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A Terrible Turn of Events

"Spyro, your okay" exclaimed Cynder and her face lit up in a bright smile as she saw him  open his eyes. "I was so worried, I was so worried…" continued Cynder at the edge of tears.

Spyro could not say anything at first as he was simply too surprised and confused, with the memory of him throwing himself of the cliff being edged into his mind. But now he was back here and he could see her bowed over him, the necklace hanging around her neck, unbroken.
"Cynder" said Spyro slowly smiling. "What happened, I thought…"

"Welcome back among us, Purple Dragon" said the Observer before Spyro could continue and Spyro looked towards him, seeing Ravina as well who was looking at him with a expression of relief. "I feared for a moment we had lost you to the dream."

"Dream?" said Spyro slowly as Cynder stepped back so he could get to his feet. "It was all a dream? How long was I gone?"

"At least an hour, perhaps even two" answered Ravina. "I…we thought we had lost you."

"Two hours?" said Spyro in disbelief. "But it only felt like minutes to me."

Dreams obscure the sense of time as you probably know, even if this was more a vision than a dream to be honest" said the Observer with a small smile. "But the most important part is that you are all safe which I must admit was more than I dared hope."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Cynder turning around and her voice becoming harder. "You knew this was going to happen?" Cynder walked towards him menacingly. "You told me to wait with the questions until Spyro woke up, but now I want some answers. What happened? What was that? What would have happened had Spyro not woken up?"

The Observer met Cynder´s gaze unflinching even as she towered above him. "Had he not woken up, he would have died of thirst and hunger at some point and he would never even have noticed it" said the Observer calmly. "The same goes for you."

"What?!" asked Cynder and Ravina together and Spyro also flinched for a moment.

"Let me explain" said the Observer quickly. "This room in itself is a security mechanism for this place and it induces visions based on your memory. These visions I would guess have the purpose of breaking you mentally and leaving you trapped in your own mind. The person affected must try to see through it and stay `themselves´ in the face of whatever happens, that is the only way to escape. The moment they despair or start acting out of blinding anger, that is the moment the vision truly gets a hold and you never wake up again."

"Why did you not warn us of this?" asked Spyro.

"Yeah, why?" asked Cynder a bit harsher.

Ravina also looked at the Observer questionably.

"A warning would have served no purpose as the vision also blocks of any memories related to this place in the person affected" said the Observer. "You probably won't have noticed it now, since remembering that you forgot a memory, which you now remember, is not something easily realized. Even I am affected by it, but I still keep the memories of earlier times I have been here and therefore I know of this effect. Why it is like that I cannot say, but perhaps it can only block memories to a certain point in time."

"I see" said Ravina. "If that is the case then there was truly no point in warning us about it."

"Yeah, if that is the case" said Cynder unconvinced, but did not take it further. The dream and what had happened still weighed heavily upon her along with the relief that Spyro was okay.  "Let's get going, I have just about had enough of this place."

Cynder started to walk towards the corridor leading on and Spyro was about to follow when the Observer turned towards him.

"Not so fast, Black Dragoness, there is something I need to clear first" said the Observer. He then looked at Spyro who had noticed him. "Tell me, in your dream did you see another Purple Dragon?"

Spyro froze, Malefor´s grinning face flashing through his head.

"Why, what is this about?" asked Ravina quickly and Cynder had also turned around now.
"While Spyro was sleeping I sensed the Purple Dragon who has been following us in this place. It was faint, like a mist, instead of the almost tangible feeling we have experienced before which is why you probably did not notice him" said the Observer. "But he was there, hovering around Spyro and I he might have influenced your dream or perhaps even appeared."

Spyro was silent for a long moment, his mind realizing what the Observer had said. If it was true then Malefor might not just have been a vision, but alive and in this place? The mere thought was enough to make Spyro shiver.

"What is wrong, Spyro?" asked Cynder worried at his reaction. "What did you see?"
Spyro looked at Cynder for a moment, meeting her emerald eyes.
"I saw Malefor" said Spyro slowly.

Cynder also froze as Spyro said it and immediately looked around as if expecting Malefor to pop out of the walls at any moment.

"Impossible" whispered Ravina fear also in her voice. "He died, you killed him did you not?"
"We did" said Spyro and Cynder together. "Twice we stood against him, both times we thought it was over for good."

Even the Observer seemed unnerved by this as he had become completely silent and stood with his hood drawn over his face and leaning on his staff. And when he spoke his voice was no longer calm, but instead seemed to carry en edge of worry.

"I feared it might be him from the moment we meet him, though his survival surprises me as much as you. To stay hidden from my sight for so many years and even now I was unable to identify him…it is…troublesome." His voice seemed to regain some of its coldness and calmness as he continued. "However we cannot be sure it is him, the Purple Dragon in this place might have done nothing at all and what Spyro saw was only the vision."

"Off course" said Ravina in agreement even if her voice did not sound convinced. Though it was true it might not be him, Ravina had felt also felt that she recognized the aura of Purple Dragon who had spoken to them, but had until now dismissed it as impossible. It should have been impossible.

"If it is him, then we should be on our guard. I highly doubt he did not plan for the eventuality that this place did not kill us" said Spyro firmly, the sting of fear he had felt subsiding and being replaced with determination. They had to get to the center of this place to get back and they would. They had not come this far just to die!

Suddenly Cynder raised her voice and it echoed through the corridor. "Are you listening, Malefor! If you are there then you would do well to remember that we defeated you twice already and we will do so again if needed!"

Spyro joined her in this and soon his voice too echoed through the corridors. "As long as we stand together, you will never overcome us!"

As the echoes of their voices subsided Spyro and Cynder thought they heard the distant sound of a cold laughter, but they were not sure.

"Let's go" said Cynder to the Observer. "And if there is anything to watch out for up ahead, say it now."

"I can't do that" said the Observer and continued smiling as Cynder as she was about to make a angry retort. "I have never made it beyond this room. I have no idea what we will meet from here on, all I know is that we are close. But the Purple Dragon could tell you that as well" grinned the Observer as he set of down the corridor.

And a he could and had been able to for a while. He felt warm and invigorated as wave after wave of energy washed over him, coming from the corridor they entered and it only rose in strength the further they got. Even Cynder and Ravina began feeling these waves of energy like a warm breeze surging past them.

This feeling also seemed to calm them, making the terrible visions disappear and even the thought that Malefor could be in this place seemed far away. But it never reached the point where they forgot him and they were constantly on their guard.

The effect on the Observer was different however as his form seemed to waver and shift like a candle in a breeze, until it seemed to be snuffed out completely and he became nothing but the blue glowing crystal floating around them.

And then suddenly the corridor opened up and they stepped onto a plateau in an unbelievably large cave. It was larger than anything any of them had ever seen, stretching hundreds of meters upwards and downwards and thousands of meters across. It was so huge that no doubt was in any of their minds that Warfang with castle and city in its entire size could easily fit in there.

But what drew their attention was the center of the cave, straight ahead of them.
Floating in mid air in the exact center was a huge sphere which glowed at an intensity which for a moment made them avert their eyes. But as they grew accustomed to the light, they saw what the sphere was and gasped.

The sphere was a swirling mass of the four basic elements. Lightning would streak across its surface in great bolts, only to be consumed by roaring flames, which in turn was covered in glistering ice and finally overtaken by a solid rock and then all over again in and endless circle.

"This is it" said the Observer with a unhidden happiness in his voice.

"Indeed it is" said Spyro watching the massive sphere. He could feel it so closely and so clearly it felt like an extension of himself, which in some ways it was and he realized he could control which elements showed up where with a mere thought. It was an unbelievable feeling of power.

"Follow me, I will get us inside it." said Spyro almost mechanically, his eyes not leaving the sphere.

He set of into the air and the other´s followed him. Together they flew towards the sphere all in complete silence.

Spyro led on steering straight towards the sphere and reaching it the elemental storm simply dispersed before him creating a tunnel for both him and the others, guiding them towards the center.

They soon left the storm again landing on a massive circular disc of Purple crystal inside the sphere. At the center of the disc stood a massive monolith, so large it rivaled the towers of Warfang. It was composed of a strange bluish stone which Spyro had only seen one other place, namely in the realm where the Chronicler resided.

The massive monolith was not perfect however as it was split open straight in front of them in a crack so large they could see inside it from where they stood. And they could see that monolith was hollow on the inside and covered in Purple Crystals.

But between them and the monolith stood something else as well. A statue of a Purple Dragon as large as they were and it regarded them with cold deep glowing Purple eyes.

Spyro, Cynder and Ravina immediately got ready to fight, but the statue did not move and continued to watch them.

"Is it him?" asked Ravina, directed at the Observer.

"No, I don't sense him anywhere, this seems to just be a normal Guardian of this place" replied the Observer. "And it does not look like it is hostile."
"Only one way to find out" said Spyro and was about to walk forward, when Ravina blocked his way.

"I'll check it out, you just stay here, Spyro" said Ravina and continued towards the statue cautiously.

"But, Ravina" started Spyro.

"No, buts!" she said firmly and continued without even looking back.

Spyro watched her and to his surprise he began to feeling a building anxiety as he watched her get close to it. He realized that his initial distrust of her had almost disappeared and after all she had done nothing but try to protect him in this place…

As Ravina approached the Purple Dragon statue she also thought of Spyro. She wanted him to trust her and she knew she had come far, but it was clear he did not quite do so yet and she understood why…

She reached the Purple Dragon statue and she tensed, ready to leap away if it attacked. She could see its eyes following her every move and then suddenly…it stepped aside, allowing her to walk past it.

She watched it for a moment unable to understand quite what had happened. But it did not move at all and even the glow in its eyes had disappeared.

The others followed slowly walking only slowly past the Statue, but once past it they speed up entering the crack in the massive monolith.

The view inside was dazzling. Hundreds of purple crystals in all sizes covered the walls and cast a incredible radiance inside the cave formed in the monolith.

But the Observer seemed to not even notice it as he immediately flew over towards a particular large purple crystal standing in the middle of the cave.

"This is it, this is it!" he exclaimed in a voice filled with anticipation. "I can feel it coming from here, the bond which keeps me alive!"

The blue orb glowed brightly. "Time to honor your part of the bargain, Purple Dragon" said the Observer quickly.

Spyro walked forward slowly and placed one foreleg upon the crystal.
As he did that, the Observer turned to Ravina.

"This is our goodbye, but not before I thank you" said the Observer. "You have helped me greatly in these last years of my life and you have been my last true friend."

Ravina smiled. "You have helped me far more than I ever helped you. You kept me safe in the years following the Dragon Temple´s fall and you kept an eye on Spyro for me. Compared to that, I have not done much" said Ravina.

"Never the less I would thank you from the bottom of my heart if had such a thing" said the Observer with a chuckle. "Instead I will just thank you from the bottom of whatever I am."

"Don't go forgetting our deal" said Cynder firmly as the Observer turned away from Ravina.

"Off course, Ravina already knows everything I promised and will aid you" said the Observer.

Cynder looked at Ravina and she nodded. "This was planned all along" said Ravina.

Cynder nodded in recognition of it.

"Well that does not really matter" said Spyro suddenly. "Because you will not die now, by my hand. The deal is off!"
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

So we reached the end, but time is running short.

And Yes Malefor is back, but what is his goal? (besides revenge).
Everything about his return will be answered soon, as he makes his grand entrance, if not in the flesh, then at the very least in a way in which he is ready to fight :)

And what is it with Spyro at the end, what did he find out?

Spyro and Legendof Spyro related characters (C) Sierra/Activsion

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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