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An Old Familiar Face

Ravina stood in the old egg chamber of the Dragon Temple. It was in ruins, with large cracks in the walls where plants grew unhindered and the roof itself has collapsed upon itself giving clear view to the sky.

She imagined this was how it look years after the attack by the Apes, but why was she here? The temple had been destroyed along with Malefor long ago…

"Why did you run?" asked a gentle voice behind her suddenly and Ravina´s heart skipped a beat. It was a voice she had not heard for many years and which she had thought she would never hear again. She was about to turn around, but then stopped.

"This is a dream, is it not?" she asked calmly.

"Why would you think that?" asked the voice gently.

Ravina took a deep breath and then turned around. "Because this place should not exist, because you should be dead."

In front of her, standing at the other end of the room and watching her with a smile Ravina saw who she expected. Electoru stood before her with his bright yellow scales and orange stomach and wing membranes and though she could not stop her heart from beating faster at the sight of him, she kept her calm.

"Perhaps this is death and you just haven't realized it yet" said Electoru calmly.

Ravina did not answer and for a moment they just stood watching each other.

Then Electoru´s smile disappeared and he looked at her almost sorrowfully. "Why did you run, why did you leave me to die."

"I had to save our child and you knew it, you told me to do it" answered Ravina.

"But you did not save him, Ignitus did" said Electoru his voice still gentle, but also cold. "You ran, you left me and you left our son to himself. "

"If I had stayed with him it would have brought more danger his way, as I did with the Dragon Temple" said Ravina feeling a sting of regret at the memory. "I wanted to stay with him, but I could not."

"You're lying even to yourself now, but off course that is not hard for you to do" said Electoru. "You tell yourself you had to do it, but in reality you are afraid to fight, afraid to die!"

"That is not true!" hissed Ravina. "I would have died alongside you had I stayed, there was nothing I could have done to save you!"

Electoru walked forward and started walking around her. Ravina did not move, but simply followed him with her eyes.

"I am not referring to me, I am referring to later. Where were you when Malefor returned and attacked Warfang? Where were you when the Council of Elements tried to kill our son?
Where were you when Demetrius attacked?" said Electoru as he walked around her, his voice no longer gentle, but cold and filled with disgust. "All the times our son fought and almost died, all those times he could have used your help, but you were not there!"

"To reveal myself would only have caused him more pain and brought him in danger, I did what I had to do!" snarled Ravina.

"No you ran! Like a coward you kept yourself safe while he saved the world! How long do you think he had been looking for us, thinking about us, wishing that we were there for him!"
said Electoru. "You claim to have broken free from your dark self, but you continue to hurt other´s, lying to them, tricking them and running when confronted, you are pathetic."

Ravina did not answer, but listened as Electoru continued to walk around her, telling her off all the time she could have helped Spyro.

But she did not say anything and her whatever anger and regret she had felt had disappeared. While it was true she could have helped Spyro, she did not regret not doing it because she knew that it would have brought him in greater danger. She had made her choice, and this fake was not about to convince her otherwise.

"Shut up" she said, as she blocked Electoru with her tail. "Do not take another word in his mouth or I will kill you."

"Have you finally realized your wrongs?" asked Electoru with a evil smile.

"No I have realized that you are not Electoru. He would never blame me for running away and waiting as that was the very thing he was doing, the very thing he taught me" said Ravina calmly. "He had no interest in fighting and dying and so he ran. Eventually he also ran into me and that changed my life, forever."

She turned towards him. "I don't know what you are or what your purpose was, but if you think this is going to break me, make me cry or beg for forgiveness, you are wrong" said Ravina firmly. "What has happened, has happened, I made my choices and there is no point in regretting them."

Even as she spoke, her vision started to turn dark and she felt herself falling. But just before everything went dark, she saw Electoru smile, a genuinely warm smile.

And it was then Ravina woke up and looking around she saw the Observer watching her. But her eyes then fell upon Spyro and Cynder still lying in deep slumber. Both of them were shifting around like they were caught in a nightmare...and they probably were, ravina realized.

Spyro slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the grinning skull of a dragon lying right in front of his head. Startled Spyro jumped to his feet and the sudden movement shook the skull and it shattered like an illusion crumbling into a pile of dust.

Spyro looked at the dust horrified, but slowly he also noticed the ground around him. All around him the slopes of blackened earth rose gently upwards, limiting his vision, but what he saw was enough. Everything was ashes and dust along the slopes like terrible firestorm had moved through the area. Particularly around him the cracks in the earth were still glowing with a red light, like powerful flame was still smoldering inside them ready to be unleashed.

Spyro raised his head up and saw that the sky above was also covered in dark clouds and he could feel fear grabbing his heart. His last memory was entering a bright white light with Cynder, but now…Where was he? What had happened?

Spyro set of from the ground and quickly cleared the gentle slopes which had blocked his vision. looking around his eyes widened and he could only utter a quiet "no…"

The devastation he had seen was nothing compared to what he saw now. For as long as he could see in all directions did the blackened earth stretch like a terrible blight across the land, only broken by a few fires still burning in the distance.

On this blackened ground Spyro could see dozens of dragon corpses and those closest to where he had awoken were nothing but skeletons, their bones blackened like the ground. Even those further away had also had their skin burned to a crisp and the smell hang heavily in the air.

But what truly terrified Spyro was the two cliff faces a good deal of on either side of him forming a valley in which he was…The Valley of Avalar…

"Cynder!" yelled Spyro desperately out across the valley, but no one answered and Spyro immediately set of towards their cave, flying with all the speed he could muster.

But as he did, he also glanced backwards at the devastation and only now he saw that the place he had woken up was a crater, a center for whatever devastation had happened if the state of the corpses were to be believed.

Spyro´s mind registered this, but he pushed it away before he could think any more about it. His mind was solely focused upon Cynder.

He landed on the plateau outside their cave and immediately he saw the corpses of more dragons. These dragons had not been burned by the whatever fire had consumed the valley.

Instead they seemed to have been killed by another dragon based upon their wounds and a few also seemed to have been dissolved by acid…

"Cynder!" yelled Spyro as he walked towards the cave, but there was still no answer.
Entering the cave, he did not get far before a collapse blocked his way. For a moment he stood motionless before the rubble, but then he began tearing at it, digging through it feverously as he called out for Cynder.

And then suddenly as he ripped away a big rock, he saw it. Lying among the rubble was an crystal necklace consisting of a single large emerald sphere. Inside this sphere a ruby heart could be seen with the very center made up of a black and purple disc locked together…It was Cynder´s necklace…but of her there was no sign.

Spyro slowly took it and in doing so discovered that the blue crystal chain which had once held it was broken. He stood with it for a long time, his mind numb.

Slowly he walked out of the cave, still carrying the necklace with one of his forelegs. He looked out across the devastation of the valley for a moment and then turned away. Walking towards one end of the plateau, Spyro found a small basin.

Though the waterfall which had once filled it was stopped, the basin still had a bit of water and Spyro submerged his head in it. However as he pulled his head out of the water a terrifying image reached him, chilling him to the bone. Because reflected on the surface of the basin was not his own face, but the face of Malefor…

Spyro almost screamed and drew away immediately. Slowly however he walked back and looked into the basin again and once again Malefor´s face was the one who appeared in the waters, looking back at him with cold yellow eyes.

And then a hideous laughter emerged from the water, like a rolling thunderstorm and as it ended Malefor was smiling.

"We meet again at last" said deep dark voice which Spyro remembered all too well.

"Malefor!" snarled Spyro snapping out of the first wave of fear which he had felt. "No, that is impossible. You are dead!"

"Dead?" asked Malefor looking amused. "Dead is but a hindrance not an end, I am eternal!"
"Then you are responsible for this?! Where are you! Where is Cynder!" roared Spyro, his outburst distorting the water and making Malefor´s image blur. But it did not vanish.

"I cannot take credit for what happened here or for the death of your mate" said Malefor calmly, but with a gleam in his eye.

Spyro froze. Cynder was dead..? No, Malefor was toying with him!

"You're lying!" said Spyro, but his voice was wavering a bit.

"What happened here was caused by a Purple Dragon however and one you know very well" continued Malefor with a diabolical smile, ignoring what Spyro had said.

"I did not do this!" snarled Spyro, but he was not certain himself at all. He had woken up at the center of the devastation...and he had lost control before…

Malefor saw this uncertainty and laughed again.

"But why?" asked Spyro slowly directed more at himself than anyone else. "What happened?"

"The dragons of Warfang became too afraid of the power you and Cynder wielded, they feared what you might do and tried to kill you and her. They tore her apart, little by little, in your own cave only proving further that she was a failure!"

"Shut up!" roared Spyro and with a quick swipe of his claws he covered the basin in stone hiding Malefor´s face.

But Malefor´s voice continued, this time coming from within Spyro´s head.

"If this is the peace you sought, then I must say you succeeded" said Malefor amused. "Not a living thing in sight."

"Get out of my head!" roared Spyro and shook his head desperately. "Where are you, I will kill you!"

"How will you kill me? I am dead as you said" laughed Malefor. "But more than that I am you, just as you are me. No matter how hard you try to deny it we share a common destiny.

Through us the world shall be reborn in fire and the denizens of this new world shall worship us as the god we are. Does that not sound better than the fear which led to this?"

"Shut up! I am not like you! My destiny is my own!" yelled Spyro desperately as he tried to shut outs Malefor´s voice.

"You really believe that, don't you" said Malefor with a chuckle. "But then let me ask you a question. What are you going to do now? Are you going to run like a coward and leave your mates corpses to rot under the stone, a testament to how you in your attempt to live in peace with everything, created death and protected nothing? Will the anger and doubt eat away you until you succumb to madness or become and empty husk of yourself?"

"Or will you let your anger guide you down the path of destiny, taking revenge upon those who did this and create a world in which you make the rules, where no one will dare stand up to you!"

Spyro was no longer fighting the voice in his head, but stood motionless with his head bowed. Inside him confusion, anger, fear and sadness raged in a terrible vortex which threatened to consume him. He wanted to believe Malefor was lying, that none of it was true…but inside he knew it was true…

Spyro looked down upon the necklace he was still holding. It glinted in the red light of the flames around the valley and for a moment it looked like the heart inside was beating. For what felt like minutes he stared at it.

Everything they had fought for was gone, their life together, their family, their friends…he was truly alone…had it always been an impossible dream?

No! The dream might be lost, but it had not been impossible. The world had simply not been ready for it, too much had been lost to Malefor for them to truly trust him or Cynder. It was time the world got some peace from his lineage.

Taking a deep breath Spyro let the necklace fall. As it clattered against the ground he created two great spears of rock beneath him, which pierced his wings. The pain made him flinch, but he achieved what he wanted as he could no longer move his wings.

"I will never be you like you Malefor" he said firmly, his voice no longer wavering.

He walked to the edge of the plateau and using his powers he created a area of rock spikes on the ground far beneath him.

"So you choose the cowards way?" chuckled Malefor. "I thought you stronger than that."
"No, I choose to be with Cynder in the next world and to leave this world in peace" said Spyro and jumped of the cliff.

Unable to move his wings, he quickly plummeted towards his death and all the way down he heard Malefor´s laughter in his head. But his mind was at peace and as he closed his eyes he only saw Cynder before him.

And that was also the first thing he saw as his eyes opened again.
Next CH: [link]

Hello All

And Ravina and Spyro also wake up, even though for Spyro´s case he has something to think of now...but not everything was as it seemed, as you will soon learn.

Spyro and Legend of Spyro related stuff and characters (C) Activision/Sierra

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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