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Spyro, Cynder and Ravina were flying through great corridor at high speed. All around them the ceiling, walls and floor were crackling with electricity in a dazzling light show which would have been fantastic to look at. But none of that went through the three dragons head as lightning frequently jumping from one wall to the other or from the ceiling to the floor creating dangerous bolts which they sometimes only had split seconds to react to.

Cynder dived under a lightning bolt just as it erupted from the wall besides her. She then had to weave in and out between more beams of lightning as they extended between the floor and the ceiling. She was in front and was skillfully dodging the bursts of lightning as they appeared in front of her.

Behind Cynder came Ravina with the Observer sitting on her back. Ravina tried to follow Cynder´s path as much as possible, but sometimes lightning bolts would strike across the corridor after Cynder passed forcing Ravina to dodge them to the best of her ability.

Finally at the back came Spyro. His control of electricity offered him a degree of warning as to where the lightning bolts would come from and allowed him to protect himself as well as Ravina who was flying in front of him by redirecting lightning bolts.

As they weaved in and out past the lightning bolts, the corridor opened up into a large spherical room with a perfectly round yellow crystal floating at the center. As soon as they entered the crystal started to crackle with lightning and the entire room was filled with bolts streaking across the walls and flying all across the room.

As Spyro quickly put a rock shield to protect Ravina and Cynder. They hovered behind it, protected from the thunder.

"Where is the exit?" asked Ravina quickly turning her head towards the Observer.
"On the other side of the crystal is a small tunnel, through that and you will be safe" said the Observer quickly.

Cynder immediately slipped outside the rock wall as an untouchable cloud of darkness and looked for the tunnel the Observer had mentioned. She quickly saw it, but it was a good way of and behind a literal wall of lightning.

As she flew back into the rock defense to tell it. As she finished Spyro turned his head towards her.

"Think you can keep Ravina protected for a moment while I handle this?" he asked quickly.
"Off course" said Cynder.

"What are you going to do?" asked Ravina sounding a little worried.

"Just trust me" said Spyro with a smile and Ravina was about to say something else, but then smiled and nodded.

Cynder immediately created a half sphere of acid around her and Ravina, protecting them against the lightning coming from the front as Spyro removed his barrier of stone.

Immediately he found himself in the storm of lightning raging in the room, as large bolts flew past him with a frequency which reminded him of rain. He flew towards the crystal at full speed, directing any dangerous lightning bolts away from him.

Despite this a few lightning bolts still struck him, but he managed to direct their energy away from his body, leaving him mostly unharmed. He realized that he would not be able to keep that up however as the intensity of the bolts increased the closer he got to the crystal.

Instead he covered the front of his body in plates of rock, which he kept floating just in front of himself to avoid them dragging him down with their weight.

Like that he dived into the very heart of the storm and smashed through the crystal, sending its shard raining towards the bottom of the room. immediately most of the lightning bolts disappeared though a few kept bouncing around the room for a moment afterwards before dispersing.

Spyro let the plates of rock fall and turned around to see Ravina and Cynder already flying towards him.

"Let's go" said Spyro as they all continued into the small tunnel. They had no gotten far through the tunnel before it became too low and to thing to fly effectively and they landed. Only a short while after that they rounded a corner and came face to face with a large door of a type they knew very well.

As they approached the door leading to the final Guardian, the Observer suddenly stopped and looked back.

"Is something the matter?" asked Ravina as she too stopped and like the Observer looked back through the corridor.

"He is coming" said the Observer with a grim tone.

"Who is..." started Spyro, but before he could finish the sentence, the walls around them seemed to fill with a black mist and a powerful feeling of bloodlust and hate descended upon like a mist.

Spyro´s first thought went to Cynder and he looked at her quickly. He could see that she was shaking, her eyes half closed and her teeth showing in grim determination.

Spyro quickly jumped over to her and put one of his wings across her back to comfort her. He wanted to say something too, but the wave of hate spilling over them made him unable to form the words. Instead he looked her in the eyes, silently telling her that he was there for her.

Cynder´s body stopped shaking, though she did not move or even turn her head.
And then as suddenly as last time the terrible feeling disappeared, but the walls around them remained dark.

"I thought it would be appropriate that I at least introduced me before we meet face to face, Purple Dragon" said a ringing and grinding voice like the sound of crystals shattering or resonating.

Spyro looked around for the source and quickly saw it. Two great yellow eyes were watching him from the darkened wall.

"And you are the Purple Dragon who is somewhere in this place" asked Spyro cautiously, not sure what to expect.

A chuckle filled the corridor, seemingly coming from all sides. "I am."
"Who or what are you…" asked Cynder regaining her composure and watching the eyes with mistrust and caution.

"All in due time, Black Dragoness, all in due time" said the voice. "I am not about to explain myself now. For now I simply want to warn you."

"Warn us?" asked Ravina curiously and mistrustfully as she stepped forward. "Has it something to do with your reason for wanting to stop us?"

He eyes darted to her for a moment and Ravina could swear she saw them widen a bit. But it was gone to quickly for her to be sure and the voice continued unchanging.

"Stop you? No, no I am not trying to stop you or the Purple Dragon or the Black Dragoness" said the voice with an amused chuckle. "I am only trying to stop him" continued the voice as the eyes looked at the Observer.

The Observer stepped towards the eyes and drew his hood back revealing his eyes. "What is it about my wish to die that makes you so eager to stop me, what interest do you have in this?" asked the Observer looking straight at the yellow eyes.

The yellow eyes returned his gaze, meeting tow orbs of other blackness where the Observer´s eyes had been. Even from just a glance the blackness seemed infinite and all consuming, like there was truly nothing there.

But the yellow eyes did not waver and the voice simply broke into an amused laughter. "You told me not to try my tricks on you, now I say the same to you Observer."
The Observer slowly drew his hood back up and cast them over his eyes even as they returned to normal. "The question still stands."

"And I will answer it" said the voice. "But you must already guess some of it yourself. You cannot simply cut yourself loose without repercussions for that which you were bonded to."
"I am willing to take any repercussions it might bring, so long as he keeps his part of the bargain and helps my daughter" said Spyro firmly.

The yellow eyes closed and an amused chuckle filled the room. "You are doing this for your child I see" said the voice as the eyes opened again. "But I wonder if your child would not rather want both of you to come home alive than be rid of whatever condition which affects you."

"No guardian or trap in this place will kill us" said Cynder confidently. "Not as long as we fight together."

"You don't always have the luxury of fighting, sometimes all it comes down to is a choice, where the choice can determine who lives and who dies and sometimes those choices cannot be avoided and giving your own life is not always a choice. Remember that until we meet  face to face, Purple Dragon. I am certain things will become a lot clearer by then" said the voice and a short laughter followed.  Then before any of them could react the yellow eyes closed and the darkness disappeared.

Spyro turned to the Observer. "What was he talking about, choice can mean that not only I but also Cynder never returns from this place. What are you hiding?" asked Spyro suspiciously. Cynder also glared at the Observer wanting answers now.

"I honestly have no idea what he is talking about, but then again I have never seen the heart of this place either. If I had I would not be here" said the Observer firmly. "I have no idea what might await us in there or even how it looks."

"He was speaking as if the actions we are planning would damage the Purple Dragons for all eternity" said Ravina thoughtfully. "Could he mean that in order for you to die, the Purple Dragons ability to use one or more elements will have to be cut of?"

Spyro looked at Ravina his eyes widening. The idea of losing one of his elements was like thinking of losing a leg or wing, a crippling injury. But was what he had unknowingly subjected Vynin not the same?

"That is a possibility, one that I have considered" said the Observer and then shook his head.  "But remember it is only a consideration."

The Observer then looked at Cynder. "But can he even be trusted? I would consider that carefully considering how his presence affected you. " said the Observer.

"I don't trust him" said Cynder firmly. "But neither do I trust you."

"And I don't expect you to either, I only expect Spyro to uphold his end of this deal" hissed the Observer coldly.

Cynder snarled in anger. "I can say the same to you" said Cynder her eyes narrowed. "But if it comes down to choosing between our lives and your goal, then don't expect us to choose you."

"Cynder speaks for me too" said Spyro immediately his gaze resting upon the Observer. "We came here willing to fight our way through the guardians of this place, but we are not about to become willing lamps to be sacrificed for you."

The Observer did not say anything, the shadows around him seemed to deepen.  

Ravina watched them uneasily. She feared where this might lead if the Purple Dragons words turned out to be true. ..

Looking at the Observer she was almost certain he would not just accept it if Spyro and Cynder decided to say no in front of his goal. And that would mean she would have to make a choice and though she knew what she would have to choose, she still hoped it would not happen.

Calming herself she broke the tension filled silence between them.

"We cannot know what will happen once we reach the heart of this place or what will happen when we meet this Purple Dragon" said Ravina firmly. "But we do know that we won't be able to get out of this place before we reach the heart and perhaps when we do that everything will become much clearer."

Spyro and Cynder as well the Observer looked at her and all for them seemed to relax a bit, though Cynder was still eyeing the Observer.

"Indeed, we are only worrying about speculations and warnings from someone we don't know and who could be trying to mess with us" spoke Spyro calmly. "For now we must continue and the time will tell what is lie and what is truth in here."

"Well spoken" said the Observer and without further words walked towards the large door.  
Spyro and Cynder followed and last came Ravina. Together they stepped into the large circular chamber they had seen so many times.

Immediately their gazes went towards the center of the room where a giant egg shaped yellow crystal rested. They had barely taken a few more steps into the room when the door behind them closed and lightning started crackling along the surface of the crystal.

Spyro, Cynder and Ravina readied themselves as the crystal cracked like and egg and finally unleashed its content as a massive bird with feathers of thunder rose above them.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

Another showing form our unknown Purple Dragon with more questiosn than answers. Dont worry though, the answers are coming soon.

We just need to handle the last Guardian.

Spyro and Legend of Spyro related characters (C) Sierra/Activision

Other Characters (C) me
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