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Rebirth of the Dark Master

There was complete silence for a moment inside the monolith following what Spyro had said. Then the Observer reacted.

"What do you mean the deal is of?!" exclaimed the Observer, whatever happiness and calm he had gone. "You gave me a your word!"

"And I can't keep it" said Spyro as he turned away from the large Purple Crystal. His voice was calm, but his eyes drifted to Cynder. "I am sorry."

"What is it, Spyro?" asked Cynder noticing his gaze. "What is the problem?"

"I cannot let you die, not for this" said Spyro. "I am sorry Observer, I cannot go through with this."

"Why?!" demanded the Observer.

"What do you mean you can't let Cynder die, what does this have to do with it?" asked Ravina also, her eyes resting upon Spyro.

Cynder also looked at Spyro questionably, wanting answers.

Spyro took a deep breath and turned back to the crystal. "This crystal, it is indeed the source of the bond keeping you alive in this world, Observer. But as we feared it is also the source of one of my elements, the Crystal Element" told Spyro. "I could feel that as I touched it."

"I thought you were willing to take any repercussions that this might bring?!" asked the Observer angrily.

"Not when those repercussions means the death of me and Cynder, as well as ruining the lives of others!" said Spyro firmly as he looked upon the glowing blue crystal that was the Observer. "If I destroy this crystal not only will I and any other Purple Dragon in the future lose the Crystal Element, but anything created using the Crystal Element will also shatter and disappear forever."

Cynder instinctively looked downwards. Though she could not see it anymore, she remembered how Malefor had given her a terrible wound many years back and Spyro had sealed it with his crystal element. Though the crystals had slowly adapted to her body and become impossible to see, they were still there…and Spyro had also saved his own life with it…

Spyro guessed what Cynder was thinking and added. "Us and Cynder´s father Ghronur would lose our life. Our friend Fliera would lose her ability to fly as the wounds in her wings reopen and countless other things would also be destroyed, possibly even some we don't know of which have existed for thousands of years" said Spyro. "The cost is simply too great."

"Are you quite sure about this?" asked Ravina.

Spyro nodded. "There is no mistake, I could feel it when I touched the crystal" said Spyro and looked at the Observer who had been silent since his last outburst. "I am sorry."

The blue crystal which was the Observer seemed to come to life again and shone a bit brighter as it approached Spyro.

Then suddenly without warning a great black mist, similar in color to what the Observer´s body had been composed of, appeared from the orb and flowed around Spyro. Without warning the mist became solid hands of darkness which held Spyro down and the Observer spoke in a chillingly cold voice.

"Sorry just does not cut it, Purple Dragon" started the Observer.

Before he could continue Cynder saw what happened and she immediately jumped forward and without any warning launched a acid projectile at the blue crystal orb. A barrier of the same solid darkness appeared around the orb and the acid projectile struck it without effect, the acid seemingly being absorbed into the strange swirling depths of the darkness.

Cynder was about to launch another attack, when she was suddenly overcome with nausea from the feeling of falling into the blackness which the Observer conjured and she was forced to look away for a moment.

"Please don't interfere Black Dragoness, I have no quarrel with you" said the Observer coldly. "I simply need this Purple Dragon to keep his word."

"I have tried to reach this place for so long that you cannot even begin to fathom it. It has been my one goal for thousands of years and I have been patient in my pursuit, waiting for just the right person to appear who could penetrate this places defenses and who would also help me reach this place. And now I stand here, only a few meters from my goal, from ultimate peace. And now, here on my final threshold, you break your word to me! But I won't allow that. You will destroy that crystal even if it costs you your life!"

"Or you will do what?" asked Spyro his gaze focusing upon the blue crystal orb as he was unable to look directly at the blackness. "Will you kill me, the same that will happen if I do it?"

"No" said the Observer in his cold voice. "Killing you would serve no purpose considering that I need you. But I promise you I can cause far more damage, far more pain and suffering than destroying that crystal would ever cause."

"Purple Dragon I want you to imagine what would happen if I did not help you, if instead I aided someone like Demetrius or Malefor. Imagine what devastation they could cause with me constantly whispering in their ear the every move made by you or the Guardians, what terrible suffering they could inflict upon your children and your children's children. And you could not stop me."

"You wouldn't dare!" snarled Cynder.

"Oh I would" said the Observer coldly. "And I will unless you keep your word and set me free from this horrific existence."

Spyro glanced over at Cynder and their gazes meet. Though no words were exchanged, they needed none, they both knew what had to be done.

But before Spyro could say anything a scream split the silence and the Observer was sent flying against the wall of the small cave by a blast of fear energy. Immediately Spyro was released as the darkness around him evaporated. Immediately he gazed towards Cynder expecting that she had been one who had attacked, but instead he saw Ravina standing in front of Cynder, her mouth open and her eyes half closed in a pained expression.

"I am sorry" she whispered just before unleashing another scream which drove the Observer even further into the wall and shattered the small purple crystals on the wall around him. "You won´t hurt my son!"

Another blast followed as the blue crystal orb tried to get free again.

"Get out of here, then we can seal him inside!" yelled Ravina to Spyro and Cynder.

"That will not be needed" said a deep rumbling voice behind them and before any of them could react the Purple Crystals nearest the Observer´s Blue Crystal ball extended towards it and slowly began enveloping it.

Spyro glanced quickly towards the voice and saw the Purple Dragon Statue standing just outside the entrance, its glowing Purple eyes focused upon the Observer.

"Ravina, why?" called the Observer desperately as they watched the Blue Crystal being covered by the Purple Crystals.

"I had to choose between you and my son" said Ravina with obvious pain in her voice.
It was impossible to tell if the Observer heard it or not as his voice again cut through the air filled with anger. "I will not forget this, Spyro, I will get my freedom at some point and then you or your ancestors will feel my wrath for this betrayal! And you…"

The rest of his sentence drowned as the Purple Crystals enveloped the Blue Crystal completely and then stopped moving, becoming just crystals on the wall again.

A great silence fell upon them as they simply watched the wall where the Observer had been trapped. But then the rumbling voice sounded again.

"Come on out now so I can properly thank you for what you made possible today" said the purple Dragon Statue.

Each of them looked at the Statue as it moved away from the entrance and with a gesture from it crystal wing signaled them to come out.

Spyro and Cynder were the first to move, cautiously exiting the cave while watching the Statue at all times. Ravina followed shortly after, but not before looking at the place where the Observer had been trapped one more time. "I am sorry" she whispered and then exited the small cave.

Outside she watched the Purple Statue which stood a little away from Spyro and Cynder and as Ravina walked over to them, the Purple Statue began laughing.

"You have done very well in reaching this place and I am glad you reached it. Besides the obvious benefits from finally stopping the Observer it would just not have been the same if this place had killed you."

Even as the Statue spoke its voice became deeper and more sinister, a voice Spyro, Cynder and Ravina all recognized.

And then before their very eyes the Purple Dragon Statue began changing. It became a little larger even as its purple crystals darkened in color. Its stomach also turned a deep grey as great horns of the same color sprouted from the back of its head along with several spikes along its back and tail. Finally the Purple glow disappeared from the eyes, replaced by a hideous yellow.

"It has been a long time, Spyro and Cynder" said Malefor with a sinister smile. "And you as well my daughter."

"Malefor" snarled Spyro and Cynder together as they readied themselves for battle. Steeled they met Malefor´s gaze, but could not avoid feeling a shiver of fear.

Two times they had fought him, two times they had beat him, but both times the struggle had been desperate and pushed them to the edge of their abilities. This would most likely be no different…

Ravina also met the cold yellow eyes though she did not feel as much fear as surprise. "How did you survive?"

Malefor chuckled. "I did not, I had simply prepared ahead of time for the eventuality that I would die. Though I had expected it to be at the hands of time and not by the claw two young dragons" said Malefor menacingly.

"But how did you do it?" asked Ravina. "And why did you want to stop the Observer?"

"So many questions" said Malefor with a devilish smile. "You sure have changed since I saw you last where I would just tell you what to do and you would do it without questions. A willing little puppet, just like someone else here."

"You will never control me again, ever!" snarled Cynder.

"Off course not" said Malefor amused and looked at Ravina again. "Still I must commend you for staying hidden from me even doing my return, I actually thought you were dead" Malefor´s gaze wandered from Ravina to Spyro. "So imagine my surprise to see you here with your son."

Malefor smiled in amusement and continued to talk, though it seemed more to himself now. "To think that you were the mother of my greatest enemy…fate sure has humor."

He looked at them once again with a devilish grin. "Actually all we need now is Volvagia and Demetrius and we would have us one big family reunion" said Malefor. "But then again I guess I should be happy they got killed since they would most likely turn upon me again."

"You killed Volvagia yourself!" snarled Spyro in anger remembering the last battle. "You tore apart your own mate and you killed my brother Sparx!" Spyro could feel the anger inside him, but he didn't not let it cloud his focus as he attacked with a barrage of fire balls.

Malefor effortlessly dodged aside without losing his devilish smile for a second.  "Now, now there will be time for battle Spyro, but first I believe I should answer my daughters question about how I survived, like any good father would do."

Ravina snarled, her teeth glistening in the light of the elemental storm raging in the sphere around them.

"I knew I would die of age at some point and so I took steps to prevent that, among other things by researching into the nature of the Observer and his immortality. Through that I found this place and upon this very spot created a bond similar to the one which keeps the Observer alive" told Malefor with a smile. "But in order to be truly eternal I also needed to be rid of the Observer who tried to undo the bond and now you have helped me do it."

"But it is not over" said Spyro firmly. "I could easily shatter the crystal from here and
it would be all over for you!"

"But knowing the consequences, will you do it?" asked Malefor with a smile. "Would you really yourself as well as your mate, just to be rid of me?"

Spyro hesitated for a moment, unsure. As great a threat as Malefor was, he did not want to die and he most certainly did not want Cynder to die. But if it was the only way to stop Malefor forever, did he have a choice?

He looked at Cynder and was surprised when she looked at him with a smile and then shook her head.

"It won't be necessary Spyro, he is no threat to the world as he is now" said Cynder. Spyro looked at her confused, but Cynder simply smiled a strangely devilish smile and looked at Malefor. "I have a theory and please indulge me if it is not correct."

"According to what you say you have been alive ever since we killed you in Hyrule many years ago and yet you have stayed here, hiding in the walls and possessing statues instead of facing us head on in your true form. But off course you don't have that anymore right? It was lost when we killed you and you have been trapped here as a spirit ever since!"
Malefor was silent for a moment and then he smiled. Slowly that smiled turned into a chuckle and then a deep cold laughter.

"You are correct, completely correct" said Malefor. "It was not something I anticipated, but in the end your arrival makes it nothing more than a slight set back. After all you bring me a body so very suited for my purpose."

"I will never be your host!" said Spyro defiantly.

"Not willingly no, but once I have beat you to an inch of your life, then you will have no strength to resist me" said Malefor with his devilish smile. "I had hoped the visions along with me would break you, but I can't say I won't enjoy this."

Ravina immediately stepped halfway in front of Spyro, facing Malefor and protecting her son. "You won't even touch Spyro as long as I live!"

"We beat you twice already Malefor and we have only gotten stronger since then, don't expect us to go down without a fight!" said Cynder firmly.

"Then I look forward to seeing the strength of my new body" replied Malefor and chuckled. "Bring it on!"

Together Spyro, Cynder and Ravina ran forward as Malefor also began charging forward. All thoughts on what time they had left to leave the place was gone replaced completely with the concentration and focus battle brought upon them.

And this was one battle which could decide everything.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

And here we stand again. Spyro and Cynder against Malefor in a battle which will decide the future of the world.

I have long wanted to bring Malefor back, but i did not want him to simply return like he was, in body and power. The result is what you see here.

Hope you like it and i dont think i have to say that we got one hell of a battle ahead of us in the next chapter :)

Spyro and Legend of Spyro related characters (C) Sierra/Activision

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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Krruegemer3 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
Oh crap, shiz just got really really real.
Bardmine4 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
He was always eternal but what about the observer what will happen oh im so excited
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Exactly I put alot of weight in Maleforīs "I am Eternal!" quote in regards to this. He had few tricks ready for anything, even death.
sarasarinski Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist
Nice chapter :)

It be really awsome if Malefor randomly decides to join them and be on the good side :lol:

even altho it most probably won't happen :P
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Believe me i am a huge fan of bad guys becoming good (just look at Sceranu, though his brush with evil was short) but i also recognice that some are just beyond any kind of redemption. Malefor is one such person.

Even in the games he was depicted as the ultimate evil, no good sides, not even a half, a person compareable to satan and i have only build on that since then. His closests comparison is his own son Demetrius, but where Demetrius does have his good sides (he does not like to hurt children and rarely kills if there really is no reason, not to mention Cynder) Malefor has no such redeeming factors. He is evil through and through and will remain such in my stories.

He will never turn good in my stories, not even for a moment.
pokeguru23 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Nice work as usual. But something I don't get is if the Observer is like the heart why can't Spyro simple destroy him?
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
The Observer is bonded to the Heart he is not like it. The Heart in itself is a name for all that gives the Purple Dragons their strength and allows them to exist.

The Observer is then bonded to a paticular part of the heart, the part that gives the Purple Dragons their control over crystals and as long as it exists the Observer cannot die. Even if Spyro were to attack the Observer with all his power, at most the Observer would be blown around by the attacks, but he would be unscathed at the end nonetheless as demonstrated by the fact that despite Ravinaīs attacks pushing the Observer back, they dont auctally damage him.

In many ways the Observer functions much like Malefor does now, being mostly spiritual in nature. However the Observer learned over time to draw upon some of the power he was bonded to in order to manipulate the world around him and create a physical body for himself.

Hope that explained it :)
Faltzer2142 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Wow, awesome chapter.

I wonder know how spyro and the rest are going to defeat malefor now that he is eternal 0.o
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you :)
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