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A Dark Plot

Tironar was flying across the city of Warfang at great speed heading towards Vynin´s house. Glancing behind her she could see the battle raging near the wall and felt a short urge to turn around and go help out. But she quickly banished the thought. What she was doing could potentially win this war for them, she could not allow herself to be distracted.

The rage she had felt at the sight of Vecna had lessened and she could think more clearly again, and that had given room to doubt. What was Vecna and the Observer´s goal?

She knew it involved freeing Spyro, but there was no knowing if she was just being manipulated to help Vecna achieve some dark goal or even worse they were in league with Demetrius.

"Having second thoughts?" asked a chilling voice suddenly and Tironar felt a weight on her back.

Tironar her head so she could see the Observer sitting on her back. "What is Vecna´s goal?" asked Tironar coldly.

"Her goal?" said the Observer surprised and chuckled. "Her goal is primarily to help me. A better question would be what my goal is and to that I can only say that it is a personal matter. It is a goal I have pursued for longer than you can even fathom Guardian of Earth, but which I am finally seeing an end to, thanks in no small part to Ravina" continued the Observer sounding suddenly very tired and longing even if his face revealed nothing. "It is not a goal aligned with Demetrius in any way I can assure you."

"And what is the purple dragon´s role in this `goal´?" asked Tironar.

"All important, but no harm will come to him, his family or anyone else for that matter if everything goes as planned" said the Observer with a cold smile.

"Now I have already kept my part of our agreement just as you did, will you do as you planned? Try thinking about what the consequences will be if you don't do it, how many more will die?"

The Observer disappeared immediately after saying this leaving the last sentence hanging in the air like an almost tangible thing.

Tironar looked forward again and saw Vynin´s house not far ahead. She looked down on the small pouch she carried around her neck in which the potion was.

She felt a short sting of sorrow towards the task she was about to perform, but it was quickly swept aside by her determination. This was for the good of everyone, she could not dwell on the emotions of a single person. And once this was over, it was Vecna´s turn.

What Tironar could not know however was that her brother Ghronur was not far behind her. He had seen Tironar´s short battle from Warfang castle and though he had been unable to see who she was fighting, the red burst of energy had been all he needed to guess what was going on. And when Tironar had then set of away from the battle Ghronur had guessed what was going on and had followed with all haste.

Though it troubled him that he had to leave Carx, Larshyr and Zera undefended he knew this was far more important. He had to stop his sister from committing an inexcusable act.

It was these thoughts which filled Ghronur´s head and he did not see the dark red dragoness until it was too late.

A powerful shockwave hit him In the side without warning followed by a deafening screech which send him hurling towards the streets below.

Though the hit had been incredibly painful, Ghronur quickly righted himself and discovered to his surprise that he was unharmed.

"I can't let you stop her, too much depend  on it" said a voice above Ghronur a voice he recognized and his eyes widened even before he looked up.

Above him hovered Shar, the same dragoness who all those years had been Blazirin´s assistant and…Ghronur´s eyes narrowed. Off course, it all made sense now.

"Vecna!" snarled Ghronur anger building within him. Though not the all consuming fire his sister carried Ghronur also remembered the faithful night where Vecna had betrayed them all.

Vecna did not say anything but simply swooped down towards Ghronur her mouth wide open.

Another screech pierced the air and though Ghronur this time managed to protect his body with stone he was still hurled backwards by the force of a sound wave much more powerful than the first which had hit him.

"I told you to keep out of this or you would get hurt" said Vecna menacingly. Ghronur shook his head to get rid of the dizziness after the last blow and looked upwards. With a snarl he took to the air firing several rock missiles at Vecna.

She increased her altitude to avoid them and Ghronur immediately set of close to the top of the houses seeking to outrun her. He had to stop her sister.

A buzzing filled Ghronur´s ear and suddenly several red projectiles struck close past him and turned around headings straight towards him. Ghronur turned in the air to get clear and also managed it, only to feel Vecna slam down upon his back sending him hurling towards the ground.

He landed heavily in the street, cracks appearing in the stone beneath him, but he remained relatively unharmed.

Vecna landed in front of him even as he got to his feet. "I won't kill you, but I have to stop you."

"Why? What is your interest in this!" snarled Ghronur.

"I cannot say" said Vecna calmly. "But now, please, stand down or I will be forced to hurt you for real."

Ghronur jumped forward and lashed out with his claws in desperation. He had to get past her!

Vecna jumped backwards dodging the claws and quickly turned around and swept her scythe like tail blade at Ghronur.

Ghronur raised his wings in defense and then quickly slammed the ground with his forepaws sending out a shockwave which knocked Vecna off balance.

Quickly jumping into the air Ghronur once again tried to get away, but he was surprised as Vecna with remarkable agility got to her feet and caught his hind leg with her tail. Though the move dragged Vecna off balance due to Ghronur´s weight, it also forced Ghronur to land or risk crashing.

Ghronur angrily lashed out against Vecna with the mace like bone formation at the end of his tail. Vecna blocked his tail with one wing and then unleashed a new screech which shockwave send Ghronur flying across the ground.

"Please stop this, it is futile" said Vecna with a heavy sigh even as she walked towards Ghronur.

"Never. I promised my daughter to look after her children, to not let any harm come to them! Even if it means fighting my own sister, then I will do so!"
exclaimed Ghronur even as he rose to his feet.

Vecna stopped and looked at Ghronur with an almost sorrowful look in her eyes. "I have also made a promise both to myself and to a friend and it is that promise I am trying to keep now. I will not stand aside for anything."

Ghronur was just about to attack again when suddenly a fireball struck Vecna in the back.

Vecna let out a yell of pain even as she partially collapsed, but she quickly managed to get back on her feet and looked for the source of the attack.

"Carx!" exclaimed Ghronur even as the young dragon landed in front of him.

"What are you doing here!" continued Ghronur angrily as the first surprise disappeared. "I told you to stay with your brother!"

"I could not just stay back anymore when you just rushed of like that to follow the Earth Guardian, so I followed you" said Carx. "And it seems it was a good idea I did so" continued Carx  watching Vecna.  His eyes suddenly widened in surprise "Shar?!"

"Yes that is Shar or Vecna as she is also called. She is dragoness with the fear element who my sister has been hunting for many years" said Ghronur quickly even as he moved partially in front of Carx to protect him. "Turns out she was Shar the entire time."

Though he was angry at Carx for not doing as he was told, he could not deny that he was running out of time and needed help. "Are you ready, Carx?"

Before any of them could react however Vecna jumped into the air.

She felt throbbing pain from her burned back, but  it had not hurt the base of her wings for which she was grateful. Her eyes dwelled on Carx for a few seconds and he meet her gaze unflinching. "I cannot fight him" mumbled Vecna to herself and then turned around and flew off with all her speed. "I have held him of long enough anyway."

"Hey come back here!" exclaimed Carx and was about to fly after Vecna when Ghronur stopped him.

"She is not important right now" said Ghronur.

"Then what is important?" asked Carx immediately.

"That you head back to your brother right now!" growled Ghronur showing the anger he felt at Carx for following him.

Carx was not scared however and simply looked at Ghronur defiantly. "Why? I wish to help in this battle, why can I not do that?!"

Ghronur slammed his right paw into the ground next to Carx with such force that it created small cracks in the stone. For several seconds Ghronur did not say anything, but suddenly he let out a deep sigh and got a more gentle look.

"Look, Carx this is not the time for you to be stubborn. I promised your mother to look after you, but there is something I have to do. In the meantime I need you to look after your brother and Zera while I deal with this. It is important you do as I say" said Ghronur gently, but firmly.
"But…" started Carx.

"No buts'!" interrupted Ghronur him. "Head back now!" Ghronur walked a little away from Carx to get room to set off into the air. There he looked back at Carx and said "but thank you for coming to my aid."

He then set of with all his speed to try and catch up with his sister before it was too late.

He only looked back once to make sure Carx was flying back towards the castle.

Meanwhile the battle was raging out on the fields in front of Warfang.  The forces of Warfang had almost been surrounded by the sudden appearance of Iron Statues coming out of the ground, but due to a valiant effort from the Barashi Stonar and several dragons who had landed to help out on the ground, a small opening back to the gates of Warfang was still held. Through this they were slowly falling back towards the gates.

But Infernio had no intentions of letting them go so easily. He stood next to the corpse of a red dragon he had beheaded when it attacked him and directed the Iron warriors from a distance. But now he prepared to hurl himself into the fray with his sword and close the ring around the forces of Warfang.

But even as he raised his sword up to get ready to attack, he heard the rustling of grass behind him. Turning around he instinctively raised his sword in defense as a large axe struck against him. The axe and the sword clashed for just a moment before Infernio pulled away.

Infernio raised his sword into a ready position. In front of him stood Moro, the leader of the apes. She was wearing a heavy breastplate, though her movements did not seem to be hindered at all and she carried her axe like it did not weigh anything.

Behind her Infernio could see dozens of bats with apes on their backs approaching the battle as well as several larger apes appearing from a forest at the edge of the plains.

He was soon forced to focus on Moro however as she swung another blow towards him.

He blocked it with his sword and pushed back against Moro forcing the weapons together. Lightning arched from his blade to Moro´s axe and through it into Moro making her clear white fur stand. But if she felt any pain she did not show it as she held the lock for a few seconds before jumping backwards.

"Now this is a sight. The pitiful Apes are coming to help their age old enemy the dragons" said Infernio and laughed in his cold metallic voice.

Moro barred her teeth in a devilish grin. "We are not here for any such nonsense. We are only here to avenge your betrayal."

Infernio laughed even harder. "What could you pitiful creatures even hope to do against us?"

Moro swung her axe in wide arc once again clashing with Infernio's sword. "You just watch what we can do!" she snarled.

The apes fell upon the iron statues with all the ferocity they were usually known for and though these unexpected allies came as quite a surprise to the forces of Warfang with more than a few cases where the forces of Warfang thought the apes were a new enemy. But it quickly became clear that was not the case and the forces of Warfang welcomed any help they got.

The Observer also watched the battle from the wall. Sitting silently upon the battlements his eyes roamed the chaos below, taking it all in. One could almost mistake him for being asleep if they saw him from the distance so still he was.

But if someone had seen him just a moment later the impression would have been an entirely different as his staff lying across his crossed legs flared up in a blinding flash even as the Observer jumped to his feet and moments later disappeared without a trace.
Next Chapter: [link]

Hello All

A chapter primarily taking place behind the lines, but that does not mean the battle does not continue to shift back and forth on the plains.

Next chapter will so the revealation of Demetrius plans.

Demetrius (C) :iconbegorle01:

Spryo and any character from Legend of Spyro (C) Sierra/Activision

Any other characters (C) me

See ya next time
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begorle01 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
very good, it seems we are nearing the ending. i am sure it will be a blast.
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
The end of the battle yes. But will it be the end of the war?
begorle01 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
i bet the warriors of Warfang want it to be. :lol:
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah and Demetrius too, though probably with a different outcome than the warriors of Warfang :)
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Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Oh and Thank you :)
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011
If only Carx knew who Vecna truely was. :(
Triforce-Dragon Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah she is a person with alot of secrets and i am only scratching the surface so far.
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011
That's great!
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