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A Chance

It was a beautiful summer day in Warfang as the sun stood high above the houses and streets. Everything was peaceful as the citizens went about their usual business down below.

This was the view as seen from the pale blue dragon that was descending towards Warfang's Castle. Peace, quiet, it had been like this ever since Spyro and Cynder had disappeared twenty years ago. Off course he had seen them ten years ago when they suddenly returned, but since they then choose to leave again he had not seen them and neither had anyone else. Most believed them to be dead, not even the Guardians knew the truth, all in accordance to their wishes.

And it had worked, at least it seemed so. For twenty years they had had peace, the longest time since Malefor´s fall and the effect had been clear. Everyone seemed peace with no dark shadows looming on the horizon and finally steps were being taken to rebuild what had been lost. Houses, villages and even a new Dragon Temple were being constructed.

Of course not all scars of the past were gone though as the volcano which could be seen from Warfang still stood black and barren in the horizon. Though its fires had long since died out, nothing grew there as if the place still suffered the effects of Malefor´s madness.

And Warfang was not unscathed either as a massive rock, almost a small mountain lay in the middle of the city. Once it had been one of the many flying islands, but during the war against Demetrius it had been hurled at Warfang coming to rest just beyond the gates.

However it had not remained untouched as even now moles, stonar and earth dragons worked together to turn the natural caves and caverns of the island and its exterior into a small fortress standing inside Warfang as an extra defense against any invaders and a testament to the effects of troubled past they had been through…a past the pale blue dragon hoped would not repeat itself anytime soon.

He soon turned his attention away from those thoughts however as he descended towards the courtyard of Warfang Castle.

During his descent he suddenly caught sight of a red dragon standing in the courtyard near a group of young dragons. Changing his descent a bit he headed towards the dragon.

"Hey Carx" he said as he landed next to the dragon.

Carx was a bit surprised by the sudden greeting, but soon turned his head towards the source and his face lit up in a smile. "Sceranu, long time no see" he said happily.

He then quickly turned his attention back to the group of young red dragons he was training and from the looks of the scorch marks on the ground as well as the wall surrounding the courtyard Sceranu guessed it was their element they were practicing.

"Everyone listen up" said Carx as he raised his voice to get their attention and they all immediately turned towards him. "Take a short break everyone while I talk to Sceranu."
"Oh you don't have to stop, because of me" said Sceranu quickly. "I simply wanted to say hi."

"No its okay, it was almost time for a break anyway" said Carx with a smile as he looked at the young dragons.

The dragons all nodded and then turned to each other starting to talk and a few also took o the air trying to see how long they could stay airborne despite their wings not being quite fully formed yet.

"You know I thought you would be out patrolling near the border to the Apes forest as you usually is" said Sceranu "So why are you here in Warfang?"

"Cyril asked me to take some time off to help teach the younger dragons, he was apparently impressed by the way I handled it in the time following Demetrius defeat. He even offered me the chance to become a full time teacher" told Carx with a smile.

"That is great" Sceranu said, but then looked at Carx a bit surprised as he thought about the sentence. "But you said offered? You did not take the offer?"

"Nah, I have nothing against teaching every once in a while, but I don't want to be doing it full time" Carx said with a smile as he glanced over at the young dragons playing. "But I also need to be out there, protecting this land, that is what I truly want."

"I see, well I am glad you have something to do" said Sceranu and then looked at Carx with a bit more serious and perhaps a bit nervous look. "I hope my daughter, Kyowin is not causing you any trouble on the patrols either…"

"Are you kidding, she is the best flyer I have ever seen, well except for my mother that is. But I would guess that stems from her elements." Carx said with a grin. "And she Is the only one who can get Gravi up in the morning."

"Gravi is out there with you as well?" asked Sceranu surprised remembering how lazy Gravi was.

"Yeah, Kyowin pushed him into action and he works hard, when he is awake that is" told Carx, but then looked at Sceranu questionably. "But what brings you too Warfang? Were you not working on the new Temple?"

"I am, though it is not so much working as it is organizing it" said Sceranu. "I am in charge of managing the teamwork between the moles, stonar and dragons all at once. It can be hard at times as the stonar and moles have tendency to get a bit worked up against each other, mostly in discussion on how best to handle stonework and such. It can be a pain."

"Sounds rough" said Carx in understanding.

"It is" said Sceranu with a sigh. "But it is also necessary. The many building projects, in particularly the temple is chance for both people, the Council and the Guardians to get closer as we work together in rebuilding what was lost. It is the importance of that which Fire Guardian and High Councilor  Burnia recognizes and that is why she asked me to watch over it" told Sceranu.

"But as to why I am here" continued Sceranu. "Then it is because your brother, Larshyr, and Zera called me here."

"They called you here" said Carx surprised. "For what reason?"

"I don't know. When the Earth Guardian, Ghronur, came to deliver the message as well as check up on the work he said nothing of why" said Sceranu. "Though I have an idea of what it might be about."

"You think it could have something to do with my elder sister?" said Carx knowing what Sceranu was thinking of.

"Yeah, they might have made some progress in that regard, though I don't see why they would call for me then" said Sceranu.

"I don't know. You and Vynin are very close, it would not be a stretch that there might be something they need help with and they only want to trust you with it, especially seeing as my brother can't really get around fast" said Carx thoughtfully.

"Yeah I would do anything to help Vynin, but still why me? You are her brother and you are currently in Warfang so if they needed help then why call me?" said Sceranu.
Carx was silent apparently having no answer either. Finally he said. "Maybe it has nothing to do with Vynin at all?"

"Yeah that might be the case" Sceranu said but he was not certain at all. "Anyway I should get going and find out what they want" continued Sceranu. "Bye."

"See you around" said Carx and as Sceranu walked towards the entrance to the castle he heard Carx call the young dragons together.

As Sceranu ascended the stairs towards the chambers Larshyr and Zera used for their experiments, his mind drifted to Vynin.

It had been twenty years since he had revealed his feeling to her and she had turned him down due to her condition. At that time he had felt like a young naive fool and though he had continued to visit her regularly he had made no move on her…

But the years had not made his feelings any smaller…he had not met any other dragoness which even got near Vynin even if he had met quite a few…he could not deny it to himself he loved Vynin. He would do anything to help her and perhaps that was what Larshyr and Zera knew as well…

He soon reached the chamber Zera and Larshyr used and knocking quickly he was soon asked to enter.

Upon entering he was immediately struck by the harsh smell coming from several flask filled with liquids he could only guess what was. Looking around the large room could see mole and cheetah assistants and even one stonar working on the many concoctions or weighing of plant parts and seeds with a precision dragons simply did not have due to their size.

And in the middle of it all stood a black dragon with a missing wing and a blue dragoness, Larshyr and Zera.

Larshyr immediately turned towards Sceranu as he entered and saying something quickly to Zera he came over Sceranu while Zera walked off to another part of the room.

"It is good to see you again, Sceranu" said Larshyr with smile.

"Likewise" answered Sceranu with smile.  

Larshyr gestured for Sceranu to follow him and Sceranu did so as they walked through the room to where Zera was standing.

"Have you seen me elder sister recently?" asked Larshyr as they walked.

The question made it almost certain that this was about her and Sceranu took a deep breath. "I visited her only a week ago" told Sceranu.

"And how was she?" continued Larshyr.

"She seemed fine, though she has become a bit more quiet after Gravi left" told Sceranu his voice becoming more heavy. "Though Jacira spends all her time out there with her, so she is not alone even when I am not around. Still I don't think she leaves her valley much, at least I haven't seen her outside it"

"I know, it has been three months since she was last in Warfang and I am glad it was not that long since you last visited her" said Larshyr moodily. "I remember when my sister would chase around after me and Carx along with Jacira when we were younger, barely a care in the world. But now after our parents disappeared and Gravi left it seems she has become more shut in once again."

"I know" said Sceranu slowly with a notable sorrow in his voice. "She originally turned me away because she felt I could find a better life with another dragoness and she might be right…but..." Sceranu fell silent for a moment obviously troubled and then looked at Larshyr. "Have you made any progress?"

"That was exactly why we called you" said Zera with small smile as she heard him when they approached. "We have found a cure."

Sceranu looked at her his face brightening. "You have? But then what are you waiting for? She should get it right away and Gravi as well" said Sceranu quickly.

"It is not that simple" said Larshyr immediately his face darkened.

Sceranu looked at him and now also noticed that Zera was looking down her face troubled.
"What is it?" asked Sceranu. "What is wrong?"

"We tried everything, we have worked for over a year now with the cure we currently have, but we have been unable to get any further" said Zera slowly. "It's an imperfect cure, but we cannot get any further."

"What do you mean?" asked Sceranu feeling a sting of fear.

"Remember the original mixture, the one that caused Vynin´s sterility, but also granted her perfect control of her powers?" asked Larshyr.

Sceranu nodded, he knew of the mixture which had been made by the dragon Ryukishin many, many years ago.

"Well the cure we have made is off course based around his mixture, but no matter how hard we tried, no matter how hard we worked, even with everything Blazirin and Shar left behind we were only able to reverse the effects of the mixture" said Larshyr with an obviously troubled face.

"Which means that if Vynin drinks the cure, she will be cured of the sterility, but it will also take away her element, forever" said Zera slowly.

Sceranu was silent as the meaning dawned and he slowly looked down upon his own forelegs. Lifting one of them up he looked at the claws at the end and with single thought a thin layer of ice covered it.

His element, the element of any dragon was as much a part of them as the limps of their bodies. To lose ones element he could not imagine…it would be like, like…

"Like losing a wing" said Larshyr guessing Sceranu´s thoughts.

Sceranu slowly raised his head and Zera held out a rather large crystal flask with a red liquid inside it. Though he also noticed how Zera glanced at Larshyr following his words, her expression sorrowful or perhaps guilt stricken, Sceranu was not sure.

"We have done everything we could" she said slowly. "Though it is not perfect like we had hoped, Vynin should get the choice. Can be count on you to do that?"

"I can" said Sceranu as he took the flask. "But why me? You and Carx are her family" he said as he looked at Larshyr. "Why me?"

"Because you love her, because she loves you" said Zera much to Sceranu´s surprise. "Look at this as chance, not a task."

"Indeed, this is the culmination of many years of work by not only us, but also by Blazirin and others" said Larshyr. "Even if it is not perfect, it is what we have and I ask that you bring it to her. I…I want to see her smile again, like she did when we were younger."

Sceranu looked down at the flask and the red liquid inside. If Vynin chose to drink it, would that mean she would also accept him? She had said it was because of her condition so…no…he would not have it hinge upon this mixture, but he would deliver it anyway.

"I understand" he said as he looked at them and smiled. "You can count on me."

"We knew we could" said Zera and Larshyr together and smiled. "Good luck."
Next Chapter: [link]

Hey all

I am back at the Legend of Spyro and Cynder and I will be staying on these for awhile as I work on the three short stories I have planned.

This first one wont be very long, mostly 2 or 3 chapters, but it will be important as you can no doubt allready guess. I have awaited the chance to write this for awhile, hope you like it :)


Oh and for any newcomers to my stories, this is just the latest in a long, long line of Legend of Spyro fan fictions I have made, all connected.

If you are interested you can visit my profile and look up the rest of the story, I even have a resume for a large part of it lying around with a link on the profile page.

Happy reading :)

All Legend of Spyro related places and people (C) Sierra/Activision

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

All other characters (C) me

See ya next time :)
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