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Returning Home, For a Short Time

Things were peaceful in the small valley where Vynin lived as Spyro, Cynder and Ravina flew over it. They headed towards the cave and soon got it in sight. Landing in front of it Spyro slowly walked towards the entrance and looked inside. He could see no one there and no sound came from the cave, giving it an eerie feel.

"Anyone here?" called Spyro, but no answer came from within.

Spyro was just about to enter the cave when suddenly they heard a loud cracking sound coming from the small forest near the cave. Looking at each other for just a moment, Spyro and Cynder soon set of from the cave along with Ravina heading for the sound.

Among the trees Sceranu was standing next to Kyowin. Not far from them Vynin lay on the grass watching them with Gravi curled up next to her.

Sceranu and Kyowin were visiting, Vynin and Gravi something they did regularly. Especially after Spyro and Cynder´s disappereance Sceranu had visited quite frequently to make sure Vynin was well and she was glad he did visit as it could get lonely everyone once in while.

Still she also knew he visited not just because of their friendship, but also because his feelinsg ran deeper. But even though Vynin also felt something for him she was determined not to act on it as long as she was as she was. He deserved better.

"Now try and see if you can smash only the disc this time" said Sceranu encouragingly as he smiled at Kyowin. He was referring to a series of ice platforms floating on a small lake in the forest. Each platform was adorned with a circular ice disc and floated lazily around the lake.

"I'll do my best, father" said Kyowin with a nod. Her scales had taken on a lighter color in the years that had passed, looking almost white from a distance, but up close they were still unmistakably grey. Floating just above the ground she then twisted her sleek body, which was as long as Sceranu, around herself and then suddenly lashed out, moving her entire body in the blow and her tail snapped like a whip.

Immediately a ripple ran through the air as a blast of wind streaked outwards from Kyowin smashed the right half of one of the discs.

"Well done!" exclaimed Sceranu immediately with a smile. "Though you need to practice your aim a little."

"Off course, father" said Kyowin with a bright smile showing her teeth. "But first I want to see Gravi try."

Sceranu and Kyowin both looked towards Gravi who slowly moved, reacting to his name. "What?" he asked drowsily.

"Kyowin would like to see what you can do" said Vynin gently but also a bit firmly. "You could use the training anyway, you don't get strong by sleeping all day."

"Who says I want to be strong?" asked Gravi lazily. "I would rather just enjoy life."

"Lazy Gravi" said Kyowin immediately purposely drawing out and emphasizing the lazy part.

Gravi looked at her. "You should not tease those bigger than yourself" he said trying to sound menacing, but all he got out of Kyowin was a chuckle.

"You know you don't exactly command a lot of respect when you lie there" said Sceranu with a smile.

"And?" replied Gravi lazily.

"Perhaps he is scared I am better than him?" asked Kyowin looking up at Sceranu.
"Yeah that could be" agreed Sceranu with a chuckle.

Gravi slowly got to his feet with an irritated snarl. "Fine, fine, if that is how you want it" he said as he walked towards the small lake.

He stopped before it and looked out towards the ice discs. He would destroy them all in one blow and get back to sleeping.

However before he could even draw in his breath for the attack, a shadow passed over them. Looking up he could see two dragons descending towards them, but due to the sun being behind them he could not see if it was anyone they knew.

Just a moment later the dragons landed a little of from them and a small gasp escaped both Sceranu and Vynin as they could finally get a good look at who it was.
"Spyro, Cynder!" exclaimed Sceranu in surprise.

"Mother, father!" exclaimed Vynin as well in both surprise and sudden happiness and for a moment could not think of anything else to say and there was a long silence where Spyro and Cynder simply stood there watching them with a  smile.

"Where have you been?" asked Sceranu finally.

"That is a long story which we need to tell, for now let us just say things did not go as planned when we left ten years back" said Cynder with smile as her gaze wandered from Sceranu to Kyowin, to Vynin and finally dwelled upon Gravi. Looking at him she was instantly reminded of Demetrius, but she quickly pushed it aside as she looked at Vynin.

Spyro also looked at Vynin and gently asked "How have you been?"

Vynin did not answer at first, but then suddenly Vynin walked quickly towards them and embraced her parents. "I have missed you" she said as she broke away from the embrace, small tears forming at her eyes.

"I am sorry to have worried you" said Spyro immediately.

"And you?" asked Cynder looking over at Gravi who still stood near the lake with a small smile. Cynder had been quite taken aback by how much Gravi had grown and especially how much he looked like his father Demetrius.

"I have been fine" answered Gravi. "Everything has been peaceful and that has been quite fine with me."

"He is lazy" said Kyowin with a grin. "Sleeps most of the day when we visit."

Without looking at her Gravi swung his tail towards her in what would have been a gentle blow. But it seemed Kyowin was ready for it as she simply increased the altitude of her body a bit avoiding the blow.

"But father has been worried about you and I am glad you are safe as well" said Kyowin with a smile.

Spyro looked at Sceranu a bit surprised.

Sceranu saw it and smiled. "Even if we were enemies in the past, that is in the past now and I owe you and your daughter much. If something were to happen to you it would be a terrible blow for the world."

Vynin smiled at Sceranu´s words and then looked at her parents. But before she could say anything, a voice sounded above them.

"What about me, don't you want to know how I have been doing?" said a slightly annoyed voice. "Oh and it is about time you two returned."

Spyro and Cynder looked up to see the dragonfly Jacira fly down from the branches of a tree above Vynin.

"What do you mean `finally returned´?" asked Cynder surprised. "You knew we would be back?"

"Oh please anyone with half a mind knows that nothing in this world would be capable of taking you two down, what with Purple Mister being as strong as he is and you being as strong as him" said Jacira with a grin. "But still I must admit I have missed you."

"We have missed you as well" said Spyro with a smile.

"You must be hungry after the journey, how about we return to my cave and ill prepare some food while you tell us what happened while you were gone" said Vynin then.   

"That sounds good" said Spyro happily, but then got a more serious. "But before that there is someone you have to meet and…you must promise me not to do anything rash until you have heard the story."

Vynin was confused at what her father meant but nodded to show that she understood.

Spyro and Cynder then both looked behind them and almost immediately a dragon appeared among the trees having stayed hidden until then. The dragon walked towards them and as it came into sight, Vynin´s expression turned from the happiness she had felt at the return of her parents into a deep anger.

"You!" snarled Vynin.

Ravina walked up to where Spyro and Cynder stood and looked first at Vynin and then Gravi. "Vynin, Gravi…I mean you no harm, I…"

"Do not take another step, fiend" snarled Vynin instinctively starting to walk slowly towards Gravi, keeping Ravina in her sight the entire time. "You won't be getting any closer to Gravi, not after what you helped cause!"

Gravi watched the red dragoness who had appeared with confusion. He did not recognize her, but it was obvious his mother did and he wondered what made her react like that. To him the red dragoness did not look to dangerous with her broken horns and scared body, but he did not ask any questions either as he had never seen his mother so angry.

"Vynin, calm yourself!" said Cynder firmly. "allow us to.."

"Calm myself?!" exclaimed Vynin interrupting Cynder. "That fiend betrayed us all. She should have helped Larshyr find a cure for my condition, but instead she turned on us and was directly responsible for Gravi suffering from the same condition as I!"

Vynin lashed out in anger launching an acid bolt at Ravina, but before it hit a blast of ice from Spyro froze it in mid air and it fell to ground.

Vynin looked at her father in surprise and shock as it was him who had defended Vecna. "Why did you do that?!" exclaimed Vynin. "Why are you protecting her?!"
"She is my mother" answered Spyro.

The silence was almost tangible after Spyro said that as Vynin´s eyes darted from her father to Vecna. A low thud was also heard as Jacira dropped her spear on to a rock after having been sneaking up on Ravina.

"How, what…?" started Vynin, but Cynder interrupted.

"It is complicated and it is probably best if we get the chance to explain all that has happened" said Cynder calmly.

"You can say that again..." said Jacira then still staring at Ravina.

Vynin did not say anything, but simply looked from Ravina to Spyro. She was trying to determine if it was a bad joke or something, but she saw nothing to indicate it was anything but the truth as they saw it.

Sceranu also starred in open mouthed shock at Ravina.  Suddenly he felt Sceranu move closer to him and he looked down to see her face looking up at him confused.

"What is going on?" she asked slowly. "Who is that red dragoness?"

"I wish I could answer that properly" said Sceranu slowly finally snapping out of it.

Vynin also snapped out of it and looked and took a deep breath. " I will listen to what has happened before I make any more rash actions ." Her eyes then glowed with anger as she looked at Vecna. "But until then you stay outside the cave, I am not letting you inside."

Ravina nodded. "Very well, Vynin" she said and then looked at Gravi. "I am sorry."

Gravi looked at her shortly. He was not sure what all of this was about, but he had a feeling it tied into what his mother had told him of his exceptional abilities with the darkness element. She had told him they were not normal and that there was a downside which he would learn when he was old enough…could this condition mentioned be that downside?

As he slowly followed his mother back towards the cave he felt no need to sleep at all. If anything he felt a need for answers and a thirst for knowing what all of this was about, who this red dragoness was.

It was decided though that Gravi was to watch over Kyowin while Spyro and Cynder told Sceranu, Jacira and Vynin what had happened and Gravi could accept that, but inside he vowed to ask his mother about this later.

The story of everything that had happened took a long time to tell making day turn into evening before they finished and by then Vynin and Sceranu both stood silently contemplating what had been said.

Slowly though Vynin came around and looked at her parents. "You are really going to leave after just returning?" she asked slowly.

Spyro and Cynder both nodded.

"It is for the best" said Cynder.

"But remember that this time you will know we are alive instead of uncertainty" said Spyro optimistically. "We will keep watching all of you from a distance and if we are needed we will return."

"I know" said Vynin smiling a bit.

"And Shar…Ravina really is your mother?" asked Sceranu looking at Spyro.

"It adds up to everything I know of her through the Chronicler Ignitus" said Spyro.
"But do you simply trust her based on that?" asked Vynin. "You know what she did!"

"I do, Vynin, I do" said Spyro sounding a bit tired. "But she saved our life more than once, even stood besides us against Malefor and she never gave us reason to doubt what she said. And if she now begins working on making right what she did too Gravi and through that what…I… did to you my daughter, is that not all we can ask?"

"I guess so" said Vynin slowly, but then continued with firm voice. "But that does not make me forgive what she did."

"I don't ask for forgiveness and I did what I believed to be the right cause of action at the time. But now I have been given the chance to make right some of the damage I caused and I will use it" said Ravina as she suddenly stepped around the corner of the tunnel leading into the cave.

Vynin immediately turned towards her, her eyes flaring. "Did I not tell you to stay out of my cave!"

Ravina meet her gaze calmly. "You did and forgive my intrusion, but as it seemed like no one was coming out I just wanted to let you know that I found a cave on the other side of the valley where I will settle down for now."

Before anyone could say anything Ravina turned around and left the cave again.

Vynin snarled, but then shook her head and looked back to her parents. "It is too late now for me to head off to Warfang and the Valley of Avalar and get everyone, but I will do it first thing in the morning."

"Let me do that" said Sceranu immediately. "You should be allowed as much time as possible with Spyro and Cynder before they leave again."

Vynin looked at him and smiled. "Thank you."

Sceranu smiled as well and then turned to Spyro and Cynder. "I will tell Carx and Larshyr as well as Gairu. Tehanu, Hunter, Fliera, Coldalar and Zera that Vynin has a surprise for them here, that should be able to gather everyone. But what about the Guardians, should I inform them?"

Spyro and Cynder both shook their heads. "There is no need and perhaps it is better they don't know."

"Not even your father, Cynder?" asked Sceranu.

"Well off course you should ask him to come here" said Cynder surprised he even had to ask. "Why would you not?"

"He has become the Earth Guardian" said Vynin. "Though he only took up that position because no one else was really suited for it."

"Ah okay" said Cynder. "Well he should know I am alive and perhaps that a single of the Guardians knows is for the best."

Spyro nodded in agreement.

After that they talked briefly about what had happened in Warfang and the area while Spyro and Cynder had been gone, but it was not long before they all headed to sleep.

To Spyro and Cynder sleep did not come easy though as they both thought of what was going to happen and both wondered how their friends and children would react.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

And they finally return home, even if it wont be for long. And it is not the most happy family reunion either :)

Spyro and Legend of Spyro related characters (C) sierra/activision

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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