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March 30, 2011
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Brothers and Sisters

The battle was raging back and forth. More dragons from Warfang had pushed through the tunnels and were now fighting the enemy forces with all their might.

But Cynder saw little of this as she was treating her father the best she could. But it was bad and though none of the wounds were really deep, the pain and blood loss was rapidly draining Ghronur of his strength.

Vynin had found them not long before and were watching her mother from a distance along with her brother´s, Gravi and Hunter. Hunter had also bandaged her wounds, but her right foreleg remained impossible to stand on. Gravi was still asleep after he had collapsed during the fight with Infernio.

"Cynder…" said Ghronur slowly. "Just leave me…I will be okay."

"I am not leaving you here like this" answered Cynder firmly. "Now lie still please, you are only making it worse for yourself."

Suddenly a shout was heard above them. "Brother!"

A moment later Tironar landed near them, followed by two other dragons who were watching her.

Cynder turned around, fury in her eyes and she glanced over at Vynin to see that she too was watching Tironar with narrowed eyes and her teeth barred. They had both avoided Tironar as much as possible since the battle not trusting themselves to not attack her on sight.

"Ghronur!" exclaimed Tironar as she ran towards him.
"Tironar..?" asked Ghronur slowly.

"Yes, I am here Ghronur, you will be okay" said Tironar gently as she approached. But before she reached him Cynder stepped in front of her.
"Stay away from him!" snarled Cynder. "After what you did you won't take even one more step near my family!"

"I did only what I had too" said Tironar meeting Cynder´s gaze unflinching. "But now step aside and let me…"

"Necessary!" roared Vynin and she moved forward a few steps, only moving slowly as she could not use her right foreleg. "You call it necessary to potentially ruin a young dragons life! My child's life!"

"Yes, for the greater good of all I found it necessary" said Tironar unflinching and she stared Cynder straight in the eyes. "And yet even though it was not Gravi's choice you bring him here because you know he can free the Purple Dragon. Now let me pass so I can tend to my brother!"

Cynder had a strong urge to just tear of Tironar's mouth with her claws and she could only imagine how Vynin felt.

"Cynder…she is my sister…she won't hurt me" said Ghronur slowly.

Cynder hesitated at first, but then slowly stepped aside her gaze constantly lingering on Tironar.

Tironar looked at Cynder.

"Should you not get going now. I will take care of my brother, you should find the Purple Dragon and Demetrius. Do what needs to be done for all of our sakes" said Tironar.

"Do not tell me what to do!" sneered Cynder. "And don't think you are getting away with what you have done just like this!"

Tironar turned to Cynder, her face for once showing a small bit of anger. "I am not trying to run from what I did, even if I consider it the right thing to do!" said Tironar firmly and glanced over at Vynin. "I will face judgment, yours or the Guardians! But not before Demetrius lies in a pool of his own blood!"

"You better believe you will face judgment!" said Vynin menacingly small drops of acid dripping from her scales. "And if you ever hurt our family again I will show you a world of pain the likes of which you can only dream of!"

Cynder looked at Vynin surprised. She had never seen Vynin so angry before and it almost made Cynder a little fearful.

But Tironar did not even flinch. "So be it" said Tironar. "Now leave."
Cynder looked at her father. "I will be back soon, father, I promise" said Cynder gently.

Ghronur smiled even though it obviously caused him a great deal of trouble. "I know" he said gently.

As Cynder and Vynin reached Larshyr and Carx, Cynder turned to Vynin.
"Vynin…" started Cynder looking at Vynin´s wounded leg.

"Don't start mother, I am not leaving Gravi out of my sight" interrupted Vynin firmly knowing what Cynder was going to say. "I can fly, I can walk to some degree and I can fight if need be, but I promise I will only do so if need be."

"You won't be going alone, mother" said Carx firmly.

" We are in this together and we will get out of this together, all of us" said Larshyr.

"Now let's go kick Demetrius ass!" said Carx fiercely.

"Spyro should know how great a family he has" said Hunter with a smile as he looked at them. "Let us not keep him imprisoned any longer."

Cynder smiled as she looked at her children and Hunter all looking back at her with determination in their eyes. "So be it, let us reunite this family, together" said Cynder. "Larshyr your with me!"

Larshyr nodded and jumped on Cynder´s back as she lay down so he could get up.
"Everything okay back there, Hunter?" asked Vynin quickly.

"I am fine and so is Gravi" answered Hunter.

"Let's go!" roared Carx and Vynin, Larshyr and Cynder smiled before joining in the roar and they set of into the air.

Meanwhile in another part of the mountain a small dragonfly was hurrying through the tunnels.

Jacira flew through the tunnels which snaked their way through the mountain. She could hear the echoes of battle closer now than when she had entered the tunnels in search of her brother and she assumed it was because they were fighting primarily in the main cave instead of outside the mountain. But that was only a stray thought as she had other things on her mind.

She had easily found the cell block using the directions her brother had given her, but Craz had not been there. But what she had found was a crude map upon which a room titled only as the `egg room´ had been marked. She had found the room, but a door far too big for her to open had blocked her path and now she was heading back to the main cave to find a dragon who could help her.

That is until a voice suddenly echoed through the tunnel ahead of her.

"You allied yourself with the very thing we had sworn to fight and you have the nerve to call us the traitors!?"

A voice which was familiar to Jacira answered.

"You call me traitor even as you serve the son of Malefor! You are nothing but lowly scum and I can't believe my father ever took you in to the council!"

Jacira hurried ahead and turning a corner she saw the source of the commotion.

Two dragons were fighting each other in the tunnel. One was a red dragon Jacira did not know, but she recognized the pale blue scales of the other dragon. It was Sceranu.

Sceranu jumped forward and struck out against the red dragon with his claws.
The red dragon jumped backwards to avoid it and immediately unleashed a cone of flame from its mouth.

Sceranu meet the flames with a blast of frost.

As the flames and the ice meet a powerful hissing sound was heard and steam filled the tunnel obscuring vision.

"Your father would be ashamed of what you done" snarled the red dragon in the steam.

"My father had begun to see the error of our ways! I only do as he would have wanted me to!" growled Sceranu and launched several icicles into the steam cloud.

The red dragon just laughed and responded with several fireballs which Sceranu only barely stopped in time with a blast of ice.

"You are an unworthy son of a great dragon!" said the red dragon from within the steam. "You…"

The red dragon suddenly fell silent and a moment later Sceranu heard a loud thud as if something heavy had hit the floor. Then a voice Sceranu knew every well sounded through the tunnel.

"Oh shut up already. If you are going to insult him, at least do it face to face!"

Sceranu hurried through the steam cloud and found Jacira hovering over the red dragon who was lying on the floor unconscious. The spear Jacira held was dripping with a bit of green liquid. Jacira looked over at Sceranu as he appeared from the steam cloud.

"What are you doing here?" she asked coldly.

"I could ask you the same question" said Sceranu. "But if you must know I was separated doing a fight in the tunnels and have been trying to..." continued Sceranu but was cut off.

"Never mind, I need your help" interrupted Jacira. "Come quickly."
"You need `my´ help?" asked Sceranu in disbelief. He knew Jacira did not like him one bit, not entirely unfounded as it was, so to hear her ask him for help was a bit…strange.

"Any dragon could do it" said Jacira firmly. "But there are not really any other dragons here. So I will settle for what I can, it is my brother I am trying to find after all! Now, are you coming or not?"

Jacira set of, only looking back shortly to make sure Sceranu was following.

Sceranu followed a little confused, but determined to help. They met no resistance at all and Sceranu assumed it was because all fighting was happening at the main cave.

They soon reached the door and Sceranu pressed his shoulder against it, easily opening it.

The door was closed again the moment they passed through by some unseen mechanism, but by then they barely even noticed it.

"By the ancestors" was all Sceranu could say as he looked around the room they stood in.

"No way…" added Jacira also.

The circular room they stood in was filled with small sinks in the ground. Each sink was filled with soft sand and on the sand lay a few dragon eggs. The room was heated above normal temperature by a fireplace in the middle of the room.

Sceranu quickly realized that there was at least a twenty dragon eggs in the room, but the most terrifying thing was that over half of the eggs were completely white instead of any of the normal colors. It unnerved him immensely and he had to close his eyes for a moment to regain his composure.

As he opened his eyes he began walking through the room. As he did he noticed three iron Statues which lay unmoving on the floor. One of them had fallen in the small sinks, crushing the eggs in it and Sceranu quickly averted his eyes to avoid the grizzly sight.

"Craz!" shouted Jacira suddenly and Sceranu saw her fly past the fireplace towards a green serpent dragoness which lay on the floor on the other side in a pool of blood.

Sceranu had not noticed her before, but now he hurried over there. As he got over there he saw Jacira sitting on the ground next to the dragoness. Her helmet had been thrown on the ground next to her as she leaned over a dragonfly on the ground.

"Craz! Brother!" shouted Jacira even as she shook him gently. But he did not react, he was completely unmoving. A small trickle of blood ran from his mouth down his neck and his wings as well as one of his arms lay bended away in a completely unnatural position.

"Craz!" shouted Jacira more desperately, tear forming in her eyes. It could not be true, it could not be true! He would wake up any second now, any second! "Brother!"

Jacira´s spear fell to the floor with a loud clang as Jacira picked up her brother. She held her brother´s lifeless body in both her arms as she began crying uncontrollably. A steady flow of tears ran down her cheeks and dripped on to the shoulder of her brother before falling to the floor.

Sceranu watched silently. He could not find any words which would seem fitting.
"I am…sorry" said a weak voice suddenly and Sceranu as well as Jacira looked at the dragoness with wide eyes.

"Erthra…" said Jacira slowly, tear still in her eyes, as the ravaged and heavily wounded dragoness looked at her.

"He tried to protect me…to protect my egg…but I could not protect him" said Erthra slowly, tears also forming in her eyes.

"He…tried to protect you?" asked Jacira slowly looking at her brother. Her voice rang of deep sorrow and a rising anger as she continued.
"Why…!…" But before she got any further she broke down again. It was not Erthra´s fault...

Erthra watched Jacira with sorrow in her eyes, but then suddenly looked at Sceranu. "You…keep my child…safe."

Jacira looked up at Erthra. "Your child…you saved your egg?" asked Jacira slowly.

Erthra unraveled her coiled up body. Slowly an egg with a grey surface and streaks of green was revealed. "Please find a home…for my child…for my sake…and Craz…keep my child safe."

"Wait, we can get you help…we can…" started Sceranu half heartily, but he was only fooling himself. They would never get help for her in time. And looking into the green dragoness eyes he knew that she knew it too.

Sceranu reached out with his claws and gently took the egg. "I promise you, I will find a home for your child and if nothing else I will take care of your child myself. This I swear on my father's name" said Sceranu solemnly keeping eye contact with Erthra all along.

"Thank you" said Erthra her voice barely a whisper. She then looked at Jacira. "I am deeply…sorry" she said again.

"No" said Jacira firmly wiping the tears from her eyes. "You should not be sorry for what happened. He made a choice to protect you and your child no matter what." Though Jacira´s voice was firm, it was clear that she was only barely holding the tears at bay. "That is not something to regret, he would not want you to regret."

Erthra smiled. But the smile only lasted a few seconds before her eyes closed and her body went limp. She had only held on for her child and with the egg safe she let go and drifted into the next world…
Next Ch: [link]

Hello All

Erthra and Craz fate was soemthing i had planned since i started that side is not something i thought as a cool twist or anything, it was what i had prepared.

Though i would have prefered for it to have been Vynin and Jacira who found them, i could not find a logical reason for Vynin to be anywhere but near Gravi and her mother such as things was.

But...yes this is their fate...

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Cynder and Legend of Spyro related characters (C) Sierra/ Activision

Any other characters (C) me
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But seriously I saw no other way it could end when I wrote it. One can only get far on good intentions.
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