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In Honor of Blazirin

The rain fell from the grey clouds in a steady stream upon a rock plateau near Warfang, covering it and the dragons gathered there in a watery coat. The obelisks stood in a square on the plateau each of them facing a corner of the world.

The western obelisk was made from beautiful blue rock with a completely smooth, but also cold surface. The rain seemed to gather around its surface and running only slowly down the obelisk like it did not want to leave it.

The northern obelisk was made from made from hard brown rock and several cracks ran across the surface  of it. It stood tall and mighty none the less, seeming only stronger and harder from the cracks in it surface.

To the east  stood a obelisk molded from yellow almost golden rock. Suddenly a single lightning bolt pierced the clouds and struck the tip of the obelisk adding to a already deep black scorch mark hinting that it was not the first lightning bolt to strike the tip.

The southern and final obelisk was made from red stone and its surface was warm to touch despite the rain, in fact the surface was not even wet like the rain was not touching it.

Beneath each of the obelisk facing the middle of the square stood a massive stone table, each of them empty except for the one beneath the red obelisk. Upon this table lay burned a great funeral pyre. The flames burned without hindrance from the rain, slowly consuming the body of a old red dragoness.

The dragons upon the plateau were all standing within the square watching the flames and though the rain made it impossible to tell if any of them were crying, the sadness was visible in each of them face.

Among the dragons were the two Guardians Volteer and Cyril, though the former guardian Tironar could also be seen standing by at the edge of the group, only her brother Ghronur standing near her. Also among the dragons was Vynin, daughter of the Black dragoness Cynder as well as her younger brother Carx and next to them stood Sceranu from the Council of Elements.

But most noticeably among the dragons and the ones standing closest to the pyre was Larshyr and Zera. They stood close together, Larshyr with his one wing draped across Zera´s back even as she leaned her neck on his and her eyes were half closed in obvious sorrow.

For the past many years Larshyr and Zera had trained under Blazirin, the Fire Guardian teaching them of herbs, plants and the many uses they had if properly prepared and both of them had learned as best they could.

But it did not last as Larshyr and Zera had both known it would not do. Blazirin had been dying, her own concoctions being the only thing that kept her alive. Almost five years it had been since Demetrius fall before Blazirin succumbed to her illness. She had done everything she could to prepare Larshyr and Zera in the time they had and by the end she had died with a smile.

Now Larshyr and Zera were paying their final respect to their mentor and friend upon the Guardians burial grounds.

The flames burned fiercely as the small group watched them and when the flames finally began to die down as the rain also stopped. In the end nothing remained of the Fire Guardian but ash which was quickly and quietly scattered by a gentle wind.

Slowly the group of dragons broke up and for the most part headed back towards Warfang. But none of them spread their wings before they left the square the obelisks formed. Larshyr and Zera were the last to leave and slowly they started walking down a rough stone path leading back towards Warfang on foot.

But not long after everyone had left a dark red dragoness with broken horns landed on landed on the plateau. She walked slowly towards the red obelisk and stood silently with bowed head before the table where the funeral pyre had been.

After a few minutes she turned around and walked towards the edge of the square.

"So it is true you can put all your feelings into an act" said a voice as the dragoness passed the yellow obelisk.

The red dragoness glanced sideways and saw a cheetah leaning against the yellow obelisk. He was wearing a long cloak with a hood which hid his eyes in its shadow and carried a blue crystal staff which shone with a weak light.

"Even if I was never honest with the Fire Guardian she still trusted me and the least I can do is honor her memory and pay my respects" said Ravina.

The Observer chuckled as he walked towards her. "Yeah honesty was never your strong point even after you turned your back on your brother, but I guess you can't be blamed" said the Observer his voice soft almost whispering and he gently stroked her scales with one hand. "If they knew who you really were, what you have done in your life…" the Observer grinned a bit showing his teeth. "I would love to see their face if they knew…it would be interesting."

"But they never will learn if it stands to me" said Ravina firmly. "No one, but…" She stopped her gaze going to the horizon.

"Are you sure?" asked the Observer. "Even I cannot guess how the reaction will be."
Ravina nodded.

"Then I will leave it to you to decide when, as was our agreement" said the Observer. "All we have to do now is wait. Spyro and Cynder will come here to me this time."

Ravina nodded and then spread her wings. "I will meet you at the agreed place."
The Observer nodded and gazed towards the sky as Ravina set of. The clouds were breaking up and the sun shone through them, casting its light upon the Obelisks. "Soon it is time and then finally I will be free…"

It was a few days after the funeral when Spyro and Cynder flew towards Warfang along with Gairu and Tehanu. The news of Blazirin´s death had only just reached them the day before and they had set off towards Warfang to pay their respects.

As they flew low in over the city, they could see the streets below buzzing with activity. In just two weeks time the Blue Comet would once again cross the sky and already preparations were being made for the festival.

"This is where we part ways" said Gairu suddenly. "We are going to go visit Fliera and Coldalar"

"We will find you at the castle later" said Tehanu.

Spyro and Cynder nodded. "See you there then."

Even as Gairu and Tehanu broke off and headed towards Fliera and Coldalar´s house, Spyro and Cynder continued towards the castle, landing shortly after in the courtyard.

"Father, mother!" said a happy voice as they landed and they turned to see Carx coming towards them. Several very young dragons with completely white scales could be seen behind him looking towards Spyro and Cynder.

"Carx!" said Spyro and Cynder with a smile.

Carx embraced first Spyro and then Cynder.

"How have you been?" asked Cynder even as she looked at him.

In the five years that had passed since Demetrius defeat, Carx had stayed in Warfang with Spyro and Cynder only periodically seeing him. But the changes in those five years were quite clear. Carx now stood only about a head lower than Spyro and Cynder and he was beginning to look a lot like his father in terms of the general build of his body and shape of his horns. He had grown into a fine and handsome young dragon.

"I have been fine" said Carx with a smile. "I have been helping Cyril train some of the younger dragons in flight and other physical exercises."

"Like you are doing now?" asked Spyro looking towards the young dragons who were still watching them interested and perhaps a bit awed. Spyro smiled at them and they looked away for a moment as if a bit frightened, but soon after they looked towards them again.

Cynder also looked at the young white dragons. She knew it was the hatchlings from the white eggs which had been recovered in Demetrius lair. She knew they more than anything carried the price of Demetrius experiments…but at least they seemed happy.

Carx also watched the young dragons with an amused smile. "Nah, they are still too young, but Cyril asked me to watch over them for a while."

"Have they showed any signs of an element?" asked Cynder her face more serious.
Carx face grew grim and he looked back towards the young dragons. "No…none of them have showed signs of any element. It really seems like it was taken from them to fuel the Iron Statue´s abilities as we feared…"

Spyro looked towards the young dragons too now. They were playing around innocently now, the first curiosity having passed. He wondered if they even knew they had lost something…he could hardly imagine himself without his control of the elements after all. But for now at least they seemed happy.

"Well I had better get back to them now" said Carx.

"Off course" said Cynder. "Take care."

"I will" answered Carx as he walked back to the young dragons.

Spyro and Cynder watched Carx for a moment, both of them filled with pride. Then together they walked into Warfang castle.

They ascended the massive main stair case inside quickly reaching the upper floors and the massive garden just outside what had been Blazirin´s chambers.

They knocked on the door and a familiar voice answered from within. "Come in."

Spyro and Cynder slowly walked in and their noses were immediately assaulted with the myriad of different and powerful smells which always filled the room.

There were only two dragons in the room, Larshyr and Zera, and they both turned towards Spyro and Cynder as they entered.

"Mother, father" said Larshyr with a small smile as he walked towards them.

Just like his brother, Larshyr had also grown a lot in the years. He stood a little shorter than his brother and as his scales dark color had deepened, the dark field dominating his one side had become less obvious and more a part of him.

"How do you feel?" asked Cynder immediately and with notable concern in her voice.
"Better now that you are here" said Larshyr as he slowly embraced his parents.
"And you, Zera?" asked Cynder looking at Zera.

Zera looked down at the floor for a moment. "I had hoped she would not die so soon" said Zera with a sad voice. But as she looked up a small smile crossed her face. "But I take comfort knowing that she believed in us."

"We are sorry we could not be here before, but we only just learned of what had happened" said Spyro with slightly bowed head.

"I know" said Larshyr and sighed. "I just wish she could have seen the Blue Comet one last time. That was the only thing she regretted as she lay dying."
Zera walked up besides Larshyr and looked at him.

"I wish she could have done that too" she said slowly. "But in the end we can only try to honor her memory by using what she taught us. I just hope we can do it as well as her."

"No, we won't do as well as her" said Larshyr. Zera as well as Spyro and Cynder looked at him surprise. He looked at all of them and smiled. "We will build upon the work she did and advance it, make it even better."

"You will make her proud, no doubt there" said Cynder with a deep smile.
"We will indeed" said Zera. "We will make an antidote for your sister as well as Gravi, just as she was trying to do to the very end."

"Can you do it?" asked Spyro immediately. "Can it be done?"

"Blazirin believed so" said Larshyr with a smile and she even manage to complete a prototype antidote, which she took shortly before her death" said Larshyr and then fell silent for a moment. "It is actually what killed her…"

"What do you mean?" asked Cynder.

"Blazirin was getting weaker and could barely walk at the end" explained Zera even if it was obvious the memory caused her a lot of sadness. "She had long made tests and experiments using her own body as she also carried the poison or whatever it is that causes the sterility inside her. In the end she choose to test the antidote she had made based upon those tests on herself…but she did not survive it."

They were all silent for a while after that, but then Larshyr took the word.

"Even if Blazirin is dead and the antidote proved fatal, it might still have worked so on her request I took a blood sample after she died and we are analyzing it right now. If it is clean…then it would be a great step in the right direction" said Larshyr.

"I see" said Spyro slowly. He still could not get over that it was him who in the first place had given Vynin the potion and he would do anything to cure her…anything.

Cynder noticed his pain and gently put her wing across her back.

"Let's go, Spyro, we should let them get back to their work" said Cynder gently.
"Off course…take care, Larshyr and Zera" said Spyro with a smile.

"I will" said Larshyr happily. "Thanks for coming by."

"Goodbye Zera, take good care of my son" said Cynder.

"I will, but if anything I think he will be the one watching over me" said Zera with a  smile as she glanced towards Larshyr. "That is what he always has done."

"Off course" said Cynder with a smile. "See ya."

Spyro and Cynder walked out of the door and towards one of the many balconies in the castle. From there they set of towards the obelisks to pay their respects to Blazirin.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello all

And so starts the next adventure for Spyro and Cynder even if they dont know it yet.

But it was also an end for poor Blazirin. An end and a beginning. Let us just hope that she managed to create the peace she strived for.

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Spyro and Legend of Spyro characters (C) Sierra

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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