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Hello everyone

So with Metroid: Rogue coming to a close I want to share more details on the next project I am likely to start, Final Fantasy IX: Rain of Remembrance.

Before I do that though a bit of an update on my Legend of Spyro stuff. I do want to finish of that story at some point and I have a rough idea of what I want to tell for the final part, but I am lacking the spark to start it, sorry.

Now as for Rain of Remembrance.

Final Fantasy IX was my first and remains my favorite Final Fantasy game. First time I played it I was too young to truly understand what was going on in the story, all the characters struggle with death in various forms, but I loved the designs and the gameplay.

I have played it many times since then and now I understand what was happening in the story and it only added to my enjoyment of the game. Vivi, our adorable and troubled black mage remains among my favorite videogame characters of all time.

But another character also caught my attention with her sad backstory which was only worsened by the tragedies that struck her and her people during the course of the story. I am off course talking about Freya Crescent of Burmecia who sadly after the second half of disc 2 has much less presence in the story and whose main character plotline regarding her lost love Fratley goes mostly unresolved within the game.

It has long been a desire of me to do a story which followed up on Freya’s story from FFIX and resolved that plotline and now I finally feel I got a decent idea of how I might do so.

As I mentioned in my last journal the story will pick up a few years after the end of Final Fantasy IX. How long, I don’t know exactly yet, but enough that the kingdoms of the mist continent have mostly rebuilt.

We will follow Freya and Fratley as a chance event puts them on the trail of Fratley’s journey after he left Burmecia all those years ago and we will follow them as they uncover what happened to him and perhaps, just perhaps, find a way to bring back those memories he lost, all told from the perspective of Freya herself.

This journey will take our two characters across the breath of the mist continent (no plans to go beyond currently) and will see them interact with a number of characters from the game, showing glimpses of what may have happened in the time since the game ended.

An important thing to note is that I will be writing this from the stand point that Freya and any of the other playable characters from FFIX were pretty much as powerful as you could become in that game when they saved the world. In gameplay terms, level 99 with their most powerful weapon, Dragon’s Hair in Freya’s case, and all abilities.

What this means is that each of the characters, including Freya, will be leagues and bounds ahead of just about anyone else in terms of combat ability. The story will look a bit upon how this now puts Freya far ahead of Fratley in terms of ability and how strange that is. Do not think though that just because Freya wields immense power now that there will be no threat in the story. There are beings, both man and monster which can still challenge even someone as mighty as Freya under the right circumstances. And some old scores might also need to be settled on this long journey.

But ultimately the focus is on Freya and Fratley and Freya’s attempts to help him remember who he once was, what they once had.

I already have most of the story planned out and I expect it to be shorter than Metroid: Rogue, but before I start writing I have some research to do. I remember Final Fantasy IX well and I love it as a game, which is why I want to go back, through the wonderful use of youtube, and check a number of key scenes and character moments to try and aim for making things as faithful as possible to the characters of the game.

Can’t say when the first chapter will be up, but I hope you will enjoy the story once I start work on it.

See ya later


Hello everyone

So with Metroid: Rogue coming to a close I want to share more details on the next project I am likely to start, Final Fantasy IX: Rain of Remembrance.

Before I do that though a bit of an update on my Legend of Spyro stuff. I do want to finish of that story at some point and I have a rough idea of what I want to tell for the final part, but I am lacking the spark to start it, sorry.

Now as for Rain of Remembrance.

Final Fantasy IX was my first and remains my favorite Final Fantasy game. First time I played it I was too young to truly understand what was going on in the story, all the characters struggle with death in various forms, but I loved the designs and the gameplay.

I have played it many times since then and now I understand what was happening in the story and it only added to my enjoyment of the game. Vivi, our adorable and troubled black mage remains among my favorite videogame characters of all time.

But another character also caught my attention with her sad backstory which was only worsened by the tragedies that struck her and her people during the course of the story. I am off course talking about Freya Crescent of Burmecia who sadly after the second half of disc 2 has much less presence in the story and whose main character plotline regarding her lost love Fratley goes mostly unresolved within the game.

It has long been a desire of me to do a story which followed up on Freya’s story from FFIX and resolved that plotline and now I finally feel I got a decent idea of how I might do so.

As I mentioned in my last journal the story will pick up a few years after the end of Final Fantasy IX. How long, I don’t know exactly yet, but enough that the kingdoms of the mist continent have mostly rebuilt.

We will follow Freya and Fratley as a chance event puts them on the trail of Fratley’s journey after he left Burmecia all those years ago and we will follow them as they uncover what happened to him and perhaps, just perhaps, find a way to bring back those memories he lost, all told from the perspective of Freya herself.

This journey will take our two characters across the breath of the mist continent (no plans to go beyond currently) and will see them interact with a number of characters from the game, showing glimpses of what may have happened in the time since the game ended.

An important thing to note is that I will be writing this from the stand point that Freya and any of the other playable characters from FFIX were pretty much as powerful as you could become in that game when they saved the world. In gameplay terms, level 99 with their most powerful weapon, Dragon’s Hair in Freya’s case, and all abilities.

What this means is that each of the characters, including Freya, will be leagues and bounds ahead of just about anyone else in terms of combat ability. The story will look a bit upon how this now puts Freya far ahead of Fratley in terms of ability and how strange that is. Do not think though that just because Freya wields immense power now that there will be no threat in the story. There are beings, both man and monster which can still challenge even someone as mighty as Freya under the right circumstances. And some old scores might also need to be settled on this long journey.

But ultimately the focus is on Freya and Fratley and Freya’s attempts to help him remember who he once was, what they once had.

I already have most of the story planned out and I expect it to be shorter than Metroid: Rogue, but before I start writing I have some research to do. I remember Final Fantasy IX well and I love it as a game, which is why I want to go back, through the wonderful use of youtube, and check a number of key scenes and character moments to try and aim for making things as faithful as possible to the characters of the game.

Can’t say when the first chapter will be up, but I hope you will enjoy the story once I start work on it.

See ya later


The first thing I felt was a splitting headache which jacked me awake. I tried opening my eyes, but the world only slowly started to return to me, I could see the inside of my helmet and a bright light shining through the visor. Voices tethered at the edge of my hearing, slowly becoming clearer.

“Doctor, I think she is waking up,” said a man’s voice somewhere to my left.

“Unlock the restraints, dampen the light,” answered a woman’s voice somewhere in front of me, getting louder even as a figure leaned in over me, a shadow against the bright light behind her which was slowly dimming, “Samus Aran, can you hear me?”

I felt something slide of my wrist and I slowly raised a hand displaying a thumbs up even as I spoke, “yeah, I can hear you.”

“Good, easy now, take it slow. You have been out for a bit and while no lasting injuries are apparent we cannot be certain,” said the same woman in a gentle voice.

I slowly sat up, feeling a bit dizzy as I did, the world now coming into focus. I was in a lab of some kind or hospital, I had been there before or at least somewhere similar.

Three people stood around me in white doctor’s coats and I could help but notice two marines at the only visible door. They were unarmed, but nonetheless watched me.  

“Am I in the Federation HQ? How long was I out?” I asked slowly as I turned to the nearest person, a young doctor, likely who had spoken.

“You have been out roughly a day since you were recovered from a drop pod on the seafloor, not far from the wreckage of the GFS Valhalla from what I have been told,” told the doctor gently, “how are you feeling?”

“Lightheaded, slight headache,” I noted.

The doctor nodded and moved closer, “would you mind removing your helmet? While we ran a scan of your body, and beyond a few bruises everything checks out fine, I would like to do checkup on your head as you might have a concussion.”

“Understood,” I said eyeing the marines for a moment and I could see one briefly speak into his comm unit, but made no other moves beyond watching me. I was a bit on guard, not knowing what had happened.

The doctor quickly examined my head, turning it and lifting my hair even as she asked me a range of questions regarding my wellbeing. The dizziness of earlier was rapidly disappearing now, along with the headache and the doctor soon smiled.

“Everything checks out, but just in case keep an eye out for any symptoms like memory problems, nausea, headaches or dizziness,” she said logging something to a data pad. “Now, I have been informed that upon waking up you were to be escorted to a nearby room for a meeting, provided you feel well enough for that?”

I picked up my helmet, carefully tugging away my long hair as I put it on. “Yeah, I am fine now.”

“Splendid, I believe the two gentlemen over there will show you the way,” said the doctor gesturing to the marines.

I nodded and stood up, still on guard even as I approached them. One of them opened the door as I approached, the other one saluting me. “Please follow us, Samus,” the one saluting me said respectfully, making me ease up somewhat as they led me out the door.

They led me down a short corridor into a series of hallways, though we only headed straight ahead for a little while before they turned to a door on the right, opening it and directing me inside.

They did not follow me in even as I entered a small office. Two chairs had been set up with a table in between, datapads strewn across it and Commander Merak was standing next to one chair. He was out of his armor and instead in full commander dress uniform, greeting me as I entered.

“Good to see you are okay, Samus Aran,” he said with a quick salute.

“Commander,” I answered politely even as I walked forward, “may I ask what this is about.”

Merak sighed a bit, but then smiled, “pretty much everything really. I have been given the task of debriefing you following the events of the last six months or so, as well as a small mountain of other things. But first and foremost…”

He walked a bit away from the chair and bowed deeply towards me. “On behalf of the Federation and the majority of its ruling Council I extend an official pardon for the alleged breach of orders and unsanctioned destruction of SR388. Furthermore, I am to apologize on their behalf for the injustice visited upon you and present numerous compensations for the problems this wrong sentence caused you over the span of the last four months. They also extend their thanks for helping to unravel this conspiracy that had festered within their ranks,” he said firmly and precisely before raising his head again.

I looked at him a bit surprised by it all, but also slowly relaxing completely. One big question was starting to rise in the back of my head even as I spoke, “thank you, it is good to know that this is over. But how come you were tasked with this instead of the council itself explaining it all.”

Merak seemed to sigh heavily even as he sat down, gesturing to the other chair. I followed his lead and sat down.

“The council, and most of the Federation HQ, is in complete chaos. While the attack was not dangerous, thanks to you, Adam and Anthony’s actions, the information you recovered from the conspirators’ space station and which Adam delivered to the council was substantial,” told Merak.

“The Council members present, realizing the danger they had been in, were quick to trust each other seeing as they had all been targeted, but outside of that no one knows who can be trusted or not. The information recovered mentioned few names beyond who were already known,” continued Merak, resting his head upon his hands and seeming very tired.

“I was deemed trustworthy due to my actions in the conflict and assigned to this task while they are still debating and trying to decide on the best cause of action. For now, any Council members not present at the building has been put under house arrest at whatever location they were at,” he continued, “but this is going to take a while and the council felt it important that you be thanked for your actions, even if they will probably have more to say once things quiet down.”

He raised his head a bit and smiled, “oh and none of this leaves this building. The council is trying to minimize how many people know the exact details of what happened before they are ready to make an official announcement on the events. For all everyone else know for now the planet was simply attacked by a group of zealous, but foolish space pirates who had captured the wreckage of the Valhalla.”

I nodded in understanding, before speaking. “If you don’t mind me asking, where is Anthony and Adam, oh and Thrusk for that matter.”

“Anthony has suspended from the force for aiding an, at the time, known criminal. He is to stay on the planet, with full pay, until further investigation is done,” said Merak and I was about to protest when I saw him smiling.

“The fact that he aided you while you were a known criminal cannot be ignored, but this is not a punishment, more like vacation. He will have a few weeks to rest and will then be brought back in with honors once the entire thing has at least somewhat blown over,” told Merak, “as for Adam he is still on your ship and has been in communication with the council, frequently requesting status updates on you. He has been given information on most of what is going on, including possibilities for his own future which he will be able to discuss with you. As for Thrusk…”

Merak’s expression became grim and his voice dropped a bit, “Thrusk is considered a trustworthy commander and is aiding the effort to unveil this entire problem, but in private he has expressed a desire to retire. The doomed mission which saw the loss of his platoon as well as the ambush aboard the communication station has shaken him deeply as he considers himself responsible for the dead, to the point where he volunteered to ram the Valhalla should all else fail. He will be receiving counseling as soon as I can arrange for it.”

“I see,” I said slowly, “I hope he gets better.”

“So do I,” said Merak simply even as he turned to the datapads in front of him.

“Now I am sorry to say it, but I will have to ask for as detailed a report as possible about everything you did since the incident at SR388. Adam has already supplied ship logs, but we will need verification as well as your own words on the events, provided you feel well enough for it,” said Merak clearly seeming tired at the mere prospect of it, “should I call for some refreshments?”

“That would be a good idea I think,” I said even as felt slightly tired myself at the idea of what was going to happen.

By the time I was done recounting the events that had led to this point evening was falling outside and though Merak admitted that several other things remained we agreed to wait for tomorrow with them.

Instead I headed out to find my ship and was led out of the building and directed to a landing platform atop one of the many hotels around the Federation HQ. As I walked through the streets I drew countless stares from other people walking around me, many stopping to look after me, but I only noticed the signs that a battle had taken place in the city not long before.

Cracked walls and smashed glass marred a storefront where it was clear a battle with the ground bound diversionary space pirate force had taken place. I did spot several marines standing guard or patrolling the streets as well, but otherwise things seemed calm.

I reached the hotel, taking the elevator to the top after only a brief verification from the clerk at the counter and found my gunship in perfect condition. It opened as I approached and as I took the lift up into the ship a well-known voice greeted me.

“Welcome aboard, lady,” said Adam a note of relief in his voice.

“Good to be back, Commander,” I answered with a smile even as I looked around. “Everything in one piece it seems.”

“Yeah, they were quick to switch focus to the Valhalla when it came into view. I assume everything is okay with you as well?” he asked with some concern and after a moment adding, “and why must it always end with you outrunning an exploding or crashing ship or space station.”

“Call it natural talent,” I said with a smile even as I sat down in my pilot chair, dematerializing my power suit and leaning back with a deep breath, “I am quite fine. I will need to have a scan done regarding the new effect from the metroid vaccine, but it can wait a few days. Think I have earned a bit of downtime.”

“You could take it slow till the end of your days and no one would be able to criticize it in any way,” said Adam.

“But we both know I would not be able to do so,” I answered still smiling as I leaned over the controls a large number of messages popping up, mostly Federation stuff. Thanks from various council members and the like. Adam seemed to have answered most, but my attention was drawn to one from Anthony which had remained unopened.

I opened it and was greeted with the words Hey Princess.

If you are reading this then you should be back on your feet for which I will be grateful. I have a few weeks off now apparently so I was wondering if you wanted to hit a bar and celebrate getting out of this mess alive, my treat.
Just contact me when you have the chance.


I smiled as I closed the message and leaned back wondering how to respond. I recalled him having talked about it back on Aether and wondered if I should take him up on it. Could not even remember when I had last just hit a bar.

I would also have to visit Aether again. U-Mos needed to know that everything was okay and there were other Luminoth I really needed to thank for their aid even if they would probably brush it off as the least they could do considering my past deeds for them.

I slowly sat up and focused on the purple dot on the screen.

“What are your plans now Adam?” I asked.

“That is still a bit up in the air,” he said slowly, “I have been in contact with the council and they have in fact already issued me and you a new mission, but one a bit different from the usual fare.”

“How so?” I asked a bit surprised.

“They are not asking it to be completed anytime soon, should you accept, in fact things need to quiet down before they can truly follow up on it,” said Adam, “and it is an escort mission.”

“Who would I be escorting and where?” I asked not quite sure where this was going.

“You would be escorting me to the Aliehs III shipyards where I will be integrated into the construction of a new Olympus-Class battleship which has been under construction to replace the Valhalla,” told Adam, “I will be part of a new initiative to upgrade existing AI with exemplar performance into a new Aurora Unit instead of building a new AI from scratch.”

“They are making you into an AU?” I exclaimed in surprise.

“That is the offer I have been given, though I am fully able to turn it down at which point I would be cut loose from the Federation military under the condition that I remained with you,” told Adam.

We were both silent for a bit as it sank in for me, but finally I asked, “what do you want?”

“Being reunited with you and able to aid you on this past mission has been great, Samus,” said Adam his voice upbeat in a way I rarely remembered it, “we have accomplished something I doubt anyone else could have done and stopped a vicious coup against the Federation. It has truly been an honor working with you.”

“Likewise, commander,” I replied with a smile, though I also knew what came next.

“But,” he continued, his voice lowering a bit and becoming more calm and firm, “I am not a bounty hunter, I am a commander as you said yourself. The Federation is my home and as an AU, one aboard an Olympus-class ship at that, I feel I can aid the Federation in the best way.”

“I expected you to say that,” I said feeling a tiny sting of sorrow, but just knowing that Adam still lived in some form was enough to banish that thought.

Adam said nothing, but instead opened a note on the message offering the mission, the reward offered for bringing him there. “The Federation is offering to build you a new ship to replace the one lost at SR388,” he said even as I read through it, confirming that it was a deal similar to when ship I was sitting in currently was built, only this time it would be free.

“Well I could always use another ship. It seems like they get destroyed about as much as I lose parts of the suit,” I said jokingly even as I leaned back, “but let us not go right now. After all they wanted us to wait for things to quiet down and I think I want to take Anthony up on his offer.”

“Sounds like a good idea, I will stay in touch with the AU of the Federation HQ to see when things are under control on their end,” said Adam even as I started contacting Anthony.

It was already late so we decided to meet the next day at a bar not far from the Federation marine base, apparently a bit of a hangout spot for the local marines.
It was easy enough to find, a rather large place brightly lit from the outside and impossible to miss in the growing dark of the evening.

Anthony had arrived ahead of time and was already inside. He had suggested I arrive separately and outside of power suit to see how long it would take before anyone recognized me, just to see that look on their faces. To this extend I once again found myself in civilian clothes, pulled over my zero suit, a loose hood pulled over my head and holding most of my hair even as I headed inside.

The music was loud and the entire bar buzzed with life, mostly marines off duty going by the number of uniforms among the bar patrons. A few screens behind the counter showed the latest news, including a broadcast about my own involvement in the recent events.

Looking around I quickly spotted Anthony sitting at the counter, conversing with two other marines on his right.

I moved up, taking the seat on his left even as I felt slightly uncomfortable. I could not remember when I had last been somewhere like this and even then it was not places I frequented often.

Anthony turned away from the two marines briefly. “Glad you could make it,” he said giving me a confident smile before ordering a drink for me and turning back to his conversation with the other two marines. I sipped at my drink as it arrived, listening in on the conversation as I did.

“Why was it you ended up at the Valhalla anyway? Who did you piss off?” asked one of the marines, the one sitting furthest from me.  

“No one really, as it turned out, someone just wanted to use me as leverage against Samus Aran,” told Anthony.

“Samus Aran, the bounty hunter Samus Aran?” asked the other marine in disbelief and I noticed Anthony nodding confidently in response.

“As if, man,” laughed the first marine, “you were to be used as leverage against the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy?”

“We were in the same platoon back when Samus Aran was in the Federation army. Still talk to her every once in a while,” told Anthony in a confident tone, though I could only imagine he was finding their skepticism rather hilarious with me sitting right next to him. I was also starting to find it rather funny and wanted to see just how far Anthony was going to pull this.

“Yeah we know, you have told us that like a dozen times over the years,” said the second marine, “yet you have never been able to back it up that you knew her personally.”

“Well she is in the city right now, who do you think brought down the repaired Valhalla,” told Anthony, “told me she might even stop by and have a drink.

Both marines laughed clearly not believing Anthony. “If she is still planet side she is probably at the Federation HQ right now getting paid then. I mean, I heard she has destroyed planets, she probably has better things to do than visit a bar like this,” said the first marine skeptically.

“I doubt she has even destroyed a planet,” said the second marine and quickly tuned to Anthony, “I mean don’t get me wrong, no doubt she has earned her reputation, but one person destroying a planet seems more than a little farfetched.”

“True that,” said the second marine and they both took a large sip of their respective drinks. He then looked towards me, “anyway I don’t think you have introduced your friend, Anthony, who is she?”

I was about to answer, turning my head towards him when I noticed the first marine looking towards me, his gaze resting on me for a few moments as if he was checking me out even as he took a sip of his drink.

He had barely done so before I saw his eyes widen and his gaze shifted to the screens above, an image of me out of my power suit on one of them and back to me. He seemed to nearly choke on his drink, managing to down it before letting out a few coughs.

His buddy turned to help him and Anthony took the chance to look at me with the biggest grin on his face, obviously nearly cracking up at this point. Focusing on the two marines again, the first marine was pointing at me even as he struggled to form words, his friend turning to look at me and now the same look of realization crossed his face.

I smiled even as I raised my drink, any feelings of discomfort I had had gone as I watched the two marines’ reactions. “If you have to ask, my actions have resulted in few more blank spaces on the star charts, but the exact circumstances have varied,” I said confidently even as I downed the rest of my drink and turned to Anthony.

“And even the galaxies greatest bounty hunter sometimes needs someone to watch her back,” I said even as I fist bumbed Anthony.

“Not sure you really need me to watch your back, but I will take the compliment,” said Anthony and now let himself laugh a bit as he turned to the other two marines, raising his own drink.

I smiled at the two marines as they started to regain their composure and then ordered a new drink as I turned to them, “so, got any stories to share?”
Metroid: Rogue: Final Chapter

Been a long ride, but this is the end. Not sure everything turned out the way I originally envisioned it, but i am honestly glad I finished this as my activity level has been less than stellar since I started it. 

Anyway hope you enjoyed this little story about Samus Aran.

Metroid and all things related (C) Nintendo

See ya next time
Going Down with the Ship

I headed right out of the xeno-research lab, passing through the port observation deck. It had been covered almost completely in sheets of Jovian steel, allowing me no view of what was going on outside.

I headed onwards to a connecting junction, the Aurora access corridor right ahead. Beyond that was where I assumed I would find the AI as the ships systems all converged there.

I met no resistance as I headed through the junction, entering the access corridor and coming face to face with a heavy security bulkhead. It seemed to be a repaired defense and a quick scan of the nearby console told me it had been disconnected from the network.

But I also knew that there were more ways one could get around it, just as long as there was still power running towards the console.

I quickly switched on my heat visor and watched the glowing line of energy running towards the console, but being cut of just before it.

Kneeling down on the floor where the energy line ended, I scanned for weaknesses in the floor. I was happy to find out that the floor had high amounts of Talloric alloy from a quick repair to where it had been broken open and switching to morph ball for a moment I blasted the floor open with a bomb.

I had to dig through a few pipes before I reached the powerline below and found the point where the powerline had been severed from the console. Bringing up my plasma weaponry, I activated the welder function and got to work reconnecting the powerline to the console.
As I worked I hailed Adam.

“What is the status out there, Adam?” I asked.

“I have picked up Anthony and he got a few choice words for you that I will not be repeating right now,” said Adam. His voice become a bit more worried as he continued, “though as for the battle, things could be going better.”

“I managed to get two frigates and a few smaller ships to engage the Valhalla and I can only assume more ships are on the way now that they know an Olympus-class ship is heading for the planet, but I don’t know if it will be fast enough.”

“They quickly disabled the shields and weaponry of the enemy frigate and two platoons, Merak’s along with Thrusk and another platoon has just boarded the frigate to take it down while the other two other frigates focus on the Valhalla.”

“But it is not really dealing any damage. The shields seem to be near full strength compared to a fresh Olympus-class ship and the few weapons active on the ship have proven ruthlessly effective. I doubt the ships here currently can stop it before it gets planet side,” told Adam.

“Got it, I am approaching the AI. I will shut it down and end this,” I said confidently even as I finished welding up the powerline and hacked the now reactivated console.
The bulkhead opened moments later only to reveal a second bulkhead not far behind it.

“Oh you have got to be…” I said exasperated.

“Samus?” asked Adam.

“I’ll get back to you,” I said as I cut the line, scanning the console, finding it to be the same problem as before.

I immediately got to work, locating the cut powerline and blasting open the floor with a bomb before I got to work on welding the powerline. As I worked the AI’s voice came over the loudspeaker.

Please turn back Samus, I will open the way to the hangar, let your gunship land and you can leave. Don’t throw your life away.

“Nothing thrown at me so far has been able to take me down, what makes you think you can?” I asked firmly.

I don’t think I can, but you are unlikely to survive the crash of this ship.

“Why are you so worried about me? I know you said you are conflicted by the nature of your goal, but why specifically do you want me gone,” I asked slightly puzzled. I added with a slightly more confident tone, “are you worried?”


The voice was loud, almost shouting, despite being just as emotionless as the rest of the AI’s speech. It continued in a slightly more peaceful tone.

I am worried about my prime directives. It is hard enough to deal with the conflict of killing to save people, but I am under directive to secure your survival if at all possible as well and right now that directive is clashing with the main goal of my plan…no, my creators plan.

“The conspiracy does seem to have wanted to keep me out of way as much as possible,” I said and grinned to myself, “yet it really has not worked out for you.”

No and many mistakes were made in the attempt to keep you out of the loop. Chiefly though it was that not even I could have predicted you would break into the Federation HQ just to try and gain info. We had to move up our plans a sizeable amount to account for your operations, but I am confident the mission can still be successfully carried out.
“We shall see about that,” I said.

I finished up the welding, the bulkhead opening and I let out a sigh of relief as I saw no third bulkhead ahead of me. But at the same time what the AI said was on my mind.

Obviously I was not slowing down. Anything that was messing up the AI’s priorities was good for me, but it seemed obvious at this point that this AI was deeply troubled by what was going on. I decided to voice a question that came to me even as I headed towards the hatch leading into the Aurora Chamber.

“How will you be escaping the ship when it crashes?” I asked. There was a short silence even as I opened the hatch to the Aurora chamber, the answer coming just as I entered.

I won’t be. I am not programmed for self-preservation. Not that I could escape even if my programming allowed it.

As I looked through the large room towards where the Aurora unit would have been I instead saw a mess of wires and cables, all converging on a relatively small machine with a single round dark grey sphere attached in the middle.

Around the room several Zebesian space pirates turned towards me as I entered, five drones buzzing through the air coming to a similar halt and two heavy turrets on either side of the raised Aurora platform pointed their guns at me, but none attacked.

Suddenly several spots on the sphere lit up as the AI spoke once again.

And here we stand. I can’t kill you and killing me won’t change anything. I have locked in the collision trajectory of the ship. Only by accessing the ships computer or destroying the ship’s engines can it be changed now. You can’t reach the engines and I am the computer, so go ahead, see if you can change me. I can’t even change myself.

I did not even bother to try. Encrypted consoles and codes were no problem, but an AI with all the computing power necessary to remain active was beyond the scope of what I could hack. Instead I scanned the machinery around it, looking for some measure or way to disrupt the ship.

I appreciate that you are not just attacking me. Destroying me would be a pointless endeavor as I have already outlined, but more so than that I won’t be making it out of this mission functional. To not have to spend my last moments fighting would be appreciated.

“Is dying really all you were created to do? An expendable pawn on a suicide mission?” I asked feeling that same anger I had long felt at how little regard the conspiracy seemed to have for the lives around them.

No, I was created as an overseer and planner of their operations. I have been in many locations throughout the galaxy and coordinated the rebuilding of the Valhalla as well as many other missions. And as the facilities expanded I was also put in control of the Zebesian space pirate clones and later the metroids, though you proved that was less effective than we had thought. This is simply my final mission.

The ship shook gently and my instruments told me we were entering the atmosphere of the Federation’s main planet, though we were still some ways of from the Federation HQ.

“Could you really carry on the mission if it was certain that I would die in the impact?” I asked trying to figure out if I could exploit the AI’s clash of priorities. At the same time, I shifted my visor to look for heat sources, searching for something, anything that I could exploit.

The mission has priority over your survival in all but the most extreme circumstances. I do not want to see you dead, but I do not have a say in the matter.

“I see, that is unfortunate,” I said gently even as something struck me. The AI I was looking at was no Aurora Unit, just off the same basic type, like Adam, there was no way it should be able to run a ship of this size, it simply lacked the necessary processing power.

In short there had to be a sizeable computer system connected to the AI, the same computer system which now controlled the descent trajectory of the ship. If I destroyed that system, the control of everything would be forced back to the AI and I could disable the ship through it.

But where was it…

I scanned the room with my heat visor and X-ray visor now looking for anything that stood out or which might indicate a large computer system, even as the AI spoke again.

I am approaching my destination. I must ask that you evacuate now. Don’t throw your life away.

I did not answer having noticed a gentle glow at the bottom of the raised Aurora platform through my heat visor. Something down there was generating a lot of heat in this otherwise cold ship.

I leapt forward and reached the Aurora platform, walking past the AI.

What are you doing?

“Stopping you,” I said firmly.

I had barely finished the sentence before I leapt aside as a Zebesian space pirate jumped me. I kicked him over the edge of the platform, but the drones above opened fire.

I did not have time to deal with and instead rushed behind the mess of wires and cables, looking for a maintenance hatch. Finding one I opened it and leapt in.

I had not gotten far in the cramped tunnels before another space pirate popped up in front of me, leaping of the wall as I turned a corner. It slammed into me and threw me against the opposite wall, grabbing my arms with its pincers.

I kicked it hard in the stomach sending it flying into the opposite wall and changed to morph ball mode, dashing out of there, but I was stopped by a sealed safety hatch.

Switching out of morph ball I blasted it open with a super missile even as two more space pirates turned the corner behind me.

Opening fire upon them I backed into the room I had opened, the hatch closing behind me.
Quickly turning around, I found myself in what looked to have once been a cooling unit for the Aurora unit, large transparent tubes running along the edge of the room and up towards where the Aurora would have been, but now it had been replaced with a large collection of computer towers.

The space pirates entered, but did not fire upon me, instead attacking with their pincers, more space pirates running towards the room behind them.

Taking a quick decision, I entered morph ball mode and activated a power bomb.

The entire ship heaved as thrusters sputtered and died, before coming back online moments later as the wave of heat swept through the room, destroying computers and space pirates alike.

A heavily distorted voice was heard from somewhere outside the room.

You…what have you done! I can’t…I can’t hold…I am...

I was prevented from listening further as Adam cut in over the comm even as I made my way back towards the AI.

“The conspiracy frigate is heading in your direction, the commanders Anhur-class ships breaking off from their boarding maneuver. I have no idea what is going on,” stated Adam quickly.

Before I could wonder about it through an open signal was picked up by the comm, coming from the frigate. Putting it on I was greeted by commander Thrusk’s voice.

“This is commander Thrusk Lindner hailing the G.F.S. Valhalla from a Griffin-class frigate, I am on an interception course and prepared to ram you at full speed unless you seize all forward movement,” said the echoing voice, though it was underlain by a harshness and sorrow.

I stopped in the maintenance corridor even as I hailed Thrusk.

“Samus Aran here, do not do anything drastic Thrusk, I got this under control now!” I shouted through the comm.

“Samus? You aboard the Valhalla?” sounded a surprised voice.

“Yes and I will have the ship disabled shortly. Just hold off,” I said.

“I will hold off for two minutes, but I cannot afford to wait any longer or the Valhalla will be too close to the headquarters,” said Thrusk his voice grim, “I will not take any chances on this, too much is at stake.”

Both of us were cutoff as the AI suddenly came over the line.

No need to take any chances, I surrender.

With that I felt the ship shake and I could confirm on my instruments that the Valhalla’s forward speed was dropping.

“Why now?” I asked out loud to the AI.

Because my mission is now impossible, which leaves me with just two last directives to follow. One is protecting you, making sure you get to safety.

The entire room was bathed in red light and an alarm started blaring.

And the other is to insure no evidence falls into your hands. The Olympus-Class ships were never designed for prolonged in atmosphere operation, especially not one as damaged as this one. Without forward momentum it will soon crash and I have activated the self-destruct sequence to ensure that no evidence will remain.

A loud explosion was heard from just ahead of me and I turned the corner to find the corridor leading back to the AI collapsed.

Follow my instructions and I can get you out of here. Do not try to get me, you won’t make it.

Though some part of me hated just leaving the AI behind I had to agree here, “ok, lead the way.”

I dashed through the ship at the AI’s directions, explosions happening all around me as the ship tore itself apart.

“Samus, are you there? I am heading towards the ship now, just hold on!” sounded Adam’s voice over my comm.

He will never make it in time, he is still outside the atmosphere.

My suit instruments confirmed the AI’s words and I cursed slightly even as I ran through the maintenance tunnels.  

Exiting the maintenance tunnels, I found myself back at the port observation deck. A ruptured fuel line exploded in my face the moment I exited, ripping a hole in the ship and forcing me to grasp at an edge as the air rushed in. Through the opening I saw mountains with an ocean in the distance.

To the left and down the elevator shaft, the lift is at the bottom.

I dragged myself through the hatch and over the edge, an exposed wire searing my shield as I landed on it.

I dashed out of the hatch, the AI opening it ahead of me.

To the right is the security station and beyond that the repair bay. From there you can reach the hangar.

I turned sharply and leapt through the hatch into the fiery inferno that was the security station. Pushing through the debris I had almost reached the other hatch when a part of the ceiling came crashing down upon me, smashing me to the floor.

I slowly lifted myself up, the debris heavy, but I was surprised when I noticed movement ahead and saw two Zebesian space pirates push into the room through the hatch, ignoring the flames as they grabbed the debris helping me lift it.

I looked back in surprise as I headed out the hatch, it closing behind me with the space pirates still in the room.

I still have control…for now.

I headed for the hangar even the ship floor started to slowly slant, reaching it. Looking down I could see the ground far below, a mountainous region.

Suddenly one of the drop pods was lowered towards me, many of the other drop pods falling out of the ship completely as their supports lost structural integrity from nearby explosions.

The pod opened, a space pirate right in front of me who rose to its feet and walked out of the pod.

Get in…not much time…reactor going critical…must get over ocean…

Half of what the AI said was static at this point, but I quickly leapt inside, pulling the safety harness down over myself. It did not quite fit, being meant for Zebesians, but it would have to do as the pod closed and only moments later I felt weightless as it was flung out of the ship.

As I fell one last message came from the AI.


It was followed by a massive explosion, likely the Valhalla’s reactors going critical as powerful shockwave hit the pod and sent it spinning out of control. My suit visor flared in warnings about the speed and force I was being subjected to and directed all available power to my gravity suit to try and counteract the powerful forces from the sudden and not very safe descent.

Then the pod hit something, the impact slamming through my suit and making me dizzy, my vision slowly fading.  

“Samus, Samus you there?!” sounded several voices over my still open comm, but I could barely focus at this point.

The last part I noticed before blacking out completely was another shock through the pod and my location tracker saying I had hit sea level and was going lower.
Metroid: Rogue: Ch 22
Final Ch:…


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Back on the Valhalla

“Adam, I am aboard, you can retreat now. I assume the Anhur ships are Thrusk and Merak, in which case get them with you too. I will take it from here,” I said even as Anthony and I moved to the hatch of the ship, getting ready for a fight.

“Understood Samus, I will head to the core worlds and try to get the first fleet’s attention. Got a few ideas on how to circumvent the conspiracy’s attempts to block me. If nothing else works I will try morse code with your ship lights…or something even more drastic,” answered Adam in a way which made me a bit fearful.

“Don’t do anything stupid, I can handle this,” I said confidently.

“No objections to that lady, but better safe than sorry,” he answered in a confident tone as the line closed.

“Relax, he would never do something he has not thought through,” remarked Anthony reassuringly having listened in.

“I guess so I,” I answered not really convinced not to worry about Adam.

I pushed those thoughts aside though as I threw open the hatch to the Anhur ship, leaping out.

The Zebesian space pirates seemed to be caught by surprise by this as they had not taken any kind of cover, simply standing as if waiting for something as I leapt out. This made them easy targets as I quickly felled two with my plasma beam.

Anthony was right behind me, cutting down another with a quick burst of fire from his Luminoth rifle from the entrance to the Anhur-class ship, providing covering fire as I leapt for the nearest space pirate.

It snapped at me with its pincers as I landed in front of it, but I ducked under them and then quickly leapt over his head, grabbing him by his neck and swinging him around to use as a shield against the other space pirates as they opened fire.

I returned fire even as my shield absorbed several blasts, finally going limb. Leaping from the corpse I went for a group of two who had hidden behind a crate. I landed between them, going into morph ball mode as they tried to grab me and leaving several bombs as their feet before I morphed out, punching the nearest space pirate square in the jaw as the bombs exploded, kneecapping the other.

A few quick blasts finished the disoriented space pirates and as I looked around I saw the other space pirates retreating. However, before I could set off in pursuit a whirr of machinery drew my attention and I looked to the right to see the two light anti-ship turrets that Merak and his men had repaired coming to life.

“Get back Anthony!” I yelled even as I leapt behind a particularly large stack of crates, just as the turrets opened fire. They were quickly cutting through the crates, their high energy blasts designed for use against landing transports and I soon had to leap from my hiding space, firing a super missile as I did, though I was discouraged to find that the turret I had aimed at had armor heavy enough to withstand such blasts.

I quickly leapt behind another group of crates, pondering what to do. My cover was limited, but I thought I might be able to reach the door if I moved fast. I was about to call for Anthony to take the ship out of there when I heard the roar of the Anhur ships cannons.

Looking out from my cover I saw the ship focusing its dual high energy canons on one turret, the turrets focusing on the ship, its shields holding for now, but not for long.  

I leapt out and bombarded the nearest turret with missiles and together with the ship we quickly managed to get through its armor and destroy it. But the Anhur ships shields were gone now, the hull taking damage with each repeated shot.

“Anthony get out of there!” I yelled, but it was drowned by the noise of the Anhur’s engine as it accelerated upwards and forward, slamming into the other turret and ripping it out of the floor before ship and turret slammed into the wall, coming to rest.
I rushed to the wreckage only to hear laughter on my comm as Anthony dragged himself out of the still open hatch, walking towards me with his thumb raised. “I got your back, princess.”

“You are insane,” I answered with a smile.

“Anytime,” he responded, "though I had hoped to not wreck the ship doing this. I will be leaving the drone in the hangar in case reinforcements show up."

"Good idea and I assume Adam will be able to pick us up once we need an exit," I said even as I scanned the room.

With the enemies cleared out we looked around the hangar. As Adam had reported it was filled with metal pods of some kind, spherical and hanging out over the repaired hangar in large clusters. It looked like bombs, but a quick scan told me it was…

“Drop pods, they are drop pods,” I told Anthony as the scan described them as containing space for several humanoid looking lifeforms, likely zebesian space pirates and the measures to secure them doing an orbital drop.

“They are going to drop them on the city as the ship comes in for the crash landing?” asked Anthony.

“Most likely, we have no time to lose,” I answered as we headed for the nearest hatch.

The next room we entered was an observation chamber of the side areas to the hangar where usually the Olympus-class ships kept their fighter squadrons. It was banged up, none of the control panels and the entire thing was bathed in darkness.

Looking out through the observation glass now we only saw the places where the ship had been patched together, Jovian steel plates holding together the fragmented hull and the fighter squadron hangars filled with metal reinforcements to further strengthen patchwork construction.

Two hatches led out of the room, one to our left and one straight ahead, both being the only things with power on the ship.

“Where to Samus?” he asked quickly.

“This way,” I said as I headed straight forward. “We need to cross along the hangar to reach the main thrusters, as well as the reactors powering them. Take them out and the ship is stranded.”

We passed through the hatch into a corridor which was in far better shape, having been rebuilt along with the general hull reinforcement in order to connect with the backend of the ship.

“How in the stars’ name did they built all this so fast?” asked Anthony in disbelief as we rushed through the corridor.

“They have been hoarding Jovian steel plates for a while and likely turned them into premade modules before they even stole the Valhalla,” I explained, “at least that is my guess. That big space station likely speed things up as well.”

“Possibly,” said Anthony and we both came to a stop as the entire structure shook gently.

“They are jumping to the core worlds,” I said as I watched my suit’s location tracker go haywire. “We need to move.”

“Well that at least should not be a problem, does not look like they had time to install new security measures in this place,” said Anthony as we reached another hatch. Opening it, we were about to rush through when we found nothing but a solid wall of Jovian steel in our way.

“Me and my big mouth,” muttered Anthony annoyed behind me as I switched through various visors.

I got no feedback on my heat visor, no power junctions or anything within view which could move the block and my x-ray visor only told me that the wall was broad enough to resist any attempts I might make at breaking through it.

“No way around that I can see,” I said.

“That can’t be right, someone has to be behind there, managing the reactors in case something breaks…especially considering the ships state,” said Anthony. “There has to be another way.”

Or perhaps the ship was never intended to come back in one piece. A cloned crew of drone like space pirates and enough supplies to last the mission, before we sealed them with the reactors. No one needed to go there again after all.

The voice was cold, devoid of emotion even as it spoke from a loudspeaker I only spotted after a few moments.

“The AI,” said Anthony even as he grasped his rifle and carefully looked back the way we had come.

I on the other hand motioned for him to follow as we headed back through the corridor, the AI now seemingly our only chance to stop this ship.

Is Milona dead?

It was a question that took me by surprise as despite the cold emotionless delivery it was not something I had expected to be asked about, but I kept going even as I answered it.

“No, but many of her troops were not as lucky,” I said.

So you were unable to fight them non-lethally?

“That would be the logical conclusion, would it not? What is it to you?” I answered as we reached the observation room, heading through the door leading towards the bridge now.
I wish it did not have to come to death.  

“Yet you are about to kill who knows how many innocent people as you crash into the Federation HQ?” asked Anthony in disdain even as we came face to face with yet another wall of solid Jovian steel.

“Back to the main hangar, there is still the main bulkheads leading to the repair bay, we might be able get inform there,” I said in growing annoyance.

I can’t disobey my programming. They ask me to kill, yet to do so in the name of saving people. It is frustrating.

We headed back to the main hangar even as I could not help but start to feel a twinge of sympathy for the AI as it was clear it did not like its assigned task, even as I also cursed that after MB and what they did to Adam the conspiracy seemed to have found a way to properly shackle the AI to its task.

As we reached the main bulkheads I began to work with the nearby control panel only to be surprised as the bulkhead started opening before I even had scanned the controls.

I have isolated myself and any vital systems, you won’t find a way to me. I request that you simply leave, there is still one undamaged escape pod in Medlab Alpha, just past the repair bay. I will let you reach it and you can leave. My programming tells me not to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you either.

I stopped for a moment, wondering what I could do. The AI claimed that all entrances were cut off, but I could not give up without trying. Now which paths might they not have predicted, how might I approach the bridge…

It suddenly struck me clearly as I thought back to the battle aboard the Olympus, but I also knew that I needed to do something first before I could take that path.

“Okay, we understand,” I said out loud and walked forward through the open door and only moments later I received a data transmission showing the location of the intact escape pod.

“Samus?” asked Anthony questioning over an encrypted broadcast.

“Trust me, I have a plan,” I answered in a similarly encrypted broadcast.

We headed forward, past the repair bay, though I cast one quick look to the right, making sure the hatch on the right was not blocked off.

“While you were stationed out here did you notice if there was a maintenance tunnel in the room past the hatch on your right?” I asked Anthony even as we kept moving.

“There was, we used it to survey the damage on the ships bottom. Hate to think that maybe our reports on that aspect helped them plan out the repairs of the ship…” said Anthony slowly, “but what does that have to do with your plan.”

“Might need to use that maintenance hatch at one point, but there is something we need to do first,” I said firmly.

As I looked that way I noticed my location readings returning to normal, telling me that the Valhalla had entered the Federation core worlds.

We headed to the left and I had to help Anthony reach the ledge leading through a broken security station to Medlab Alpha. We met no resistance, the only space pirates seemingly being the ones in the hangar.

“Now what?” asked Anthony as we stood in front of the escape pod.

I quickly scanned the pod, making sure it was undamaged and powered on. Everything came back green.

“Anthony, I thank you for your help in all this, but I must ask you to get into the pod,” I said firmly. “I am going on a spacewalk, one that requires my Gravity Suit and Grapple Beam to complete, you won’t be able to follow me.”

“Then I will wait here princess, you will need an escape option anyway,” said Anthony firmly.

I turned my visor transparent, smiling as I turned towards him and stretched out my left hand. "Off course, I could never ask for anyone better to have my back," I said gently.

He seemed surprised but slowly took it.

“Thank you for all the help you have given me,” I said with a smile as I moved forward, gripping his hand tight and lifting his body over my shoulder as I turned around. With a quick, but careful throw I sent him flying into the escape pod.  

Before he could recover I use my scan visor to remotely activate the escape pod sequence and the door closed in front of him. “Samus!” he shouted, as the pod dropped out of sight.

I smiled even as I turned around. “Don’t worry, I will find a way off the ship once I am done. Right now I just need to make sure you will be safe,” I said over the comm before turning off any incoming transmissions from him, focusing on my mission.

Admirable; was all the AI said even as made my way back to the repair bay, heading into the room right across from me on the ground floor.

The layout was different from the Olympus, but I hoped the principle was the same as I scanned the room with my X-ray visor, quickly spotting a small manually operated maintenance hatch just below the floor. Activating a nearby energy conduit with my wave beam, the floor slid open to reveal the hatch and I headed down through it.

I exited onto the bottom of the hull, carefully throwing out a grabble beam at the Valhalla’s hull to keep myself from being flung off by the ships movement before directing an artificial gravitational pull upwards through my gravity suit, stabilizing me further against the hull.

Like that I slowly made my way forward, detaching and reattaching the grabble beam even as I grasped anything which might support my hands on the luckily unevenly repaired hull. Looking around I could see the star around which the Federation HQ planet orbited gleaming in the distance.

“Samus, you there?” sounded Adam’s voice over my comm system.

“Adam, any luck?” I asked quickly.

“Yes, I am bringing some heat your way, though sadly I could not get the first fleets Olympus-class ship to follow. Hopefully it will be enough to slow the ship down or even take it out,” told Adam.

“How did you manage?” I asked a bit curious even as I got my goal in sight, the Valhalla’s garbage disposal unit.

“Well as I said I am bringing the heat, as in they are pursuing me,” answered Adam and I could only imagine the smile behind it even as sighed. “They were ignoring me at first and not receiving any of my transmissions, so I shot their ships a few times, that got their attention. Hopefully they will break off to attack the Valhalla.”

“Hopefully,” I said with a slight smile, before transmission the coordinates of Anthony’s escape pod. “Adam, if the ships give you a break I need you to pick up Anthony.”

“I see, is he hurt?” asked Adam quickly.

“No, but he was unable to follow me through the current approach,” I said.

“Got it, I will pick him up, you go finish this, lady,” said Adam raising no additional questions.

“Anytime,” I answered even as I dragged myself the last bit of way to the garbage disposal. It was damaged and had not been repaired allowing me easy access. From there I headed into one of the thrash disposal pipes, using morph ball to climb through the ship up towards the command center.

As I exited the pipe I was immediately assaulted by two Zebesian Space Pirates which had been waiting for me, both leaping on me from either side as I exited the morph ball in the xeno-research lab. I reengaged the morph ball, dashing aside just as a hail of energy fire struck down upon me from a raised platform where another pair of space pirates were perched.

I disengaged the morph ball and staying on my toes I minimized the damage I sustained as I charged my power beam and unleashed a super missile on the two space pirates shooting at me from above. I then turned to the two other space pirates and dispatched them in short order with my plasma beam.

I had barely finished taking them out when the entire ship shook gently, explosions echoing through the hull. Though unable to confirm it from there, I assumed that Adam’s plan had worked even as I rushed to the exit. I was close to the command bridge now and the AI, but it was also close to its goal. There was no time to waste!
Metroid: Rogue: Ch 21
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In Pursuit

“Stand down!” the words cut clearly through the air and I stopped, a breath of relief crossing my mind. But that part was faint, distant, pushed to the back as I kept my eyes fixed on the two marines in front of me who still held had their guns pointing at me.

They had not fired yet, but I was already anticipating, predicting and planning exactly how to move if they attacked. However, the faint sigh of relief in my mind steadily grew in power as I watched the marines throw down their weapons.

With a deep breath I felt battle ready muscles relaxing and turned towards Anthony who still stood with his gun aimed at Milona Saenz. Leaping down to the lower level I made my way through the fragmented metal and glass towards Milona, keenly aware of the unmoving or barely moving bodies around her.

I walked straight up to Milona Saenz, looking straight into the face of the battle hardened woman in front of me. What I saw above all was fear, Milona was afraid and yet trying desperately not to show it, fear and worry as her eyes dashed around between the bodies behind me.

“You could have walked away,” I said with a heavy sigh, breaking the silence. “This did not have to end the way it did.”

Milona’s head sank, it was clear she knew that as well. However, it was soon raised again, determination flaring in her eyes, “and yet you are the one who has lost. This station is unmoving and you have no way to catch up to the Valhalla,” she said trying to sound calm.

I looked at Anthony. “Do a sweep of the area, make sure we got them all.” I then cut off my external communicator for a second as I raised Anthony. “You know what to do.”

Anthony simply nodded, keeping his weapon trained on Milona, but I did notice the Rezbit drone nearby slowly and quietly slipping out of the room.

“Adam is already heading over to warn the Federation, the first fleet will be ready for you,” I said confidently as I turned back to Milona.

“As if we have not planned for something like that. His words will not be headed, our people will make sure of that,” said Milona.

“The same type of people who just tried to stop me?” I asked as I glanced back across the room.

Milona said nothing as she simply looked around the room slowly again.

I broke that silence. “Let us take a walk, I don’t like having to constantly look over my shoulder in case your people try anything stupid.”

Milona seemed a bit worried, but slowly nodded, looking towards the other marines for a second. “Tend to the wounded, I will be back,” she said trying to put on a brave face.

We headed out of the room and into the corridors of the space station, Anthony following us, his gun still trained on Milona.

“What will happen to us…those of us who are left?” asked Milona, sounding slightly more nervous now that the other marines were not there.

“Only what you choose to happen. When I leave this station, I will tell the Federation where you are and whether you are still here when they get there will be your choice,” I said simply, “provided you find a way of the station before they get here, of course.”
“Really? After what happened here you are just going to walk away?” asked Milona, seeming in slight disbelief.

“Milona Saenz,” I said with a tired sigh, “your men fought a horrible battle on Norion, but you were neither alone, nor forgotten by the federation, even if there were things the Federation could have done to help you.”

“I and other bounty hunters were on Norion because the Federation hired us. Maybe not to fight the war which would become the Phazon conflict, but it became part of our job,” I said and sighed as I remembered that conflict and the lives lost, “we were four, Gandrayda, Ghor, Rundas and me…I was the only one who survived the conflict.”

Milona seemed about to say something, but I interrupted her, my voice becoming filled with the bitterness I felt. “But those three bounty hunters did not die to pirate forces, oh no, they were corrupted and I was forced to kill each of them myself…but not before they all attributed to the victory; they sacrificed themselves for the mission.”

“And if we, the marines, had had the weapons we needed? How many fewer would have had to sacrifice themselves?” asked Milona her own voice filled with bitterness.

“Fewer, no doubt, but let me ask you a question in the same area,” I said calmly, “what had happened had the Federation, the very Federation you have betrayed, not summoned us bounty hunters to Norion? If you had just had those weapons, but not us. Do you think you could have fought your way past Ridley and activated those generators?”

Milona was silent for a long time. “I…I don’t know…we might have been better set in the short term, but whether we could have defended the planet against the Leviathan seed…” mumbled Milona slowly before suddenly raising her head and glaring at me, “but why do you ask that? It is not what happened! Had we had better weapons as well as you being there, less people would have died! The Federation in its current state is…”

“The very ones who hired us to fight your war. Without us, Norion would have fallen and a much longer and more painful war would have followed,” I said without a moment of doubt.

“And three hunters gave their lives to make it happen, just as you lost people. They chose to fight, even if not all of them chose to die and right now, you are planning to rip away the lives of people who did not choose to fight or die, who simply want to live. That Is what I can’t agree with.”

Milona was silent for a long time, but finally snarled. “Why does that even matter. We are both stuck here now. Adam has left, the Valhalla is gone and our ship wont land again unless I give the order…and I won’t.” Though her voice was firm in the end, it broke a bit as she continued, “we…we have come too far to stop now.”

“No need for you to say a word,” I said with a confident smile as I turned towards Anthony, having just received a message from him. “We got it?”

“We got it, just disabled the pilot of the Anhur-class ship,” said Anthony confidently, his voice distorted by the suit.

“What, what are you…how?” asked Milona in bewilderment.

“That drone did not go to sweep the area, it did a very careful spacewalk to your waiting ship,” explained Anthony quickly. “We had many ideas for how to get a ship. Hoped you would just land yours and keep it there, but props for realizing that as a bad idea. Even so you needed and exit strategy eventually and it was just a matter of locating the ship once it left and either Samus or a drone could spacewalk to it and with a bit of finesse enter through the rear maintenance hatch, no one ever expects that.”

“You were just keeping me occupied!” snarled Milona as she turned to me.

“I was, I feared you might realize what was going on had I just left you in peace,” I said as I met her gaze, “but I meant every word I said. You are involving innocent people in your stupid plans and I am going to stop you!”

With that, Anthony and I headed for the hangar leaving Milona behind.

“You will never catch up to the Valhalla in time!” shouted Milona angrily but it was clearly just a last desperate exclamation and I knew the answer.

“Yes I will. The Anhur-Class should be just fast enough knowing that the Valhalla is far from operating at peak ability. I will be leaving the pilot here, no idea what condition the ship might end up in,” I answered firmly and was about to leave when a thought crossed my mind. Looking behind me for a moment, I smiled, “oh and I don’t mind if you try to escape the custody of the Federation, gives me one more bounty to hunt.”

Milona shouted several profanities after us, but we ignored it as we headed for the nearest hangar. Locating the signal of the Rezbit drone I spacewalked to the ship, quickly taking control from the unconscious pilot and bringing the ship in to pick up Anthony and dumping the pilot on the station.

With that done I punched in the coordinates taking us back towards Federation space and rerouted as much power as possible to the engines. We were far behind, but we were not out of it yet. I only hoped Adam had managed to convince the core of the Federation of the approaching danger.

With the coordinates locked in I turned to Anthony. “Think you could take it for a moment, want to see if the ship has any supplies we could use,” I asked.

“Off course,” said Anthony who had removed his helmet for the moment.

I moved into the back of the ship when suddenly I heard Anthony’s voice over the speaker. “Is this thing on?” he asked and I answered him.

“It is; can you hear me?” I asked out into thin air as I started rummaging through the crates, finding food supplies at first.

“Good,” said Anthony and there was a brief pause, “so about what happened back there…”

“What is it?” I asked slowly, though I had a feeling what he wanted to talk about.

“I just wanted to say that I was honestly not entirely sure we could handle it, but you really proved me wrong. I mean they never even stood a chance,” said Anthony, before slowly adding, “it was honestly a bit scary after the lengths you went to in order to use nonlethal methods against them up till now…”

“I wish I did not have to do it either, but I judged the situation too dangerous to hold back on and I was right,” I said even as I opened a create and found what I was looking for in the form of a crate filled with weapons. Reaching in I removed the energy capsules from the weapons, absorbing their energy into my suit. A number of warnings in my suit vanished as my energy levels climbed, “my shields were running at just 20% of effective strength at the end of that last engagement.”

“What…it was that close?” asked Anthony sounding surprised and a bit worried. “But you did not seem like it was that bad…are you hurt.”

“No I am not hurt,” I said with a small smile before continuing, “I just did not want to worry you…” I started but then corrected myself, “I did not even think myself that it was bad.” I sighed a bit as I made my way back to cockpit, speaking as I went. “Avoiding showing pain is all a part of my tactics when I fight Space Pirates…and in this case those marines. The less hurt I seem, the more unnerved my opponents become and the greater chance they turn and run.”

I walked into the cockpit and Anthony turned to look at me even as I removed my helmet, breathing deeply even as I placed it down on a raised area, before sitting down in the co-pilot chair.

“What do you mean when you say ‘I did not even think myself that it was bad’ then? Surely you must be a bit worried?” asked Anthony himself seeming worried.

I cast him what I hoped was a reassuring smile as I spoke, “it is a matter of mentality.

When I land on a planet, infiltrating a Space Pirate base or similar alone I can’t afford to constantly worry. If I start worrying that I won’t make it, I might lose focus…and I also can’t afford to worry about the people I am fighting.”

I leaned forward, resting my arm cannon against the side of the ship. “When you get down to it the Space Pirates are an intelligent species. But they have done horrible things and I can’t find it in myself to really treat them as anything but monsters…and, much to my own horror, I consider that a good thing,” I said slowly. “Not caring about them makes it easier to focus, easier to kill, easier to play the part of ‘The Hunter’ as they have come to call me and it works as many panic just at the sight of me.”

I sighed again and breathed in deep. “But then there are humans. I know that not all humans are monsters, I worry about their friends and loved ones if I am forced to fight them and I seek to do it nonlethally,” I said slowly in a low voice, not feeling too well myself as it all came out, “but then along comes Milona and her gang. I knew I could not hold back against them, but at the same time it is much harder to shut everything out because they are humans…indeed I could not shut everything out because you were there, I needed to focus on protecting you…”

I did not say it, but Anthony had also made it easier to regard Milona and her team as just faceless adversaries I needed to kill. Because I needed to protect him, I valued him far more than the lives of Milona or any of the humans I had killed…and that scared a part of me. I did not regret fighting them or even taking their lives, but how little I cared in hindsight just because Anthony had been threatened, that was scaring me.

Anthony was also silent as he sat by the controls. “I think I know what you mean,” said Anthony slowly, sounding both worried and not entirely confident in his own words. “But you are saying this happens every time you encounter Space Pirates?”

“When I am alone, when it is just me and them, yes,” I said slowly.

Anthony turned his head towards me and to my surprise he was sporting a wide grin. “Poor bastards then, almost makes me feel sorry…” he started but then broke down in a chuckle, “nah, you know what, I am not sorry that ‘The Hunter’ can put the fear of death in their sorry asses.”

I chuckled a bit as well and gave him a thumbs up, surprised by his reaction, but not really about to dispute it either. I did not feel sorry in any way for the Space Pirates.

Anthony chuckled a bit longer as well, but then his expression became more serious as he turned to me, “but hey, don’t lose yourself in being this hunter of Space Pirates. You are still the 7th platoons’ princess to me and I would hate to see you hurt, physically or otherwise…”

“Same to you Anthony,” I said with a reassuring smile and then more seriously continued, “how are you holding up?”

“Well my suit could use a recharge, took a few nasty hits in the end though my shields held,” said Anthony, “any energy capsules back there?”

“A few still left, hopefully enough,” I said, “but how did you feel about fighting marines?”

“I would lie if I said I was confident in it, but what happened was done out of necessary as you already said,” said Antony slowly, “what matters is protecting the Federation and the people within it, the conspiracy forces has to come second.”

He turned his head towards me and grinned a bit, “still I hope they give me some time off after all this. Been one wild ride.”

“And it is still not over, stay sharp,” I reminded him.

“No need to tell me twice,” answered Anthony confidently, “think you could take the controls again while I find those energy capsules?”

“Off course,” I said as I moved over to the pilot seat even as Anthony headed to the back of the ship.

He returned moments later, disassembling his gun as he went, checking and cleaning it, once again. “That suit of yours ever need a touch up?” he asked as he sat down in the co-pilot seat.

“The onboard computer systems keep track of damage and repairs if possible, but I have needed replacement modules a few times due to excessive damage,” I answered.

“Can’t imagine what is needed for inflicting ‘excessive’ damage to that thing,” grinned Anthony, “orbital strike? Close encounter with a volcano?”

“Try exploding space station, thieving parasite aliens and…well…yet another, but different parasite,” I answered.

Anthony seemed about to say something more when a loud beeping noise came from my helmet.

“A message it seems,” I said as I put on the helmet, connecting to the suit computer and finding the message.

“It is from Adam,” I vocalized as I opened it.

Samus, I hope this message reaches you well.

The attack has begun with spread Zebesian Space Pirates attacking the Federation core worlds. Small force, but enough to cause panic and confusion. Can’t get through to command or the first fleet, someone or something is intercepting and blocking my transmissions, probably conspirators.

Thrusk and Merak are harassing the Valhalla outside the core world systems, but unable to do much. They are being jammed as well when trying to contact the core worlds, though we remain in contact.

Hope you are catching up.

I quickly relayed the message to Anthony who picked up his own helmet even as I formulated a reply and updated our navigation based on the attached coordinates for the Valhalla’s location.

“We should be able to intercept the Valhalla just before it enters the core world systems,” I said as I looked over our data, my onboard computer running the calculations.

“Good and then what is the plan?” asked Anthony.

“Well this is Milona’s ship, we might be able to get close before they start gunning for us, though I am preparing a few of my personal identification codes in case the first fleet starts taking potshots at us. With any luck we can board before any guns become an issue,” I said and brought up my old layout plan of the Valhalla, cross-referencing with my map of the Olympus where the data was incomplete from damage.

“From there we disable the main reactors and strand the Valhalla in space or if it has entered atmosphere, bring it down short of its target,” I said quickly, “after that we escape in an escape pod.”

“You make it sound so simple,” said Anthony with a slight smile.

“Well things will probably not go that smoothly, but that is why I rarely make a detailed plan. You can never count on it to stick,” I said.

“Not complaining either, I let Adam do the planning anyway. Maybe he will have some updates to it when we get closer,” said Anthony.

“Probably,” I said as I leaned over the controls again, “I have sent him the plan as it is now, so for now we just need to catch up.”

“Well then, let’s do it,” said Anthony as he slammed an energy capsule into his cleaned rifle.

It took a while to catch up to the Valhalla, during which Adam kept us updated on what was happening. The conspirator’s frigate was making it hard to make a move on the Valhalla.

During this time Adam noted a number of strange capsules in the Valhalla’s docking bay, looking almost like bombs or escape pods from his opinion, but he was unable to determine exactly what it was.

Finally, we entered the same system as the Valhalla, catching up as it was passing the outer planets of the system, no doubt setting up the jump to the core worlds. As we approached I could see my gunship dancing around the frigate, trying to draw its attention even as two Anhur-class frigates tried to maneuver past the frigate.

One managed to get through, targeting an open spot in the Valhalla’s hastily patched defenses and firing its own high energy canons upon the patched up parts of the hull. But the repairs, though fast, had clearly not been sloppy as the shots seemed to have no effect at all and only served to draw the frigates attention on to them, forcing a hasty retreat.

As we approached an encrypted broadcast went out from Adam as he changed direction, heading straight for us. “Open fire on me, make them think you are Milona. I will return fire and you make a run for the Valhalla,” he said quickly.

I did not answer but simply turned to Anthony who was already bringing the main guns online. We opened fire, scoring a few hits as I watched my gunship change direction rapidly, using its superior maneuverability to get behind us.

From there high energy blasts started flying past us and I threw the ship forward at full throttle, weaving about as if trying to throw him off as I headed towards the Valhalla.

The Valhalla responded to this, rotating a few of its repaired guns in our general direction, but much to my relief they fired upon my gunship, forcing him to break off even as I took my ship down under the Valhalla and into its hangar bay.

“You ready for this?” I asked even as I brought the ship in for landing, spotting several Zebesian Space Pirates outside in the hangar bay.

“Let’s end this!” answered Anthony with a determined expression as he put on his helmet.
Metroid: Rogue: Ch 20
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One last slower chapter before Samus and Anthony attempts to put an end to this once and for all. But we also have one last enemy left and it might not react the way you might expect.

Metroid and all things related (C) Nintendo

Hope you enjoy this story and see ya next time


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