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April 20, 2011
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Peace with the Darkness so far Away

A few days had passed since the battle at Demetrius lair and Vynin was gliding slowly above Warfang. The sun stood high and everything was peaceful. Years of uncertainty and fear finally at an end she was finally preparing to return to the cave she had found many years ago along with Gravi.

Before that she had some things to finish up however and she wanted to spend a little time with her father as well. But right now she was going to visit Sceranu who had asked to see her. Gravi had been left in Hunter and Kali´s care.

Vynin slowly descended towards Sceranu´s house and saw him lying on the flat roof.

As she approached he greeted her with a smile. She returned the smile as she landed on the roof.

As Vynin turned towards him she could see that he holding a grey colored egg between his forelegs.

"How have you been? Is your leg feeling okay?" asked Sceranu as she came over and lay down beside him.

"It is fine" answered Vynin.

"And Jacira, how is she?" asked Sceranu then concerned.

Vynin lowered her head in sorrow. "She has not spoken since she returned to Warfang with her brother´s body and she spends a lot of time in his old room in the library" said Vynin slowly. "I think she blames herself, she was always protecting him when they were smaller after all and now he is gone while she could not protect him…He was her only family."

"He was?" asked Sceranu in surprise having not know it, his expression darkening even more before he continued. "Then I understand her pain all too well…"

They were both silent for a moment.  But Vynin then finally took the word as she looked at the grey egg.

"But what about you, any luck finding someone who can take care of Erthra´s child?"

Sceranu shook his head. "Most are afraid because of the color of the egg and I can't really blame them to be honest" said Sceranu. "With all likelihood the father is either Demetrius or Meltor's child based upon the color…not something most would want to even be near."

Vynin looked at the egg again. She had never really thought of that due to everything else that had happened, but what Sceranu said was true. unless the egg had been modified by Demetrius, this was his or Meltor's child.

"What about you?" asked Vynin. "If you can't find a family for it, will you still take care of the child knowing it could be Meltor's."

Sceranu was taken aback by the question and he was not sure what to say at first. But he could see her green eyes resting upon him with questioning look and he finally gathered himself to answer.

"I don't know…I was actually hoping maybe you could…" started Sceranu, but stopped as Vynin shook her head.

"I have enough in Gravi as it is and I only took him into my life because my mother could not. He is the world to me now, but it was not with that in mind I decided to take care of him" said Vynin sharply. "And what about you? You were so certain I could take care of Gravi, why are you so uncertain just because of who this might be the child of?"

"Meltor killed my father and was responsible for Grundor´s death as well as many other´s. Can I truly raise that child? Can I keep my own memories out of it" asked Sceranu fiercely and he looked Vynin in the eyes. "Would you be able to raise the child of someone who killed your family?!"

Vynin calmly meet his gaze as she answered. "Does the child bear any of blame for its parents actions? And is it even that much different from forgiving someone who tried to kill you once?"

Sceranu stiffened and then slowly lowered his eyes. "I…I guess not."

There was a long period of silence and Sceranu almost half expected that Vynin had left as she did not say anything. So when he finally raised his eyes, he was surprised to see that she was still watching him with a sympathetic look in her eyes.

"I know the past years have not been kind to you, it has not been to any of us. Right now that child in that egg has no one left but you to watch over it" said Vynin and then smiled as she continued. "But I also believe you can do it, just as you believed in me."

Sceranu was silent for a moment as he watched the egg. She was right, he knew she was right, the child did not carry any blame for the sins of the father, much less as he did not even know if the father was truly Meltor or Demetrius. Still he could not shake a feeling of anger when he looked at it, but he was determined not to let it get to him.

"Thank you, Vynin" he said finally.

Vynin smiled and looked up at the sky. "Just make sure the child gets the life it deserves…and if there is anything, don't hesitate to ask for my help" she said with a smile.

"Off course" answered Sceranu.

In the meantime Spyro was walking through Warfang Castle along with Cynder. It had been too long since he had set foot in the halls of the castle, but it seemed relatively unchanged.

They had both only gotten back to Warfang late in the evening the day before, having gone to the Valley of Avalar first to check up on their cave and spend some time alone first.

During this time they were away a few things had happened in Warfang. Most notable was the trial against Tironar for her actions against Gravi. The Guardians had chosen to get it over with while Spyro and Cynder were away to avoid any incidents.

The sentence in the end had been exile for Tironar. Under the punishment of death she was never again to approach Warfang or the Valley of Avalar and any area designated in the future.

Tironar had taken the sentence with great calm and left immediately after wards to hunt for Vecna as she now knew she was alive. Only her brother and the ice guardian Cyril had seen her off.

Another event was the moving of the eggs from Demetrius lair. The white eggs especially caused some worry, most fearing them to be another of Demetrius machinations and as such they were placed under strict watch until their nature could be determined.

Spyro and Cynder knew of all of this, but cared little about it. They had only returned to Warfang for a short time to say goodbye to Larshyr and Carx who had decided to stay in Warfang while Spyro and Cynder returned to their cave in the Valley of Avalar. But Spyro was also there to greet some old friends.

Together Spyro and Cynder entered the hospital wing of Warfang Castle and walking past the rows of beds quickly found who they were looking for.

Fliera lay in one of the beds, her torn up wings lying down the side of her body. Next to the bed stood Coldalar. Both looked at Spyro and Cynder as they came towards them.

"Spyro!" exclaimed Coldalar happily as he saw him. "Then it really is true…you were back."

"Indeed" said Spyro with a smile. "I am glad you are also okay."

"Almost okay" said Fliera with a weak smile. "My wings have seen better days…but I guess that is nothing compared to what you have gone through."

"The most important thing is that it is over" said Cynder with smile.

"Agreed, but I still wish we had been there to help" said Coldalar with a faint smile.

"You have done more than I could ever have asked of you. You defended my children and helped Cynder while I was gone and for that you have my thanks" said Spyro with a respectful bow.

"You have done far more for all of us than can ever be repaid, Spyro" said Fliera.
Spyro did not answer as he walked forward. "Can I see your wings for a moment Fliera?"

Fliera laid her wings still as Spyro gently touched each of them in turn and a layer of crystals hardly distinguishable from the rest of the wing.

As soon as he was finished Spyro stepped away as Fliera moved her wings around in wonder.

"How does it feel?" asked Spyro.

"Perfect…it is like my wings were never even damaged…" said Fliera with a smile.

"How can we ever repay…" started Coldalar, but Spyro shook his head.

"At least let us invite you for dinner, to celebrate that you are back" said Fliera insistently.

"Then we can invite Gairu and Tehanu as well" said Coldalar.

"We would be happy to be there" said Cynder with a smile.

But even as Spyro and Cynder finally could relax along with most of Warfang, Infernio was walking slowly across the crystal fields towards a single blossoming cherry tree. In his arms he held Demetrius and as they approached the tree, the body slowly twitched.

"You can put me down now...Infernio. We are safe now" said Demetrius slowly. He shivered as a jolt of pain ran through his body as Infernio gently put him down.

He took a few heavy breaths, before turning his head to look down across himself.

What he saw was a dark field covering his wounds with a small dark crystal set in the middle of it. It had worked as intended.

"Is everything okay, master?" asked Infernio.

"It is" said Demetrius slowly and painfully. He would have been lying had he said it anytime before in the last few days as he clung on to his life as he slipped between unconsciousness and a hazy waking state where his every moment had been spent wondering if the field would remain stable.

But it had remained there and though he felt a slight drain from the dark crystal, he knew his life was not in danger anymore. But it had been close. he had been at deaths doorstep due to Cynder´s attack and though it was not a feeling he wished to experience again anytime soon, but with the threat of death gone, it left a hole in him. He had lost Cynder, forever now…

He looked out across the crystal fields and a small tear ran down his cheek.
"I knew you still had a trick left, but it seems you still miscalculated this time" said a voice above them and Demetrius looked upwards in surprise.

Ravina descended near the tree whirling up dust and dirt as she landed. She immediately turned around and looked at Demetrius.

Infernio immediately walked in front of Demetrius, raising his fist defensively.
"Sister..?" said Demetrius slowly in surprise as he looked at Ravina.

"How pathetic you look" said Ravina seemingly ignoring Infernio. "As beaten and broken as you are now it would be easy to kill you."

"Like I would allow that!" said Infernio defiantly.

"Stand down, Infernio" said Demetrius firmly. "You will not be able to defend me if she does attack, there is no need to risk yourself."

Infernio looked back at Demetrius and then shook his head. He remained standing defiantly, watching Ravina.

Demetrius wasted no time arguing and looked at Ravina. "The Observer told you I was alive did he not?" asked Demetrius even though he already knew that was probably the case.

Ravina nodded. "Though he was forced to rest now, he told me you were alive and I guessed where I should await you" said Ravina as she strolled back and forth watching Demetrius.

Though she would most likely kill him, he felt no sadness at it. He had lost everything and death seemed like a small thing when he had already been so close.

"So this is how it ends" said Demetrius slowly.

"Do you want to live, brother?" asked Ravina and Demetrius looked at her in surprise.

Demetrius chuckled. "Why would you allow me to live? Did I not destroy your plans? Did you not say you had changed?" asked Demetrius.

"I have" said Ravina firmly. "And though our plans were almost ruined by your interference, it is back on track with your defeat. But you are still my brother, no matter how hard I might deny that, I can't just kill you in cold blood, not if I don't have too."

"Then what should I do instead? I am not sure how you have changed or what your goals are, but you know me. The darkness is who I am, it is my blood and my soul. I won't turn away like you did" said Demetrius with a evil smile.

"I don't expect you too" answered Ravina. "I expect you to leave this place and never again return, act as if you were truly death to Spyro and his family. Do this and I won't kill you." Ravina barred her teeth before she continued in a snarl. "But be warned the Observer and I will be watching you. One wrong move and we will make sure you are destroyed."

Demetrius was silent for a moment and then looked up at the blossoming tree above him. "I can accept that, nothing remains for me here" he said slowly. "And this world is vast, it contains many places I haven't been, many secrets to be discovered and mysteries to solve. I can accept that."

Ravina looked at him surprised as if she had not expected that answer. Slowly however her expression relaxed and she almost sounded sad as she continued. "You truly loved her deeply…"

Demetrius did not answer and Ravina watched him silently for a moment. Then slowly she turned around and spread her wings. Looking back one last time she said "we will be watching you, remember that!"

She then set of across the crystal fields as thunder rumbled above.
Demetrius watched her silently, but with a slight smile.

"Are we going to do as she said or do you have another plan, master?" asked Infernio as Ravina disappeared.

"I have no plans of laying low for the rest of my life, but right now we have no choice" said Demetrius slowly. "The Iron Warriors failed and the Purple Dragon is back. We can't do anything right now…and now I need to rest…"

Demetrius laid his head on the ground and closed his eyes. For the first time in days he slipped into a proper sleep…
Hello All

And it is done. 36 chapters of 2500 words, my largest story to date. It has been a long road, but i wont complain as i love doing this :)

And Demetrius was still alive.

Now this might seem a bit cheap and it was most certainly not my first idea, but I have my reasons. One of these is that I simply love writing Demetrius as a villian, but another is also that I need him for a future story of some significance. I wont say more than that though.

For now however he will disappear and wont show up again for a while.

Info coming on my next story eitehr tonight or tommorow.

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Spyro and Legend of Spyro characters (C) Sierra

Other characters (C) me

See ya later :)
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D is so sad! But cyn, u should really know something, IT IS NEVER OVER!!!
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I enjoyed writing Demetrius way too much to let him die there. And I have plans for him.
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Ravina takes a very central role in the next story which essentially focuses on what the Observer and Ravina have been planning. Writing a larger information journal on it right now.
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OK we haven't seen Ravina for while good to know she.s going to appear more in the next story
darbo93 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
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Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
We will just have to see what Demetrius does now. He will probably lie low for a while seeing as he does not ahve anything left, but will he stay out forever..? I think we all know the asnwer to that question.
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