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Nowhere to Run

Meltor desperately flew upwards as two earth projectiles flew at him from either side. But he did not get far before he had to turn to avoid the flames surrounding him.

More earth projectiles struck past him and Meltor did his best to dodge them, but without enough space it was only a matter of time before he was cornered.

A few lightning bolts flew past Meltor and forced Gairu and Tehanu to defend themselves instead of attacking.

Meltor looked towards the source of the lightning bolts and saw Lith´iru and Frigitor. They were still watching him through the holes in the flame walls and Lith´iru did was she could to help him even as Frigitor directed his power to the flames. But he was not strong enough as his ice evaporated before it even reached the flames. But maybe with a little help…

Meltor quickly turned around in the air facing Gairu and Tehanu. Conjuring up a powerful wind he stopped their advance upon him, even if he knew it would only be for a short time. He then gathered his strength and focused a tornado like wind upon the flames to try and extinguish them.

At first nothing happened, but slowly the flames started to flicker and waver and he renewed his efforts feeling just a glimmer of hope. But then suddenly the flames struck inwards towards him like a column and he quickly reeled backwards in the air to avoid the flames.

At the same time flames also struck out against Lith´iru and Frigitor and Meltor heard a small cry from Lith´iru as her shoulder was burned.

Meltor slowly descended to the ground. He had been so certain that he would finally have the strength to carry out his revenge. But it had not been enough; once again he had been out maneuvered.

Meltor snarled in irritation, but quickly regained his composure. He would not die here! He had made a promise to Zilaru, to his son! He had to avenge his death! He would survive as he had always done and try again!
"Meltor?" asked Lith´iru concerned.

Meltor looked up and saw Lith´iru and Frigitor standing in front of him just beyond the flames. They were both looking at him with concern, but also dedication. He knew they would fight to the death for him, even if it would not change anything.

"What shall we do Meltor, just say it and I will charge through the flames if needed" said Frigitor fiercely. There was little doubt he would do it if needed.  

Meltor shook his head. "I need you two to get out of here" said Meltor firmly as he looked at them. "Get as many other dragons as you can and get out of here!"'

"We won't leave you to die!" exclaimed Frigitor firmly.

Meltor smiled. "I won't die here if I can avoid it in any way" said Meltor.

"But there is no reason you two should risk yourself for my sake when it won't change anything. Get out of here, if not for your own sake then for your child´s sake."

"But, Meltor, you…" started Lith´iru, but she stopped as Meltor looked at her and shook his head.

"We will be waiting for you" said Frigitor understanding that there was no other way. "Make sure you survive."

Meltor did not answer but nodded. He watched them as they set of and headed towards the upper part of the cavern where many dragons were still fighting.

Meltor then slowly turned around and saw Gairu and Tehanu standing a few meters behind him waiting. They were both watching him with cold eyes and they were both poised for battle. But Meltor could not avoid being a little glad that they had waited instead of attacking while he was speaking to Lith´iru and Frigitor. But it was also a mistake which would cost them.

Meltor looked past Gairu and Tehanu and saw that Blazirin had not moved from the spot since the flames appeared. With all likelihood it was taking all her concentration to keep those flames up so if he could just get close enough, he could break her concentration.

With a sudden burst of confidence he jumped forward at high speed, straight at Gairu and Tehanu. Within the blink of an eye he was on them attacking Tehanu with his claws.

Tehanu only barely managed to raise her wings in defense, but she was determined not to waver. Digging her claws into the ground she pushed back against Meltor´s onslaught.

Gairu also charged forward the horn on his forehead lowered and ready to gore Meltor.

But Meltor saw him coming and with his remarkable speed and dexterity he pulled away from Tehanu, dodging Gairu. As Gairu passed by him, Meltor quickly used his tail to trip him and then dived for Gairu´s neck, his teeth glistening.

But Tehanu was there and created a layer of rock in front of Gairu.

Gairu also quickly recovered and sent tremors through the ground knocking Meltor off balance.

Tehanu used that opening to quickly make the ground beneath Meltor burst open with dozens of sharp rock spikes.

But Meltor had recovered from the tremor in time to beat his wings enough to soar into the air and there he headed straight for Blazirin. His mouth wide open, he launched four fireballs at Blazirin which exploded around her.

But the flames did not disappear. They only flickered for a second as the flames from Meltor´s fireballs gathered around Blazirin and then suddenly were sent right back at him.

Meltor quickly dodged out of the way and quickly glanced towards Gairu and Tehanu.

He saw a giant boulder at least the size of himself which Gairu and Tehanu had lifted out of the ground together. It was coming towards him and Meltor desperately rolled in the air to get clear. But he was a little too slow, as the rock caught his right wing and pulled him with it until it hid the caverns wall nearby.

Dust and debris flew everywhere as most of the cave wall shook and cracked with the impact. But as the dust cleared they saw Meltor standing with his back turned next to boulder. His right wing hanged limply down his side, torn and broken.

But even as they saw that, they also saw something else. The boulder had torn a hole in the cave wall and revealed one of the many tunnels which ran through the mountain beneath. And even as they watched Meltor disappeared into the opening.

"No, not again!" roared Tehanu as she ran after Meltor with Gairu right behind her.

Meltor was also running as fast as he could. But the pain in his wing tore at his strength and he had to focus just to keep one foot ahead of the other. But he had head start and he knew these tunnels, in here he could lose them easily.

He turned a corner and without warning he suddenly stood face to face with Sceranu.

Sceranu was carrying a grey egg with one its front legs and also stopped suddenly as Meltor came around the corner.

"Meltor!" exclaimed Sceranu as the first shock disappeared.

But by then Meltor was already moving. He jumped at Sceranu with claws first intent on forcing him out of the way.

Sceranu quickly turned his side towards Meltor, protecting the egg with his body and blocking the tunnel. Though he felt pain shortly after as Meltor´s claws dug into his side, he knew he only had to stop him for a second.

Meltor was about to rake Sceranu again in desperation when he suddenly felt just a tiny sting on the back of his neck. He turned around and looked straight at a dragonfly with a spear hovering behind him.

"Good night, bastard" said Jacira.

Meltor´s vision went blurry and he felt his limps going stiff as waves of pain washed over him. He knew it was over. His last thought before he lost consciousness was. "I am sorry…Zilaru…I failed."

Gairu and Tehanu caught up to Meltor a moment later and saw him lying on the ground in the tunnel. Sceranu was stopping the blood loss from his wounds with a layer of ice and Jacira sat on a rock nearby.

"Had a feeling you two were close" said Jacira with a faint smile as she saw them.

"Is he dead?" asked Tehanu sounding almost annoyed as she slowly approached Meltor´s body.

"He should have been. But Sceranu has checked and he is still alive. Got to give it to him, he is tough" said Jacira slowly. "But now he is all yours."

Gairu and Tehanu walked over to Meltor. He did not move at all except for a few twitches every once in a while like he was experiencing heavy pain.

Gairu and Tehanu looked at each other for a moment and nodded. Together they raised their claws up ready to deal the final blow.

"Wait!" exclaimed a voice behind them suddenly and they both turned around to see Blazirin walking towards them. She was walking slowly and she was heaving for breath. It was obvious that the battle had taken its toll on her.

"He should be taken back to Warfang and his crimes punished in a proper manner" said Blazirin "But I won´t stand in your way if you kill him now. It is your choice."

Gairu and Tehanu both looked at Meltor for a moment and then back to Blazirin.

"If we take him back to Warfang he gets a chance to escape again. That is not a risk I wish to take" said Gairu his voice icy cold.

"I second that" said Sceranu. "This traitor should not be allowed anymore chances to escape, it should end here. If they do not kill him, I will!"

Tehanu did not answer, but simply looked at Meltor. And then suddenly with one swift motion, she cut his neck.

The twitches in Meltor´s body disappeared and he went limp. Slowly, almost in trance Tehanu then checked for any sign of heartbeat, but found none. Slowly she walked away and suddenly stumbled like she was about to fall.

But Gairu was there and supported her. She turned her head towards him and Gairu could see tears forming in her eyes, tears of relief.

"It is done, it is finally done…" she said quietly as she pressed closer to Gairu. "My sister…our child…it is finally over."

"yes it is, my love, yes it is" said Gairu slowly as he draped his wing across her back. All his hate, anger and sorrow in the last many years finally subsided and left almost a hole inside him. It was only now he realized how much it had dominated him. But that hole was quickly filled with relief. It was over…it was finally over.

Blazirin watched the two and then looked at Meltor. Despite all the things he had done she could not avoid feeling a slight note of sorrow. "May the ancestors have mercy on you, brother" mumbled Blazirin and then turned away.

But the battle was not over, especially not for Cynder and her family as they made their way through the tunnels deep beneath the mountain.

Though they had only moved slowly due to Vynin´s injury, Cynder also knew that there was no need to rush. Demetrius aura had been guiding her through the tunnels like a trail and it had not moved. He was waiting for them, for better or for worse.

As they turned a corner they suddenly stood in a front of a large double door.

Cynder could feel Demetrius aura emanating from just beyond the door, but she could also feel an echo in the aura, like a weaker version just beneath the first aura and she quickly realized that it was the field holding Spyro. He was in there. She looked back at her children.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Anytime!" replied Carx immediately while Vynin and Carx simply nodded.

"Whatever happens in there, I am with you" said Hunter.

Cynder nodded and turned towards the double door. "I will deal with Demetrius; you just keep any minions of his off me. And if you see an opportunity to get Gravi to Spyro…do it" said Cynder and then took a deep breath.

Demetrius heard a incredibly loud screech which echoed through the room and he watched as the door flew off its hinges and several meters into the room.

"Welcome, my love" said Demetrius with a warm smile as Cynder entered the room.

Cynder snarled as she looked first at Demetrius and then at Spyro who stood immobile right behind him. Next to Spyro stood one of the horned Iron statues, but that was not the only iron statue in the room as one of the cheetah like Iron statues stood holding a sword next to Demetrius.

Cynder then let eyes glide around the room watching the many pillars running up to the ceiling and she noticed how several of them were broken, especially around Spyro.

She walked forward so that she stood only a few meters from Demetrius. Behind her, Vynin, Larshyr and Carx entered the room and Hunter gently helped Gravi of Vynin´s back.

"It does not have to be like this Cynder" said Demetrius his voice soft and sorrowful. "Join me, become who you once were and together we can…"

Demetrius stopped as Cynder shook her head. "I will never again give in to darkness. Spyro showed me another path, believed in me even as I doubted myself. I will never be yours again" said Cynder slowly and firmly. "But that does not mean we have to fight. Release Spyro, leave and never show yourself again and I won't be forced to kill you."

Demetrius looked at her suprised, almost amused. "You would let me go? Despite all I have done?"

Cynder bowed her head. "Every time I look into Gravi´s face I see you like when we were together. I see and feel some of the happiness we shared. Despite my anger that is something I can never forget" said Cynder quietly. But then she raised her head and looked Demetrius straight in the eyes. "But this is your only chance! If you keep standing between me and Spyro then I will kill you and this time there will be no hesitation!"

"Then you leave me no choice. If you won´t be mine, then you no one shall have you" said Demetrius. "I will kill you before I see you together with the Purple dragon again!"

Cynder and Demetrius watched each other for a moment.

Cynder could see the sorrow reflected in Demetrius red eyes, but it did not affect her much. Her only focus was Spyro and Demetrius was in her way.

Apparently Demetrius also noticed this in her eyes as he turned to the Iron Statue next to him."Infernio make sure no one gets close to the Purple Dragon, this fight I have to fight alone."

Cynder was surprised, but also cautious. "Do you really think you can take me on alone?" asked Cynder as she readied herself for battle.

"I stand a greater chance alone than if your children back you up, but I trust you don't want to bring them into danger unless necessary" said Demetrius with a smile. "And I don't want to hurt them unless necessary, especially not Gravi. He deserves to be with his family."

"You will never get close to him" said Cynder fiercely.

"We shall see" said Demetrius his face turning serious.

At the same time Cynder and Demetrius charged forward and though both were steeled for what had to be done, both could also feel a weight upon their heart as they approached each other.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

And Meltor is finally down for good, perhaps now Gairu and Tehanu can finally get some peace and quiet.

But the battle is far from over as Cynder and Demetrius confront each other in a fight which will once and for all determine Spyro´s fate.

Will Cynder´s raw power overtake Demetrius or will Demetrius experience and mastery of the darkness element overcome Cynder?

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Cynder and other Legend of Spyro characters (C) Sierra/Activision

Other characters (C) me

See ya all next time
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