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Cynder vs Demetrius

Cynder jumped forward her mouth open aiming straight for Demetrius neck.

But Demetrius was faster and quickly dodged sideways. He then turned and flung his tail forward with its spear like tip first.

Cynder raised her wings in defense and felt the tail blade bounce harmlessly off. She then opened her mouth and unleashed a cone of dark flames upon Demetrius.

Demetrius countered with his dark element and for a moment the two of them stood facing each other as jet black flames billowed around them pushing against the others stream in a deadly display.

But as soon as it became apparent that none of them could overpower the other, at least not at this point in the battle, they both stopped and the flames subsided leaving the ground scarred and blackened.

They both jumped away and began circling each other, their eyes never leaving the other. Both were waiting for the right time to strike while also watching the other for openings and flaws.  

Demetrius was in particular watching the dark crystal hanging around her neck, next to the necklace she had gotten from Spyro. He knew its purpose and since the battle started he had felt a slight drain on his powers as they seeped into the crystal. It was not much as long as he shielded himself with his own power, but it would get dangerous if the fight dragged out.

Cynder spread her wings and they glowed with a red light just before she unleashed several fear projectiles which homed in on Demetrius.

Demetrius immediately evaporated into a cloud of darkness and the red projectiles passed right through him. Though the projectiles immediately turned around to try and hit Demetrius again, it was of no use and they soon disappeared.

The dark cloud then slowly began circling around Cynder.

Cynder watched it carefully. Several times Demetrius struck at Cynder before disappearing back into the cloud, but each time Cynder was ready for it and avoided or blocked the blow. But she was also ready to strike back as soon as she got the chance.

With a roar Demetrius appeared from the cloud just as he was at Cynder´s left side.

Cynder immediately made a low swipe with her tail trying to cripple Demetrius legs, but he jumped over it and attacked Cynder with his claws, aiming for her neck.

Cynder evaporated into a cloud of shadow, but appeared a moment later right in front of Demetrius. Quickly she wiped at him with her claws, but he reared back on his hind legs to avoid it. But that was exactly what Cynder had hoped he would do.

Using her wind element Cynder created a powerful upwards wind straight beneath her and set off from the ground with all her might jumping straight at Demetrius.

She hit him in the chest with her shoulder and the force behind the blow knocked him on his back with Cynder landing on top of him. Immediately she struck at him with her claws cutting him across his chest.

Demetrius snarled in pain and immediately struck back at her as he tried to get free. But Cynder did not budge and they continued to try and claw or bite each other, but without much effect as the each ones claws got in the other ones way.
Suddenly Cynder opened her mouth and spat a glob of acid at Demetrius head.

Demetrius immediately evaporated into a cloud of darkness again to avoid it, but he appeared a moment later still lying under Cynder. However this time he had maneuvered his hind legs under Cynder´s stomach and using all his might he pushed her off him, his claws lightly raking her stomach in the process.

Cynder quickly got back on her feet ignoring the pain of the wounds, but then she felt something grab on to her legs and looked down. There she saw several shadowy hands impeding her movement. Quickly looking up she saw Demetrius coming at with his tail blade poised.

Cynder used all her strength, tearing the shadowy hands apart as she dodged sideways. But she was not entirely fast enough as Demetrius tail blade strafed her neck and tore of the dark crystals chain as well as Spyro´s necklace. Both bounced across the ground for a moment before laying still.

Cynder gazed shortly after the necklace but quickly forced herself to focus on the fight.

Watching Demetrius she saw him smile wickedly as they once again circled each other.

Hunter was watching the battle with a mixture of concern and hope even as cared for Gravi who was still unconscious. So far he had been unable to tell if Cynder or Demetrius had the upper hand and as such he could only watch each clash and attack and hope Cynder would be the one who won.

But even as he watched the battle, his gaze also wandered to the necklace and the dark crystal which had fallen to the ground, though it was mostly the dark crystal he focused on. It was still undamaged and pulsing with power.

From what he understood it was Demetrius strength Cynder had been draining and Hunter could not help but wonder what would happen if the crystal came into contact with the dark field encasing Spyro.

Hunter looked at the Iron Statue with the sword standing a little from the battle.

It was the same one which had attacked him and Vynin. At that time it had seemed much more than a normal Iron Statue and the current situation only improved that suspicion. It seemed focused on the battle however, though it was hard to tell and Hunter decided it was worth the chance.

Throwing of his bow, quiver and cloak Hunter dashed forward the boots he had gotten long ago in Hyrule offering him an unmatched speed as he ran along the edge of the battle between Cynder and Demetrius.

As he moved he noticed the horned Iron Statue near Spyro rear back on its hind legs and smash it´s hooves into the ground. A moment later the ground around Hunter erupted with spikes and he threw himself forward to avoid them.

He rolled on the ground and picked up both the dark crystal as well as the necklace.

But he had barely done so before a red light appeared next to him. He jumped upwards just as a fireball struck the ground where he had just been and then with all his strength he threw the dark crystal towards Spyro.

A ringing sound echoed through the room as the crystal smashed against the broadside of the lightning infused sword Infernio wielded and the dark energy within was released in powerful dark pulse which bended the sword, but did not reach Spyro.

Hunter quickly retreated as Infernio sent several fire balls at him, but Larshyr and Carx were quickly by his side stopping the fireballs with their own flames.

Hunter watched to see if Infernio did anything else, but to his surprise Infernio simply threw away his broken sword and went back to watching them.

"I am sorry" said Hunter regretfully. "I should have gotten closer before I threw."

"You tried, that is all that matters" said Vynin immediately and looked at her mother as she avoided a blast of dark flames. "It is all up to mother now."

But what none of them noticed at that time was Gravi who slowly opening his eyes and the first thing he saw was the dark field containing Spyro.

Cynder dodged sideways as Demetrius unleashed a cone of dark flames towards her.

She had only vaguely noticed Hunter´s attempt as she kept focusing upon the battle.

Sweat was running down her scales and her breath came in heavy bursts. But she was determined to give it her all right up until the end.

Demetrius turned into a cloud of darkness as a half cube cage of acid surrounded him and converged upon his position.

He was also breathing heavily as the battle had pushed his strength to its limits. But at the same time he was smiling. The battle brought up memories of the sparring matches he and Cynder had fought long ago and though this was deadly serious, he still felt good to have memories of a better time.

Cynder and Demetrius both charged each other. Rearing back on their hind legs they both roared as they brought their claws to bear against the other inflicting numerous small scratches before they pulled away.

But they had not even gotten five meters apart before both attacked again this time both conjuring up a host of shadowy claws which flew at the other with deadly purpose. The two clouds collided in the air and the entire area was blanketed in completely black smoke which both Cynder and Demetrius charged into it without a moment's hesitation.

For several seconds the only sounds from within was sounds of pain and roars of anger from both Cynder and Demetrius along with the sound of claws scraping against the rock floor.

Without warning a powerful scream sounded from within the black cloud and Demetrius was flung out of it and hit one of the pillars. He only slowly got to his feet and even almost collapsed once as he was bleeding from a wound to his right hind leg and small drops of acid dripped to the ground from the base of his blackened tail.

The dark cloud slowly dispersed revealing Cynder, but she was not unhurt either as she had a large wound in her side as well as a large claws mark running down her left chin. A small pool of blood had already gathered beneath Cynder from blood dripping from the wound in her side and she was heaving for breath.

Slowly Cynder and Demetrius walked towards each other again ready to continue the fight despite their wounds.

But before they reached each other a yell pierced the air.


Both Cynder and Demetrius glanced sideways and there they saw Gravi walking straight towards Spyro like he was in some kind of trance. Vynin, Carx, Larshyr and Hunter were already moving to protect him and get him back to safety. But Infernio had also seen the danger and was moving to intercept.

Demetrius kept his eyes on Gravi knowing the danger he was, but he was soon forced to look back at Cynder as she attacked with great fury.

"Your fight is with me, no one else!" roared Cynder as she struck out against him with her claws.

Demetrius turned into a cloud of darkness and moved towards Gravi, but Cynder did the same and intercepted him. The two clouds mingled together and a moment later both Demetrius and Cynder appeared again, but this time Cynder was standing between Demetrius and Gravi.

Demetrius snarled in irritation and attacked again.

Hunter was the first to catch up to Gravi and he reached down to stop Gravi and bring him to safety. But the moment his hand touched Gravi's scales, it was covered in a black glow. Hunter suddenly felt a great weight pressing down upon him and fell to his knees with his hands stretched out before him to keep him from falling entirely.

The feeling and the black glow soon disappeared and Hunter could stand again. He had no idea what had just happened, but it was clear that Gravi had done something.

As Hunter looked after Gravi he noticed Infernio coming in from the side with one hand outstretched and the red crystal at the palm glowing. Hunter immediately ran forward as fast as he could. If he could not stop Gravi then he just had to protect him, no matter what.

As a fire ball erupted from Infernio´s hand, Hunter placed himself in front of Gravi with his arms covering his face. He could feel the heat of the fireball as it got closer and braced himself.

But before it hit another wave of burning heat erupted next to him and when he opened his eyes he saw Carx and Larshyr standing next to him.

"You won't be getting anywhere near our brother!" snarled Carx defiantly.

Infernio did not answer but simply charged forward with his fists raised.

Carx and Larshyr immediately let loose with a stream of flames, both dark and normal, which enveloped Infernio. But he continued seemingly unaffected.

Vynin also launched several globs of corrosive acid at Infernio even as she tried to catch up to them with her wounded leg.

But Infernio simply blocked the projectiles with his earth shield, not even slowing down.

But as Infernio raised his fists above Hunter, Carx and Larshyr, the black glow once again appeared from Gravi's body and encircled Infernio's arm. Without warning he fell over as the affected arm drew him downwards like he could no longer lift it.

"Stop him!" yelled Infernio at the horned Iron statue standing near Spyro.

The Iron statue immediately slammed the ground and spikes shot out in a straight line towards Gravi. Hunter, Larshyr and Carx all jumped aside to avoid the spikes, but Gravi simply turned into a cloud of darkness reappearing a moment later on the other side of the spikes.

The Iron statue then charged forward its horns lowered in an attempt to gore Gravi, but before it got close to him Vynin fired a large glob of acid at it which struck its front right leg. A moment later, the leg crumbled under the weight as the acid ate into it and the iron Statue fell not even two meters from Gravi who kept going unaffected.

Gravi walked straight towards Spyro reaching him only moments later. Slowly he lifted one paw up and reached out towards the field.

But then suddenly the room shook with a powerful tremor localized around the area where Spyro was.

Vynin, Larshyr, Carx and Hunter all looked for the source of the tremors and suddenly they saw it. Infernio had pressed the green crystal on his left hand towards the floor and the tremors extended from there.

Without warning the few remaining pillars in the area cracked and suddenly crumbled due to the violent movement. Cracks then began to form in the ceiling above Spyro as the pillars were no longer there to support the weight.

"Gravi!" yelled Vynin as she desperately flung herself forward to reach him. But In her haste she forgot about her wounded leg and collapsed on the ground when she tried to support her weight on it.

Hunter also ran forward as fast as he could, but a fire ball from Infernio forced him to jump backwards.

Both Hunter and Vynin could only watch desperately as the ceiling collapsed above Gravi.

Next Ch: [link]

And it all comes crashing down...quite literally for Gravi and Spyro. Is this how it ends or what will happen?

Hint: I wont tell :)

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Cynder and other Legend of Spyro characters (C) Sierra/Activsion

Other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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Krruegemer3 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
U wouldn't do that cos spyro can't die in there for one, and if he did, the story couldn't be called Los anymore cos spyro would b dead and it wouldn't make sense.
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
True enough, but I can instill that moment of doubt. Back when I started I said I planned to have the story go until their death, Spyro and Cynder's, so they will die at some point. But will it be peacefully in a bed as old age closes in? Or on the field of battle, protecting their friends and family once more? I know, but obviously I wont tell.
Krruegemer3 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
DANG U!!!!!! I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY THEY KNOW BUT WONT TELLL!!!!!!!! I H8 U!!!!!!!!:pissed::chainsaw::evillaugh:
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
I find it most intriguing that Cynder was absorbing some of Demetrius' energy to release Spyro from his prison. It's a pity that part failed.
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well any trick and path counts when you truly want to reach a goal. It wont always work off course, but you have to try :)
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
True that it is.
begorle01 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
oh no, Garvi! :ohnoes:
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
And Spyro...I cant imagine it will be easy getting him out from there wile he is trapped.
begorle01 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
yeah, true. i just worry more about the kid.
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Off course, he is the one in most danger after all :)
begorle01 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
darbo93 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
if Gravi can free spyro in time just before he and spyro gets crush t then spyro can use his earth power's to stop the ceiling coming down...... then he can deal with Demetrius.............any wat gerat chapter cant w8 for the next one
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you :)
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