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So, last journal I said that a Final Fantasy IX fan fiction Rain of Remembrance would be my next project...well not quite as it turns out.

While starting my ressearch before writing the Final Fantasy IX fan fiction I began to plan out the details of my Legend of Spyro and Cynder story and came to the conclusion that a small tie together story was needed to setup the coming events and with a burst of inspiration I set about writing the first chapter of this short story.

So...maybe at the same time as my Final Fantasy story or before it, I will be writing Legend of Spyro: Heirs of Shadow, a short story between the events of my last major Legend of Spyro story and the one I will be finishing off with.

Hope you enjoy and see ya later.


Looking Beyond

The sun was just passing its zenith when the three dragons got the observatory in their sights on the horizon. It lay upon a plateau in the landscape, though as they approached it Gravi could see that half the plateau seemed to have collapsed, laying as a pile of stone and dirt on the western side of the plateau.

Gravi could see what seemed to be a few pillars and walls sticking out at the edge of the rubble. As they got closer, he could see that it was weathered and clearly quite old, but it was unmistakably ruins.

“The ruins…there was a city here?” asked Gravi slowly as he looked towards Cyril, well aware what likely had happened.

“Yes, there was,” said Cyril in a solemn tone, his eyes falling upon the rubble far below.
“Malefor?” asked Gravi.

“Malefor,” confirmed Ravina in a grim voice.

Gravi simply nodded in response as he looked down upon the ruins. It was one things to have read and been told about Malefor’s reign of terror and quite another to have experienced Malefor’s power first hand. Put things like this into perspective for him.

They slowly descended towards the Observatory, little more than a pile of rubble. A vaguely dome shaped ceiling still stood enough to be recognizable, but several holes revealed where it had collapsed.

They were on guard as they landed, almost immediately spotting a path a cleared path through the rubble towards the main building.

They followed, no sign of movement around them at first, though suddenly a loud shrieking sound of metal grinding stone sounded just to right of the observatory entrance.

Ravina moved in front of Gravi and Cyril watched their back, but even as they watched a large iron statue stood up from the rubble, a dim red glow emanating from the crystal in its ribcage like chest. It stretched its massive arms and turned towards them, speaking in a voice like metal grinding against metal. “Guess I overslept,” said the iron statue as it watched them.

“Infernio,” said Ravina simply.

“Do you even need sleep?” asked Gravi confused as he watched the statue.
“Obviously,” said Infernio in a matter of fact way. He then moved in front of the observatory entrance.

“I thought Demetrius only requested you to come here, Ravina,” said Infernio firmly, “not that I think he will mind seeing his son. But a guardian…”

“Well if he does not like my presence he better just get over it,” said Cyril with a snarl, “we are all trying to figure out what Malefor has done and as much as I hate it I am willing to hear what Demetrius has to say on the subject so that we might work together.”

“Also I do believe that Demetrius would already be gone if he did not desire to see all of us,” said Ravina smugly, “am I wrong.”

The iron statue chuckled, like the banging of a hammer on an anvil in rapid progression, “that is correct, Ravina. Let us go, he is expecting you.”

The headed inside the crumbled building, though as they quickly found it was a lot tidier than the outside would have you believe. Most of the rubble lay pushed against the corners of the rooms with only the largest pieces still blocking their path, but even those had if possible been moved just enough to create a clear path through.

They passed through the first few rooms like that before entering the main room, a vast circular chamber which would have no doubt been impressive in its glory, but which now lay in ruins. A large pillar rose up in the middle of the room, cracked and with several empty sockets set in its side, only one yet containing a circular white gem.

All around the room moved several iron statues, tirelessly shoveling the wreckage away from the main pillar and placing it in piles and among all of them, directing the whole thing, stood a familiar black dragon.

“Demetrius, your guests have arrived,” said Infernio In his usual grinding voice as he walked forward, the rest of them stopping, keeping near to the exit as they carefully watched the iron statues.

However, the iron statues did not even react as Demetrius turned towards them, a smile on his face.

“Welcome, my child,” said Demetrius happily, as he walked towards Gravi, “you have no idea what a pleasure it is to see you again so soon.”

Before Gravi could even react, Ravina stepped in front of him and snarled at Demetrius who took a quick step back and looked a bit hurt as his gaze went to Ravina.

“Can I not even welcome my child as I should as a father?” he asked with an overly dramatic saddened frown.

“Save it, Demetrius!” snarled Gravi as he pushed himself up alongside Ravina, meeting Demetrius gaze without flinching. “I am here for my own reasons and none of those are because I wished to see you again.”

Demetrius seemed hurt for a moment, though he soon broke the frown into a large grin even as he strode over to the pillar.

Infernio was leaning against the pillar and even as they watched Demetrius, he slumped over completely, sitting down with his back against it. Even so the crystal remained turned towards them even as Demetrius turned around.

“I must apologize for the mess, I have yet to finish repairs on this place, but I hope it will suffice for our meeting,” said Demetrius even as his gaze turned to Cyril for the first time since they had arrived, “especially since I have a Guardian visiting me today.” Demetrius then made a slight, bow grinning all the while, making it clear it was nothing but a mockery.

Cyril snarled, but did not say anything. While he would love to bring Demetrius down, the iron statues made him cautious. Neither the situation nor the location was good for a fight for them, too cramped to avoid the iron statues.

“Why have you called me here?” asked Ravina firmly.

“Did Gravi not tell…” started Demetrius in what sounded sorrowful, but Gravi cut in.
“I did, so if we could just get to the point?” he asked firmly.

“I see, all right then,” said Demetrius as he turned to the pillar once again. “I would assume you know what this is, Guardian?”

“The observatory’s most important part, the crystal pillar. The crystal on top caught the star sky above and the crystals on the side projected the image of each area on the wall for easy study,” said Cyril and then snarled in annoyance, “but I don’t see what you are getting at?”

“Patience, I would think you Guardians at least have that,” said Demetrius with a small confident smile as he turned around again. “At the very least appreciate the fact that I repairing it for you, free of charge.”

“You think Malefor’s final words could refer to something coming from outside this world?” asked Ravina.

“I am not leaving out the possibility, especially since we have yet to see the effect of the elemental energy unleashed from the tower,” said Demetrius, his smile slowly vanishing as he became more serious and he started pacing back and forth in front of the pillar.

“While I may not have been there to experience it, I have read up on the Destroyer’s activation and the subsequent battle to try and stop it and my own knowledge of Malefor’s journal, as unspecific as he may have wrote it to avoid giving away information, also identified the Destroyer as his primary plan,” told Demetrius.

“But he had other plans, some of which involved out things from outside our world?” asked Gravi, deducing where Demetrius was going with this.

“Malefor had many plans as to how he could destroy this world and rebuild it,” told Demetrius, “I would guess the Destroyer was chosen for two reasons. It only required activation, not continued focus from his side, leaving him free to prepare for any complications and it was, relatively speaking, fast.”

“He could have ripped the world apart by his own power, but if he was attacked during the process he might have found himself vulnerable or worse yet, unable to rebuild the world,” continued Demetrius, his expression dead serious, “or he could get some outside object to do the destruction for him, but that requires preparation and time.”

“And Malefor was anything but patient,” said Ravina slowly.

“Not entirely true, he was plenty patient, until he felt he knew exactly how everything would go. Once the goal was in sight he always tried to accelerate his plans, deal with everything at once…his pride denied him to just sit by and let everything play out slowly,” said Demetrius with just a hint of a smile now, before he shook his head, “never found a good way to exploit that though.”

Cyril stepped forward a bit, looking at the pillar. “So what you are saying is that we should turn our gaze to the sky for any signs of change?” he asked somewhat skeptically, “I don’t suppose you could give us any more details than that?”

“I would not be rebuilding this place if I could,” said Demetrius, though he soon smiled devilishly, “well, I do have a few ideas, but they need confirmation and…well I always need a bit of leverage.”

Cyril snarled again, taking one-step closer to Demetrius and Gravi noticed Infernio shift a bit, half rising to his feet and the other Iron Statues around them also stopped their work.

Seeing this Cyril stepped back again, walking back beside Ravina.
“Is that all you had to say?” asked Cyril firmly.

“Not entirely,” said Demetrius as he looked up at the pillar, “while I can clear out the rubble here I still need replacements for most of the crystal lenses, primarily the main one at the top. I know Warfang keeps a storehouse of spares for its own, smaller observatory.”

“You just expect us to hand them to you?” asked Cyril in disdain.

“I could pay you if you want. Information on Malefor, information on his experiments, the secret to my Iron Statues?” asked Demetrius firmly, “make your choice, I will pay.”

Gravi, Ravina and Cyril all watched Demetrius with no small amount surprise at this statement.

He only chuckled for a moment as he looked at them before his expression became serious again. “You may all hold different negative thoughts about me and in many ways you are probably right, but I am not my father.” His expression hardened as he met Cyril’s gaze with a piercing stare, determination behind his eyes as he spoke. “This world is my world and I will protect it!”

None of them spoke for a moment, before slowly Cyril took the word. “I will discuss the possibility of trading with you with the Guardians and what price we might ask. I will also instruct people to steer clear of this place, but I hope you don’t mind if I post a few scouts to watch this place from afar?” said Cyril firmly.

“Not at all, though I wish to reserve the right to choosing who will deliver the lenses,” said Demetrius and Gravi watched as his eyes went to him.

Before anyone could utter word, Ravina stepped in front of Gravi. “I shall deliver any packages that may be agreed upon,” she said firmly, “you will keep Gravi out of this!”

“He can speak for himself,” said Demetrius firmly as Gravi stepped up beside Ravina.

“I can,” said Gravi, “but I differ to Ravina’s decision on this. I have no desire to interact with you any more than necessary,” said Gravi.

Demetrius head lowered a bit and he sighed loudly, before focusing on Gravi again, “yet, you sought me out now?”

Gravi stepped up in front of Ravina, meeting his gaze unflinching. “Yes, to tell you to not involve anyone when trying to meet me. I am the one you wish to meet, don’t drag anyone else into that if you really have to.” said Gravi firmly, not breaking eye contact and continued confidently, “and the next time I might just feel tempted to test my might against you.”

“That would be interesting,” answered Demetrius with just a small smile, though he soon turned away from them, heading towards one of the side corridors even as he spoke. “But I understand, even if it pains me. Now, if that was all, I believe you know the way out already.”

Cyril looked after Demetrius. He hated how calm he seemed, how in control of the situation he considered himself. All the atrocities, the death at his claws stood clear in Cyril’s mind and yet he was not in a position to do anything…

He turned around in anger and walked towards the door, Gravi following, though he soon cast a look back to see Ravina still standing there.

Ravina also noticed and smiled. “I still have something I need to discuss with Demetrius.” Her expression hardened, “do not worry about me, I will be all right.”

Cyril stopped hearing this, looking back for a moment. However, it was just for a moment before he snarled and kept walking, Gravi slowly following him.

Ravina watched them leave and then followed Ravina, Infernio rising to follow her as she headed down the side corridor. She soon reached a small, cleaned chamber containing a simple bed and a few supplies.

Demetrius stood inside, only slowly turning to look at her as she entered. He looked tired, his head hanging low. It was strange to see him like that and it did not change as he slowly spoke.  

“You could easily have destroyed my guards,” he said slowly as he looked at her.

“Would not necessarily mean we would have captured you,” answered Ravina having made the considerations.

“Gravi could have stopped me from escaping,” continued Demetrius, just a hint of a smile on his face, though it soon vanished in a frown and he sighed. “Please don’t stop coming by…”

Ravina looked at him surprised by this statement and Demetrius seemed to realize what he had said as he soon turned away.

For just a moment Ravina was back in the darkness, the presence of Malefor always looming over her and the only place she could turn was to the one person still alive, the one who understood exactly what they had been through.

“Brother,” she said slowly and Demetrius turned to look at her, smiling a bit.

She was surprised herself that she had used that word once again, but no matter what she did she could only see herself reflected in him. He could have walked her path just as easily as she could have gone down his path…

“You can still turn back,” she said slowly and she watched as his eyes widened before he slowly chuckled.

“I can’t turn back, we both know that,” said Demetrius, but without his usual confidence. “And what would I turn back to?”

“I turned back and even though I live as an exile I work to try and help my child and his children, you could do the same,” said Ravina gently walking towards Demetrius.

Demetrius raised his tail threateningly and Ravina stepped back surprised, but Demetrius soon lowered it again. “He doesn’t even want to talk to me,” said Demetrius slowly, “the heir to my power, the only leftover of…of what I once had…”

“Does that matter, I was not certain if my son would accept me when I revealed myself,” said Ravina firmly. “If he is your heir, if you care about him, then you can start by giving him a world to inherit and then go from there…”

“Maybe,” said Demetrius and slowly Ravina watched as his expression brightened again and he repeated with more confidence, “maybe.”

He then raised his head, the confident from before restored as he watched her with a smile. “Now, what did you want because I doubt it was just to pep talk me?”

Ravina smiled a bit. This was the Demetrius she knew, but just a for a moment she felt she might have gotten through to him, that perhaps there was hope for him…
LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 4

Not quite the last chapter of this short story, but we are getting there as this chapter outlines the most important parts, setting the stage for what is to come.

Two important actors in that will be Ravina and Demetrius as should be clear here. Can Ravina succeed in turn Demetrius from his dark path or is delisional in even making the attempt? Does Demetrius even deserve the hope she still has for him?

I dont want to spoil it, but let us just say that Demetrius has a major role to play in the coming events and the tiniest of things can add up to something world changing.

Demetrius (C) :iconreichenator:

Legend of Spyro and all thinsg related (C) Activision

Hope you enjoyed this chapter and see ya next time :)
Facing the Past

It was early in the morning when Ravina stirred in the shadowy cave. She slowly rose to her feet, taking great care as to not wake Ghronur who lay in the opposite side of the room, the two having shared the room due to a lack of space.

Slipping quietly out of the room the entered the main hallway of the cave, a dim red light falling in through the cave opening. She started moving toward it, but stopped briefly, glancing back down the hallway towards the main bedchamber. She considered sticking around just for a few hours, say properly goodbye and…

She shook her head gently. She had something to do, something important, better to get it over with. She could return afterwards if needed…that might even be nice. To, for once, have a place to return to at the end of the day.

She smiled and moved forward, exiting the cave and was about to spread her wings when she noticed movement out of the corner of her eyes and her reflexes made her spin around, ready to fight, though she soon relaxed as she saw who it was.

“Leaving so soon?” asked Gravi as he stepped forward from just right of the cave entrance.

“Gravi? What are you doing up this early?” asked Ravina in surprise.

“See that is an excellent question,” said Gravi and yawned loudly, “one I have been asking myself for a while now, but the brief answer is that I want to meet Demetrius.”

“Why?” asked Ravina curiously and a little worried, “I know he is your father, but…”

“Yeah, he is,” interrupted Gravi, “it is a fact I have long since accepted and I do not want to ignore or hide this fact. However, I also do not like him hounding my friends or me as he did yesterday and I want to make it clear to him that he needs to stay away. Also, I am the best choice for accompanying you on a trip to visit him,” finished Gravi firmly.

Ravina’s eyes narrowed. “Did Spyro ask you to do this?” she asked firmly.

“No, not at all,” stated Gravi just as firmly as he walked forward, “the only ones who know of this is Acuan and Kyowin. They will explain why I am gone.”

“Good,” said Ravina simply, “now should we get going?” She turned to the edge of the plateau and spread her wings.

“Just like that, no discussion?” asked Gravi having expected more resistance to the idea.
Ravina smiled as she looked back at him briefly. “I never like visiting Demetrius on my own; some company will be a welcome change of pace. Though with any luck it won’t just be the two of us, something you can help me with.”

Ravina leapt into the air and Gravi quickly followed her, catching up.

“What do you mean it won’t just be the two of us?” asked Gravi.

Ravina’s expression became more serious. “From what you told me of the encounter, Demetrius has information on what Malefor might have done before his death. As such, I feel it would be best to involve the dragons investigating that exact event.”
Even as she spoke, she turned west, heading towards Warfang.

“It would have been annoying for me to get in contact with Cyril on my own considering my status in Warfang, so a little help is appreciated,” said Ravina.

“I see, but will Demetrius be okay with that many arriving. Won’t he suspect a trap?” asked Gravi a little concerned.

“Demetrius always suspects a trap and is always watching those he plan to meet long before they reach the meeting point if he can get away with it,” said Ravina more seriously, “if he expects an ambush he will never even show to the meeting. This might indeed be the case this time, but as you yourself pointed out, you are the best suited for accompanying me for that exact reason. He is much more like to show himself if it means meeting you.”

“I thought so,” said Gravi and was silent for a moment, before he spoke again. “Do you fear Demetrius?”

Ravina looked at him surprised, but her expression soon turned serious again. “No. I cannot even truly say I hate him despite all he has done and that, if anything, scares me. He is my brother, lost to darkness and some part of me still hopes he can be rescued, even if I know he is probably too far gone,” she said firmly, “do you fear him?”

“I fear for my friends, for everyone else,” said Gravi firmly, “if I were to face him
alone, probably not. I am confident in my abilities, but if he went after someone else…”

“Make sure he never learns that,” said Ravina firmly, “even if he might do it anyway, just because that is the way he usually operates.”

Gravi nodded and they flew on in silence.

They arrived at Warfang as the sun was starting to climb up the sky and Ravina stayed behind a bit outside the city while Gravi headed towards the temple outside the city.

Landing at one of the platforms, Gravi headed inside, looking for the ice Guardian. He quickly found him tending to one of the large rooms of scrolls, containing the various family trees and other citizen related stuff of the people of Warfang.

Cyril turned his head as soon as Gravi entered the room, seeming surprised to see him.
“Gravi, I thought you were at the Valley of Avalar,” he said as he turned towards him.

“I was, but a few things have come up that require your attention, Guardian,” said Gravi as he bowed his head in greeting.

Cyril turned his attention away from the scrolls, focusing his one good eye on Gravi, the other covered by a patch of leather. “What is it?” he asked in a serious tone.

“Demetrius has shown himself again, claims he has information that might be connected to Malefor’s final words,” told Gravi quickly, “he wants to meet with Ravina to share the information, but Ravina feels it would be best that you are present as well to hear this.”

Cyril was silent for a moment as he watched Gravi, clearly processing it for a moment. Slowly he spoke, “and how do you fit into this, Gravi, if I may ask?”

“Demetrius confronted me to deliver the message and I got a message of my own for Demetrius,” told Gravi quickly, “besides, Ravina felt it was probably a bad idea for her to walk into this temple to talk to you, everything considered.”

“I can only agree with that,” said Cyril. “I will be along in a moment; just need to make sure everything is taken care of.”

Cyril walked past Gravi out into the hallway. “Follow me,” he commanded and Gravi quickly headed after him.

Cyril walked quickly through the temple, reaching one of the gates. There he turned into a small room next to the entrance, Gravi following him.

Inside the room was Scorino, sorting through some kind of list and she looked up briefly as she noticed them enter.

“I have not finished sorting the maps just yet, Burnia will have to wait a little longer,” she said calmly, not even looking up.

“Burnia will have to wait a bit, Scorino,” said Cyril firmly, “I need you to take care of my duties for a while.”

“You are heading out?” asked Scorino surprised as she looked up at them, her eyes now falling on Gravi seemingly only noticing him now, “oh, hey Gravi.”

“Hey Scorino,” answered Gravi, but Cyril soon took the word.

“Yes and it might be a while, has to do with Demetrius. Make sure the other Guardians are made aware,” said Cyril.

“I see, good luck then,” said Scorino as she started packing the things she had been working on away.

“I leave it to you,” said Cyril and then headed with a warm smile, “I am sure you will do fine, my child.”

“I won’t let you down, father,” she answered with a smile, “and do stay safe.”

“I always do,” answered Cyril with a confident smile.

“Now,” said Cyril as he turned to Gravi, “shall we?”

They quickly headed outside where they took to the skies and Gravi guided Cyril to where Ravina was waiting.

Ravina bowed her head in greeting as Cyril landed, “I am glad you could make it Guardian, though I am surprised you would come in person,” said Ravina slowly.

“I would not put anyone else in danger by sending them on this mission,” said Cyril firmly and continued without any additional formalities. “Where are we supposed to meet him?”

“He is currently based out of an old observatory southeast of here,” told Ravina.

“I think I know the place, going to be quite the trip,” said Cyril and spread his wings, “let’s get this over with.”

All three of them set off, soon leaving Warfang behind in the distance as they headed southeast. Passing out over the open plains near Warfang, there was very little conversation between them, Cyril mostly staying silent even if his eyes were always on Ravina.

Finally, Ravina took the word. “Are you going to be watching me this whole trip?” she asked in an annoyed tone.

“Sorry if I don’t exactly trust you,” said Cyril firmly.

“Really?” said Ravina slightly exasperated, “after everything that happened with Malefor you still don’t want to give me even the benefit of the doubt? Has Tironar rubbed off on you?”

“Tironar has nothing to do with this. Just because Ghronur trusts you does not mean I do, neither that I have forgiven you for what you have done in the past,” snarled Cyril, “and in case we forget, Demetrius aided us as well against Malefor, should we trust him?”

“That is an unfair comparison, Cyril,” argued Gravi, “Demetrius has shown plenty of times that Malefor being gone has not made him any less of an enemy, but Ravina has not taken a single hostile action against Warfang in all the time I have lived!”

“Do you even know what she did?” asked Cyril firmly.

“Of course I do, Ravina does not try to hide it,” said Gravi firmly.

“And neither do I ask forgiveness for it. Even being an exile is more than I deserve, but also the only punishment I will accept for the sake of still being able to protect what I care about,” said Ravina firmly.

“And yet you still associate with Demetrius,” said Cyril skeptically.

“I keep an eye on him, I am the only one he will let close enough to do so,” argued Ravina, “any of you show up in force and he is gone long before you find even a trace of him. Better I can at least keep tabs on him rather than him roaming free with nothing checking on him.”

“I…can only agree with that,” conceded Cyril, “but I still hope the trust in you is not misplaced.”

“It is not,” said Ravina simply and repeated to herself in a whisper, “it is not.”

With the argument seemingly over, Gravi cut in. “So what is the plan once we reach Demetrius? Just talk?”

“I don’t know, do we have any real way of capturing him?” asked Cyril and snarled in irritation, “he does have a tendency to slip away.”

“I could try to keep him trapped. We share our element and I am confident I could match him in direct combat, at least long enough for all three of us to subdue him,” said Gravi confidently.

“Demetrius would be a fool to engage us alone. At the very least his loyal henchman Infernio will be there, at worst he will have a multitude of his Iron Statues as well,” said Ravina, “though I might be able to deal with them, but it would require the right circumstances.”

“At the very least we should not make any moves until we know what information he has…” said Cyril and then sighed, “though going by last he negotiated with us he will gives us only bits of the information and keep the rest for himself for the right moment, as a way to ensure his safety.”

“Indeed, he rarely leaves any angle open if he can help it,” said Ravina with a similar sigh.

They discussed what to do for a bit longer, but ultimately settled on a wait and see approach. If they got the chance to make a move, then they could take it.

As the sun passed its zenith, they got their goal in sight. A large circular building on top of a mesa like mountain. It was ruined, the large dome on top having caved in and nothing moved among the rubble as they approached.

Nevertheless, they landed and moved towards the building, on guard for any ambush that might happen.
LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 3
Next Ch:…

A bit of an in between chapter as some frictions arise. The past is not forgotten or forgiven by everyone.

Demetrius (C) :iconreichenator:

Legend of Spyro and everything related (C) Activision

Hope you enjoyed it and see ya next time.
A Family Gathering

The group of dragons met up with Acuan without additional incidents and returned to the valley as the sun passed its zenith. There Larshyr who had arrived in their absence greeted them and with everyone gathered, Spyro and Cynder soon took the word.

“Welcome everyone, I am happy to see you all could make it today,” started Spyro with a deep smile as everyone’s attention turned to him. “It has been way too long since Cynder and I could look upon you all in front of our home.”

“Indeed, Spyro and I were gone for a long time as you all know and our homecoming was not the most joyous event,” continued Cynder, her tone and expression more somber and a long moment of silence was held, Cynder’s eyes in particular dwelling on Larshyr who stood with his head bowed, his expression marred by sadness.

“But,” started Cynder again, her expression brightening, “we are all here now, together as a family, and no matter what has happened, it warms us both to see all of you here.”

“Our children,” said Spyro warmly as his eyes walked across Larshyr, Rea, Vynin and Gravi, meeting their gaze in turn and seeing the strength behind those eyes, a strength that made him proud.

“Our parents,” continued Cynder warmly, looking at Ravina and Ghronur who both smiled deeply, pride beaming from their expressions.

“Those who have joined our little family,” continued Spyro as his gaze went to Sceranu and Kyowin, both looking at him with a deep smile as they bowed their head slightly in respect.  

“And those who are to be the future,” added Cynder finally with a deep smile looking at Acuan, Kacid and Frin, the two young dragonlings still playing unconcerned in front of Vynin and Cynder could not help but chuckle a bit at the display.

“We welcome all of you and today as well as this evening is your day,” told Spyro as both Cynder and he bowed deeply.

“Today you are our guests and we ask that you simply relax, enjoy each other’s company and let anything that might worry you be forgotten, just for today,” said Cynder with a smile. “Now, who is hungry?”

Most agreed to that and Spyro and Cynder invited them into the cave where a larger room had been added to accommodate the entire family. There Spyro and Cynder served various meats and fruit for the rest of the family who happily dug in, much to their delight.

The last time the family had all been together had been under the grueling circumstances surrounding Malefor’s return and Spyro and Cynder wanted to give them all something else to think back on as the last time  they were all together and as they looked around the table they could only smile happily.

As the meal ended, everyone started moving outside in pairs or small groups as conversations started or continued from the meal. Evening was slowly starting to fall, the sun setting below the valleys sides.

Rea and Kyowin happily entertained Kacid and Frin, letting the two dragonlings chase them around, giving Vynin and Sceranu some time to relax.

Spyro and Cynder approached the two of them, laying down across from them, glancing towards Frin and Kacid tumbling across Kyowin’s body and trying to hang on as she gently flew into the air. Spyro and Cynder smiled at their antics and then focused on Vynin and Sceranu.  

“They seem to be enjoying themselves,” said Cynder with a smile.

“They do, though that is no surprise really. They are rushing around all the time at home as well,” said Vynin with a proud smile.

“So what are you doing these days?” asked Spyro.

“Mostly keeping an eye on those two,” answered Vynin and Sceranu nodded with a smile.

“But I am still called upon to help with some matters regarding the Stonar with some regularity, keeping me quite busy,” added Sceranu.

“What kind of matters?” asked Cynder.

“The Stonar are considering contacting their kin across the sea, invite them to live here,” told Sceranu, “but the logistics of contacting a large number of their kin and moving them here are proving more troublesome, doubly so as we can’t be sure how peaceful other Stonar might be when encountering dragons, a fact acknowledged by the Stonar themselves.”

“At the moment the possibility of repurposing one of the old abandoned Mole cities for the Stonar is being discussed, but some Mole’s oppose that idea despite usually being friendly towards the Stonar, wanting to have a hand in reclaiming the largest of their old cities, mostly for the mines beneath them and as such finding a good city is running into some trouble,” continued Sceranu.

“Sounds like you have your hands full then,” said Spyro not envious of his position, “wish I could help excavate some of the old cities though, would go a lot faster if had my old power I would think.”

“No doubt there,” said Sceranu with a smile before Vynin took the word.

“But I would say you have done more than enough already. Just rest and recover in your own time, father, we will handle this,” said Vynin gently.
“Thank you,” said Spyro with a warm smile.

“On that note, how are you recovering?” asked Sceranu slightly curious.

“Making progress,” said Spyro seeming slightly tired for a moment, though keeping his smile, “I have reasonable control of the four basic elements again, though nothing beyond what an average dragon of that type could do. The crystals still elude me, even if I am at least able to feel their presence again.”

“I see, hope you recover soon,” said Sceranu gently.

“I am sure you will, father,” added Vynin optimistically and Spyro simply smiled.
Cynder suddenly noticed Larshyr watching Frin and Kacid from a little away, a smile on his face though his eyes reflected a sorrow not otherwise present in his expression.

“Excuse me for a moment,” said Cynder gently as she got up, Spyro looking at her a bit surprised, but she simply shot him a reassuring smile and he nodded, focusing on Vynin and Sceranu again.

Cynder approached Larshyr who looked at her surprised as she lay down next to him. “Everything all right, my son?”

“Why…yes, I am quite fine,” said Larshyr reassuringly, but Cynder could tell he was not honest, but did not comment on it, having already guessed what was on his mind as she looked at Frin and Kacid.

“I remember it as well, Larshyr, the two of you chasing around Vynin outside this very cave,” she said gently. She draped a wing across his back as she lowered her head, “I miss him too, Larshyr.”

“It is still hard for me to grasp…I keep expecting to see him on a balcony back in Warfang as I walk around,” said Larshyr, his eyes half closed as he looked into the ground.

“I can’t say if it will ever feel okay, but we are here if you need to talk,” said Cynder with a gentle smile and watched as Larshyr nodded, smiling just a bit again. Seeing that Cynder tried to steer his attention elsewhere, “so, how is Zera these days?”

“She is great,” said Larshyr with a deeper smile, “no problems with her balance anymore, even if flying is still not really possible for anything more than a quick jump. She takes it in stride though, much better than I took my handicap I guess…”

“You probably helped her reach that point, I am sure of that,” said Cynder gently.

“Maybe, probably…” said Larshyr and turned his head away a bit, though Cynder could still spot just a hint of a blush as he spoke, “she is an amazing dragoness, no doubt about that. Still can’t believe she forgave me just like that.”

“It never was truly your fault, though she is indeed amazing for how she managed it,” said Cynder and in a bit more of a teasing tone added, “maybe she will be joining us here next time we get the family together?”

“Me and…?” stuttered Larshyr in surprise, but soon smiled, his blush deepening as he turned his attention away. “Maybe…” was all he added.

“Hey Larshyr,” sounded an enthusiastic voice suddenly and Larshyr looked up to see Acuan and Gravi walking towards him.

“We wanted to get a bit back at Rea and Kyowin for their pranking over the years, do you want to help us?” asked Acuan in a low tone, a smug smile on his face.

“Nothing too serious I assume?” asked Cynder gently, not expecting they would take it too far.

“Off course not,” said Gravi reassuringly. “But…” he added seeming a bit annoyed, “I don’t think we can really get them, at least not Kyowin, without help…”

“Of course ill help,” said Larshyr with a smile as he stood up.

Cynder also smiled as she watched the three dragons walk off, she herself heading back to Spyro who was now talking to her father. She noticed Vynin and Sceranu laying a bit off to the side, Frin and Kacid seemingly having quieted down and were now laying half-awake nuzzled up against their parent.

Even as Cynder lay down next to Spyro, she watched Sceranu get up, gently lifting the two small dragonlings in one forelimb, moving towards the cave. Cynder then focused on Spyro and her father, who were talking about Warfang and she waited for a lull in the conversation before joining in.  

“So how are things with the other Guardians these days?” she asked curiously.

“Hectic would be the best way to describe it I guess, but in the good way,” answered Ghronur with a smile. “Plenty of things to do in the wake of Malefor’s defeat, a city to rebuild, but also expansion plans which were made long ago which are slowly becoming more of a reality.”

“How so?” asked Spyro slightly curious as to those plans.

“Well, Warfang has long been the only big city left over after Malefor’s reign and the frequent other threats have delayed plans to make sure that is no longer so. While the city established up north is one-step in the right direction, Burnia has long been pushing for an expansion to our patrols with established fortresses and manned towers.

These are to provide protection for the establishment of a new city between Warfang and the city up north,” told Ghronur.

“Fascinating,” said Cynder, “I take it you will be involved in that father?”

“I will, though the first order of business will be to scout out where the towers and fortresses should be. If possible, we will be using existing ruins as the base points, to speed up the process,” told Ghronur.

“That does seem like a good place to start,” said Spyro, “but what about Volteer, what is he up to? Is his injuries treating him well?”

“Were it not for him spending noticeably more time in the cast le rather than out and about, one might not even realize how badly he was hurt,” answered Ghronur with a smile.

“He is his same optimistic self and handles most of the internal management of Warfang these days, though he also seems to have taken on a few apprentices to help him, yellow dragons like himself. I would guess he is grooming them towards one of them taking over for him as Guardian in the future.”

“That does sound likely, though I cannot imagine him stepping down from that position,” said Spyro with a smile.

“Neither can I, I think he will be taking that position to his grave,” said Ghronur, “but it is good he is preparing potential successors.”

Ghronur continued, though his voice became a bit more serious, lowering as to just include Spyro and Cynder in the conversation. “Meanwhile Cyril and his daughter are looking into the matter regarding Malefor’s last words. Nothing so far, but they are keeping an eye out and scouring the land for signs.”

“I see,” said Cynder solemnly, though her expression soon brightened into a teasing smile, “though I imagine Cyril is not want for company when he leaves the confines of Warfang from what we know of his daughter’s heritage.”

Ghronur smiled deeply, before chuckling a bit as well. “Well I can’t say for sure, but Tironar does seem to have been in a better mood the times I have met her lately. Seems to have found herself a cave not too far from Warfang as well which she frequents,” he told.

“But make no mistake;” he added more seriously, “I have little doubt that both Tironar and Cyril are doing everything in their power.”

“Oh, we don’t doubt that,” said Cynder with a smile, “if anyone could keep each other focused on the task at hand it would be them, but it is also nice to know they have both found a bit of happiness.”

“I agree and hopefully it will keep my sister from chasing Ravina too much,” added Ghronur and then chuckled, “I can only imagine what might have happened had you invited her here as well,” he added.

“I would certainly prefer not to find out,” said Ravina as she walked by.

“Yeah, I doubt that would have been pretty,” said Cynder with a small smile.

Spyro followed his mother with his eyes for a moment, knowing that he would have to talk about her regarding Demetrius appearance. He did not like the idea that she would have to meet him alone, but of course, she had done so before by her own accounts at no danger…

“Something the matter?” asked Ghronur and Spyro looked at him, realizing how he must have looked quite thoughtful.

“Nothing of immediate importance,” answered Spyro reassuringly, “anything on my mind right now can wait till tomorrow. Tonight, is just for everyone here,” he continued as he looked to the horizon where the moon was rising.
LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 2
Next Ch:…


A peaceful chapter for a peaceful time for Spyro and Cynder, even if it will not last forever.

Demetrius (C) :iconreichenator:

Spyro and all things related (C) Activision

See ya next time

So, last journal I said that a Final Fantasy IX fan fiction Rain of Remembrance would be my next project...well not quite as it turns out.

While starting my ressearch before writing the Final Fantasy IX fan fiction I began to plan out the details of my Legend of Spyro and Cynder story and came to the conclusion that a small tie together story was needed to setup the coming events and with a burst of inspiration I set about writing the first chapter of this short story.

So...maybe at the same time as my Final Fantasy story or before it, I will be writing Legend of Spyro: Heirs of Shadow, a short story between the events of my last major Legend of Spyro story and the one I will be finishing off with.

Hope you enjoy and see ya later.
Gathering the Family

Gravi and Kyowin were flying side by side as they passed over the cliffs surrounding the Valley of Avalar, both turning to the left as they flew along the cliff face, their destination not far ahead.

Their spirits were high as high as the sun in the sky above, Kyowin often playfully flying circles around Gravi even as they continued, Gravi playfully lashing out against her grey scaled serpentine body with his head when she flew particularly close, trying to poke or pester him.

“Close one!” yelled Kyowin with a grin as she dashed just out of reach of Gravi as he lazily swiped his tail at her.

Gravi smiled and rolled in the air, trying to surprise her and get close, but she was too fast, easily staying out of his reach.

“Still not fast enough, might need to slim down just a bit more, brother,” teased Kyowin him as she flew over his back.

“If I slim down anymore I’ll be nothing but skin and bone and I am already missing too many good naps from you pestering me,” retorted Gravi with a smile.

“Well it has helped,” said Kyowin simply even as her eyes turned ahead. “I see it now,” she said excitedly and dashed ahead towards a plateau jutting out of the cliffs.

Gravi also turned his attention ahead where he could see Spyro standing on the cliff edge, watching them as they approached. Cynder was not far behind him, lazily laying on the plateau near Vynin and Sceranu, seemingly lost in conversation.

Next to them two very young dragonlings were tumbling around, the twin children of Vynin and Sceranu. One was a male dragon of dark scales, but with a tint of emerald reflecting of them, a whitish blue covering his stomach. It was Kacid and the other dragonling, with beautiful deep blue scales and a light green stomach was his sister, Frin. They were being watched by Rea who even as Gravi watched joined in the fun by letting them climb across her body.

As Gravi came in for the landing he additionally spotted Ravina and Ghronur standing in the shadow of the entrance to the cave, seemingly conversing about something.

“Welcome,” said Spyro with a smile as Gravi landed, bowing his head in greeting even as behind him Gravi could see Kyowin already greeting Cynder and the others.

Gravi returned the bow and smiled, “good to see you again as well, Spyro.”

“I trust there were no problems on your trip?” asked Spyro additionally even as he turned towards the rest of the dragon, Gravi and he walking towards them. “You also did not happen to spot Larshyr as you approached, did you?” he added.

“No problems at all, the weather was great after all,” said Gravi, “and we spotted Larshyr just outside the valley, briefly greeting him as he started the climb up the cliff. He should be here soon.”

“Good to hear,” said Spyro as he his gaze went out across the valley and Gravi used the opportunity to greet the rest of the family gathered, embracing Vynin first as she stood up to greet him.

“Good to see you,” she said as she put her wings around him as well, smiling deeply.

“You as well,” said Gravi and then turned to Cynder.

“Mother,” he said as he quickly bowed his head.

“Gravi,” answered Cynder with a warm smile.

“Glad to see you both could make it,” added Sceranu with a deep smile as he also got to his feet, Kyowin practically tackling him as she flew into him and he enveloped her with his wings.

“How could we miss this, father?” said Kyowin with a smile, “it has been ages since the entire family has been gathered together.”

“Our thoughts exactly,” said Cynder gently, “it has been way too long since we all did something together.”

“So what are the plans for today then?” asked Gravi with a smile.

“That is a surprise,” said Spyro gently and added with a teasing grin, “but nothing too taxing, I can assure you.”

“Not you too…” sighed Gravi and everyone else simply chuckled for a moment.  

“Has Acuan arrived?” asked Kyowin excitedly as she looked around.

“Not yet,” answered Vynin, “though he should be on his way.”

“Why don’t we go greet him?” asked Rea immediately as she turned to Kyowin.

“Good idea,” responded Kyowin with a smile and she and Rea both looked expectantly at Gravi.

“What?” asked Gravi briefly, but then sighed as both silently watched him, “yeah I am coming.”

“Be back in a bit,” said Rea happily as she leapt into the air, Kyowin and Gravi soon following. Below them Vynin, Sceranu, Cynder and Spyro watched with a smile as they took off, Frin and Kacid also looking after Rea, seeming slightly confused at her sudden departure, but before they could really react Vynin lay down between them, pulling them close with her wings as she nuzzled them.

Rea, Kyowin and Gravi headed north at high speed, quickly leaving the borders of the valley and heading out over the great open steppes broken only by the occasional, forest or rocky plateau, mountains visible in the distance.

The mood was high and Rea and Kyowin danced through the air, alternatingly chasing each other around Gravi even as they moved forward. Gravi himself was quite content to simply watch them, rather relieved as to not be the center of Kyowin’s playfulness for once.

Instead he enjoyed the scenery around them, following a small stream with his eyes as it passed a few clusters of trees, watching the shadows from the trees play in the wind and…
He paused as his eyes noticed an irregularly shaped shadow moving quickly across the ground, almost like a low hanging cloud, but there was nothing casting it. He had barely noticed it before it vanished into a patch of trees near a plateau even as a familiar feeling washed over him.

Gravi paused in the air. “Kyowin, Rea, wait! Someone is out there!” he yelled ahead and Kyowin and Rea looked back, before slowly turning around and heading back to him.

“Who is it?” asked Rea who had also stopped in the air.

“I know only one dragon it could be,” snarled Gravi.

All three dragons descended towards a nearby plateau, landing soon. Gravi’s eyes scouted the edge of the plateau, pacing back and forth.

Rea and Kyowin was also on guard when suddenly a black smoke rose from one edge of the plateau, materializing into a large black dragon, his chest dominated by a dark field covering a great wound and his teeth drawn up in a confident smile as he set foot upon the stone.

“Good to see you again, my son,” said Demetrius with a smile as he walked forward, Gravi immediately placing himself in front of Kyowin, who was also staying in front of Rea. Rea in the back only watched slightly fearfully, mostly curiously as she had never actually met Demetrius before.  

“Father,” answered Gravi in a short snarl, “why are you here?”

Demetrius did not answer at first instead focusing on Rea, noticing her watching him and smiling gently even as he bowed his head. “I see you are here as well, daughter of Cynder,” he said respectfully, “while we have met before, I do not think we have ever been properly introduced.”

“What do you want with her!?” asked Kyowin fiercely, tensing up a bit as she kept her eyes on Demetrius.

“I would just like a name, that is all. To not know the name of each of Cynder’s children pains me,” said Demetrius with a chuckle even as he suddenly focused his gaze on Kyowin, who met his gaze even if she could not help but feel a bit nervous.

Gravi noticed this and stepped in front of her confidently, meeting Demetrius gaze in her stead.

Demetrius smiled at this. “So defensive,” he said quickly, “I simply realized that the young serpent dragoness seems familiar in some way and that peculiar coloration…” He looked across Gravi’s shoulder, “does the color match the element, young one?”

Kyowin was quiet for a moment, knowing the story of her mother, how she had died in saving her egg after escaping Demetrius clutches. She had never met her…

Shaking of those bad thoughts Kyowin took a confident step forward, sliding up alongside Gravi as she met Demetrius gaze. “It does,” she said confidently. “Though I have never met either of my parents, I know that my mother is not here today because of you!”

“Well the gift you carry is one you also would not have without me or my father for that matter,” answered Demetrius confidently. “Though off course those powers also come from a very different source than the young dragoness behind you who I still don’t believe I have been properly introduced to.”

“She does not have to answer to…” started Gravi but a raised voice cut clearly across him.

“My name is Rea and you are Demetrius,” said Rea as she poked her head around Gravi.

“I see you know about me, though it pains me that Cynder refused to introduce us while I was a guest of Warfang,” said Demetrius with an exaggerated sad expression which he soon broke into a full fanged grin.

“Well I don’t see why they did not introduce me,” said Rea with taunting smile as she watched Demetrius, “I mean you are certainly no Malefor of presence.”

“But I did help save your life, you little brat,” answered Demetrius firmly, but it was followed by a slight chuckle before he spoke again, “but I guess I should consider it a compliment to be considered different from my father.”

“Enough!” exclaimed Gravi as he took a step forward, dark smoke rising from his scales, “why are you here father?”

“To say hello to my son, may I not even do that?” asked Demetrius in an indignant tone.
“Well I don’t want you in my life,” snarled Gravi.

“I am sad to hear that,” said Demetrius, bowing his head before suddenly raising it and looking south, “but it also seems like I should get moving anyway. Would not want to spoil the family peace after all.”

Gravi could sense it as well, Cynder approaching fast, Spyro no doubt not far behind.

Demetrius started walking towards the edge of the plateau when he suddenly looked back, “oh there was actually one thing. Could you ask my sister to seek me out? I want to share some information with her that may have a connection to Malefor’s final words. She knows where to find me.”

With that he vanished in a cloud of dark smoke which disappeared below the edge of the plateau and soon Gravi was unable to feel him anymore.

Not long after Cynder and Spyro landed on the plateau, rushing up to the three of them.
“Are you alright?” asked Cynder concerned as she looked across them even as Spyro quickly walked along the edge of the plateau.

“We are fine, but how did you know something was wrong?” asked Gravi quickly.

“I suddenly could no longer feel your presence and we set off in your general direction,” explained Cynder quickly, “was it Demetrius?”

“It was,” answered Kyowin.

“Though he did not attack or even act threateningly,” said Rea.

“Then what did he want?” asked Spyro firmly as he came over to them.

“He wanted us to tell Ravina that he wanted to meet her, she should know where. Something to do with Malefor’s final words,” told Gravi.

Cynder and Spyro both fell silent for a moment before Spyro slowly spoke, “I see, I will make sure to tell her.”

“Now, just in case we will be accompanying you up to get Acuan,” said Cynder firmly, “I am not taking any chances if Demetrius is in the area.”

“Then I will talk to mother once we are back…or maybe not until after the party,” said Spyro.

“Probably for the best, don’t want to spoil the mood any more than this likely already did,” added Gravi.

They all set off again together, Gravi looking around as he did and just for a second he swore he saw a black dragon standing below a few trees of to the right, watching him, but as soon as he blinked, it was gone.

Nevertheless, he felt watched for a good while after that, even as they encountered Acuan in the air, surprised by the rather large group coming to greet him.

They all returned to the valley together and though the encounter lingered on Gravi’s mind, other things soon took his attention as the family was gathered.
LoS: Heirs of Shadow: Ch 1
Next Ch:…


Suprise Legend of Spyro and Cynder story. Just a short story to set up the events coming in my last major Legend of Spyro story, that and I wont miss an opputunity to give Spyro and Cynder some peaceful moments.

And for anyone new who may be reading this, this is just one part of a long, long series of stories I have written in the Legend of Spyro universe, all of which can be found in my gallery.

Demetrius (C) :iconreichenator:

Spyro and everything related (C) Activision

Hope you enjoy it and see ya next time


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