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April 17, 2011
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Together Again at Last

Spyro and Cynder slowly walked back through the tunnels towards the vault. Cynder was leaning on Spyro tired as she was after the long battle and because she just wanted to feel him close to her right now. She had her wing draped across his back just as he had with her. None of them spoke; they simply walked quietly side by side in the dim light of crystals illuminating the tunnels, relieved and peaceful.

As they reached the vault and stepped inside, their children as well as Hunter immediately turned their attention towards them. The only one who did not react was Gravi who was sleeping between Vynin's forelegs as she lay on the ground.

"Is it over?" asked Vynin slowly.

Spyro and Cynder both slowly nodded.

Vynin sighed in relief and smiled a little as she looked at Gravi´s peaceful face.

Then slowly she rose to her feet, being careful not to disturb Gravi, and walked over to her father.

For a moment Spyro and Vynin simply looked at each other.

To Spyro it was a strange experience as Vynin now almost stood as tall as him. But the relief which he saw in her eyes raised his spirits.

"I have missed you" said Vynin tears forming in her eyes as she embraced Spyro with her wings.

Spyro returned the embrace and gently kissed her forehead. "It is okay, I am here now. I won´t disappear like that again, I promise" said Spyro gently.

Vynin smiled and then slowly broke the embrace and walked backwards. As she did so Spyro turned his attention to Carx and Larshyr who were standing nearby watching him.

Spyro walked towards them and lowered his head towards them. "How you have grown" he said with a gentle smile, which faded a bit as he looked at Larshyr and his missing wing. "I just wish I could have protected you" he said regretfully and then embraced them.

Larshyr and Carx both pressed themselves against him, Carx already crying tears of joy. "Father…" he said happily. "We have missed you so" said Larshyr.

Cynder watched them with a deep smile. Spyro´s absence had affected them all heavily, but now he was back everything would be all right.

Hunter was also stood at a distance, looking at the reunion with a smile. But then suddenly something drew his attention and he stopped smiling. For a moment he stood in deep thoughts wondering if he should draw attention to what he saw at this time or let them have peace for now. Eventually he decided it would be best to do it.

"Larshyr" said Hunter slowly and Larshyr turned his attention away from Spyro.

Everyone else also looked at Hunter and Vynin who was the closest to him could see that his face was dark.

"Is something the matter, Hunter?" asked Vynin slowly.

Hunter did not say anything, but looked at Larshyr. "That field covering the wounds near your lost wing, was it not created by Demetrius?" asked Hunter.

Spyro and Cynder both lost their smiles in an instant realizing what Hunter meant. They both looked at Larshyr and the dark field on his side was their focus. It was as unchanging as ever and that was the frightening part.

"No…no…no" mumbled Cynder slowly as her claws dug into the ground. "It is not possible!"

Vynin had also gotten to her feet and was looking from her mother to Larshyr.

"Demetrius could not still be alive…could he?" she said her voice wavering.

Spyro was just about to turn around and storm out the vault to find Demetrius when Larshyr spoke.

"It is not Demetrius field anymore" he said in a quiet voice.

"What do you mean brother?" asked Carx immediately.

"For a long time the field felt cold, strange, like it really was different…" started Larshyr slowly. "But now…now it is different. It feels warm, comforting and familiar…I think it might be my own element which has changed it…"

Spyro and Cynder did not say anything, but Cynder closed her eyes and focused upon Larshyr. At first she felt only Demetrius aura, but it was like a mist lingering around the field. Focusing more she felt another aura coming from the field…Larshyr´s aura.

She opened her eyes slowly and sighed with relief. "It is true, it really has changed…" said Cynder but then looked at Larshyr concerned. "But why have you not told me this sooner?"

"I am not sure" started Larshyr slowly. "I only know it felt like this after I woke from the fight with Demetrius in Warfang, like something changed during that fight…I guess I just never had the chance to tell you due to the things which happened."

"Could you remove it?" asked Hunter suddenly and then looked up at Spyro. "And more importantly, would you be able to mend his wounds and restore his wing if he could?"

Spyro was silent and he walked over to Larshyr. "Can you remove it?" asked Spyro.

"I don't know, it feels almost like my own skin now and I can't simply change it with a thought..." said Larshyr slowly. "But even so if I can't remove it, can you restore my wing, father?"

"I am not certain" said Spyro looking at the ground for a moment. He imagined the pain which it must have been for Larshyr to live without the ability to fly for so long...

"I'll see if there is anything which can be done, I promise" said Spyro also promising himself that he would do anything within his power. "Now just stand still for a moment."

Spyro walked over so he faced the dark field and he then lowered his head down towards it. He could see nothing through the field, but the stump which was left of Larshyr´s wing was clearly visible.

Spyro raised his head and looked at Larshyr, but his gaze also wandered to Carx who was standing next to his brother and watching Spyro with hopeful eyes. Spyro looked back at then the stump and took a deep breath before he reached out and gently touched the stump with one of his claws.

Immediately crystals of dark purple color started forming around the stump extending upwards as they melted and transformed until they took the shape of a wing.

Carx and everyone else watched in silence and anticipation as the wing reached its full size. For a moment longer it kept writhing and bending as the last few crystals melded into its form. But it did not last…

Suddenly and without warning the wing shattered, the crystals vanishing into thin air.

Spyro lowered his head, heaving for breath. "I am…sorry" he said slowly.
"What happened? It was so close…" asked Carx desperately.

"No" said Spyro as he raised his head again and looked at Larshyr. "The wing was fully formed, but it was not yours, I could not connect it to your body. It would have been nothing but a dead limb, something which would never move unless I wished it to be so…I am sorry, but I can't do it."

Larshyr bowed his head as he could not avoid feeling a little sad. He had hoped, half expected everything to be fixed when his father returned, but now he realized how naïve that thought had been. After a moment Larshyr slowly raised his head and looked at his father. He could see his sadness reflected in his father´s own eyes and knew that his father was as pained as he was.

"Don't blame yourself, father" said Larshyr gently, forcing a smile across his face.

"You did what you could. And I can live with this; I have done so for the last few years after all. The most important thing is that you are back."

Spyro smiled at Larshyr, but it was only a forced smile. "Thank you, but I still wish I could have been with you. Then it might never have happened…"

"No one, not even you, can change the past" said Hunter with a smile as he walked forward. "But we can rejoice at the things which happen in the future and right now I am just glad you are back and that this war is over."

Spyro nodded slowly and with a small smile said "Thanks, my friend."

Hunter only smiled as he walked all the way over to Spyro and there he reached for something on his back. He pulled out the necklace Spyro had given Cynder and which Cynder had lost during the fight with Demetrius. Its chain was broken, but the rest seemed to be fine.

"I believe this is yours" said Hunter as he held the necklace forward towards Spyro.
Spyro touched the necklace once with one of his claws, mending the chain and then gently picked it up with his mouth. Turning towards Cynder, she lowered her head slightly so that he could once more place it around her neck.

As Cynder raised her head again she was smiling a warm, gentle smile and as their eyes met they gently kissed each other.

A few minutes later they all moved back through the tunnels. Spyro supported Vynin while Cynder carried Gravi.

As they emerged from the tunnels into the large main cave they could hear and see that a few battles were still raging against the remaining Iron Statues, but it was only minor fights. They set of back to where Cynder had left her father.

They found Tironar still standing near Ghronur, but Blazirin, along with Gairu, Tehanu had also gathered around there and seemed to have been waiting for them.

"Spyro!" yelled Gairu happily as he came forward to greet him.

"It's been a while, my friend" said Spyro with a smile.

"You can say that again" said Gairu smiling.

"We have really missed you" said Tehanu with as she came up alongside Gairu.

Gairu and Tehanu simply watched Spyro with a smile for a moment, happy to finally see their friend again and happy on Cynder´s behalf that she finally had her mate back. But Tehanu also noticed something in Spyro´s eyes and, a pain which he seemed to hide.

"I something wrong Spyro, are you feeling okay?" asked Tehanu concerned.

Spyro was taken aback by the question, his smile disappearing for a moment. "I…I am fine" he said reassuringly, if not with the most convincing tone. "It is simply strange that so long time has passed and so much has happened when it has felt like days for me. It is a strange feeling."

Gairu, Tehanu and Cynder watched Spyro.

"Don't worry, I am sure you will get over it soon" said Gairu with a smile.
Tehanu nodded in agreement though she still felt there was something deeper to Spyro´s pain, but she was not going to push him on it, it was his own business, not hers.

Before they could continue their conversation, Blazirin came over to them. She looked first at Spyro with a smile, but then her face turned serious as she looked at Cynder. "Is Demetrius dead?" she asked.

"He is gone" said Cynder. "He is gone…"

Gairu and Tehanu both sighed in relief and then looked sent each other an affectionate look. "Perhaps finally peace will return then with Meltor also dead" said Gairu with a smile.

"You finally got him this time?" asked Cynder.
Gairu and Tehanu nodded.

"It was close, but with Jacira and Sceranu´s help we were finally able to bring him down" said Blazirin with tired expression. "He will never torment us again."

"That is great to hear" said Spyro and then bowed his head respectfully. "And thank you for everything you did for my family in my absence."

Blazirin smiled deeply.

"How is my father?" asked Cynder then suddenly.

Blazirin´s face darkened a bit as she looked at Cynder. "He is alive…but his wounds are grim. We have done what we can, but there is no telling if he will survive unless we get him back to Warfang."

Cynder did not answer, but hurried past Blazirin with Spyro right behind her.
They quickly got over to Ghronur who was still lying on the ground. As they got closer they saw Tironar, who was watching over him, but she quickly backed off as they approached.

That did not stop Spyro from gazing in her direction for just a moment. Knowing what she had done, he felt a quick spark of anger, but he was conflicted by the fact that it was her actions which had meant he had been released in the end. He was quickly drawn out of it by Cynder however.

"Father?" asked Cynder concerned even as she watched him. The wound to his stomach had been bandaged, but an area was red with blood and his breath was slightly irregular.

Slowly Ghronur opened his eyes and looked up. There he saw Cynder looking down at him concerned. "Cynder…" he said slowly, but then he noticed Spyro standing next to her and he smiled. "Purple Dragon, it is an honor to finally meet you."

"It is an honor to finally meet you as well" said Spyro with a smile. "And please call me Spyro."

"Off course…Spyro" said Ghronur and then looked back at Cynder. "I am glad that you succeeded…If only your mother was here to see you two together."

"She already has" said Cynder with a broad smile.

Ghronur also smiled and then looked back to Spyro. "Thank you for saving my daughter and for watching over her all the years I could not."

Spyro shook his head. "It is me who should be thanking you for everything you did while I was gone" said Spyro and smiled. "But now let us get you back on your feet."

Cynder looked at Spyro surprised, but then she realized what he meant and smiled.
Spyro reached out towards the wound Ghronur had gotten, touching it lightly with one claw through the bandages. Concentrating he began repairing the wounds and any internal damage with his crystal element.

A small shiver of pain immediately went though Ghronur and he shifted his gaze to try and see what was going on. But then he felt the pain subsiding and his breath became steady once again.

Spyro slowly stepped away from Ghronur again and took a deep breath. Using his crystal element so much was tearing at his strength, but it was all worth it.

"I guess all the stories of the Purple Dragons miraculous powers are true" said Ghronur with a smile.

"Only some of them" said Spyro with a smile. "It is not as unlimited in potential as some might think."

"You have no idea how many times Cynder told me that too" said Ghronur with a chuckle. "And I guess it is true as I am not quite back on my feet just yet. But I think a short rest will solve that."

"Off course, father" said Cynder happily.

Ghronur slowly closed his eyes in peace as Spyro and Cynder both stood leaning close to each other.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

Yeah it ahs atken some time to get this chapter up, but it was mostly because i was not sure how exactly to do it. But it is up now and i hope you like it.

Just one more chapter and we are done with Children of Darkness. But a surpise is waiting in that chapter proving that not all is as peaceful as it seems.

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Spyro and characters from Legend of Spyro (C) Sierra/Activision

Any other characters me (C) me
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Krruegemer3 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
I would've killed u if u had let Ghronur die as well! Thank u 4 keeping him alive!
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I may have no qualms about killing characters, but I dont consider myself sadistic. It is never an easy choice for me to let a character die and this story has seen death and despair enough allready.
Krruegemer3 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
I Don't think it has. But then again, I'm kinda sadistic, but only when the character is more insignificant. Just a bit sadistic…:chainsaw::evillaugh:
Bardmine4 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
It is really happy so i just have to ask why couldnt you end a part with a happy ending
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Really the reason i dont do completely happy endings is because I want to set up the plot of the next story ahead before I finish the current one. Then the transitions are less jarring from my experience and feels less like "And then this new threat emerges from nowhere and then and then" ect.
Bardmine4 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
yah well it makes it seem that their will ever really be a happy moment and most storys and games including legund of spyro the evil was always unknown intell showdown like how the first game cynder just got back but we dont know who the dark master is and what he is up to and if he will even turn up. in a lot of ways the second games ending is a little vage but shows us that we will have no idea what will happen next and like dotd ending we see happyness but no enemys are show to servive and a question i had befor that my phone would not allow me to type is malefor got grabed by purple shadows and how could he escape if they where their with him? also to awnser the question you didnt understND THE CRYSTALS cynder brought with her back from the black tower that she used to free malefor in anb they wher purple not black. the ones she was going to use on malefors son
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I always saw those crystals as black, same as the ones in DotD that drained your strength when you were close, but it might have been an issue with my television color settings.

But in regards to the often not completely happy endings, well I must admit I personally hold a slight dislike for completely happy endings. That dislike mostly boils down to how unrealistic they are. A completely happy ending to a world spanning conflict will never have a completely happy ending (Unless we are dealing with the anime shows Naruto and Bleach), it will be happy over all, but there will always be that small part that is sorrowful. I think that is important because if the characters are back to where they started by the end of the story, then what was the purpose of the story? They must have gained something,lost something, learned something or the story was irrelevant. Like in DotD we had a happy ending, but it also came at the cost of Ignitus life.

Also much the same I have never really liked villians who remained kinda a distant unknown threat until the very en. It works well if you want the vilian to convey a feeling of ultimate evil, that he is so powerful he does not even have to take action personally, but I personally like when the villians are closer and we know who we are dealing with for most of the time. This allows more time to build up the villians personality and make us understand why he is doing as he is doing. The best example really is Demetrius as I could have never had the entire plot around sourrounding Cynder if he had only been a shadow in the distance like Malefor was-
Bardmine4 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
They are black in dotd but anb they were purple altho thos exact crystals only appared in anb but that in its self is a mystery
darbo93 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011
really Larshyr can fly and not fly he's lost one wing and cant fly but if he learn t to control that shadow wing that he used in children of darkness chapter 24 he could fly again it said it grew to a full grown dragon wing and he is not fully grown if he learn t to make it his size as is other wing he could fly again and when he is fully grown make it grow to a fully grown dragon wing and he can still fly........................just an idea but you provably got ides for that shadow wing in your story
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Given time Larshyr can indeed learn to fly using a shadow wing, but the key word here is time. He needs to be able to control his element well enough before he can do it and there is no telling how long that can take.

But i do have plans for it :)
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