embraced him and gently kissed his forehead.

Spyro was surprised by her action, but though his first thought was to back away, he had no strength to do so and gave himself over to it, feeling her gentle kiss as her warmth flowed through him.

She let go of him and continued to smile gently. Despite all that had happened, the choice she had been forced to make regarding the Observer, she felt more happy now than she had felt for many years.

"Now it is your turn Cynder" said Spyro quickly as he turned towards her. He was incredibly tired and it felt like he could fall over any moment. But he could not allow that to happen, yet.

"You don't have to do this right now Spyro" said Cynder gently noticing how tired he was. "Just stop the loss of blood and I'll be fine until you get some rest. You still need to have the strength to get out of here."

Spyro shook his head. "It is best if I do it immediately, then I don't have to worry about you" said Spyro quickly and before Cynder could protest she felt the trickle of blood stop and a slight sting of pain as the wound around the base of her horn closed.

"Now let's get out of here, no need to stay any longer and we don't have long left either" said Spyro quickly.

Together they flew back through the complex they had fought their way through, though their speed was clearly lowered due to the fatigue they each felt, but none so more than Spyro who looked like he might fall right out of the sky any moment.

But their trip back was uneventful as all traps seemed to have deactivated after they reached the Heart and all doors were open.

They also passed by the hourglasses showing how much time they had left and they could see that only a small trickle of crystal sand remained, at most a few minutes. But without any strength to fly faster there was nothing they could do.

Finally they reached the last room where they had fought the first Guardian of the place and they could see the Hourglass still held a bit of sand. Pushing forward with their last strength they flew out of the portal into the place and appeared in the crystal cave where their journey had begun.

Though they all felt like just lying down right there and sleeping, they walked out of the cave through the tunnel and looked westwards where the Blue Comet should be disappearing. But the Blue light was not there.

Instead it shone east of them above the edge of the valley they were in.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

The battle is over, Malefor lies defeated and Spyro, Cynder and Ravina escape with all haste.

But were they fast enough?

Oh and by the way we have not seen the last of Malefor at all in case his last comment was not enough. This was just a appetizer for what waits in a later story.

Still a few chapters left before we are done, there are still future events that needs to be set up and revelations to be done.

Spyro and Legend of Spyro related characters (C) Sierra/Activision

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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Oh and fun fact, Vynin is now technically very close to Spyro´s age when it comes to the auctual body age. Seeing as Spyro was around 21-22 when she was born (going for my way of looking at Dragons ages for this paticular fan fic) and he has now remained in stasis for 6 year where his body did not age followed by what can be considered a 10 year time jump, he is now in the age of his body just 6-7 years older than her.

Just something i realized and will probably not make it into any of the chapters, maybe except for a fun comment.

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But the Observer himself never had any information that might help.
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