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Dissention Among the Ranks of Evil

It was morning and Demetrius was already wide awake. He was standing near a large table in the corner of his room going over a lot of notes and old books.

Most of it contained information he had gathered on his experiments through the years along with his father´s research. It was information gathered on the elemental powers of the dragons, the strange powers of the crystals and many other strange things in the world, most of which was probably only documented in those notes.   

They were the very basics for everything he had made including the Iron Warriors, but though extensive, they were far from complete. Many things yet existed which he only had fleeting observations of and no real explanation, like the strange tree in the crystal fields.

Demetrius had always held a desire to solve the mysteries of such unexplained things and though his desire for conquest had always overshadowed it , he always returned to his studies when he had the opportunity. And when it lead him to knowledge he could use in his battles so much the better.

Now with his forces being rebuild for the final strike against Warfang he would continue his research.

But he had barely started before Infernio burst through the door to his chambers.

"What is the matter?" asked Demetrius surprised , but without turning around.

"Master, Meltor and the Dragons are rebelling. Already they have released the dragonesses and are causing damage to the Iron Warriors and the forges" said Infernio quickly.

Demetrius could indeed hear the sound of battle through the now open door and his eyes narrowed. He quickly turned around.

"We both knew this would happen at some point, he never was a follower out of any kind of loyalty" said Demetrius coldly as he walked towards Infernio.

"What would have me do?" asked Infernio drawing his sword with his right hand.

"Follow me. The Iron Warrior´s and the forges are not the true target of this uprising. Meltor will need them himself and it is nothing but distractions to keep the Warriors busy while he kills you and me" said Demetrius and smiled.
"But I think I know which room he will secure before facing me. Follow me."

Meltor stood before two massive stone doors in the deepest part of the old Mole city which made up Demetrius lair. It was the old vault of the city and it´s purpose was largely the same now as then.

Meltor gathered his strength and with a quick powerful blast of wind he flung the double doors open. He quickly entered the room followed by Lith´iru and Frigitor. The room itself was circular and immense with many columns extending from the floor to the ceiling.

At the back of the room Meltor could see a small pile of glowing crystals in different colors, the yet unused elemental infused crystals, but what drew his attention and was his reason for being there was the Purple Dragon. He stood unmoving near the back of the room, having been moved there from Demetrius chambers.

Suddenly however a flash of red light at the edge of Meltor´s sight caught his attention.

"Watch out!" yelled Frigitor and quickly jumped in front of Meltor to stop the fireball coming towards him with a blast of ice.

A cold laughter filled the room, one that Meltor only knew all too well.

"We both knew you would try this at some point" said Demetrius as he calmly walked towards Meltor past the rows of columns. "Even though I saved your life, you never held any real loyalty towards me."

Behind Demetrius walked Infernio each heavy step sending a metallic echo through the room. In his right hand he held his sword glowing and crackling as electrical sparks jumped across its length. His left arm, now repaired, ended in what looked like a metal glove set with a glowing green crystal. Even as he walked a large round shield of rock formed around the crystal.

They both stopped about ten meters from Meltor and Demetrius and Meltor´s eyes meet unflinching.

"I never asked you to save my life! Nor did I ask for the accursed powers you gave!" exclaimed Meltor.

"But you don't regret still being alive and having those powers do you?" asked Demetrius coldly.

Meltor snarled in anger. "You are blight upon this world, nothing more!"

"Are you sure you want to do this? Even if you manage to kill me the purple dragon will be released. You won't be able to fight both fights" said Demetrius.

"More dragons will come before this fight is even over, even the purple dragon can't defeat us all!" said Meltor fiercely.

"Do not underestimate the strength of the purple dragon" said Demetrius calmly.

"But nothing I say will change your mind anyway." Demetrius eyes then went to Lith´iru and Frigitor. "But what about your two friends? Do they really want to fight this battle?"

Lith´iru immediately barged her teeth and Frigitor took a step forward, his whip like tail cracking behind him.

"Such dedication, you really are ready to die for this aren't you?" said Demetrius calmly and then continued in an almost sorrowful voice. "But is that fair for the life which has not even had the chance to choose?"
Lith´iru involuntarily took a step backwards.

"How do you know that!" exclaimed Frigitor.

"I can keep both and eye and an ear on what is going on around me, even if I may not seem like it at times. The first key to victory is information after all" said Demetrius confidently and continued coldly. "I know that you are pregnant Lith´iru and I offer this one chance for you and your mate to leave. I won't stop you or hunt you, but if you stay, expect no mercy."

Lith´iru stood wavering for a moment, her expression indecisive. But then she looked at Frigitor and Meltor who were both watching her and she nodded determined focusing her gaze upon Demetrius once again.

Meltor smiled before turning his attention back to Demetrius. "Your little intimidation won't work! You will die here and finally pay for the things you forced us to do!"

"Forced you to do? Oh you mean the dragonesses?" said Demetrius with a smile. "That was for advancing our common goal as you well know. And I can't imagine it has been entirely unpleasant for you or the others."

Meltor roared in anger as he threw himself towards Demetrius. His mouth was wide open and red hot flames streamed forward.

Demetrius vanished in a cloud of darkness, the smile still lingering on his face. Instead Infernio charged forward into the flames, ignoring them as he closed with Meltor.

Meltor jumped out of the way as Infernio´ s sword came crashing down where he had just been standing. But Infernio did not waste his time quickly raising his sword again and continuing his assault upon Meltor.

Meltor blocked the sword with one if his wings and immediately felt the pain as electricity coursed through his body. Quickly jumping backwards he turned around and with all his might struck at Infernio with his tail. The tail tore through one of the pillars in the room with frightening power before connecting with Infernio´s shield.

The stone shield shattered like glass from the powerful blow and made Infernio slide a little across the floor before he stopped. But after that Infernio wasted no time. He quickly grabbed on to Meltor´s tail with his left hand and raised his sword for another strike.

At the same time Demetrius appeared from his dark cloud on the other side of Meltor and drove his tail blade forward like a spear.

But Lith´iru and Frigitor both reacted quickly. Frigitor blasted Demetrius with ice shards forcing him to jump away and give up his attack. In the meantime Lith´iru blocked Infernio´s blow with her wings and as she felt the electricity cause through her she redirected it toward her mouth and unleashed a powerful lightning bolt upon Infernio.

The lightning bolt struck Infernio in the shoulder knocking him backwards into one of the columns.

Meltor immediately turned towards Demetrius and created a small localized tornado of wind around him. The powerful winds made it hard for Demetrius too keep his balance and when Meltor attacked he unleashed a cone of shadowy flames upon him to keep Meltor away while he regained his footing.

In the meantime Infernio was charging into the fight again. His stone shield had regenerated and with it he blocked several ice blasts Frigitor send at him.

He then struck out against Lith´iru with quick sweeping strikes to force her to either defend herself with her wings or pull back.

As he had hoped she fell back and he continued his attacks forcing her away from Demetrius and Frigitor and towards the wall.

But Frigitor saw the danger and threw himself upon Infernio with little regard for his own safety. He clawed at Infernio´s metal body leaving only dents and scratches, but he did succeed in drawing his attention.

Infernio turned towards him with a powerful downward blow which Frigitor only barely blocked with his wings.

Lith´iru then attacked Infernio, launching herself at him horns first and with lightning crackling through her body.

But Infernio saw her coming and readied himself for the blow. As she hit him, he staggered backwards for a moment, but then quickly regained footing and smashed his rock shield into her right side knocking her across the floor.

Infernio then turned towards her and a red light radiated from the crystal in his chest.

"Lith´iru!" yelled Frigitor as he flung himself towards Infernio just as a cone of flame erupted from the crystal.

Frigitor hit Infernio in the side with his entire weight and managed to make him stagger just enough that Lith´iru could escape the roaring flames.

Both of them then quickly fell back a few steps regaining their breath.

Lith´iru also suffered from wracking pain in her right side which only got worse when she moved. She could only assume that she had broken a rip or similar.

In the meantime Demetrius and Meltor were locked in deadly combat. Circling each other they momentarily clashed with claws and teeth before retreating.

None of them had been able to inflict more than scratching wounds upon the other in these meetings.

Meltor suddenly unleashed a cone of flames upon Demetrius, who quickly fell back out of reach. But Meltor had anticipated that and gathering a powerful wind behind him, he launched himself forward at blazing speed.

Demetrius did not reach to react before Meltor grabbed him and both of them rolled across the floor from the power of Meltor´s charge. But Demetrius had no intentions of staying in a lock with Meltor who was bigger than him and quickly turned into a dark cloud.

Reforming only a few meters away Demetrius quickly gathered dark energy in his claws and then unleashed a series of deadly shadow blades which flew towards Meltor.

But again Meltor showed his incredible speed as he dodged away from the blades and quickly attacked Demetrius with a series of fireballs.

Demetrius engulfed the fireballs in a cone of dark flames extinguishing them and then jumped towards Meltor. Landing in front of him Demetrius attacked with a flurry of stabs with his spear like tail blade forcing Meltor to protect himself with his wings.  

Demetrius then quickly evaporated into a cloud of shadow and moved to Meltor´s side before striking with a quick slash with his claws.

Meltor snarled in pain and immediately unleashed a powerful wind which radiated outwards from his body and knocked Demetrius away.

The battle continued to rage in the vault as the combatants crashed back and forth, but it was almost impossible to tell if anyone had the upper hand in the struggle.

However they were suddenly interrupted as a green dragon jumped came running into the room.

Meltor first smiled as the dragon entered believing it to be reinforcements, but then the dragon spoke.

"Meltor, the forces of Warfang have found the caves! They are surrounding us at this very moment!"

The battle died down in the vault instantly as everyone´s attention turned to the green dragon.

"What did you say?!" exclaimed Demetrius and Meltor at the same time.

"The forces of Warfang have found us!" repeated the green dragon quickly.

Demetrius was about to dismiss it as an impossibility when suddenly he felt it, the presence of an aura of darkness he only knew all too well. And she was not alone.

"If they are here, then it must be true!" he mumbled and snarled quietly before staring straight at Meltor.

"This struggle of ours has to wait! We stand no chance if we continue to fight each other´s now!" said Demetrius firmly. "Go organize the dragons now, I will gather the golems! We must keep them out of the main cave at all cost!"

Meltor stood still for a moment, his teeth still barred. He did not trust Demetrius one bit, but he was right that they stood little chance if they fought each other now.

"Lith´iru, Frigitor! Go get everyone gathered up now!" said Meltor turning his attention towards.

They both quickly nodded before rushing out of the vault.

Meltor then looked over at Demetrius. "This is not over!" he snarled before rushing of.

Demetrius watched Meltor disappear with a troubled expression. Not because of what Meltor had said, but because of what had happened. He had taken great care that they were not followed when they had pulled back to this place and to shroud his aura so Cynder could not track him. So how had he been found? It bothered him deeply.

"What are your orders, master?" asked Infernio suddenly ripping Demetrius out of his thoughts.

"Keep the enemy from breaching the main cave if at all possible, though I fear that it is already too late.  But if the main cave is breached, fall back to this vault with at least one Iron Warrior with the Earth Element" said Demetrius quickly. "I will prepare in the meantime."

"As you wish" said Infernio quickly and rushed of leaving Demetrius alone in the vault.

He looked over at the Purple Dragon. "You should be honored by the lengths she will go to, to get you back, I am not certain she would have done the same for me" he said quietly and sorrowfully, speaking to himself.

He then rushed out the door to vault closing it with shadowy hands behind him and sealing the lock. "I am not beaten yet!" he whispered as he hurried through the tunnels.
Next Ch: [link]

Hello all

A bit of a late upload, but only just finished (and was minorly distracted by Shogun 2, awesome game) but here is the next chapter.

I bet Meltor and Demetrius had not expected that to happen. But they are not beaten just yet. They have a few tricks left before this is over.

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Cynder and other characters asociated with Legend of Spyro (C) Sierra/Activision

Any other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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sarasarinski Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
A fight of epicness interrupted by a bigger fight that no one expected :)

Awsome chapter ;P
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you :)
sarasarinski Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
You're welcome :)
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
So Demetrius is aware of Spyro being inevitibly released?
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
He is aware that Gravi can release Spyro and he knows Gravi is there. But that does not necesarily mean he will let it happen without taking steps to prevent it.
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
But he doesn't know the side effects of the potion, does he?
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
No, he knows nothing of the side effec. He knows that Gravi someday if not right now can remove the field trapping Spyro and he knows they have been dangerously close to removing it in the past (remember it is him who created the field, he knows if something is affecting it).

It was what forced him to take action to prevent them from in time finding a way to remove the field. And now the battle has come to his doorstep instead.
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
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i hate it when fights are interrupted! :XD: good page, looking forward to more!
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Well it would not have been very wise to continue for either of them :)

But beleive me there is enough battle incomming in the next few chapters to sathe your hunger ;)
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good! :D
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